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    Cheers for being my first tournament opponent mate. Good to meet you and your brother.
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    Hi, I found your contact info on The Grand Alliance player database. I'd like to invite you to join us for the Da Boyz Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament in Canandaigua NY November 4th-6th. We have a solid New England contingent each year so you will be in good company. We were the first US GT (to my knowledge) to offer Age of Sigmar last year and we hope to be one of the biggest this year. I'd like very much to help Age of Sigmar grow. In addition to AoS we offer events in 40K, Warmachine, the 9th Age, and 8th edition warhammer for gamers of all stripes. More information on our comp systems and the like is available at www.daboyzgt.com. Even if you can't join us for Da Boyz I'd really appreciate it if you would consider helping us advertise for the event. You could plug the event on social media (Facebook twitter, gaming forums) and talking to your local stores about hanging up this poster to help us out. If you are willing to do that please email me at daboyzrocgt@gmail.com gary no fantasy organized Da Boyz
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    Just wanted to say you have some awesome terrain up in the gallery! I've got a fair few semi painted fantasy pieces sitting around, but none of them have basing the way you have done it and I was hoping you could give me a few suggestions about where to start. Makes them great looking and useful for AoS. Do you use mdf? Do you Sand, paint then drybrush? Sorry to bug you Cheers Jamie
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    Drinking Wine, Rebasing Nighthaunts.
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