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    Calling all NEOs (Narrative Event Organizers) or those who want to become a NEO! We want to try something that, to our knowledge, has never been done before. On June 10, 2017, NEOs from around the globe will be hosting their own local one-day events where local players will gather at local venues to play games of Age of Sigmar that will affect a global narrative. The Event Pack will be created through a collaboration of NEOs you may know (RAW, RealmHoppers, Holy Wars & Holy Havoc, NOVA, Mengel Miniatures, Mortal Realms Podcast, Rolling Bad Podcast, & Tales of Sigmar Podcast). Inside the pack will be the following: Insanely creative and simple narrative that will give players a feeling of impact on the global narrative Simple Battleplans, Times of War, and Pairing tables that will fit the narrative and be easy to organize NEO Support information on how to organize an event, make arrangements with a venue, and run the event the day of. If you think you might want to become a NEO for this global narrative 1day event, please register get ready for amazing discussion and support from the narrative community: http://bit.ly/Coalescence2017 bit.ly/CoalescenceBlog - Start preparing by reading articles by other NEOs about running events The first part of the Event pack will be dropping soon!
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    Event Title: Blood and Glory Event Author: Ben Calendar: Events UK Event Date: 11/24/2016 11:00 PM to 11/26/2016 11:00 PM Welcome to Blood and Glory 2016 We are returning right at the end of the year to once again bring 3 days packed with Age of Sigmar gaming. The event will be held on 25th , 26th and 27th November 2016 at The Grange Banqueting Suites in Derby, UK (this is the same Blood and Glory venue for all previous years.) At Blood and Glory there are 4 different Warhammer events The Championships - 2000 points, 6 game 2 day match play event, using the Generals Handbook points and scenarios. AOS 1000 - starting friday lunchtime. 3x 1000 points games AOS 500 - Friday evening until late. 3x 500 points games AOS Skirmish - Saturday evening. Exact format TBC but will be using the rules for the Games Workshop skirmish events. All events will be using a single list. No sideboard or dual lists. bring something that can take all comers in all scenarios. Soft scores and painting scores will be included with more details in the coming weeks. Tickets The event is limited to 100 places with a potential 20/30 more if demand is high. and you can buy tickets in the TGA. Community store. GET TICKETS HERE A NOTE ON TICKET PRICES Blood and Glory is not a cheap event. It never has been but in the past we have justified this by running an excellent event with lots of awards and prizes, at a great venue, with plenty of staff on had to help run the event. This year is no different but we have taken the decision to increase the price of the main championships event to £40. With this money we will be investing into the event and future events run by Bad Dice/The Grand Alliance. All profits from the event (and I don't deny that at £40 a ticket there will be a good profit) will be put straight back into the community in various ways (x B+G running costs, kitting out the B+G tables with game mats, and in the future supplying terrain. Running the AoS Masters, Paying for this forum and running more great events) So when you decide to support the event (and it costs you a fiver more that it has in the past) you should know that you are also supporting my efforts to support the wider Age of Sigmar community and you have our thanks for that. Rules Pack <COMING SOON> Venue The event is held in Derby at the Grange Banqueting Suites. The Grange Banqueting Site 457 Burton Road Littleover Derby DE23 6XX www.grangebanqueting.com Make a long weekend of it? Hotels local to the Blood and Glory venue that I can recommend are the Derby South and Derby West both less than 2 miles from the venue. If you fancy coming to the event but think you might have a long way to travel how about driving up on the Thursday and/or leaving on Monday evening and take in the amazing exhibition hall at Warhammer World, have dinner in Bugmans and play a game or 2 of the fabled Warhammer World tables. Warhammer World is just 16 miles from the tournament venue. Contact Details and Questions You can send me a direct message on this forum or send an email to bencurry@baddice.co.uk
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    That's Right... EATMingsFoote (Jimbo, Ming, Mitzy & Steve)are back, and proud to announce that Realms at War 2017 #RAW17 is back for a second time! Fresh off the success of the first RAW event we are delighted at the feedback and want to get the dates out there so you can all get them pencilled in to your calendar! RAW17 is going to be spectacular! We will update you all in due course but expect tickets to go on sale in the new year. Be there...
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    Morning all, I am running a matched play event for Age of Sigmar Skirmish at my local club in a couple of weeks time. This was primarily intended for club members, but I have been given the greenlight by @Paul Buckler to advertise this. The event does take place on a Thursday evening (19th October) in deepest darkest dogging Dorset, so I appreciate it may not be practical to attend. If you are local-ish, within around an hours drive, I can promise it'll be worth your time to attend. Skirmish is a lot of fun and these little events are a great way to play it. You also don't need a day pass from the other half! Where: Dogger HQ, just outside of Dorchester (Please DM @Paul Buckler for details if interested) When: Thursday 19th October What Time: 19:00 - 22:30 (please note that when I ran this event at BLACKOUT, we finished around 25 mins early) The full pack can be found here; http://traffic.libsyn.com/theblacksun/blackout_skirmish.pdf Thanks to @bottle for creating this originally for the Friday side event at BLACKOUT. We will be using this completely (please note the house rules), with the exception of the schedule, which will all be moved forward an hour and a half. There are some nice trophies available for 1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place, Best Warband and Best Opponent. The last two are to be voted upon by players. There are 24 places available and the entry cost will be dependant on the number of attendants (trophy cost divided by the number of players is the only factor). It will be £3.50 at very maximum. Grudges are encouraged! Hopefully that covers everything. Would be great to get 20+ players out for Skirmish on a Thursday night! Chris
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    An open event brought to you by the Bravery One Team on 5/6 August! Located in Lincoln in one of the countries premier venues!! Amazing prizes on offer, game mats on every table, paint competition, sports 1st 2nd 3rd and spot prizes every round! One of the largest events of the year est 200 players.
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    Blood and Glory 2019 is going to be held on Friday 1st November - Sunday 3rd November at The Round House in Derby. More information will be posted soon.
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    Angel Wargamers, together with Core Hammer have teamed up at their new London Venue to give you: AngelCore 2017! This will be a 2 day, 2000 point GHB 2017 matched play tournament with secondary objectives similar to South Coast GT. This will be held in Central London, at EXP Leisure in Stratford (just 10 mins from the Olympic Park) http://www.expleisure.com/contact/. This site has food and a full downstairs bar next to the Canal, so should be great for Saturday night. Details can be found at www.angelwargamers.com/events There should be space for 32 players at this event, but we're looking at expanding for the next one! Tickets are now available! £25/player is the amazing price we have managed to sort out with EXP. Update 3: Food sorted with venue! Sat Cheese burger and small fries Chicken burger and small fries Sweet potato curry Chilli with fries or rice Plus a free beer / soft drink. Sun Pork roast Chicken roast Nut roast Plus a fruit crumble with custard. All for £20! We really think this is one of the best food offerings on the tournament scene! If you want to add this to your tournament, then please paypal, as before (friends and family), to angelwargamers2017@gmail.com. Alternatively, you can just pay the £25 and try out their full menu yourselves! http://www.expleisure.com/cantina-menu/ Each player will be required to bring 3 pieces of terrain, the rest will be supplied by the venue and our friends at http://www.tanelornwgc.org/ Your £25 will buy you 5 games of 2000 points AOS, with custom secondary missions. In addition to this, you will have FULL ACCESS to the EXP Board games library, PC Games and consoles (which includes Mario Kart on a huge projector for Sat evening!) for Friday evening, and all day Saturday and Sunday. You can also give their VR Headsets a try from just £8/person. We're hoping to have mats on every table, and full prize support too! Update: Pack is NOW AVAILABLE. Attached to this post, or click below. Note this is version 1, so please send your questions to angelwargamers2017@gmail.com. Update 2: Blog post from CoreHammer: http://www.corehammer.com/angelcore-2017-an-age-of-sigmar-tournament/ https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1rP4GhVndVnTHg2UVl4RVBsT1k/view?usp=sharing Paypal £25 to angelwargamers2017@gmail.com as a gift (Friends & Family) with your name to reserve a place! Please note that refunds will only be given until October 31st. Past this date, you will only get a refund if you sign up another player (and they mention this, or the event has 32 players on the day. In the latter case, refunds will be processed on November 27th. Update 4: Lists to be submitted to angelwargamers2017@gmail.com by the 18th November. Additional Information Nearby Hotels As the venue is next to the Olympic park there are tonnes of hotel options nearby, which should make prices cheaper (for London) as they are more competitive. Currently you can get the travelodge, first on the list below, for two nights for £70. pack.pdf
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    Blood Tithe – AoS International Team Tournament London Gatwick March 2-4th 2018 In association with The South London Legion I am delighted to announce the inaugural AoS International Team Tournament – Blood Tithe. The event will be staged at the Arora Hotel, London Gatwick – March 2-4th 2018. The event will be a 5 game, 2000 points, 4 man team, GHB2 matched play tournament with additional gaming opportunities on the Friday night, and arranged activities on the Saturday night TBC. We have space for 20 teams/80 players. ### We have mulled heavily over the 'International' element to this. There are obvious connotations towards ETC with that tag, however this is not intended as a replacement. Like with the recent 6 Nations, it may well be a seed which germinates to something more - but this event is not ETC AoS. Likewise we want to be inclusive not prescriptive with our teams - we think that's where AoS 'is' - the best of both worlds. Efforts have been taken and TOs contacted to avoid clashing with other tournaments ### Location: Gatwick is 15 minutes from the M25, easily accessible by public transport from London and not least the cheap short haul hub of Europe and beyond. This surely presents our European (and other!) cousins with a viable opportunity to compete against other domestic and International teams. Once arrived there will be very little extra travel to factor in, unless you combine it with a trip to Central London, which is 30 minutes away by regular train (London Victoria). Venue: The Arora hotel is part of the Sofitel chain and has a dedicated conference space which we will use for gaming (complete with it’s own bar). It is adjacent to the railway system – an 8 minute hop to Gatwick. Crawley town centre, with myriad eating and drinking spots a 2 minute walk away. Lunch will be provided by the hotel both days. The hotel has twin rooms from @£65 per night at time of writing. We have separated out accommodation from the ticket cost to leave it up to individual teams to decide where they stay (lunch, to repeat, is included). The hotel website has comprehensive details about airport transfers: http://Gatwick.arorahotels.com Please note hotel parking is £10 for 24 hours, there is however an alternative open air car park 100m away which is £3.70 for 24 hours. Cost: Team of 4: All gaming, lunch both days: £180 (£45.00 PP) How to Enter: We will start taking entries in a couple of weeks once the prospect percolates; it takes a little time to form teams and we don't want people missing out. Stating your interest will be a helpful indicator. Please note - this venue is booked. If you do not have a ready- made team but wish to be a prospective captain or a mercenary (a great way to meet fellow gamers) please contact us, or post here. Team events are ideal to attend as your first matched play event. The Tournament: This will be a 5 game , 4-man team tournament, using a “Swiss Pairings” method for determining opponents from Round 2 onwards. Pairings will be used (details in pack). Lists will be publicised two weeks before the event. Where possible in the first round International Teams will be drawn against Domestic Teams, thereafter the draw will be open. Friday: Event Opens 1400 Open Gaming 1200-LATE TBC Probable Skirmish Mini Event TBC Saturday: Registration (if not registered Friday): 0800-0900 Round 1 Pairings 0915-0930 Game 1: 0930-1200 Lunch: 1200-1300 Round 2 Pairings 1300-1315 Game 2: 1315-1545 Break / Round 3 Pairings 1545-1615 Game 3: 1615 -1845 Saturday Night - TBC but organised Sunday: Round 4 Pairings 0845-0900 Game 4: 0900-1130 Lunch 1130-1230 (Best Painted / Coolest Army display) Round 5 Pairings 1230-1245 Game 5: 1245-1515 Awards: 1530-16.00 Event Closes: 1600 Please note that Sunday is slightly earlier and slightly more condensed – this is to allow for transport connections. Awards: The Destroyers of Worlds (1st Place Overall) The Council of Blood (2nd Place Overall) The Murderhost (3nd Place Overall) The Lords of the Isles (1st Place Domestic Team) The Local Despots (2st Place Domestic Team) The Griff-Hound Spirits (3rd Place Domestic Team) The National Treasures (Most team painting votes) The Inspiration of Ages (Coolest Individual Army) Beauty Beholden (Best Individual Painted Army) The Wandering Minstrels (Best Team Sports) Army Selection: This will be a Single List 2000 points tournament. Each player must play their own list for all games. No two team armies may have a duplicate warscroll, nor a duplicate allegiance. Allegiance abilities, traits, etc must be listed and not change on a game-by-game basis. House Rules and FAQ TBC post GHB2. Missions The 5 missions will be decided and publicised in the pack post GHB2 at the earliest opportunity. Everyone will play the same mission each round. Scoring: Scoring will be based on a 20-0 system Major Win: 15 Minor Win: 10 Draw: 8 Minor Loss: 5 Major Loss: 0 In addition, there will be 5 secondary objectives missions, which will be present in each of the 5 games each player competes in. In each case to score a secondary objective it must be at the same time gained and denied to an opponent. For each secondary objective scored you receive 1 point and your opponent subtracts 1 point. TBC Secondary objectives are TBC post GHB2 release. Total team points per round will be capped at 60/30 Tie Breaker 1 – Uncapped TP total. Tie Breaker 2 – Most Secondary Missions completed. Tie Breaker 3 – Most Major Victories. Please note in order to keep the advertised timings and to avoid overly punitive play Kill Points will not be recorded during the event and will be used only in missions where Kill Points are a deciding factor. Painting: All armies must be fully painted and based on suitable round bases. Anything not reaching this minimum standard will be removed from the table, and will count as destroyed. There is quite a long lead up to the tournament so there’s real excuse not to conform to this norm. The organisers will request a selection of armies be set up on Sunday Lunchtime for voting. You will be advised if you are on the shortlist. Terrain: 10 pieces of 28mm terrain will be provided on each table. The Scenery Table will be in effect and as per the 4 page rulebook. You are welcome to bring your own terrain if it adds to the aesthetic of your army and is not deemed to be outlandishly large or unsuitable. You can purchase scenery dice from http://scenerydice.co.uk/ or alternatively bring suitable markers. List Submission and Draw Lists must be submitted by 23.59 Sat Feb 17th. Once verified they will be published w/c 19th Feb. The 1st round Draw will take place Monday 26th Feb.
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    Hey guys, With the events calendar filling up so quickly I wanted to pencil in my second two day event for later in the year; the return of BLACKOUT (I figured I probably should build a bit of brand as opposed to confusing people by renaming my events each time!). CLICK FOR FULL TOURNAMENT PACK **23/08/17 Update** Here is a list of relevant information from throughout this thread. This will be collated into a proper "pack" by the end of the week. Apologies for the delay; We will be 5 games of straight up Matched Play Warhammer, using 5 of the new Matched Play battleplans from the General's Handbook 2017. I will announce each battleplan before the start of the round. Please try to familiarise yourself with these beforehand. Lists will be submitted to myself on the day (paper copy please). Command Traits and Artefacts must be listed and will not change for the duration of the event. I also ask that you have a second copy (paper or digital) that you exchange with your round one opponent. Please take a few moments to check each others lists before the game starts. Any errors spotted during this time can be amended without penalty, new Handbook and all that! Whilst my preference is usually for soft score heavy events, I have made the decision that this event will be basing purely off gaming because of the new Handbook. I want to keep it as simple and inclusive as possible, with people being able to try out new armies and cool allies etc. I was slightly loathe to remove a cohesive requirement (or at least a bonus for doing so), however this is a one off, once again because of the new Handbook, and I would certainly return to soft scores in the future. Luckily we have Facehammer coming up a few weeks after which scratches that itch this year. All models with matched play profiles in the General's Handbook 2017 can be used, as can the latest versions of any Forgeworld warscoll as of 26/08/17 (note Rogue Idol change). Also I am informed that updated matched play profiles are to be released for Compendium warscrolls on 26/08/17, so these will also be allowed. All models must be based on suitable round/oval bases and of course we will be measuring to bases! No other house rules as such, we will be following the Matched Play guidelines within the General's Handbook 2017 including Rules of One etc. Terrain is not required. All models must be fully painted* and based otherwise they will be removed and you will incur a 10 point penalty. There is no requirement for armies to be cohesive. This is to encourage people to try out the new allies rules! Please note that WYSIWYG is still a thing though!! 50 Tournament points available; Major Victory = 10, Minor Victory = 8, Draw = 5, Minor Defeat = 2, Major Defeat = 0 First tie break is Sports votes (be nice whilst winning!), the second is kill points scored. Armies will be displayed on Saturday lunch so that I can shortlist Best Army nominations for a public/judge vote on Sunday. If your army includes reserve points, you can display additional models from your summoning pool, however the overall army you display cannot exceed 2,000 points. Each player will vote for Best Sports at the end of the event, in the case of a tie, the highest placed player will win the award (win whilst being nice!). The Trophies available are; 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place: as above these are scored purely on the 50 gaming TPs available, with sports first tiebreak (kill points 2nd). 1st, 2nd, 3rd Best Army: these will be player judged from a nominated shortlist on the Sunday. Judges Choice Best Painted Army: this will be my favourite army at the event, entirely possible it will be one of the above 3 though. Best Sports: as above this will be based off player sports votes with the highest placed player winning in the event of a tie. The Jen Lyons Thrills not Skills Award: this will be awarded to the player who finishes last. Your name will be carried forward to my next event. Best In Alliance (Destruction, Chaos, Death & Order): these will be decided purely on Kill Points so can be won by anyone (except maybe @#SteveJames). In the unlikely event of a tie, highest placing will win. Also the Friday night Skirmish will have trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Best Warband and Best Sports *I will not use the term "3 colour minimum" as it is open for abuse. If you are unsure whether your models are painted(?!), please get in contact with me. Saturday 2nd September - BLACKOUT Day One Firestorm Games Opens: 09:00 Registration & Announcements: 09:00 - 09:30 Game One: 09:30 - 12:15 Lunch: 12:15 - 13:15 – After Game One please display you army so I can select Best Army nominees Game Two: 13:15 - 16:00 Game Three: 16:15 - 19:00 Firestorm Games Closes: 23:00 Sunday 3rd September - BLACKOUT Day Two Firestorm Games Opens: 09:00 Game Four: 09:30 - 12:15 Lunch: 12:15 - 13:15 – After Game Four the Best Army nominees will display their armies for voting Game 5: 13:15 - 16:00 Results Presentation: 16:30 - 17:00 **07/08/17 Update** This event will be played under The General's Handbook 2017!! Please see last post page 3 for more information. A full pack is to follow next week. There will also be a Skirmish event on the Friday. **05/04/17 Update** Tickets go on sale Saturday 8th April at 8pm GMT - £40 as PayPal (friends and family) to lunatic_pandora@btinternet.com (see below for more details) So I'm pleased to be able to confirm the dates as 2nd & 3rd September 2017 and more exciting, the venue; Firestorm Games, Cardiff What's even better is I'll be able to offer a capacity of 100 players! After the popularity of Tomorrow Burns in Weymouth, I figured it might be time to try my hand at a bigger event in a more easily accessible venue. As a massive fan of Cardiff events myself, this seemed an easy decision, made easier thanks to some conversations with @Mo Ashraf. I was keen to not step on any toes here and FYI I do not consider this a replacement or successor to the phenomenal Clash of Swords events Mo has run over the last few years, it's just me bringing my event to a different location. Who knows what will happen in the future, but for 2017, me bringing a big AoS event to Cardiff in the latter part of the year is just a good fit for everyone. I've also been in discussion with the Facehammer boys to ensure no clash with their Grand Tournament. There is a lot of talking behind the scenes between TO's to avoid clashes as much as possible to try and make it easier for you guys to attend multiple events. It's a testament to AoS and the strength of our scene that the calendar is being booked up almost right to the end of the year in January!! So get some dates pencilled in your calendar, start looking at hotels because they do get expensive and/or sell out in Cardiff. I've given as much notice as possible to hopefully make it easy to get yourselves sorted in good time (yeh right!!). I'm unsure when tickets will go on sale at present, so keep an eye on this topic. Chris
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    Good morning and Merry Christmas. I'm happy to be able to give out invites to the 2016/17 Age of Sigmar Masters event. The Masters are being held at Warhammer World on 14th/15th January 2017 an the following players have been offered invitations: Terry Pike @Terry Pike Ben Johnson @Ben Johnson Russ Veal @Russ Veal Jack Armstrong (Current Master) @Jack Armstrong Mark Wildman @Mark wildman Darran Palmer @Darran Pano @Pano Ricky Mee @ChippyRick Daniel Ford @Dan.Ford Tony Moore @Countmoore Luke McHugh @lukerooney Robert Sedgeman @Sedge Rob Perrin @Rob Perrin Byron Orde Martin Morrin @Total Fanboy Kieran Harper @Sangfroid Invites must be accepted by Wednesday 28th December. The following people are in reserve places and will be offered an invite, in this order, in the case of someone above them in the rankings declining an invitation or drop out closer to the date. If you are on the reserve list then you should submit an army list by list submission date. Chris Tomlin Adi McWalter Andy Bryan Matt Lyons Reserve places will be closed on Monday 9th Jan. I will have Pete Foley and Adam Hall submitting lists in case of a stand-in being required in the last week or on the day. As an absolute last resort I will play. Army List Submission Army list must be submitted to armylists@baddice.co.uk no later than 7pm on Saturday 7th January as a Warscroll Builder export in the body of an email. The UK Masters 2016/17 We will be playing 6 games of Age of Sigmar from the Generals Handbook. Each of the Matched play batteplans will be played in a random order. Major Victory = 30 points Minor Victory = 10 point Draw/Loss = 0 points Warscroll points destroyed will be used as a tiebreaker. Soft Scores. Sports. Everyone gets 60 points. The Tournament organiser reserves the right not award these points for any reason at any time. Painting. Armies must be appropriately fully painted, based on rounds or ovals and cohesive. up to 20 points will be awarded in each of these 3 sections at the tournament organisers discretion for a total of 60 points. Models not painted or on incorrect bases will be removed from the game and counted as destroyed and no points will be awarded for painting I fully expect everyone to get maximum scores in both these sections, I am not looking to reward excellence. Any questions, send photos in advance to bencurry@baddice.co.uk Army List Army Lists that are sent in on time and in the correct format will get 30 points. If your list is late or illegal you will get 0 points. Winning the event The overall winner and 2016/17 Master will be the player with the most points overall. Overall > result VS the person(s) tied > Soft Scores > Total Units killed points. In the past we have had various issues with illegal lists, late list and other problems. I’ve tried to cover this with a submission date away from new year, instead of on new year and also with a list of reserves in advance. There will be no leeway on penalties. It is Christmas and everyone is busy, so if you think it might be a problem over the holidays send it in now. Good luck and I will see you all at the event! Masters 2016 Rules pack .pdf Here are a few pics from last years event.
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    I am not the organiser of this event and I am not affiliated with the organisers. That said, I think it is important that others in Sweden know there is a big tournament due in Umeå in autumn. It's the 30th anniversary of Fantasia which, seeing I have only lived in Sweden for 3 years and quite far from Umeå, is something I can't really comment on but I BET some Swedes will have a rich history with this event. Should be excellent! Information: http://www.fantasiaspel.se/tournaments/fantasia-fanatic-xxx Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/283703401979474/ Tournament Pack: http://www.fantasiaspel.se/Fantasia/FFXXX/Fantasia Fanatic XXX AOS.pdf
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    All right the next San Diego Age of Sigmar event/tournament is set October 1, 2016. It will be held at At Ease Games. Pre-registration will be up by next Friday the 5th of August, 2016. Link to event page bestcoastpairings.com/event/lordsofwar Any questions post on this thread or e-mail me at thelnorn1@gmail.com
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    If you won't come to the North Isles, we will bring the North Isles to you. Northern Invasion 2016 is brought to you by Age of Sigmar Battle Reports (http://www.facebook.com/batrep) and Common Ground Games. The event will be a 1 day open tournament with 3 games of AoS at the fantastic Common Ground Games in sunny Stirling. There is sponsorship confirmed by our friends and allies at The Army Painter, Kromlech , Afro Zombie and some Orkney Fayre has been provided by a number of North Isles companies. Places are limited to 32, so get your names in to secure a spot! What's it all about? Glad you asked. The event will be themed on the North Isles with some small characterful rules customising play just enough to make things different, with the addition of weather conditions and a free North-Isles terrain piece adding a twist that will make people think before selecting their usual list. The following prizes are confirmed: Overall winner will be named Great Thane of the North Isles and will take ****** the fabled warpstone axe of Torin skullsplitter. There will be a trophy for the best warlord in each of the Grand Alliances. The best newcomer to AoS tournament play will win an award. The most notable deed in game will be 'immortalised by the Bards' when our guest judge Guy Haley chooses his favourite. The owner of the filthiest list will be required to wear the badge of shame throughout the event. There will be 1st and 2nd placed awards for best painted armies and generals. As if that weren't enough, there will be some local orkney fayre on offer too, an exclusive NI16 branded weather calculator/turn counter/objective marker (yes, a dice) and something for the spoonbearer to take ******. Cost: afraid it isn't free folks owing to to volume of prizes, the event will cost £20. I know this is slightly more than the going rate but it all goes to prizes, venue and food. Keen people can secure their places by gifting £20 at http://www.paypal.me/stuwest final payment date 2nd July 2016 but it would be appreciated sooner :). Please include a message with full name, which event you are paying for and whether you have played in an AoS tournament before. All paid entrants will be entered into a raffle an one lucky soul will get their mitts on a gamers set from the Army Painter and there will be some goodies for other lucky folk from Afro Zombie just for turning up! More info and pack to follow but at this stage I can confirm there will be some form of Clash/scgt comp with some additional rules as mentioned above , we'll see how other events go in the meantime. It is likely that summoning will be looked at and army selections will be taken from anything live on the app or in a battletome/grand alliance book. I would like to encourage fluff and would appreciate feedback on ideas such as formations being free if only one faction is chosen (just an idea) or at least that formations could only be taken if only one faction is taken. The main thing will be to make sure everyone enjoys themselves and we have some epic games! Throw us your questions and look at the additional info on the facebook page events section. Event Homepage: https://www.facebook.com/batrep
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    26th - 27th October 2019 5 game of Age of Sigmar over 2 days in the wonderful grounds of Wycombe Abbey, High Wycombe. Run by the newly formed Bucks Wargame Collective, this sets to be our first two day event. The venue of this event is super high calibre, it is a stunning listed building with incredible grounds. Free on site parking only 10 minutes walk from the train station. There will be street food vendors on site, an entire canteen for seating and lounging between games, fully stocked bar ran by our local including Marlow brewed Rebellion Beers and Ales. Loads more information to follow, for now though a couple of photos and location address. Wycombe AbbeyHigh WycombeBuckinghamshireHP11 1PE More information to follow on full ticket release. £50 ticket price including food on BOTH days. (NOW SOLD OUT) PACK BELOW: Final Pack - Bloodshed In the Shires.pdf Contact myself on: Contact@possessedgaming.com Steve Curtis - Head TO Dan George - Head TO
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    Welcome to Bloodshed in the realms, a 20 player 2000 point General’s Handbook 2019 match play event proudly brought to you by the Bucks Wargames Collective. Bloodshed in the realms will be a 3 game 1-day event using the latest 2019 battleplans VENUE & LOCATION We are very lucky to be able to host this at the brand-new location for Tabletop Republic in High Wycombe. Address: Tabletop Republic Church Street High Wycombe Buckinghamshire HP13 5ES This part of High Wycombe is just a 5-minute walk from the main multi storey car park in town, Eden parking address is Lily's Walk, High Wycombe HP11 2BY. The shop is also situated just a 10 minute walk from the High Wycombe train station. TICKETS AND CONTACT If interested in coming to our event the tickets can be purchased on a first come first serve basis. Tickets are on sale July 31st at 7pm. Standalone event tickets will be £15 Lunch not included but there are plenty of food options within walking distance of tabletop republic. Tickets can be purchased through our club website: https://www.buckswargamecollective.co.uk/shop Any questions or queries then please email contact@possessedgaming.com PACK Please bare in mind we are also using this event to test selling tickets on our website so it’s completely first come first serve and this is our first time selling tickets this way. Pack and info can be found here www.buckswargamecollective.co.uk/tournament-pack
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    A 30 player, Age of Sigmar, latest General’s Handbook, 2000 point event This is part of a larger multi-platform event that includes 40k and Swordpoint. It is a friendly and bijou affair that is ideal for new and experienced players alike. The Venue Horndean Technology College, Barton Cross, Horndean, PO8 9PQ There is free parking on site, a fully licensed bar and a canteen to keep everyone fed and watered. Terrain Terrain will be provided. Realm rules Realm Rules will not be in play for this event. We want it to be as accessible and simple as possible for experienced and new players alike. This includes Realm spells, Realmscape features and Realm command abilities. Armies can hail from a Realm should the player so wish. This cannot change throughout the event and must be added to the Army Roster in order to take effect. In which case the extra artefacts can be chosen instead of those specifically for the allegiance. A mix of allegiance artefacts and those from the Realm can be taken. BattlePlans Before each game, we will announce a battle plan to use for that game. 5 battleplans will be selected from all the match play options. You should bring a balanced army as there will be a range of different styles of battleplan in play. Secondary Objectives It is not all about the main prize. There are other things than plunder that can make the heart race. For each secondary objective achieved you gain 1 plunder point. These make a big difference to the final standings, make sure you play to the end even if you are not winning. Tickets Tickets cost £33 each, which gives you five games of Warhammer AOS over two days, plus a cooked lunch on both days. Note that provided lunch is part of our deal with the venue, and cannot be split out. To book your place, send payment via Paypal to rdavidj54@googlemail.com, along with the title “Pompey Pillage AOS”, your name and any club you’re representing. Please be sure to send your payment as a GIFT. Thank you. The Pompey Pillage event pack 2019 (v2).pdf
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    The Bad Dice Bash is our monthly Age of Sigmar event, Saturday Feb 9th 2019. Held at Boards and Swords in Derby. ++++GET TICKETS HERE ++++ Terrain and Tables provided, Just turn up with your painted army ready to play. Lunch included in ticket price, trophies and prizes to be won. Held at the awesome Boards and Swords Hobbies 3 Jubilee Parkway, Jubilee Business Park Stores Road, Derby, DE21 4BJ CONTACT: BENCURRY@BADDICE.CO.UK Only 18 places available for this event. Get a ticket now so you don't miss out. G1 - 10AM ESCALATION IN GHYRAN SHIELD OF THORNS | RUST PLAGUE G2- 1PM PLACES OF ARCANE POWER IN HYSH PHA’S PROTECTION | SPEED OF LIGHT G3 - 4PM BETTER PART OF VALOUR IN ULGU MYSTIFYING MIASMA | SHADOW REALM Scoring MAJOR WIN - 30 MINOR WIN - 20 DRAW 15 MINOR LOSS - 10 LOSS - 0 The winner is the player finishing the event on the most tournament points. Ties are decided by the person with the most viceroy points destroyed during the event. ++++GET TICKETS HERE ++++
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    After the success of several one day AOS events the Purple Sparkly Unicorns will be running a 2 day Age Of Sigmar event on the 27th of July 2019, the event pack has been added to this post all details including tickets and venue are covered. Any further questions regarding the event please email psunicorns@hotmail.com. A full list of entrants will be posted closer to the event.
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    The Justice Series GT The Justice Series GT is a 2-day, 64 player event run by JustPlayGames in Liverpool, aka Ian and Ritchie from the JustSaying Age of Sigmar Podcast. The Justice Series of Age of Sigmar tournaments have been running in Liverpool for over 12 months and we thought that it was high time we ran a major event. Ticket Details Tickets can be purchased from our website – click this link! Tickets cost £50 and there are 64 places available for this event. Venue and Location The event will be held at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Conference Centre, located in the heart of Liverpool City Centre. It's directly opposite the national rail station (Lime Street) and with weekend parking for just £6 per day, it is extremely well suited for travellers. Likewise, if you stay in another area of the city centre or elsewhere in Liverpool the transport links and parking are ideal for hassle-free access. Facilities The well-equipped conference suite has a bar and restaurant where you can eat and drink, as well as being situated directly on top of a food court and shopping centre with a McDonalds, KFC, Subway, healthy options, chinese buffet, multiple coffee shops and more besides! Due to this easy availability we've decided not to include food with the event, so that you can choose what you'd like to eat. Tables & Terrain All of our tables feature premium neoprene gaming mats and a great mix of high-quality official and custom terrain. We want to offer a premium experience for attendees, and if you take a look at these pictures, I’m sure you’ll agree that our tables are going to look fantastic! Awards We’ve partnered with Lambda Design to produce some awesome custom trophies for this event – here’s a sneak peak of some of them, follow us on Twitter @justplaygamesuk, Twitter hashtag #jsgt and Instagram justplay_liverpool for more sneak peaks and pics! There will be awards and prizes for: Gaming The top ranked players at the event of the event will receive the following awards: 1 st Place: Custom JustPlay Trophy and £100 JustPlay Store Credit 2 nd Place: Custom JustPlay Trophy and £50 JustPlay Store Credit 3 rd Place: Custom JustPlay Trophy Best General in Grand Alliance (Swiss Top 3 Excluded): Custom Justplay Trophy Painting & Hobby The painting and hobby awards section of the Justice GT will feature: Best in Show, the best painted army as selected and judged by our expert judging panel! Custom JustPlay Trophy and £50 JustPlay Store Credit Coolest Army, the most awesome army as voted for by the players! Custom JustPlay Trophy and £50 JustPlay Store Credit Favourite Opponent At the end of round 5 each player will be asked to the opponent that they thought was the most fun to play against over the weekend. This maybe because of a hilarious interaction during the game, a really fun opponent or just a fantastically close game of Age of Sigmar – the criteria is up to you, and this is NOT a sportsmanship vote, but a vote for the game and opponent that you enjoyed the most! The player with the most votes will receive a Custom JustPlay Trophy and £50 JustPlay Store Credit! You can download the full rules pack at this Link! We'll be putting out more information as we go about the event, including talking about it on the podcast and getting plenty of pictures up on Twitter! So go ahead and book your tickets Click this Link! Look forward to seeing you there, Ian and Ritchie
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    FaceHammer will be running its 4th Grand Tournament on the weekend of the 21-22 of September 2019 at the Element Games Northwest Gaming Centre in Stockport. We will also be doing stuff on the Friday (20th) similar to previous years! Ticket sales and pack details to follow. These will be similar to last year!
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    Introducing, in association with the Mitzy and Jimbo Show, the first Essex GT at Wayland games Hockley. Five games of 2000pts Age of Sigmar over two days. Battle Plans and realm rules / spells and artifacts will be in play and published before the event. Wayland games is a lovely venue with food and a bar on site. Hockley is on the main line form London Liverpool street and plenty of local hotels around. I will add a link to some hotels soon. At the moment this is a save the date post. Link to tickets and event pack to follow shortly. I will update the event pack regularly especially after rules changes / additions and new GHB etc. Tickets will be approximately £30 for the two days gaming. Mitzy and Jimbo will also provide spot prizes during the weekend. Any questions please ask. Link to the tickets and event pack hopefully up by the end of the week (11th of Jan)
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    Bad Moon Cafe are pleased to announce the second monthly Age of Sigmar tournament! An 18 player, 1 day, 3 game tournament in London! Tickets available here: Bad Moon Cafe - War in the Mortal Realms #2 Tickets More information here: FB Link In brief: The event will take place over 1 day, on Saturday 9th February 2019. Bad Moon Café will open from 08.00 till 23.00 on the day and the tournament will take place from 09.00 till 19.00. There will be 3 games played over the day. Armies should be created using the Generals Handbook 2018 Matched Play rules consisting of up to 2000pts. Players should bring 3 printed copies of their list- 1 for themselves, one for the opponent and one for the event staff. Triumph bonuses will be used as per the Core Rules. Endless spells will be allowed as per Malign Sorcery Rules. Realm Artefacts will be allowed and Realm Spells will be allowed. Realm of Battle Realmsphere Magic and Realm Commands will be used. Realmscape Features will not be used. Forge World models are allowed. Objectives used do not have height or size for rules purposes. Proxies, conversions and 3rd party models will be allowed but must clearly represent the warscroll. Firestorm allegiance and abilities will not be used. The Tournament will be run using Tabletop.To software using Swiss Tournament Rules with strength of schedule. We will be following the UK Community Scoring points system rulesets. There are no painting rules, points or limitations. Full rules pack to follow soon. Rules pack from WITMR#1 can be found here and will be identical for #2 except for the scenarios which will be different.
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    Format: 2000 points, Battlehost Entry Fee: £10 This will be our first big tournament using the new second edition rules! We are looking forward to seeing what changes in the armies there may have been. There is no requirement for models to be painted for this event, although it does help with the playing atmosphere. --------------------------------------------- Army Composition Select a Battlehost army up to 2000 points using the rules and restrictions in the Pitched Battle section of General's Handbook 2018. Before selecting artefacts for an army, a player can decide that their force is from one of the Realms as detailed in the Malign Sorcery book and select artefacts from that list instead of their normal ones for their allegiance. Once you are happy with your army, you must record it on an army roster. All text must be clearly readable for us and your opponent to check. You will need to hand one copy of your army roster in at registration, and have at least one other copy to show to your opponents before each game. You must use the same army roster for each game, and all choices available to you must be noted down on your army roster. Remember that your roster must include things like who your general is, army allegiance, the allegiance abilities you will use, artefacts of power, spells, and the number of leaders, artillery and behemoth models in your army. Any kind of ability you can choose before the game must be decided on before the event and recorded on your army roster. This includes things like Mark of Chaos for Slaves to Darkness Chaos Warriors. These choices are made for the entire event, and as they are part of your army roster, cannot be changed during the event. --------------------------------------------- Publications In Use All current and in-print Warhammer Age of Sigmar battletomes, Grand Alliance books, warscroll compendiums (including those from Forge World), General’s Handbook 2018, any warscrolls and warscroll battalions with a Pitched Battle profile, and all up-to-date FAQs and Errata. Any future publications are in use unless their release falls on the weekend of the event. We expect you to use the most current warscrolls for your models e.g. those found in a battletome rather than a Grand Alliance book or warscroll compendium. --------------------------------------------- Prizes £5 store credit per player will be added to the prize pool and split across the top finishers. Most Sporting Opponent - £15 Store credit Best Painted Army - £15 Store credit Tickets are available from: https://athenagames.com/collections/event-tickets/products/age-of-sigmar-tournament-2000pts-11th-august
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    Morning all, I am running another Skirmish event at Dogger HQ, located just outside of Dorchester in Dorset (if you want to attend, DM @Paul Buckler for directions). This time, rather than doing it over a Thursday club night, it will be held on a Sunday. Hopefully this will make the journey more worthwhile for others. There is also the potential to play a full game of AoS once the event finishes (as we'll be done by 15:30). As we have a little more time, I've expanded the scope of the event and we will be playing 4 games. We will also be using the Realm of Death artefacts, command abilities and mysterious terrain Skirmish tables from Malign Portents to add a bit of flavour. You can find the full pack here - http://traffic.libsyn.com/theblacksun/The_Well_of_Souls.pdf There are 16 spaces available, with trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Best Warband and Best Sports. Terrain is provided. Tickets cost just £5 and can be purchased via Paypal (friends & family) to lunatic_pandora@btinternet.com Hope to see a few new faces, Skirmish is great fun! Chris
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    The Purple Sparkly Unicorns are running a one day age of sigmar event at the Shavington social club, the event will be 1500pts using 3 predetermined scenarios from the generals handbook. Event Pack= Payment = The event will cost £7.50, email rockchef25@hotmail.com for further details. Entrants list = Craig Chesters Andy Woods Andy Bryan Jason Hodgkinson Aaron Walters Andrew O'Connor Andy Davies Carl Bagnall Colin Cooper Gary Holmes Jack Mayland Jack Spencer Jason Stanyer Joshua Niemczyk Mal Edge Matthew Crowther Mikey T Simon Holmes Tim Unwin As this is our first event we can only have 24 entrants.
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    Good afternoon, Two weeks today heralds one of the first Matched Play Skirmish Tournaments in the UK; BLACKOUT Skirmish. Held on the eve of BLACKOUT, an 80+ player General's Handbook 2017 event, at Firestorm Games in Cardiff, this Skirmish event will be a great opportunity for people to try out this fantastic rules set. The event is open to anyone. For players attending BLACKOUT, this will be free. If you are not attending BLACKOUT but still fancy giving the Skirmish a go, drop me a DM and we can arrange something. The timetable is as follows; Friday 1st September - BLACKOUT Skirmish (free side event) Firestorm Games opens: 12:00 Registration: 17:30 - 17:50 Game One: 17:50-18:35 Display & Vote for Best Painted: 18:35-19:00 Game Two: 19:00-19:45 Game Three: 20:00-20:45 Awards Presentation: 20:45-21:00 Firestorm Games closes: 23:00 There will be trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Best Painted and Best Sports. The pack for the event can be found here; http://traffic.libsyn.com/theblacksun/Blackout_Skirmish.pdf Massive thanks to @bottle for all his help and essentially being the driving force behind this. If you want to take part please sign up below, it will be very useful for myself and Firestorm if we have numbers beforehand. There is a chance I will also be playing in this event myself; Skirmish is great! Grudges are encouraged. Looking forward to this! Chris x
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    The Battleshock Bash is a all-weekend event at The Gateway Open. Friday will feature a casual narrative event while Saturday and Sunday will be a 2000 point matched play five-round tournament. Pre-reg is open and tickets for the weekend are $50. This not only allows you to play AoS events but there will also be Warmahordes, Guild Ball, X-Wing, Infinity, and Malifaux if you are so inclined. Tournament pack will be released shortly. You can get details and register at this link. Event Pack is here. If you have questions you can email Luke at battleshockstudios@gmail.com
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    The Salisbury Legion Wargames Club will be running their first one day AoS tournament on the 24th June 17. Please check out the rules pack for all the details, if you feel theres something missing, please comment! There are sixteen places available, possibly more if there is enough interest. Hope to see you there! AOS_Rules_Pack_V2.1.docx Entrants: 1 Jake Harding 2 Jack Bicknell 3 Simon Smith 4 Steven Ward 5 Darren Watson 6 Ric Myhill 7 Chris Myhill 8 Pete Myhill 9 John Hazard 10 Louis Patterson 11 Elliot Haugh 12 James Eveleigh 13 Mike Wilson 14 Finn Milton 15 James Allen 16 Greg Westwood 17 Steve Williams 18 Stephen Ray
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    This is a one day, narrative event set in the Endless Deserts as part of the Coalescence Global Narrative Event. The event will be at Imperium Games in Wixom, Michigan. More details soon.
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    2 Days 2,000pt Competitive lists 5 games. 32 Players max This will be an Australian Matched Play ranked tournament (http://rankings.heraldsofwar.com/) When: 29 April & 30 April 2017 Where: Windsor Table Tennis Centre, Brisbane Cost: Cost - $50 Registration is openwww.briscon.com.au/tournaments.htmlPlayers Packhttp://www.heraldsofwar.com/documents/warfare-players-pack.pdf Facebook Event https://www.facebook.com/events/208039102968584/ Player List 1. Ashley McEwan2. Dan Saye3. Matt Campbell 4. Liam Burnett-Blue 5. Anthony Magro 6. Dan Brewer 7. Chris Tot 8. Tim Macdivitt 9. Trevor Bentley NOTE: I'm not the TO and posting on behalf of another TGA member
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    This is the UK's largest singles Warhammer: Age of Sigmar event, returning again for its 8th Year. Date for SCGT2017: 21st - 23rd April 2017 This thread will contain updates & info, the main central source of info is here: heelanhammer.com/SCGT
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    Hi everyone, The Cheltenham Warchief event team are proud to announce that the dates of the WARCHIEF GT II, will be on the 18th and 19th of November 2017. Depending on demand we might open up on the Friday night for some casual gaming and beers. We aren't taking bookings just yet as we're working on the pack and our custom scenarios. The event has a slight narrative slant and it follows on from GT I in the story line. Best rgds Jonny, Chubby and Baz
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    Battles are not just won by a single being, it is achieved by a group working together to achieve an overall goal. This is what the Orthrus tournament is here to honour as we welcome you to take part in a team based Age of Sigmar tournament. Each player in a team must select an army based upon the “Preparing Your Doubles Army” in our rules document. Only Warscrolls and Warscroll battalions with a Pitched Battle profile may be used in this event. The most recent Warscroll for a character or unit must be used. All models must be fully painted and based on either square or round bases. If you have a model which is unfinished then we will politely ask you to remove it from the table. You can find the approximate schedule for the event below. 8:30am Doors Open 9:25am Welcome and event briefing 9:30am–12:00pm Game 1 12:00pm–1:00pm Lunch and painting judging 1:00pm-3:30pm Game 2 3:30pm-3:45pm Break 3:45pm-6:15pm Game 3 6:30pm Results and awards Entry Price: £20 per team (two players). Rules Document: We are still finalising the rules pack, however here is the "Preparing Your Doubles Army Section" to help you plan: Each player may select a Force worth up to 1,000 points. Points don’t carry over between players. Warscroll Battalions must be fully contained in one player’s Force. Each Force is selected individually using the restrictions laid down in the “Vanguard” bracket of the General’s Handbook. Each player may select a General for their Force, and each may use their command ability in your team’s turn. Each command ability can only affect friendly models from that General’s Force, or, where applicable, enemy models. The Rules of One are in effect across the team’s Army. The Forces do not have to be from the same Grand Alliance. Allegiances (and therefore Traits, Artefacts and Battleline units) are determined individually for each Force. Any Pitched Battle Profile that specifies that it can only be taken once in an army can only be taken once in your team’s Army. Battle and Command Traits are determined for each Force individually and can only affect enemy Warscrolls and friendly Warscrolls from your own Force. Triumphs from the Pitched Battle are determined based on the difference between each team’s Armies points value. Reinforcement Points are determined individually for each player’s Force and reinforcements must be summoned from the same Grand Alliance. In all Pitched Battle battleplans, replace all instances of the word “player” with “team”.
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    Hi guys, It is my great pleasure to bring London's Calling back into your tournament calendar. With AoS growing rapidly, we thought it high time to get a good sized event back at the home of the South London Legion at the Croydon Conference Centre in Croydon (spitting distance from East Croydon Station). The event will be held on April fools weekend (you'd be a fool to attend!) so that's Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd of April. It will be 60 players and will cost just £30, with all terrain provided. We will be using the 2017 SCGT composition pack, a link for this will be posted when it is available. A full rules pack will follow soon! But for the time being if you could post interest below I'll start putting a player list together. Details of how to purchase your ticket will be in the rulepack once it is available, latest the beginning of December. Hope to see you all there!
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    Details for the event will be posted at the link below. http://www.socalaos.com/event/dicehammer-socal-gt/
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    Event information will be liked in the event page below. http://www.socalaos.com/event/at-ease-carnage-spring/
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    Hi all, After a successful year of Age of Sigmar at Southern Wargamers in 2016 (Including a gaming league I ran in the first half of the year), we're now coming up to our first organised Matched Play event. We're kicking things off a bit smaller with 1200 points Matched Play Event (Vanguard Battle rules). To add to the fun, you'll be able to take a special item only gobbos can dream of! The players pack is available online at the following link.
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    A one day, 3 game Age of Sigmar tournament of 2000 point pitched battles. This will be the second AoS tournament at JustPlay. You can read about our first event, The Battle Begins, here Entry is £12.50 per player advanced purchase or £15 on the day. We also offer a 50% refund for any driver bringing a full car from another city - just turn up with your three friends and present your fuel receipt to qualify. Prizes Every 8 players add £50 store credit to the prize pool. For the full rules, details on prize support, timings etc check out the rules pack here Tickets are on sale now grab them here only 16 places, don't miss out!
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    Three round one day tournament at At Ease Games in San Diego, CA. 2000 points 500 point sidebar https://www.facebook.com/events/355633124794297/?ti=icl https://www.bestcoastpairings.com/eventlanding/5l6ww3u3 At Ease Carnage.pdf
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    This will be a one day 3 round Swiss event with armies selected at 2000pts GHB. Prize support for our tournaments is £50 store credit for every 8 players and it's redeemable against all our games stock. Entry is £12.50 JustPlay is brilliant venue fully fully kitted out In a great location in Liverpool City Centre with easy transport links and parking you can find us here. The full rules pack can be found here and you can grab you tickets from this link Ritchie
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    Australian Age of Sigmar Championships at Cancon 2017. We'll be updating this page as new details are available. Tickets go on sale in September. Players Pack out soon. Facebook Event - https://www.facebook.com/events/1775235129355293/ Date: 28/29 January 2017 Games: 5 Points: 2000pts
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    The Cheltenham Warchiefs present the Warchief GT 2016 - Rise of the Warchief An Age of Sigmar Event This will be held on the 1st and 2nd of October 2016 at Warchief HQ aka the Hatherley and Reddings Cricket Club. The event will use the generals handbook matched play with players using 2000pts. The narrative can be found here:- https://www.dropbox.com/s/h41tenoh3uw9eoy/Rise Of The Warchief Narrative.pdf?dl=0 The event pack will hit the Internet very soon. We are just getting a few last details sorted including food options. We we can hold about 40 players. Free car packing on site.
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    Welcome to Wellington Warhost!Come be a part of history and join in the first official Warhammer Age of Sigmar event in New Zealand! What to expect. Banter, gaming, laughter, tears, cheesy gaming tactics and meeting some awesome new people! Space is limited to 24 players so make sure you get in quick! This 4 round two day 2,500 points tournament will be the biggest AOS tournament held in New Zealand! We will use the Pitched Battle rules from the General's Handbook. All results will be counted towards the national rankings scoring system for New Zealand, which is planned to take into account each game you play at a tournament. This event will be held at the Te Aro Valley Community centre. We have the hall till midnight on Saturday so there will be time for post gaming shenanigans!!! Including but not limited to drinking, silver tower, pizza, more banter and more gaming (not specifically AOS). There are lots of places to eat or get food nearby and with the added bonuses of Garage Project brewery next door! Registration will open once the players pack is released. PM me to register or check out the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/events/151752311928398/?notif_t=plan_user_joined&notif_id=1471299063953727 Entrants List: Aiden Nicol Bo Paterson James Page Jonathan Ensor Matthew Britton Nicholas Jesbson Shaun Bates Timothy Lind Lots of accommodation options in the inner city. Also be sure to check Book a bach or Holiday homes as you can find some great deals! https://www.bookabach.co.nz/baches-and-holiday-homes/search/locale/wellington-cbd https://www.holidayhouses.co.nz/Wellington-Central-City.asp https://www.google.co.nz/maps/place/Aro+Valley+Community+Centre/@-41.2958521,174.7658039,16.25z/data=!4m8!1m2!2m1!1scommunity+center+near+Te+Aro,+Wellington!3m4!1s0x0:0x2e757e4177758e4e!8m2!3d-41.2951102!4d174.7687617
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    I am pleased to announce Bristol Smash 2016. This will be a Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, 2 day, Single tournament run at Bristol Independent Gaming. Full details can be found in the Tournament Pack below: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zp7z1032x26xi ... .docx?dl=0 Date 4th - 5th June 2016 Tickets are £30 each and there will be 64 places available. Venue Bristol Independent Gaming Clothier Road Bristol BS4 5PS If you have any questions please contact me by either Pm or email mncaseley1981@gmail.com. I'm please to announce that KR Muticase are on board to support this event with some smashing prizes. So not only could you win a lovely trophy you could some lovely Cases to go ****** with as well. Looking forward to seeing you all. Event Homepage: http://warhammer.org.uk/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=132028
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    The NOVA Open is a Washington, DC area Tabletop Wargaming Convention with a strong focus on organized play, charity, hobby seminars, and social connection. 1,200 gamers attended in 2015. 2016 will be the 7th year of the NOVA Open, whose origins lie in a 32-person outdoor charity BBQ tournament held in 2009 in Springfield, VA. Information on the NOVA event, tournament rules and the Washington D.C. area can be found throughout this website and on the convention’s development blog at Whiskey & 40K. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at novaopen@gmail.com. Event Homepage: http://www.novaopen.com/
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    EATMingsFoote are pleased to announce a two day, 40 player AoS event in the centre of Cambridge on 19 to 20 November. This will not be a ‘typical’ tournament and it will be hobby orientated. There will be a competitive element, however if you are after a full on competitive tournament, this probably isn’t for you! Over the two days, you will be immersed in an epic tale in which your general attempts to rise from an Aspiring champion to become a Legend of the Realms. Your struggle to achieve Legendary status will be played over six scenarios of varying size (skirmishes, standard battles and doubles). Temporary truces between the various Aspirants will be formed and broken and all the while, the twists of fate will lie heavy over the battlefields. Will you be able to adapt to the rapidly changing threats? Do you trust your allies or can your objectives be better served with others? Can you raise an army capable of crushing your opponents? Which Aspirant will become the ‘Legend of the Realms’? We are likely to use the SGCT army pools document for army selection however this will be confirmed at a later date. Evening entertainment will be arranged on Saturday night and we strongly encourage everyone to join in. There may also be some smaller events on the Friday night. Our motive for this event is to put on a super fun hobby-tastic weekend for the community. However, since this is our first event we felt it best to start small and then increase participant size in subsequent events. We therefore intend to allocate the first twenty tickets to our friends and clubmates; the remaining twenty tickets will made available to the public at a later date. Details on how to obtain public tickets will be provided soon. Further details to follow shortly however if this interests you, please put the date in your diary and indicate below. Follow us on Twitter for instant updates as soon as they are released. Jimbo, Mitzy, Ming and Steve @jimbo9jimbo @EATBATSMitzy @Thornshield @tinracersteve #RAW16 Event Homepage: http://warhammer.org.uk/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=133547
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    Welcome to the 27th North Island Convention (NiCON), this year featuring Warhammer: Age of Sigmar! NiCON is in Hamilton this year, on the 4th-5th of June. We will be using the SCGT16 Pack as a template, allowing all Legacy Warscrolls and base shapes. Custom scenarios are balanced for tournament play, and each tells part of an exciting narrative that you will play through over the course of the event.This is the Age of Sigmar event you've been waiting for, folks. Mark your calendars, book your tickets, come support your hobby and share in the glory of the Mortal Realms! Useful Links Register Your Interest Scroll Builder (use the SCGT Tab): Tournament Info and Player's Pack Warhammer: Age of Sigmar NZ Facebook Group Prizes and Sponsorship We have a ton of great prizes lined up, with thanks to our generous sponsor Mighty Ape. Travel & Accommodation If you are considering travelling to Hamilton, please let me know! I am going to do my best to keep costs down as much as possible for travellers. I can arrange transit from the airport, and will get a group discount from a local motel. Please be in touch. Contact Info E: tronhammernz@gmail.com P: 021952974 T: @TronhammerNZ F: https://www.facebook.com/tronhammernz/
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