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    ~ I got that Old Black Magic, rolling in ~ More Pics: Work in Progress: After a year of mostly not working on it, I've finally finished painting my old school Arkhan on flying chariot conversion. I'm honestly really quite happy with it. Now I just need an army for him to lead. I'm not lacking the models for it, I’ve got like 20,000 points of warhammer undead in varying states of assembly & painting, but shamefully I only have exactly 5 fully painted models. ~ behold, the entirety of my collection, if you only count the stuff I've finished painting ~ Every couple years I’d throw together a ‘manageable starter army’ from the shame pile and pretend like I’m going to get it painted. And I'll make some progress, but never actually finish anything, and that’s probably how things are going to go this time too, after all it’s not like I don’t have four or five other projects waiting on hold, but w/e, finishing my Arkhan conversion has me feeling motivated, so I’m ready to try again. This blog seems a good enough way to track my progress.
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    Just a minor update. I've added another five Deathriders to the army, bringing the total to 10. I acted on the earlier suggestion to create a greater dark to light range in the reds and am pleased. I'm still not using great lighting for photos, but in person I can tell this batch is better. Up next, Stalkers and a new hero.
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    I got the flamers finished and based as well as the curseling done. The curseling was fun and got me thinking of doing some of the new chaos warriors if I could get my hands on some. Next is either screamers or horrors, I haven’t made up my mind yet.
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