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    Wayneic - I suspect you and I would get along very well. I didn't even realize you wrote this post until after I read it and found myself agreeing with it. I should really make the drive up to your neck of the woods sometime and we should have a game. More important than asking "is this balanced?" is asking "is this fun?" My best AoS games so far have been non-pointed games. My most recent example is a loose form narrative campaign I started in Friday with 2 buddies. I am serving as GM and the 2 other guys are the players. Our opening game was 500 points... for a reason. One of the players is a very structured kind of guy. Doesn't typically touch no points games. So I told them both to bring 500 points. I know, I know. I said no points games. Just keep reading. Then I put them on this board and told them that points no longer mattered and the summon book was wide open: "But Chris," they cried, "this board is too small!" "Aha," I laughed. "That tunnel opening leads into that cave..." "...and in that cave is a Realmgate and other secret treasures! Whoever gets more models through the gate wins! And whoever finds the secret treasures takes them with them going forward!" And so they fought. The Chaos player created some Spawn. The Flesh Eaters player added some Ghouls... and encountered a pack of angry Ogor living in the cave! And when the dice turned and the FEC player won the Initiative Roll that would surely end the game, I dropped the big bomb... "Oh yeah, if you table your opponent, the game ends. Whatever treasures go unfound and gone forever." All of the sudden, the game had new life. The FEC retreated from all the combatd he was fighting and tried to get deeper in the caves. The Chaos player charged his few remaining models in an effort to die, in order to deny the FEC their prizes! The FEC kept opting not to pile in to diminish his return attacks...actively trying not to kill his opponent! Eventually, the game ended. And then, the other foot fell. I made my players roll on an unjury table to determine their forces for the next game. The FEC player now has 19 Ghouls instead of his original 10. But he only has 1 Crypt Horror that made it through the adventure. And his Ghoul King now has only 5 Wounds to start the next game. The Chaos player went from 10 Chaos Warriors to 6, kept all his knights and Sorceror. But one of the Spawn survived and joined the warband for later! Now their warbands are placed on a map and set to explore a fully populated world I've prepared for them. Their warbands will encounter tribes of Giants, villages of Men, Grot hunting packs, frothing Brayherds, crusading Stormhosts, and, of course, each other. Throughout these adventures, I hope to show them both a new way to play the game, and frankly can't wait to see how the warbands evolve based on their decisions along the way. I hope more people have the Bravery (heh...that's a game term!) to pave the way to a thriving Narrative and Open Play community.
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    The backdrop is something I got from a Kickstarter a few years back, Its an A3 Silky Cloth printed with a cloudy effect. The reflection is from a piano black gloss acrylic sheet. I have included a picture of the set up used for the pictures, I have access to a professional photographer and studio at work.
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    The knights of The Order Of The Bended Knee. These are my converted Crypt Horrors. Fed the blood of the Abhorrent Ghoul Kings at the head of the Order these deranged monsters see themselves as pious knights wholly devoted to their task of defending Odentia and the spiritual legacy of Saint Simeon.
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    Currently the Wyldmare conversions, Glade Shards, The reavers and the Chargers have been converted. Once I've gotten a few painted I'll put up some shots of them but for now they look like below:
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    Started on my old Garden Of Morr set. I put together a full kit and some extra bits. Painted a test of my first crypt and liked how it turned out. Now just have to bust out the rest of the stuff.
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    The Lonely Shadows(spirit hosts) Often seen accompanying or directly after a vust of he smiling man are the lonely shadows. These morse creatures are seen in groups sobbing silently as they search for new 'friends'. Many rumours of there origins exist, some saying the smiling man created them from the soyls he claims, others that they simply follow in his wake knowing that he will lead them to more people. If you see a black tarlike shadow you can be sure there coming, and though they are always lonely, they are never alone.
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    Game 5 Game 5 was almost a repeat of Game 3 - a relatively formulaic game against an MSU Ironjawz army. The only way I would lose would be if I failed key cast rolls. My opponent had an awesomely painted and nominated Ironjawz Army: Turn One He took turn one and managed to get his big unit of Ardboyz in turn one. Again the two units of 10 Chaffrats did their job by blocking and dying, then Archaon Derped, true to form. At least he managed to stay in cover, which would keep him alive. Then it was my turn - and what a turn. This time both spells went off and Archaon even summoned a Herald, although he ended up at the back of the board due to the 9" rule. The 40 Clanrats retreated, flew and charged into 3 units of Brutes plus the Megaboss and a Warchanter. Meanwhile the 30 Stormvermin and a Warlord went into the Ardboyz. Sayl blasted them for good measure. The Clanrats immediately killed the Megaboss and two units of Brutes. The Ardboyz didn't do much as their damage was split up between multiple targets. Archaon derped again, although Dorghar took out a Boy. Then the Brutes started activating and a horror show it was too. As the Clanrats started dropping, the dying models took out the Warchanter and eventually left only 4 Brutes alive from 20. Horrific! The Stormvermin chopped away and evenutally 12 or so Ardboyz were dead. Battleshock wiped the unit although none of the Brutes fled. Megaboss, Warchanter and 16 Brutes killed by 240 points of Clanrats. Battleround Two I won the initiative and completed the job. The Stormvermin flooded the Maw Krusha and the Verminlord went into the Brutes. With their remaining 20 models, the Clanrats charged the Weirdnob Shaman. The Brutes hacked about 6 wounds off the Verminlord, but the everything in the middle died. To my surprise, my opponent elected not to go for the hail mary pass of Foot of Gork on the Stormvermin. The Clanrats completed the job. This was my fourth Major and the third one with 2,000 points killed. He got my favourite player vote for taking a crushing 2 battleround tabling with grace.
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    I managed to finish the Bloodstoker... He's taken me a while to get to a stage where I was happy with him, he's quite a fiddly model, but I really enjoyed adding the line texture to the tentacle whip and blending it up.
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    Bishop Basil the Pious, leader of the devotional clergy of Saint Simeon. This is one of my Abhorrent Ghoul Kings on foot who goes into combat carrying a reliquary supposedly bearing a finger bone of Saint Simeon himself. And the other pic is one of my basic Ghouls, the rank and file of the militant orders.
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    I can only hope experienced players have been using these tactics but everyone should check out this 6 min video on HOW TO USE CLANRATS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8adz_Iyiew Turning clanrats into a great harassment unit using their retreat and charge ability is spicy. I've begun the process of never worrying about their attack profile while also running them in max unit size for more wounds. Brilliant stuff from Doom and Darkness channel.
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    Game 4 - Jack Armstrong - Kroaknado The draw was made on the Saturday night and I was concerned to be playing Jack Armstrong in the morning. His reputation and Kroaknado list had preceded him. I’d put some thought into Jack’s list and concluded that it was a favourable match up for my list with numbers and Ward saves in my favour. Kroak was far better at dealing with MSU or Daemons. I also had the autounbind available. Jack seemed to appreciate that he was in a difficult position too, but had formulated a plan. Throughout the game, I sensed we both knew where things stood throughout. He had a great sense for what really mattered in the game - even asking me to roll his dice for Saves to speed things along. Deployment The Battleplan was Battle for the Pass. After discussing the ranges of my various attacks, Jack cornered his army with Kroak and the Slaan safe. He put minimal troops on the table - just a line of 5 Saurus Cavalry as the screen as he could bring on reinforcements at will via his 1 drop Battalion. Jack likely wanted me to overcommit. I deployed the Raptors and Aetherwings on my home objective, the expendable Runemaster on my left and the Magmadroth on the right. As predicted Jack opted to give me first turn. Battleround One I made the correct decision in choosing to strike the Battleshock Immunity Rune first - particularly since my Battleshock Immunity bubble general would not last long and would be too distant. I didn’t over commit - only throwing in 30 Vulkites and the Runesmiter. The Magmadroth waddled forward and blasted a Saurus Knight. I made the 9” charge and deleted the front line. More importantly I seized an early 9 point lead. The first 30 Vulkites came down, wiped Jack's shield and squatted on his home objective. Jack responded by teleporting Kroak and the Slaan out of the corner and bringing on the Astrolith his big unit of Saurus Cav and his Carnosaur. He gave them the reroll hits buff. Kroak unleashed hell - it felt like every D3 was 3 Damage. The Aetherwings, Raptors and Battlesmith were nuked. The Carnosaur may have failed its charge but the Cavalry made it in. The losses were on both sides, but I rolled pretty well for Ward saves. The Battleshock immunity left me in control of Jack’s home objective. The Vulkites shout "hold the line" Battleround 2 Jack won the double and killed the Magmadroth and dented my remaining heroes - he also secured his secondary (the trivial 4 quarters mission). I had saved this one for this tough game only to find with horror that despite having 80+ models alive, I didn’t have 4 scoring units - as a 5 Wound hero with one wound taken didn’t count. My Vulkites dregs cling on and stopped Jack retaking his home. A summoned Razordon eventually scored my home objective. My response was to bring on 60 Dudes and use the Farsight Rune. I ignored Kroak and focussed on pressurising Jack’s objective. The pew pew did ok, but the Vulkites failed another 9” Charge with a reroll of one dice. I think I still scored his home objective with a retreat. Revenge of the Sea of Orange Battleround 3 I won the initiative, probably fatal otherwise. I put full buffs on and proceeded to devastate the dented Carnosaur and Knights. I started recapturing the other objectives too. The Aurics headed back home to reclaim my objective. Jack’s response was vicious - 3D3 Mortal Wounds killed 9 Aurics (no Wards). Pew pew from the Razordons added to the carnage. The monstrously expensive unit eventually popped. However, the damage was done, my lock on Jack’s home objective proving too much of a lead to claw back. The dice were firmly in Jack’s favour, but the Battleplan helped me. Jack was a true gent throughout. A minor victory overall as Jack got his secondary. I got a shiny signed certificate for my efforts! This was a major scalp for the Legion. Jack would become a worthy Master only a few months later (last week) with his souped up Vanguard Wing.
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    Right - here we go: Sunday – Game 5 – Joe and the Skyfires (DoT-off) Skyfires were one of the units I was hoping to avoid. Joe had 21 and the Battleplan was Starstrike. The repointing is insufficient – they are still better than Kurnoth Hunters (they do more effective pew pew than bows and as much melee damage as Scythes), Dracoth Knights and Plague Drones. I think the biggest fix would be reducing the maximum unit size to 6. Wiping out 36 wounds is incredibly difficult – especially as they will be getting a 1 on that Battleshock roll. One brightspot was that I would be able to pick who would be going first. Deployment I won the roll and got the side with the Damned Terrain on it (so preventing the autowin for Joe). I deployed in a fairly tight multi-layered bunker slightly to the right. Joe deployed his Skyfires close together in a cluster behind a thin line of chaff. I'm pretty sure that he expected I would give him turn one – as on reflection his deployment actually handed me the chance to win the game on a platter. In particular Joe's Shaman wasn't tucked away in the corner, so I would be able to summon units within 9" of it. Battleround 1 I needed Joe to commit his forces, bounce off my Treacherous Bonded Kairos and the IllusionistMantisorc and chaff and then for me to focus fire one unit of Skyfires with my whole army. This meant that I needed to take turn one. Had I not done so, he could likely have taken Kairos off turn one. I realised that the same ploy I had used against Matt could also work here. By lobbing in Pink Horrors, I would end up with 10 Blue Horrors at the end of my turn. Joe wouldn't be able to zap them off in his hero phase and so they would hold up some or all of his units. I had a solid set of DD this turn and Joe's were dreadful, which gave me some hope. I reasoned that with the Pinks' pew pew and Magic, if I managed to make the charge into the 9 Skyfires on the right with 20 Summoned Bloodletters, I could kill enough of them to put Battleshock in jeopardy. If Joe used a 1 for Battleshock, then the Hornblower would force him to reroll this, or Kairos could change it to a 6. I reasoned that the -1 rend of the Bloodletters would chop through their 5+ save nicely. The spells all went off. Sadly Bolt of Tzeentch only claimed 3 wounds or so. Kairos bonded himself to a chariot. The Pinks shooting contributed another 2 wounds. I used DD to make the Pinks' charge. Sadly the Bloodletters failed their charge and so Kairos had to rig the roll. In combat, I activated the Bloodletters first – they were extremely underwhelming. When all was said and done only 2 Skyfires died and another lost 3 wounds – absolutely dismal. Two Skyfires in the other unit killed about 7 Pinks by themselves. To compound my misery –without the rerolls, the Skyfires killed 18 Bloodletters after Joe rolled a 3 on a D3 for their attacks. The unit was dead. On a brighter note at the end of the Combat Phase I was able to slot all of the Blues into place behind Joe's line (wholly within 6" of the Pinks) – tagging all 3 units of Skyfires and the Shaman. Joe wouldn't be able to zap them off before the Movement Phase and so his whole effective army would be stuck for a turn. I used a 1 for the Pinks' Battleshock and got the unit back up to 6 models. I was livid about the Bloodletters derping so badly. However, on reflection, this was just a terrible plan – they just don't do the damage I was counting on in my imagination (probably 7 mortal wounds and another 4 regular ones). On reflection, all I had to do was not summon the Bloodletters. Instead either cast Bolt of Tzeentch with the Pinks at the Shaman and use Kairos to turn this to a 6 to one-shot him or summon on a Herald as well and use Pink Fire, Bolt of Tzeentch and then Arcane Bolt if needed to finish the job. This was all possible as Joe's Shaman wasn't more than 9" behind his front line and Joe's DD weren't good enough to block my spells. With Kairos Treacherous bonded to 3 Toads and theMantisorc immune to mortal wound pew pew from the Skyfires – I think this would have been game over. Joe's turn was uneventful – he failed his spells, although the Changeling revealed himself and proceeded to zap off my Gaunt Summoner (he rolled a great cast roll). I didn't really see the point of this – I suppose his spell was ok against 9 models. I won the initiative and gave Joe the initiative – he seemed surprised by this. The point was that after wasting my summoning points – I had literally nothing in threat range against the Skyfires. Had he won, he should have given me the turn. Battleround 2 Joe zoomed forwards and was able to cast Mystic Shield unopposed. This is where the 27" unbind trait would have been huge. He shot the Curseling dead. He zapped off the Marauders and charged into the Acolytes with one unit of 9 (the one with Mystic Shield) – he just made the 7" charge, but at least he didn't connect with theOgroid. He shot the Bonded Chariot. I was dented but still in the game. I revved up everything and poured everything into the big unit of 9 Skyfires. I may have failed Bubble at this point, which was frustrating. Kairos either failed Wind of Chaos or did very poorly with it – somehow there were still 9 Skyfiresalive when I charged in. I bonded Kairos to 10 Marauders who stayed back. Everything else lined up charges into the Skyfires. I made all the charges (in some cases narrowly) and had them surrounded. The impact hits from the Ogroid were poor. The melee from the Ogroid was really poor (despite Infusion Arcanum). Joe rolled fairly poorly for the number of disk attacks, which gave me some hope. The Ogroid got to attack again and I believe he may have rolled a double one for his 3 damage attacks. The derping theme continued. 3Skyfires died in the end – seriously dismal. I won the must-win initiative roll and took the double turn. Battleround 3 I continued the zapping and the chopping. The Skyfiresslowly died but it wasn't enough – Joe did some damage back. In the end I think there were still 3 alive – obscene. Joe blasted the Marauders and then started chopping wounds off Kairos. I had a final chance to wipe the unit, but blew it. Joe won the initiative and I conceded soon afterwards. I don't think I've ever thrown away a game as badly as this one. I am still kicking myself over this one. Joe was lovely throughout (his dice were also lovely to him, which didn't help). We're 1 win each now (1:1). Aftermath This knocked me down to 3 Major Wins and 2 Major Losses. I came 32nd from memory – not bad – but I should have beaten Joe and snuck into the top 10. I still detest Skyfires as the worst designed unit in the game and they are still a significant imbalance in the game (because they are amongst the best melee damage per point in the game on a unit that can make turn one charges and which is deceptively resilient). As predicted, Tzeentch have eaten a load of unjustified nerfs (in addition to the justified ones) because Skyfires are so hated. They've even nerfed the Eternal Conflagration – the never used Battalion with like 6 Exalted Flamers – garbage; and nerfed the Windthief into the ground so it's unusable – it should be a move in your hero phase – it's limited to Arcanite Heroes so it doesn't even enable an alpha strike charge of any substance. All in all, a fantastic weekend at a great venue - really enjoyable. The entire SLL crew had a great time and our leader Rob Bradley would have been 3rd had he prevailed over Mark Wildman. @Chris Tomlin very kindly gave me some painting tips after the event, which was cool.
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    Saturday – Game 3 – Murdermost! Dan Ford (Khorne Murderhost) The Battleplan was Battle For the Pass – which wasn't ideal as Dan could threaten the objectives with 120 Bloodletters across 4 units together with another 3 units of 10. If I had been on Duality of Death this would have been easy – sniping off his heroes – the Murderhost is far from an autowin. On the plus side, it did give me space to retreat back into. Dan had literally no ranged threat, which meant that anything I stuck on the Balewind would beunkillable. Given that this would be the Gaunt Summoner – I had the tools to win this game, even if Dan would be starting off with an early lead. Dan was an absolute gentleman as always and exceptionally proficient in playing the game and particularly this army. He was very cognizant of the possible threats – e.g. me summoning a unit behind his horde to threaten his 4 pointer objective. I've learned more from Dan than any other AoS player – he taught me Tomb Kings and the fire a single cannonball into your opponent each turn strategy which I've put into my own arsenal (e.g. the Clanrat Bomb list that came 6th at Heat 3). We were 1 win each prior to this game. http://www.tga.community/blogs/entry/1008-nico-takes-on-heat-3/ We'd chatted about his list before and I knew he had done well with it all year. He had everything ready – colour coded movement trays for his 150 odd Bloodletters– dice to mark out his 2 D6 rolls. I've got to say it's a real shame that Cunning Deceiver is better than the Khorne Allegiance pack – they should have nuked that ability rather than Lord of War. It didn't matter against me as my army is light on shooting. I knew I wanted to go first so that I would get some damage in before the Bloodsecrator came down and made the 30s immune to Battleshock. We were both 3 drop armies. I won the roll off so took turn one after Dan did his free move from Murderhost. He rolled pretty well. I moved some of his models for him throughout; and I had a script for my hero phase, so we zoomed through this game and ended with 40+ minutes to spare! My Destiny Dice were dire for this game – one 6 and four 3s. Deployment I deployed Marauders as chaff on both sides. The Gaunt Summoner was up front as was Kairos. I had a second defensive line of the Chariots and Acolytes. Dan had the Red Tide. The Bloodsecrator was diagonally opposite Kairos and co. Battleround 1 Fortunately I had a building on my side of the table with which I could split Dan's forces in two and funnel his forces on the right into a trap (tanking them with Kairos and then hitting back with the Ogroid). I did this by using the Balewind as a wall adjacent to the building. The Scrubs did their bubble thing. However, the humble Flesh Hounds were in unbinding range of Kairos and the Gaunt Summoner. They also had a rerollable unbind. I wasn't in range/line of sight of the Herald sadly. With only one 6 in the tank – I managed a decent cast for the Balewind Vortex and Dan failed that unbind. I also buffed up the Ogroid's horns. I pondered using the 6 for the Infernal Flames cast, but ended up rolling it – I rolled a 6+2 for the exact casting value – but this was almost the worst outcome as it gave Dan the best chance to unbind it. He duly rolled a double 6. I thought about using Kairos to change one dice to a 1, but elected not to do so – because he would still have a reroll of both dice and could just get a 9+ (I was hoping to use the Kairos dice to block a charge as had worked well vs the Seraphon). With hindsight this was a costly mistake – I should have spanked the 6 on the DD to give me a minimum cast roll of 9 and then used Oracle if Dan beat it. It would have killed 15 Bloodletters and Battleshock would take a further D6+4 – basically crippling a quarter of the army's strength. Kairos tried to cast Wind of Chaos and rolled badly – for some reason I elected to zap the puppies, even though getting a unit below 20 models would significantly weaken it. After that I made a swift retreat with Kairos and established a new defensive line (in preparation for the double turn). The Gaunt Summoner sat on his perch fuming. The Maras ran forward and scored the points for the objectives without pulling in the Bloodletters. I scored 5 points. Dan spent his first turn chomping through the maras and scored 5 points straight back. Score 5 – 5 I won the initiative. Battleround 2 This time I cast Infernal Flames – but rolled quite poorly – it did take one unit below 20 at least – Battleshock immunity hurt. Kairos and co. set up the Plague Toads (I think I had to burn the 6 DD for this) and Kairos bonded himself to them. I also summoned Pink Horrors who formed a line in front of my army. On the far left I lobbed in a chariot to try to take down some Bloodletters, but didn't do much. The Chariot may have actually survived happily. The other chariot formed a makeshift wall in front of the Puppies on the left side of the building. Score 6 - 5 Dan swept forward on the left flank and deleted my makeshift wall of Chariots. Dan held back on the right – content to hog the objective. Dan scored another 5 points. Score 6 - 10 This time Dan won the initiative. Battleround 3 Dan made a big roll for the movement of the leftBloodletter unit and surged around my Acolyte Wall. His puppies went into the Pink Horrors and got plenty of bodies onto my home objective. He killed the Ogroidand most of the Acolytes, which was a hammer blow as I had been relying on him to cripple a unit of Bloodletters as a counterpunch on the left (while Kairos would clean up on the right). On the plus side the Blue Scrubs had learned Infusion Arcanum off him already. The Manticore Sorc started killing the big unit of Bloodletters. Dan scored a whopping 9 points. Score 6 - 19 The Gaunt Summoner cast Infernal Flames again and killed another 14 odd Bloodletters. Kairos came out to bat with both Infusion Arcanum and Treacherous Bond on him. The Manticore Sorc cast Wind of Chaos and started taking out the Bloodletters. I activated theManticore Sorc first (as Kairos was sufficiently tanky) and he crippled the big unit of Bloodletters that had broken my lines. However, one model within range of the Bloodsecrator meant they would not pop. The Bloodletters did one wound to Kairos and a handful to the Toads. Kairos spanked some 3s from my DD pool and killed about 11 Bloodletters – I think Dan was pretty shocked. However, it was too little too late. I only scored a single point in return. Score 7 - 19 I think Dan won the initiative again. Battleround 4 Dan pulled back some of his Bloodletters onto the objectives – all 4 units were heavily depleted now. Dan went into Kairos with the second unit of Bloodletters, but did very little. Kairos killed another 10 or so. Dan scored a further 5 points. It was all over. Score 7 – 24 In response, the Mantisorc chased up the Bloodletters. Kairos wiped out one unit of Bloodletters and dented the last one. I may have finally clawed back the right objective. I was gunning for kill points now. Score 10 – 24 Battleround 5 Dan won the initiative and retreated away – not very Khorne like – that Herald had survived the whole game. In response, Kairos tried for a long bomb charge but didn't make it. Major Defeat It was a great game – not quite the classic of our Tomb King-off at this very venue earlier in the year (which I won). I felt a bit down as I knew I'd made mistakes in this game. As well as not near-guaranteeing Infernal Flames early doors, I should also have thrown in Kairos bonded to the Toads sooner, rather than waiting for the GauntSummoner to deplete the units. Other than that the strategy of successive chaff walls while chipping away was the right one. Perhaps I should have summoned the Pinks in sooner and used them (with Blues) to lock down the left flank for Battleround 1, and had the Marauders behind them as a second line. Dan was very helpful in discussing my options throughout the game and I think we both let each other do some ability we'd forgotten. I gave him my sports vote – partly in reflection of the efforts in preparing the army and getting so familiar with it that we finished the game early. My constant jumping from army to army (I briefly held the Changeling Icon on Bad Dice) probably costs me places at events. If I had won the initiative again for Battleround 3, then I still might have pulled the game back if the GauntSummoner melted the left Bloodletters and stopped Dan from scoring those big 4 points in the centre. On the plus side – the army certainly has the tools to deal with hordes and I'd be confident playing anyMurderhost wielded by a lesser player. There's no shame in losing to a player as strong as Dan and a very strong list – Dan would ultimately go on to take out the event.
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    First stage drybrushing all finished. Ready for the flock and base coating the pool.
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    My problem with matched play being dominant is that even with current pricing policy it still makes getting into the game very difficult. I really don't want AoS community to be reduced to a bunch of crazed maniacs talking only about points and how everyone else (GW, other TT games, video games, members of completly unrelated fandoms etc.) is responsible for lack of newcomers.
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    Thanks @Cowboy Boots Matt your comment helped motivate me with my army progress this month. Month 1 completed: I managed to get the Blood Warriors and the Khorgorath finished along with a Blood Reaver Champion. I ended up spending a lot more time on the Blood Warriors and the Blood Reaver Champion as this month coincided with Mengal Miniatures Season of War painting competition, for which I entered those two in the Unit/Large and Single model categories respectively. The Khorgorath was a lot more quickly painted letting the dry brushing and washes to the work for me, I'm not as comfortable with larger models in general but I'm fairly pleased with how he came out, (I've just noticed I forgot to do his red glowing eyes). The Blood Warriors were oh my god time consuming, painting the yellow inside the brass trim and then black lining and cleaning up and repeating, I went insane half way through painting these and painted a Space Marine Tactical Squad just to work on something I could paint quickly. I'm really not looking forward to painting another 10 of these guys! I am however fairly pleased with the contrast of the blood against the yellow armour. The Blood Reaver Champion by contrast was really fun to paint, (less armour and more skin). I hope I enjoy the remaining 19 of them as much, I'll definitely not put as much time into them individually. This army is the first army I've done blood effects on and I've also tried to improve my basing, going all in with the skulls for the skull throne and blood for the blood god. So far I'm fairly pleased with the look but if anyone has any constructive criticism or other feedback I'd love to hear it.
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    I’ll be painting the horses like this, but probably won’t keep any of the original rider bodies. I despise their palsied left arms.
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    Sure! Here all the armored ghouls I have painted so far.
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    Well as the Verminlord I am, I promise you that I’ll at least not try and backstab you for that book. but just because your articles were and are fantasticly written.
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    Gidday Axter, always a pleasure to meet someone who started out at the beginning like I did. I've got an enormous (15 pages!) article half typed currently on how to get the best out of the Pestilens clan in the new rules set to release the day of the book ideally, so keep an eye out for that.
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    Thanks guys. I`m happy that you like my free peoples. At the moment I just plant to extend the Free People. There is still a lot to paint which i already have here. A Steam Tank for example, or some Demigryph knights. Proxies for teh general on horse and a lot of normal infantry.
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    Thanks. The fluff of the FEC is just so evocative that I wanted something that showed a little more of that great flavor. For the average Ghouls I have gone with two different body types. The ones on the left are from the Flagellant kit, the ones on the right are from the old Bretonnian Men-At-Arms and Archer kits. I will throw up some more picks of them when I get some of the units done.
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    Bit o' Background: Some call them Wanderers, Nomads, Forest Aelves, it is said within the borders of Ghyran their name has been struck from every record in that woodland realm. Those that call them wanderers know little of the reason why, of the darkness that took root in the very souls of these forgotten Aelves in times long since past, over the disease of the Wyld that now lurks in every drop of blood coursing through their every changing forms. It is said that these Nomads travel ever onward not because they wish to, but because they must, every footprint seeds the nightmarish plants of the Wyld land, a curse that travels with them wherever they go. Born once long ago to the Goddess Alarielle when all of her Aelven kin sought to take their share from the gullet of Slaanesh, they her loyal huntsmen within Ghyran. Born children of Kurnoth and Alarielle both these Woodland Aelves found the forests of Ghyran their sanctuary, stalking beasts that upset the natural order of their home and enforcing the will of their Goddess upon all who strayed within her sacred borders. Their lives were full, peaceful and safe in the knowledge that their Goddesses powers within the walls of the forest were absolute, it was this knowledge that led them to rebuke Sigmars offer of sanctuary when the tides of Chaos first began to encroach upon the realms. It is said that these Wanderkin stood as Alarielles sentinels on the very edge of her forest kingdom, keeping watchful gaze across the horizons for any sign of the tide of chaos. Few know what shook the faith of these Aelven hunters, perhaps the sanctuary they had become accustomed to had softened them, perhaps they knew not the true savageries of war, whatever their reason when their faith was tested it was found wanting. In the dead of night these Nomads abandoned their posts at the edge of the forest, fleeing with all speed from the tide of darkness that had drowned the horizon and blotted out the stars themselves. The wrath of their Goddess would send tremors throughout every root within the Realm, every tree shook with her rage, her children had forsaken her. These accursed Wanderers fled, the tide of chaos ever at their heel as the forests they once knew as sanctuary became drowned in an onslaught of flame and axe. Finding all gates to Azyr sealed to them they took the only route that had been left open, travelling through the Primal Gates of Ghur they fled beyond the very edges of the mapped world, into the swirling madness of the Maelstrome at realms edge. Here, amidts the shifting Wyld winds that ravage the very distant corners of Ghur they found sanctuary… for a time.
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    Game 3 vs Chris Lewis: Slaanesh Game 3 is always tough at the end of the day and Knife the Heart was particularly badly timed. My opponent (a third Chris in a row - what are the odds?) was playing Slaanesh - an interesting option. He was pushing MSU to the max with seemingly endless units of Cavalry as well as two 30 Blocks of Daemonettes and a unit of Fiends. He had a regular Keeper of Secrets. Deployment Noting the total lack of shooting against me, I deployed so as to give Chris turn one. I screened Archaon with 10 Maras, thinking he could dent any unit fast enough to hit my line between its first and second pile in. Archaocam Battleround 1 Chris sent one of his 30 Blocks Of Daemonettes along the right board edge. He didn’t advance significantly otherwise. In response, noting it was Knife - I reckoned I had to YOLO it to an extent. I buffed up Archaon and lobbed him into the 3 relatively insignificant units in front of him. I keep most of my summoning pool back other than putting a Gaunt onto the Balewind and a screen of 10 Pinks on my left to protect the other Gaunt Summoner and chaff. The Gaunt proceeded to melt all but 8 of the 30 Daemonettes. Archaon rolled well and smashed up Chris’s front line - I was reliant on his 2+, rerolling one’s and twos against the 30 Block of Daemonettes in a possible Chris double turn. Chris responded by double piling in the Keeper and lobbing in the 30 Daemonettes. Knowing the damage output of the Keeper from using my own one, I was pleased when the Keeper attacked first and did mediocre damage to Archaon. In response Archaon blended 20 Daemonettes. The Keeper went in again, but Archaon shrugged off most of the damage. Elsewhere, the Fiends outflanked the Pinks wisely and smashed into the Marauder Screen around my second Gaunt. My counterpunch was pitiful against the -1 to hit debuff of the Fiends. Battleround 2 Chris won the initiative, his Fiends continued to blend my left flank. Meanwhile his 10 Seekers managed to roll a 12” Run on top of movement 14” and charged into 10 of the Maras guarding the Balewind. The Keeper dented Archaon again before being torn asunder. In response, I summoned the Chicken who started zapping the models on the home objective. I rigged his charge, but his damage was feeble against -1 to hit. The Pinks advanced on Chris’s home objective. I retreated most of my remaining right flank from the Fiends and spread out. Archaon moved down towards the Fiends hoping for an 8” Charge. Lacking the DD, I failed the charge. Chris proceeded to dance his forces about making it hard for me to win the Major. It took a full five turns before the Chicken finally cleaned out the objective and Split Blues supplied the necessary 5 models. 2 Majors where quite a few players would have only gotten a Major and a Minor put me in good shape for day 2. The evening was spent at the quiz in Bugman’s. We weren’t able to continue the run of 2nd and 3rd Place results, but had a sweet time!
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    Got my Balewind Vortex converted up and painted. It is ready to death magic it up.
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    When I started out, it was during a pretty dark time in my life. It gave me a chance to involve myself in something, meet people and learn new skills. It helped that some of my best friends had been doing it most of their lives and were able to ease me in gently and were very supportive. In the early days I wanted to be in everything, so I played tournaments, regular weekly game meets and all sorts of other challenges. I painted as therapy and a drive to improve as rapidly as possible and getting back into the community and meeting people like me added to that. As the years have gone on, I find it waxes and wanes with the amount of games I have. Playing regularly is my motivation to paint, especially for events but even with friends it helps to push it on. I also find the skill development and trying new techniques is very interesting as well. I always enjoyed building models (I started with scale models of planes and cars when I was young) so that aspect is deeply satisfying, seeing something come from a few bits of plastic. There is no one answer to this question. At various times my reasons change, but in general its for a sense of community and belonging and the opportunity to create something great that keeps me going.
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    Here’s the show. Enjoy! Thanks again guys!
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    Day One - Game One After a practice game vs the delightful George’s Beastclaw Army on the Friday we rocked up early for Game One against Joe Carr’s Hammerstrike Force. Significantly the FAQ for the event made this a true setup rule so they could setup directly into combat (I believe this is correct as no rule should be both a move and a setup). This made my Aetherwings pretty redundant as they could not block this. I did wonder whether they could fly over on the enemy’s charge phase and touch the back of the Retributors to hinder their pile ins (as each model must pile in towards the nearest model). Deployment I bunkered with the 30 Vulkites and tunnelled the Magmadroth instead (as he can pop up and then use his “Once per game” ability as it’s not limited to my hero phase. I was near Mystical but didn’t have much of an effect in the game - it’s pretty useless for Fyreslayers as they have ample reroll wounds anyway. Joe deployed opposite me in a bubble. Throughout the game his zoning off of territory was great - I was never able to get good spots to drop in my 30 blocks. Joe picked the 4 Quarters Battleplan (the easiest one), while I went for killing 3 Battleline). Battleround One Joe chose to go first from memory. He went for it. Smashing in 15 Paladins. I saved the shot from the Venator (or maybe he just did the Regular shots). The Paladins rolled badly and bounced - only killing a handful of Vulkites (and I had my Battleshock immunity aura) even before I could trigger Reroll Saves from the Battlesmith. Unfortunately for Joe I remembered a Triumph roll and got Saves, which I could immediately use. In the combat phase. I would say that Joe was too defensive with his general. He needed Staunch Defender on his Paladins, even if this would require tailing back. He could have dropped him in behind with Liberators as a Shield behind (but I guess this would require a 3+ Roll and would cost him Battleshock immunity). I started the grind, killing a few Paladins in response. In my turn, I picked the extra 8” throwing axe range and may even have rolled a 6 for the extra buff. I got the Reroll Saves Up . The Runemaster tried his Volcano ability on the Heraldor (fighting fire with fire - the two scenery attack heroes). Spoiler - the Runemaster is garbage except for having 6 Wounds. I tunnelled up 30 Vulkites and the Magmadroth but left the Aurics off the table. I popped the reroll wounds bubble just catching both units of Vulkites. The axes weren’t very effective against Liberators (with Staunch and Lantern). In the charge phase I managed to roll a (1, 2) charge so the reroll couldn’t help. This was the start of a pattern for 9” charges. The Paladins were melting away while the Vulkites stood firm. The Raptors did solid damage against the Retributors. Battleround 2 The comet came down on the far right. I won the initiative and tightened the net. I hit the rend Rune, so the Vulkites would have -2 rend. The Magmadroth went off right to grab it, but fell short. The Vulkites in Joe’s deployment area made their charge and swamped the Castellant and the Lord Celestant on Dracoth. I dumped 30 shields into him, dropping 4 wounds. Unfortunately the LCoD survived with a wound left. I rolled badly for the home Vulkites (4+, 4+ rerollable is still pretty swingy), so the Paladins clung on. My champions sucked all weekend. Damned terrain would be mental on Vulkites. In response, Joe brought down 10 Liberators to my left (where I couldn’t get the Aurics to them easily) and 5 Liberators on the right objective. He used Lightning Chariot on his Relictor to lob itself to the right corner of the table on my side to score the 4 quarters secondary mission. While I was feeling confident on the primary mission (Starstrike) with 30 Aurics in the back pocket, I really didn’t need to be dragged down to a minor win by not getting my secondary too. The Paladins were down to just the Maces and the Vulkites just kept coming. The LCoD died as did the Castellant. Battle Round 3 The comets landed in the far right (vaguely near The Magmadroth) and right next to the Relictor - thankfully not near the 10 Liberators. I won the initiative and moved 3 Heroes onto the middle nearby objective (outnumbering the Relictor). The Magmadroth grabbed the far right objective and vommed Magma over the 5 Liberators - killing 3. The focus quickly switched to the secondary objective as Joe sensibly conceded the Primary. I still could t get the Aurics into place, but the remaining Vulkites managed to kill off the Liberators by the end of Battleround 5. Final result: 20-0 I got 1920 kill points to boot, which was a good haul but would keep me off the top table. A lot of the chat before the event was about avoiding/defeating Jack Armstrong with his Kroaknado list. It was a bad match up for Joe - he killed plenty of Vulkites, but got zero kill points somehow. He went on to win some of his games and said he really enjoyed the event so all good.
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    Experiment 469 (crypt horrors): After the success of experiment 331 Dr Nicklestein continued to try different formulas and methods. Experiment 469 was one of the stable strains. Though retaining less control than 331 there ibcreased strength and resilience make them excellent as shock troops.
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    Game 3 – Craig Namvar and the Vanguard Wing My reward for losing game 2 to DoT was surely softer opposition in game 3 – not so as I faced off against Jack Armstrong's list, which had recently won Facehammer – the Stardrake, 30 teleporting Libs and some more pewpew. The Battleplan was Battle for the Pass – longwise. Deployment The extra space behind meant that Craig could hide his Castellant with impunity and he did the same with the Liberators themselves, so no Infernal Flames for me. Happily, I had a sweet building to bunker in and could pop the Chaos Spawn in the doorway to block it. I knew I would be going down the usual LoC, Horrors, Split, Plague Toads route for this game. The question was whether to go first or second. If I went first, then I could deploy the Horrors as an additional shield around my bunker. However, Craig might get a double turn and be able to redeploy his stuff to smash through the hole he made in my bunker in his first turn (as he can set up out of combat without it counting as a retreat). Craig's final drop was putting his Stardrake on the borderline, but right by his side of the table, next to the Judicators. This was probably to make it easier for him to fly vaguely near the bunker for Staunch Defendering. However, it left the Stardrake within 36" of my batch of Wizards. This tipped the balance for me and I opted to go first. Battleround 1 My DD were poor – only one six from memory. However, that didn't stop me from having a brutal hero phase. I summoned on the Chicken and fired off Gateway into the Stardrake, then Inferno. Inferno did really well – netting 7 mortal wounds for a change. The Herald pumped out the final mortal wounds to kill it. Meanwhile the Ogroid summoned 10 Pinks partly in front of my bunker and partly to threaten the 5 Judicators on the middle line. This meant he didn't have Treacherous Bond. I used a 6 and a 4 to make a 10" charge into the Judicators near the Starcorpse with the LoC. He was toting 3 sword attacks and Daemonic Power but proceeded to fluff his rolls completely – doing zero melee damage. I scored 5 points. In response the Liberators went in. They wrapped around most of my bunker and the Pinks. The Grandhammers concentrated on the Chariot which formed part of the ring. Shooting was painful, especially rerolling 1s to hit with Judicators. The Herald died. However, the Prosecutors lacked line of sight of the Gaunt Summoner and the scoundrel clung on with 1 wound left. The Combat Phase deleted 10 Maras and a Chariot, together with just some of the Pinks. The Chaos Warriors did well in response, but Craig saved like a god. Split gave me a tonne of models on the nearby side objective. I used a 1 for Battleshock and got 2 Pinks back. Craig didn't outnumber me on my home objective, so only scored 3 points. Score 5:3 Battleround 2 I won the initiative. The Chicken cast Gateway and struck down the Castellant with one zap – the only model guarding Craig's home objective. He failed his other spell, which was painful. I also forgot to cast anything with the Pink Horrors, who should have had Treason to help grind down the Liberators. After the game I realised that I should have summoned another Herald knowing Treason instead of trying pointlessly to get 3 Plague Toads on – I ended the game with 140 left in the summoning pool. Infernal Flames rolled pretty well and I got Treacherous Bond off from the Ogroid to the Spawn. Various other spells went off. Meanwhile the Chicken ran onto Craig's objective. My shooting bounced off the Judicators embarrassingly. Combat was meh, with the Ogroid doing poorly/Craig rolling all his saves on 3 damage hits. Battleshock was a 4 or so and the Liberator line was looking much thinned. I scored a healthy 7 points. In response, Craig shot off the Gaunt Summoner and my Sorceror Lord on a Horse. He started to grind down the Horrors, but not quickly enough to score. The Liberators were rolling very hot and cleared off the Chaos Warriors, but my Curseling came in and did some damage in return. Craig had removed casualties to suck the Ogroid out of combat. This time Craig had more models on my home objective. Prosecutors moved onto his own home objective and shot plenty of wounds off my Chicken. The Liberators were pretty much down to the Hammer now. Craig scored 7 too. Score 12:10. I won the initiative. Battleround 3 The Chicken took out the Prosecutors and again seized Craig's home objective. Meanwhile the Ogroid sensed an opportunity – a sweet Fireblast could potentially take out 3 Liberators and also bring on 5-6 Brimstone Horrors directly onto the objective, who could then move as normal. However, it was not to be, I rolled a 1 for the damage. Nemo, the Ogroid continued to derp, when he could readily have wiped the unit. Craig killed him with his final two Liberators (which was obscene – how did they do 8 damage vs Paradoxical Shield)? Battleshock finally claimed the Liberators or maybe it was the Spawn. The Pinks were dead and the Blues couldn't hit a barn door, but they kept on scoring. I scored 6. Craig cleared up my home objective and continued to work on the Blues. He retreat-ran his Prosecutors and rolled a 5! to get his home objective back. Craig scored 7. Score 18:17 Battleround 4 We were running short on time. I believe Craig won the initiative. He shot and charged the Chicken and got it down to 2 wounds before melee. I had to make a 4+ save for the game, which I did. The Chicken killed them, so Craig didn't score his home. Craig scored 6. In response, I scored a final 6; and won the game. Final Score 24:23 I think the final score at the time was 25-22 for the record. A very, very close one. Craig was a cool guy to play against too. This really underscored the strength of the Vanguard Wing – even with over 500 points shredded turn one, it very nearly beat my bunker.
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    They give you reroll casts, which is a huge deal - you can try the spell naturally then use Destiny Dice if you fail. They also learn spells.
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    So all I'll say is, perhaps my points wasn't clear enough. I like what they are trying to do, but the execution has been lacking. Maybe the direction has changed, but certainly they haven't communicated that with us. I also don't think Path to Glory proves anything in terms of what GW is going to do with older factions. Any faction that doesn't have a battletome was rolled into a larger grouping. Skaven clans were lumped under Skaven apart from Pestilens which has a battletome. All of Death was lumped under Death apart from Flesh-Eater Courts which, again, has a battletome. The only faction that wasn't lumped into another was Slaves to Darkness, as I guess, they can represent any of the Chaos Gods. We already know that Nighthaunts are getting their own allegiance abilities in GHB2, a faction that in Path to Glory was lumped under Death. So yeah, I don't think we should be jumping up and shouting at GW just yet. It's also important to recall, that Games Workshop have actually migrated some of the legacy factions into the Age of Sigmar. They've done so with Seraphon, Flesh-Eater Courts, Sylvaneth, Beastclaw Raiders and Bonesplitterz. 3 of those (4 if you count Flesh Eaters) were done after the Grand Alliance books came out. Many of those were no-model releases, which is disappointing in some respects, but Games Workshop have been transitioning legacy armies. We just tend to forget. I suspect that we're both a bit right. Games Workshop probably are never going to give some of the factions in the Grand Alliance books any love. I think they'll pick and choose the things they are interested in working on. They obviously want to do a lot of new stuff, but I think they'll also choose some older stuff as well.
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    Now these be a boat Ye scurvy dogs!
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    I agree the summoning nerf is a little rough on the engine, but its 20pts cheaper then a regular steg and on average when unwounded has the potential to deal D6 mortal wounds with a 25inch rnge, of course its all theory what I'm saying as I've not put it to the test yet haha. The steg itself is about the same strength wise to the refular steg in CC as well. Also an additional turn on that lucky 18 could be a game changer in some match ups. I do like the idea of using the curse of fates to dictate the turn. Could be pretty fun. I'd be dropping the normal steg or skar vet on carno and replacing it with the starseer and a unit of 5 saurus cav. Not sure if that would be a good move or not as that would make the list a little pillow like. I could drop the starpriest instead, but then I'd be losing the +1 to hit buff... Might not be needed with the sunblood command ability. I'll think on it some more haha. Thanks guys for all the suggestions and input! Keeping me pumped while I destroy the basing I did for the squares (a sad moment cause I did water effects and all on them haha).
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    The skin is mourning brown spray, then Zandri dust spray over the top. I then wash the skin with reikland flesh shade all over. I tend to go in and add more shade into the really recessed areas. Its very quick and I dont highlight at all. However some of the models just get missed with the Zandri dice which is why they are so dark. Im not overly bothered as they are only the battle line models. If i get time before this years south coast GT I'll look at adding in highlights on any facial features.
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    Got our first Hinterland game in last night. Played a 3 way game over a magical crossbow made of pure realmstone. Warbands were a Chaos(ish) warband led by a Darkoath Chieftain (Chief Gah'err of the Kilrath) accompanied by a Chaos Sorcerer (The Dark Emissary from the old Albion campaign), a Fleshhound (the original Scyla model) and a Crypt Ghoul (representing a cannibal following the Chieftain and feeding on his kills). Order force led by a Paladin with a handful of Spireguard, a Realm Knight and a single Reaver. And finally a Beastclaw Raider Hunter who was accompanied by a Yheete and a Sabertusk. The game came down to a couple of bad dice rolls from both the Order and Chaos forces. The Paladin rolled a 1 for his big attack against the Yheete leaving him free to wipe out the Spireguard. And a double 1 for the charge roll from the Darkoath Chieftain against the hunter right after I had boasted him with the Daemonic Essence spell before being frozen in Ice. Another key moment was the Ghoul hiding in the shadows of some old ruins until the last turn when the Dark emissary cast his Daemonic Essence spell a second time and he leaped out with a rock swinging it at the Realm Knight and being kicked in the head by his horse (he is now sitting out a game). Really fun game and we have a forth player interested so should be giving some more feed back soon.
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    I was (and still am... at least a little) probably what could be referred to as a 'cheesy player', I like winning and in competitive games I love nothing else than to make a really ridiculous combination. that has probably earned me a reputation in some games that I'd prefer not to have, nevertheless when aos first came out I was skeptical I feared other people would abuse this freedom as I imagined myself doing. After playing Warhammer fantasy I was used to the strong competitive lists of other players. But as I played something occurred to me not only was i enjoying aos but I actually preferred it to Warhammer fantasy, I had always played to beat my opponent to prove myself a better list builder and tactician (probably not the healthiest thing for one's ego XD) but in age of Sigmar an aspect of this was taken away and in that void grew a desire to see cool scenarios and to tell a story (much more enjoyable for both players i find). But when matched play came out something in my head must of clicked, I defaulted back to just trying to win which has left me not enjoying aos as much. I don't want matched play to disappear like wayniac said, I just don't think it should be the default. it is especially unfortunate when considering the fact that things like narrative play came out in the same book.
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    Love my Order Draconis List. Definitely not a common one to be seen on the table and looks awesome when fielded.
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    Most importantly. It looks fun! It's easy to play, because you have so few warscrolls, and I'd love to see that across the table from me at a tournament. It's very different than what I've seen and who doesn't love Dragons?!
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    Done! Sort of, just in time to pack for Blood and Glory. Can't wait! Used the mice and the diver to make myself some objective markers.
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    This is the first unofficial warscroll for the unofficial Tomb Kings Battletome I am working on. I am working on my own Tomb Herald in chariot conversion and can't decide whether to model with a spear or a flail of skulls, so I figured I would give everyone else the same options. Feedback welcome, as well as recommendations for unofficial points for this guy. Right now I'm thinking 160 just like the king in a chariot. Expect to see the return of more units such as the Hierotitan, Khermic Titan, Necrolith Colossus with bow or shield, and more as unofficial warscrolls in the finished battletome.
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    Gaming Aids Been getting a load of gaming stuff together recently , mostly because as a new player, I need every bit of help I can get to make my games run smoother and faster and so with that in mind I have put together a nice customised counter set to help me remember rules for my Rotbringers, Nurgle Daemons and Clan Pestilens stuff. I made custom counters for any abilities or effects that last a whole turn, as well as things like Prayers, Spells and Command Abilities, which are all color coded and grouped by shape, so I can remember what the hell it is I'm doing! This is partly down to finding it hard to remember the rules for Plaguemonks as they are so complex to use, but also partly down to being tired when I play games and also being a newbie. I get my stuff from Counter Attack , they do a lot of customizing options for measuring gages, dice, counters etc http://www.counterattackbases.co.uk/aos-augment-marker-set-set-of-10 I also use Ben Curry's excellent scenery (and soon the buff dice) which are available here on the TGA. The KR dice case is a nice way to keep everything all together in one set and has a handy card holder on the inset for which I used as a holder for Ben's awesome scenery dice card (listing the rules for terrain) as a handy quick ref guide. I also invested in a cheap tablet from Amazon, the Lenovo A7-20 is a good little tablet coming in at around £60 , its only 8GB in Memory but you can add an SDcard, which I plan to keep all my DLC on. The 7inch screen size is fine for reading warscrolls off. The App doesn't seem to tilt when horizontal though which makes my cases backstand obsolete , hoping that gets resolved later down the line. Seeing as I am running a pain in the butt horde army, I figured I had better make some movement trays as well to save time on turn 1 getting into position. I picked these up from an ebay seller Hurlbatgames who make excellent MDF and Plastic movement trays and bases http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/hurlbatgames?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2754 I also bought a large metal KR case to transport stuff around as I am headed up to WW for Seeds of Hope and Warlords over the next month or two J.
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    Although I've not finished the first one I've now painted another Slaughterpriest as I wasn't 100% sure about the blue spot colour with the yellow, and I wanted to try green, (maybe a more foresty green would have been better) but I think I'm leaning towards the original blue now anyways, opinions welcome. Again I still intend to add more blood effects, just want to get the colour scheme down before I do. I highlighted the skin properly on this second one and I'm fairly pleased with it but I'm actually starting to doubt the brass trim, I painted it more gold looking on the second model, maybe I need to try silver trim or even just all yellow on some of the core starter set dudes... Not sure. Side by side:
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