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    All the people on Facebook asking for new Cities of Sigmar sculpts are missing the point of this army, IMHO. This army is designed to appeal to older gamers, converters, retro collectors and/or the general niche crowd. A model release would railroad the aesthetic so as to say "Cities of Sigmar is specifically this...", rather than "Cities of Sigmar can be, aesthetically speaking, pretty much whatever you want it to be". While one upside of new sculpts would be new warscrolls to convert your models to fit, I don't think we'll be hurting from a lack of warscrolls in this faction.
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    I decided to build my own battlemage in the end and I am pretty happy with how he turned out, (not glued on the base yet). I used an old dwarf thunderer model, build him a staff with bits from Battlemage and sculpted him a hat.
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    New irondragon novel coming https://www.warhammer-community.com/blacklibrarycomingsoon/
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    You won't hear another word about bonereapers until the preorder announcement which will be on the 13th or 20th of October after more marines and phoenix rises. Regarding the lore , I'm not sure why people are so obsessed with lore and trade in AOS when it didn't seem to matter in the old world. I l know more about how the realm of death functions as a society than I ever did about Khemri. Can anyone of the top of their head day what the major export of Altdorf was? I know that Hammerhall Gyran exports water. I know that the gloomspite gits covet glass objects because they don't have the ability to make them themselves. Does anyone know anything similar about old world goblins? As someone who was around for the early days of Warhammer and 40k , I feel that AOS is in a better state lorewise than either of those games was after 3 years.
  5. 7 points
    Really great podcast. I like how there's clearly been an effort to make the Ossiarchs both supremely cold and logical and orderly thinking beings, but also fallible, petty and malicious while telling themselves that they are none of those things. Like how they might give a tithed nation a way out if they can follow some rules but then make those rules almost impossible to follow, so the ossiarchs can tell themselves, well, we were being fair! It's the kind of petty letter-of-the-law and ultimately narcissistic feel that they clearly get from Nagash. Honestly, the characterisation of Nagash and Death more generally might just be the best AoS background. I also like the ambiguity they introduced with these Crematorians, the Ossiarch 'fire and forget' suicide troops, some of whom are beginning to worriedly realise that they're not quite the honoured and valued soldier caste they thought they were, and maybe they should be trying to find a way out from Nagash's gaze... The idea that it's the lower ranking ossiarchs that are made of mashed together souls is interesting too. On one level I would have thought that more souls mean more power but I can see the rationale here. It's a bit like Dark Magic in WHFB, which was all eight winds of magic crushed together, left to stagnate and lose vitality as they became homogenous, if powerful. Or a blended whiskey vs an aged single malt. You can even see it with the multi-faced Necropolis Stalkers and the higher-ranked, single-faced Immortis Guard. Multiple souls whirred together for their value, still experienced and thinking, but ultimately more artificial and less tolerant of individual genius or creativity.
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    I am a proponent of Comp, and it certainly was the only reason 8th edition had such a thriving tournament community. Between Swedish, ETC, and multiple other rule variants in between we were spoiled with a large variety of tournaments that all felt unique, while also maintaining a degree of competitiveness that just didn't exist in the base game. That being said, the majority of people who feel this way have moved on to 9th, and as new players come in and for those that are left I think the historical 40k attitude towards comp (no) is going to continue being the prevalent attitude in AoS. So feel like its not really worth much discussion at this point. Luckily AoS is in a much better place then 8th ever was in terms of balance. It could use quite a bit of improvement, much of which is quite fixable via some form of comp, but I think quite a few mid tier armies are viable at the top of the scene (ie if played by extremely skilled players who know the ins and outs of their armies). I think when it comes to tournament play, most don't choose to go this route, but those people you are talking about who want to be competitive with one singular list, can absolutely achieve that (unless we are talking about a true bottom tier army) if they are willing to put in enough practice and continually bang their heads against that wall of the top tier. The game just has so many movement nuances and is so dependent on precision and the single minded pursuit of objectives and what exactly you need to do to maximize them, that I think the combat imballances are a bit less important then they seem for many of us. However, getting to that level of skill, where it stops mattering quite as much seems to be a place that is hard to reach. I certainly am no where near it. But I have seen people who have gotten their (think people like the Seraphon player who won Adepticon).
  7. 7 points
    These are screenshots from a trailer they accidentally posted early Hopefully the mods have no problem with me posting them here
  8. 7 points
    Some people take duardin stubborness too seriously..,. Those Warriors still can have a use as Freeguild Guards. Simple and flavourfully.
  9. 6 points
    Thanks everyone for the help. LOG will be represented at our Crucible. I made some of the modifications you guys mentioned but also found that I vastly prefer a second Dreadblade. We'll see how it goes.
  10. 6 points
    So played a game at club tonight. Thoughts an opinions. As I suspected Gordrakk and the cabbage are amazing. The Mighty Destroyers threat range makes them so nasty. The new strength from victory scales up VERY fast. Ironsunz is bonkers. The artefact is great, the -1 to hit is great, we are even more CP starved than before and the ability to charge in your opponents charge phase is nuts. The warchanter buff is predictably nuts. Goregruntas now hit like absolute trains with the WC buff. With big Gs command ability 2 of them minced a stegadon with no issues. Ardboys are good. Not sold on the Ardfist, you're so CP starved anyway. Aetherquartz Broach. Big G is way better than a normal cabbage. There is some nuts stuff you can do with the d6" move. Reroll 1s to hit from dammed and a free d6" move. Don't mind if I do. Take fixin beat, all our important stuff is 5+ wounds and the 3d6 charge is impossible to use.
  11. 6 points
    So I finished my first unit of Blightkings yesterday after a long break from painting stuff. Im very happy with how they came out and have two more units unpainted. Next I might work on a Verminlord Corruptor or a block of Plague Monks have to see what I'm feeling like. So here is the full unit of Kings These two are my favourite ones I did. I really love the helmets on these guys. And here is everything I have ready right now. 5 Monks, 5 Blightkings, Lord of Plagues and a Glottkin. The tree behind there is still a WIP but it will be a nice Gnarlmaw proxy
  12. 6 points
    It may be best to take this discussion to "your preferred level of fantasy in the AoS setting", because the realism is quite the factor here. Gimme more juicy rumours! I must say this is quite a big week for me. Having a book describing much of the rules in one place and CoS probably means I am actually going to play the game more than a few skirmishes soon!
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    Probably a bit soon to jump to the conclusion that the Boneboys will be that busted, especially given that we know so little. They might be strong, but they might also suck. At least wait until they're on the table to pass judgment. I seem to recall a month or two back when the rules for a certain fan-favorite Duardin model were released, and the hivemind collectively concluded that he was so OP, so unfair, so completely busted, that the game was completely ruined and there was no point in ever playing AOS again, ever. And yet, wouldn't you know it, in the time since, not a single list featuring Gotrek has even sniffed a top table at a GT. Turns out there's only so much you can gather from reading a warscroll, and the reality of what a unit can actually do on the table often doesn't live up to your expectations.
  14. 5 points
    Mmm probably not for a while, those tomes were made with 2.0 in mind. They don’t really seem that much in need of rules updates urgently.
  15. 5 points
    Because if people try to make the game something it's not, the lack of balance gets to be a seriously disturbing problem. Particularly because the investment in fielding an army and switching it to something else in AoS is very high (money, and time spent as well as emotional investment involved in creating an army.) Put $2500 cash on the table and participants get very angsty about balance issues. Treat winning or losing a game/tournament as a major change to your life you are going to worry about what's balanced. Tell people play the game to have a fun time win or lose - balance doesn't matter as much. Some successful games are designed with intentional assymetry to win rates - to give players alternate options for fun. The reality is most games have fairly significant assymetry between best and worst factions in win rates but people tend not to make a big deal about it because the cost to switch factions is often less then in AoS. GW's main audience isn't people who go to tournaments to win cash prizes. It's main audience is largely people who have never gone to a tournament or if they have they aren't approaching it with a mentality that winning is more important then having fun. There are certainly people like that in GW fandom but they aren't a large percentage of people. Despite the marketing for other highly competitive games around cash prizes - the reality is for games the vast majority of players and dollars spent are for people who are playing games for fun. Some games market themselves around the cash competition at the top but that marketing is still mostly to people who are doing it for enjoyment not for a living. AoS and GW are actually IMO more transparent in design intentions. It's a game designed to be a lot of fun to play and paint and collect and build. The designers hope we enjoy all that enough to want to buy more toys. It's not designed to be the ultimate tightly balanced competitive tournament game. The open ended and continuously iterative design process makes that impossible (a process followed by most tabletop gaming companies mind you.) But all the changes keep the game fresh and interesting and gives us cool new miniatures and lore to inspire us to buy and collect more toys. It's not that GW can't do competitive games in fact Warhammer Underworlds was designed with competition in mind. AoS can be played competitively and can be tons of fun to play competitively
  16. 5 points
    After having played a few games with the Ironjawz in the new book my primary take aways so far are: Mighty Destroyers is the most important tool, it is so good that I find a general with the brutal cunning trait more important than the warclans, especially in below 2k games and without the ironfist battalion. The combo of doom is basically 2 warchanters buffing up a unit of 6 gruntas and a MK, then both due to mighty destroyers have a HUGE threat range nearly nobody are able to deal with, and both hit so incredibly hard, you can usually target units in a way to wreck 1 and instantly fight with your other unit right after. It takes careful screening by your opponent to mitigate this in any way and thanks to +1 damage lasting to next hero phase, they are still dangerous to fight. The weirdnob is hardly worth it if not getting 100% attention as a general in a big waagh with the trait to know and cast 2 spells and +cast artifacts and access to +to cast from waaagh zap. In pure Ironjawz I dobut I will use this guy much unfortunately, as him being the general also sacrifices the ability to use Waaagh, but this could be a worthwhile tradeof for example in Ironsunz, to get around the horrid megaboss trait and artifacts. Yes you can't Waagh, but you get a 2 spell caster with +1 to cast, which greatly increases his usefulness and chance to get anything of. This would also be the perfect time to use Gordrakk as your Mawkrusha boss. Warchanters are absolute beasts and makes any unit an absolute terror and you should always bring at least 1 for every 1k points. Warbeats are just happy coincidences though, don't plan for that 4+... I prefer fixin beat, due to the above doom combo, the warchanters have a hard time to keep up and be in range for the 2 others in the first couple of rounds. Everyone seems to be hating on brutes, I know where they are coming from and perhaps this depends on the local meta, but if you face just a bit of units with 4+ wounds, then their damage is by far the best for their points, so having at least a unit of these guys to chase some big stuff is worth it and cant be ignored by your opponent. Again maximize the use of mighty destroyers, this is proabably the best command ability in the game if you could only chose 1. Seriously consider your available CP and if a warclan is worth it compared to Brutal Cunning to use this for free one more time each round.
  17. 5 points
    Ever since they did a pivot on AoS to try and bring back the more dedicated competitive gamer they have strayed further from balance. It makes sense from a short term financial decision. They are getting a sales boost for people chasing the meta, but I think in the long run they will cause more harm. Of course developing warcry they can use that to help drive new gamers into their offerings. I do know that malifaux is becoming way more popular than GW (minus 40K) around these parts.
  18. 5 points
    Took my Wild hunt in a different direction than the GW colourscheme: I immediately had to think of the night elves from World of Warcraft when I first saw the Kurnothi!
  19. 5 points
    My Nomad Princess is a Handmaiden of the Everqueen!
  20. 5 points
    But it didn't end the setting, it's the lack of headbutting that doomed the World-that-was.
  21. 5 points
    Spent the weekend on a new terrain set. Giant rat excavation.
  22. 5 points
    That'll be right around the time that 40k kills/resurrects the emperor and it'll be a Sigmar/emperor dual kit. At least that's what the voices in my head my sources tell me.
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    I hate when armies (GG and Skaven specifically) get bonuses that buff their weakness. Battleshock immunity is such a crappy thing to play against with hordes especially with a low damage output army that lacks mortal wounds and wizards. "Killed enough after putting everything into a 40 block of grots to trigger battleshock? I'll spend a CP to ignore it. Also I just regained that CP so I can do it again next turn. Also. here comes the other 40 block to flank you." It's so tiresome and unfun.
  24. 5 points
    I believe that fantasy is heavily based on reality, so the more a concept distances itself from the basic principles of our world the more it becomes estranged. Personally i prefer the tone and fantasy level of the the Old World. As far as AoS goes some armies are nice (looking at you KO) but in general it feels bundled with cheap ideas (SCE). Also the implementation of Endless Spells and some army specific sceneries were a step backwards for me since they interfere with my immersion, not to mention the extra balance variable.
  25. 5 points
    Time for the Ork - er Orruks to have a turn! https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/09/24/faction-focus-orruk-warclansgw-homepage-post-2/
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    40k raises it's hand?
  27. 4 points
    Necrotopia? Really? All I could think of was this.
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    REAPERS https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/10/19/what-is-the-tithegw-homepage-post-3 So this confirms much of what we knew already, that the reapers are built of bone and many souls; that they treat the living like a farmer treats cattle (stock for the harvest) and that they posses their own independent thought and goals (even if slaved to Nagash's overarching directive). There's more detail on them acting like immortals so coming to take tithes from peoples who might have been left without a harvest for generations and thus forget the old agreements. There's also aspects of them having squabbles or territory expansions of their own might might cause them to turn on a tithed settlement and the, ever present, fact that some might turn against them and thus have to be harvested in a more direct way. There's also rough details on 3 variations of the legions, giving a hint as to the source of bone having an impact on their performance. From an army given into bestial rage in combat; to those formed from the dark Pyramid and resistant to magic. In addition there's several new works of art!
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    My friend, I have witnessed the true power of a full-on Gore-gruntas charge with a unit of 6 and it is murderous. First turn, I move my Gore-Gruntas 9", I use Mighty Destroyers on them to move another 9" to get close to a unit of 20 Stabbas (with a unit of Fanatics hidden inside). My GGs are buffed with +1 damage from Warchanter (the thing that is insane is that the boars get +1 damage as well. Phew!) In the charge phase, he gets the Fanatics out to protect the 20 Stabbas. I charge at the Fanatics (because we now do frigging MW on charge) I do a total of 5 MW!. His devastating unit of Fanatics is now GONE. Then in the combat phase I pile-in and proceed to murder the ****** out of the Stabbas. Only 2 remain at the end. That's essentially 23 wounds dished out in a single combat phase. It's INSANE. The GGs are such beasts, and they are an especially good counter to the fanatics which we couldn't stop before. Wow. I'm impressed at their efficiency. Here's a pic of the massacre. Thanks for the suggestion @svnvaldez and your sound advice. It really paid off because I didn't have that in mind initially.
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    Hey guys, Tomorrow myself and @Sangfroid will be on WHTV to talk Ironjawz and have a game. I am super proud of this book and am looking forward to facing off against the mighty Ghostwulfz! Check it out if you can! Hopefully speak to you all soon. Much love to all my Destruction bros here, Chris x
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    Thanks! I do admit I my hobby projects sometimes run on praise, so thanks again! Update..... I had to go to a place I hate, walmart, I found loads of Steampunk Plastic Gears in the button area, I got enough for I think 2 full tanks, and I'd still have enough for more things, and for those wondering 10USD total, super cheap. And 3 hours of "roughing out" a track assembly turned into this: Comments and Questions welcome! Sincerely, IronCog hummm thinking of making the Iron Knights of Bretonnia with this new Cities of Sigmar book.
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    In all honesty I could see Fimir being brought back into the GW fold so to speak at some point. They're certainly a distinct army that is pretty popular when they appear on a table. That said, the Fomoroid very much sits within a Chaos theme (at least this miniature) and I'm not sure we'd see such a big leap to change Fimir from a Destruction army to Chaos one. What would be cool would be to have Fomoroid being part of something within the same environment as Fimir (hopefully with some special rule of "in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king")
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    Checking the official warscroll builder for stormcasts and all their named heroes can not choose artifacts or traits as expected but they can choose mount traits. It seems the keyword is the important part (gasp), so going by presedence and Gordrakks mount also saying "Mawkrusha, Big Teef" and having the Mawkrusha keyword, it is exactly the same as the stormcast named characters and their named mounts. RAW there is nothing preventing Gordrakkfrom taking a mount trait, so I learned something today. This definitely brings him up a notch taking +1 dmg to his mount trait.
  34. 4 points
    Just put together a post for CoS dispossessed changes, comparing new and grand alliance:order warscrolls, thought I'd repost here: - For all: Various re-rolling saves with shields (shieldwall etc) removed. Musicians changed to +1 to run and charge rolls. Banners changed to +1 bravery. Both changed to max 1-in-10 models. All units changed to 'any number of models'. - Warden King: Save improved to 3+, command ability changed to +1A for dispossessed melee weapons against single enemy unit within 18" of King. Doesn't stack. - Runelord: can also attempt to dispel 1 endless spell with a +2, rune lore prayer (both effects) range reduced to a dispossessed unit wholly within 12". - Irondrakes: Ironwarden drakefire pistol improved to 3+ to hit, +1A if paired, only as missile wpn; but mailed fist improved to 4+ to wound for all. Unit loses ignore rend of -1, gains +1 save against missile attacks. Loses 5+ spell save on banner. Lots of other rewording with no net changes I think. Blaze Away FAQ change reversed, back to gets +1A for missile wpns if didn't move that turn. - Longbeards: Great axe or axe/hammer and shield, Great axe and shield option removed. Great Axe improved to 3+ to hit. Shields now give +1 save against melee attacks. Old Grumblers changed to 1 of a) +1 bravery to friendly dispossessed units wholly within 12, b) You can re-roll wound rolls of 1 for attacks made by friendly Dispossessed units while wholly within 12", c) attempt to dispel 1 endless spell - Ironbreakers: Save improved to 3+. Ironbeard pistol missile wpn stays 4+ to hit but 2A, +1A if paired, melee profile replaced with mailed fist (same statline). Unit loses ignore rend of -1. Loses 5+ spell save on banner. - Hammerers: Ignores battleshock reduced to wholly within within 12" of friendly dispossessed hero. Gains inflicting an additional MW for unmodified wound rolls of 6. Technically ironweld, but I'mma doing them anyway: - Gyrocopter: Move increased to 16". Steam gun improved to attack all models in unit within 8". Bomb changed to 2+ chance (per gyro) to inflict D3 mortal wounds once per battle. - Gyrobomber: Bomb changed to 2+ chance (per gyro) to inflict D3 mortal wounds - Cogsmith: Automatically repairs D3 W on a ironweld war machine within 3". Cog axe improved to 3+ to hit. Can give up cog axe for +1 to hit with missile wpns; or give up grudge-raker for +1 to hit with melee wpns.
  35. 4 points
  36. 4 points
    Its actually not that expensive. I chase the meta, but I don't pour a ton of money into chasing the meta. When I sell my current army I try to do so before it is fully nerfed, thus getting a pretty high sell value out of it. That money does not fully cover buying the new army unless the new army is second-hand, but it covers a good portion of it. The key is not getting attached to anything. You don't play armies you like the look of, you play armies you know are statistically powerful. When it comes time to sell them, you sell them. You don't hang on to them.
  37. 4 points
    Ironically I noticed that it's not optional and so could be detrimental in some situations as it actually means that nighthaunt would benefit from cover against drakfoot units. So if you have a 0 rend unit the ability would INCREASE the save of nighthaunt units.
  38. 4 points
    I think to win this fight Gotrek needs to change his weapon from Fyresteel Axe to Nerf Hammer.
  39. 4 points
    I am going to house rule it so the "Big Waaagh" and its allegiance abilities can be used with the regular Greenskinz that are lost but not forgotten, since the previews show it affects "Orruks" and not Ironjaws or Bonesplittas in particular. My brother's Greeskinz army will be happy with that!!
  40. 3 points
    Haha I was doing something similar, however not necessarily with the aim to make them look more like actual Tomb Kings in general, just to make them please my personal aesthetic preferences and the red colour as homage to my old TK army. I definitely didn't get the gold right though but it's good enough as a mockup I'd say.
  41. 3 points
    Ironguts! Now 3+ to hit Now have a new single new attack profile
  42. 3 points
    It explicitly states that you can use the "Mighty Destroyers" command ability even though it is an Ironjawz battle trait. As it's not a battle trait you can't use it ordinarily. However if something else can allow you to use it, ie. Ironfist or Brutish Cunning.
  43. 3 points
    I wish diversity and representation didn't just mean black people. As far as I know there are no Far East or Middle East Asians in AoS. Just as in all Western movies, games, etc.
  44. 3 points
    Right on time for the Free Cities book, the project is finally complete! (pic heavy) It's a small army, but the idea behind it was to give old left-overs models and some bits a second chance, as well as writing some cool fluff. Maybe I'll add new stuff (getting some desert elves+halflings from a KS next year) but for now I'll concentrate on other projects. Developing further fluff is always plausible, as there is much to say Army shots: Also, some pics with the last additions: Port-Watchers' Bolt Thrower (SC ballista) Reckless Sea-Dogs (bleakswords) Champion of the Light Tower, mounted on a glorious Cowzilla. (since mounted FG General and Dragon Noble were removed, not sure what count-as could it be. Thank you GW!) That's it!
  45. 3 points
  46. 3 points
    @Oath Stoned cool terrain! I think I’ve seen the giant rat one on reddit pretty cool to build full sets like that, approximatively equal to the starter terrain. here are some pics that I have on my phone of my current terrain. I have a bunch of wip stuff that I might post later. for now it’s mostly a set of azyrite ruins + some lichen, xps hills & idols.
  47. 3 points
    If we're being honest though, this Bonesplitta rule is actually incredibly important as a mediator of the game, particularly in tournaments, because it gives armies like death and daughters of khaine pause for thought. We'll see more cautious army builds I'm sure, and hopefully this might reduce the focus on damage prevention saves that many favor. At least it will make Fyreslayers and Daughters players play more conservatively and shake up the list building when in a tournament.
  48. 3 points
    No, no. no, they said "deadly as always" - their power didn't change so they were right.
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