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    Warhammer internet, in a nutshell.
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    You can't win. Box sells out immediately, GW suck and are forcing scarcity to encourage sales. Box avaliable over pre-order, army is dead on arrival.
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    I just wanted to say that my life was nearly destroyed by TGA being down the last little while. Last time TGA was down, someone said that the game was dying because no one made a big enough stink about TGA being down... so here I am, making a stink, and simultaneously confirming the game is not dead. 😄
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    Speaking from my pulpit as a straight white dude, I am in no way pushed aside by the occasional, and by occasional I mean up to and including going over 50%, diverse miniature. And I'm reasonably upset at the suggestion that I might be so fragile that I would be bothered by increased diversity. What should they do? Lots. More. So much more. Significant percentages of female models for any races that have sexual dimorphism. What should they avoid? Yet another army of buff dudes. Anything that smacks of stereotypes or exaggerated racial features of RL groups.
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    Oh here we go, as a black guy I will leave it at this. If GW wants to see more minorities in the hobby they need to adjust the prices. That's it. Also I'm not going to identify with any character in 40k considering no one is a hero in that setting since the Imperium is a satirical take on the worst parts of humanity. I like the stories in the setting and characters, but I won't identify with them. Also I play death in AOS. Why? Because I like their models and their narrative. Also out of all the companies I think GW are handling diversity the best, the pencil pushers in the office seem to know what they are doing save the price increase. But what do I know? When I said this apparently I hate myself. Also this topic is going to get locked. Fast. I do the hobby to get away from things like this. I hate politics, hate activists (either side) in this modern age.
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    The way it’s written you get armor save AND disgustingly resilient. You just can’t add more than that. Pretty sure people are mis-panicking.
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    I think I speak for everyone here when I say that we definitely have enough rules details and gameplay results to make loud declarative statements of the relative power of the new faction. No new information of data can possibly be forthcoming to influence or counter these statements, possibly making us look silly in hindsight. (Just putting this here so I can go back to it and copy-paste it during teaser week for every new army and look like a genius)
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    For gods sake could you please stop being so miserable and bitter for like 1 minute
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    Brettonia have never been more popular than when they've been removed from the game. They were removed by GW for a reason, most likely due to poor sales and low trademarkability, the fact a vocal minority still clamour after them doesnt mean they would be an instant sell out. Instead far more likely is the fact that vocal minority would find a new faction they feel should be in the game to clamour after insisting that they "won" getting brettonia back and therefore they can do it for everything. New and cool beats old nostalgia for me.
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    Is anyone else kind of disappointed with the General's Handbook yet again? I realize it still isnt out yet and is due this saturday, but I bet tons of people have already looked at various point and rule leaks and know by now whats coming to us - Im not gonna spoil and go into detail about anything here or link to leaks. May I remind you all that last year (GHB19) was a complete shitshow with especially the terrain rules being forced down everyone's throat and making a lot of faction terrain invalid due to restrictions (Gnawholes anyone?). This was later band-aid fixed with an errata/FAQ but luckily a large part of the community simply said "no thanks" and ignored those rules all together. The GHB feels lackluster to me and honestly it kind of feels rushed and cheap - It seems to be an amalgamation of a book that tries to please every aspect of AoS instead of making seperate and proper books with updates that are satisfysing for each consumer. Meeting Engagements is cool, but dont just introduce it suddenly and give it 10 pages and call it a day. It needs much more support. Same with narrative play - Give it some more dedicated love and let people have fun - I realize they have tried that in this GHB20, but is it enough? Matched play also deserves more than just point changes. Many units are simply bad due to the warscrolls being bad - Change them. You already have digital FAQs that invalidate warscrolls, alligiance abilities etc. a week after a new tome is released. Why cant there be digital updates to bad warscrolls? Im sure people are just fine with having their warscrolls invalidated if it means they can actually field new units that significantly improves their army, especially for armies that are years old and wont see a new battletome for a good while. Im personally a matched play guy and prefer the more competitive aspect of AoS. For me the GHB is a big waste of pages and money. The only reason I buy the Warlord's Edition this year is to have those cards (they are exceptionel and amazing, thanks GW!) for battleplans and realm features since it makes gaming a lot easier. All the other tokens and rules in the GHB wont see the light of the day. Obviously there are important matched play rules in the GHB, but once you have read them twice you wont need the book again if you have those gaming cards - Again, they are amazing and I wish they would sell them seperately. The points are also kinda meh. I see people hyped about saving X points on Y unit, but at the end of the day it wont really make a significant difference in your games if you can field a couple more minis. The point changes are too weak and subtle. I feel like it is such a huge missed opportunity for GW to really shake things up and alter the general "meta" (yes I used that word). At the same time I do understand that GW cant just turn everything on its head since people are super invested in this hobby - It is no fun to see your army go from hero to zero in a heartbeat, especially an army that you have spent tons of hard earned cash on and hours upon hours of painting every fig. Being able to field another 10 figs for the worst army in the game isnt gonna change anything. Those require warscroll updates. Also there should exist a middle way where an army doesnt go from hero to zero and reverse, but actually gets some proper fixes/support - 10 point adjustments for a terrible monster that nobody really uses is just not gonna cut it though. I feel like this is the equivalent of going to the McDonalds. You build up hype to go there and once you sit with your burgers and take a couple of bites, you realize how terrible the food is and start to question why you do this to yourself. After a while you start building up excitement and hype for your next trip to McDonalds only for it to repeat again. Every GHB feels the same - Im hyped beyond belief about possibly rule changes, updated and new battleplans, exciting point adjustments, only to realize this new book that almost every player is semi forced to purchase wont really have an impact or change things up. I also dont understand the whole point of making a seperate booklet with points. This year half the armies will have printed points and the other half will have points in a digital PDF. Why even have the booklet in the first place then? Why cant all the points be digital? That way GW doesnt have to make point changes half a year ago (when it was sent to be printed etc), some of which make no sense today since the "meta" changes so fast with new releases. Is this really what we want as a community or can we possibly expect more from GW? I personally want more from the General's Handbook. I dont know if Im alone with my feelings about the General's Handbook (not necessarily entirely this years GHB, but more in general). I feel like each gamesystem within AoS deserves and requires much more love in a dedicated and seperate book, rather than a rushed amalgamation. At the end of the day - I love this hobby and Im super invested in it. I want to throw my money at GW but I want something for my money at the same time. Produce quality and I will empty my wallets without hestitation.
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    Got my color scheme for my LRLs.
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    +++ Mod Hat On +++ Back to Rumours please. @Icegoat - enough about humans and you feeling short changed about them not getting any new models. I’m sure GW have plans and we will find out in the future but this is it now. I’m only not banning you because you have not quite crossed the line with this (even though you have been warned enough times). How about you try and enjoy cities of Sigmar and come up with some cool background for a army with humans and do lots of conversions.
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    Looks good! The light blue on the armor works very well with the golden details! I also finished painting some miniatures today. Here my first Dawnrider: I really like the idea of the Ymetrica Aelfs making heavy use of triangle patterns. So I added some to the little backbanners of the Dawnriders.
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    Happy Release Day everyone! I gave the second Ymetrica color scheme a try: Im pretty happy with how it turned out! I think I will paint my whole army in this scheme (but now, im thinking about how im going to paint the Alariths?)
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    Both my main armies i'll play against OBR anytime anywhere, i have zero problems with them, they are just bulky, limited on the table, and slow. You can easily body block them and hold objectives. You really only need to kill 1-3 units to have the upper hand all game. It's sad to hear that they are banned, doesn't let players grow in experience at all and creates a stigma for something that isn't any stronger than 10 other traits/lists. Yes he is strong, but he is also 1/2 an army and should be able to do 1/2 an armies work. Kill everything else, ignore him and play the objectives. I play BoC and CoS and have no problem player OBR+Nagash or even Archaon. You just don't want to head strong them unless you know you can. They both are huge point investments which leads the a smaller force. Play the objectives.
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    I always think these arguments have it backwards. Gw needs to stop forcing a white male centered focus in the setting. It simply doesn't make sense in the settings of both their universes. The Imperial guard and the freeguild are both classic examples of this. The 40k imperial palace is in the Himalayas so if anything wouldn't we expect rather more Asians in the game? We have a female khorne hero but no female reavers. How does that work? I do think that gw has made some fairly good progress though. The warcry warbands in particular have a very nice range of body types that only enhances the feel of fallen society that they are going for. I would love to see a revamp of the Imperial guard and freeguild range to better reflect the diversity of the setting. As for the last of us thing. The last of us 2 is the best selling game of the year on the uk despite the full details of the controversy being known far ahead of the game's launch. The vocal minority clearly doesn't represent the majority opinion.
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    Proof that GW likes horses
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    It's a three-part problem. 1) Power creep is absolutely a thing that happens---it's hard to avoid. 2) In developing new army mechanics, sometimes they stumble upon mechanics that are powerful but oppressive for the opposing player, requiring a higher level of skill to overcome. 3) Armies that become hard counters to others (something that hasn't really been a major problem until recently). Going back only a year ago, you can point to many allegiances, abilities, warscrolls, etc that have been further iterated on with stronger rules than their predecessors. Many people tend to agree that books releasing earlier in the life cycle lose their weight near the end. It's natural for this to happen. Designers want to err on the side of strength, either for marketing purposes or to ensure a book/product has staying power. A book with a "safer" rule-set is always going to be harder to lift up than a book that's more oppressive; because the tighter and more reliable the rules, the more readily points increases can mitigate its power (not that this is a foolproof idea, but largely true). However there's only so much you can reduce an army's points to make up for discordant rules (look at BoC or Gitz) before things get a little silly and you end up with 300 models on the table. Power creep happens in nearly every game. The real question is by what method and to what degree? Are Petrifex, Tzeentch, and Slaanesh overpowered armies that have crept their way into the top echelon by rules-writing alone? It often depends on the player's point of view. I often see very competitive players mentioning that there are clear counters to these armies if you have the right setup and know the right strategies. These folks will obviously say they're fine. Casual players who just wander into the game store every couple weeks and don't pour over tier lists will shout in agony to the high heavens and refuse to matches against them because of their miserable experiences playing against such armies. Nobody wants to spend 2-3 hours playing a game they couldn't win because they didn't do enough mortal wounds or didn't own enough shooting units. The fact of the matter is people want to buy, paint, and play with cool models. But when playing against some of these armies, you can't simply throw whatever you have/want onto the table and hope to have a chance. Even just owning a mixed army of your favorite models with a couple synergies flavored in there won't cut it, and you'll get smashed a majority of the time. Newer armies tend to skew towards needing a higher level of learning to beat, very specific counters, and they often have multiple safety nets (reliability) for the controlling player to avoid the ruthless nature of luck in a dice-based game. Why aren't people talking as much about Petrifex or Slaanesh anymore? Well because KO and Tzeentch have released since then and are pretty strong direct counters. Yet people still speak about Petrifex with venom on their lips, because many people aren't playing with those two armies, they're playing with armies that still intensely struggle in that match up due to the nature oppressive things like hyper-defense + offense or infinite summoning. Hell, barely anyone talks about FEC anymore, but I don't know anyone that enjoys playing against them specifically because of the chalice and terrorgheist. Would competitive players say FEC was overpowered? Probably not. I wouldn't. But the mechanics of their army, the very things that give them the best opportunity for success, are oppressive and difficult to overcome without prior knowledge and a lot of experience. I don't want AoS to head in a direction where pitting one particular army against another means an assured defeat by one of those players, but in some cases, we're already there, and it has been getting a little worse. That said, I'm hopeful the rules writers at GW can turn things around, mitigate some of these oppressive rules, and have the eye to spot a need for change. TLDR: Power creep happens and it's more prevalent when mechanics become too overwhelming for casual players to handle effectively without specific army compositions or extensive experience.
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    Age of Sigmar is a much better game than Fantasy ever was imo.
  20. 14 points
    It's great. Play it. It's far superior to 40k 8th and time will tell for 9th.
  21. 14 points
    I am not aiming this at any specific person... If someone is pushed out of the hobby by the manufacturer's mandate to increase diversity, I will be glad to see them gone. They can't leave soon enough. I would rather they leave now, forever, than to stick around and moan about it.
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    I just wanted to say I couldn't disagree more. If we refuse to accept the possibility that we might have anything to gain by having g discussions here then all we will do is telephone over the bias' and prejudices from the real world into the hobby. I too would like the hobby to be a refuge from the teal world, however I think that as part of that we should be able to be grown up enough and considerate enough to consider other peoples experiences and make sure that the hobby remains an escape for everyone, not just the people who happen to think and look like me.
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    Wip on the Wardens. Still got the Corax Trim to do and then shade/tidy Getting my 1st game on Saturday in months and first with lrl. Playing Citites
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    @fenriswolf2003here now all 4 Teclian nations. My thoughts behind the other 2 designs: Zaitrec: the crescent moon represents, obviously, the moon spirits of Hysh, but since the world that was the moon has also been a symbol of magic. I also added Celennars rune to represent her role as patron deity of Zeitrec. Syar: The anvil and the star represents Syars status as a nation of smiths and craftsmen. While the Orle of chains represents their restraint after the tragedy of the spire fall.
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    Been going crazy on my Tzeenth- a tzaangor shaman done!
  26. 13 points
    The Sales Department.
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    I mean people are slagging it off for perfectly solid reasons, namely that you have to sift through a morass of racism, homophobia, misogyny, general awfulness... Even the parts that distance themselves from the actual fascists are still rife with all that. People hitting it up for leaks doesn't stop 'dumpster fire' from being a generous and polite way of describing it.
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    Yeah, I play Tomb Kings and Chaos Dwarves, and get on ok. To be honest I get the impression that there is a bit of a disconnect between the attitude of the GW rules writers, and what the tournament crowd think it should be. Everything I've read from the studio seems to support the laid back attitude that you and I both seem to have embraced! "No current scroll? use the last one. " "Want points? We'll throw some in the back of the book, sorry we can't really update them that often." Then all the matched play enthusiasts read that as, "you must only use the official rules, if it doesn't have points then its dead and anything related to it is clearly doomed!" i get that that attitude works well in the competition scene, but I suspect there are a lot more casual game s than there are tournament ones, they just don't get talked about as much online. The great strength of tabletop games really is their flexibility. You can do pretty much anything you like, and no one can or should stop you.
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    Talking about quoting another. I’m not showing this to be a D. Well a little bit because I’m still pretty sure that you are just a troll. but this was your conviction about the state of AoS and KO in particular. To me it shows not that AoS is not in a bad place. Probably things aren’t moving as fast as you’d like. But within four months of this post KO got a killer tome, a novel, a short story, a place in soul bound and a new character model. again it will take longer than you’d like. As you already feel the world has ended for humans in AoS. But there is a place for the freeguild cities. And they will be supported. In the lore and with models.
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    Mostly Lumineth I would have thought, here’s my Iliatha test model I finished today.
  31. 12 points
    Ice goat is just a troll. Constantly posting nonsense about how aos is terrible, aos armies sold badly, everyone loves WHFB models etc. I don't think there is any reason to think anything has been removed. The new matched play stuff we've seen are updates to existing rules, i.e. realm of battle. I imagine the secondary objectives are just renamed hidden agendas too. Mercenaries will probably just have points printed in the booklet. Even if they don't I strongly doubt anyone will be against you using them given how they are all fairly weak.
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    Hey I am a native German speaker and thought I could help out in this forum and just give a translation for the leaks we have. Skipping the point table since it should be self explanatory even in German. Though if questions arise feel free to ask. Great Nations: Iliatha Add 2 to the bravery characteristic of VANARI- and AELEMTIRI-Units from ILIATHA . After a friendly VANARI-Unit from ILIATHA uses a command ability, you can choose one friendly VANARI-Unit from ILIATHA within 3'' of said unit. If you do so, the chosen unit can also use that command ability without spending a command point. You can only use this ability once per phase. Command ability: You can use this command ability in your shooting- or combatphase. If you do this, choose 1 friendly VANARI-Unit from ILIATHA with 2 or more models. You can reroll hit-rolls of 1 for that unit. Artifact of power: The first time the bearer dies roll a dice. On a 1-3 the bearer dies. On a 4-6 the bearer does not die, all wounds allocated to him are healed and all wounds yet to be allocated to him are discarded. Syar SYAR-Units start the game with 2 aetherquarts instead of one. Command ability: You can use this command ability when a friendly SYAR-Unit could use an aetherquarts ability, even if a friendly SYAR-Unit already used one in that phase. If you do so, choose one friendly SYAR-Unit with at least 1 remaining aetherquarts and is completely within 18'' of a friendly SYAR-HERO. The unit can spend 1 aetherquarts to use the aetherquarts ability. Command trait: At the beginning of the combatphase you can choose 1 enemy HERO within 6'' if the bearer. The chosen enemy HERO can only choose this general as a target in this phase. In adition you can add 1 to attacks targeting the chosen enemy HERO. (Here i would like to add that is does not specifically state that its only your generals attacks. So putting your general behind or into your pikemen would mean that those also get the +1. It would be synergistic with all heroes of us being noncombat oriented at least for the non named ones but it could also be sloppy writing on GWs part.) Artifact of power: Choose 1 melee weapon of the bearer. An unmodified hitroll of 3+ always hits. An unmodified woundroll of 3+ always wounds. An unmodified saferoll of 3 or less for wounds from this weapon are always failed. Ymetrica The trait "Hard as Stone" changes the rend characteristic of attacks targeting ALARITH-Unit from YMETRICA to "-" if the attacks targeting the unit have a rend characteristic of -1 or -2. Command Ability: You can use this command ability at the end of the combatphase. If you do so choose 1 friendly friendly ALARITH-Unit from YMETRICA that has just for the first time this phase forced an enemy unit to move with the "Tectonic Force" ability and that is completely within 18'' of a friendly ALARITH-Hero from YMETRICA. You can use the ability "Tectonic Force" again by choosing another enemy unit within 1'' of the chosen friendly unit. Command Trait: When this general fights instead of piling in and attacking you can choose him to make a single powerful blow. If you do so choose an enemy within 1'' and roll a dice, on a 2+ you deal d3 mortal wounds. Artifact of Power: Choose 1 of the bearers melee weapons. Once per phase you can add 1 to the damage inflicted by 1 of the weapons attacks. Aditionally whenever the bearer suffers a wound or mortal wound roll a dice. On a 6+ negate it. Aditionally whenever the bearer is affected by a spell or endless spell you can roll a dice. On a 5+ ignore the effects for the bearer. Zaitrec Add 1 to the first cast-, dispell- and unbindrolls of each friendly ZAITREC-WIZARD in each herophase. In addition each ZAITREC-WIZARD-HERO knows 1 additional spell from his lore of magic. Command Trait: This General can try to unbind an additional spell in each of your enemies herophases. If he tries to unbind his second spell in the same herophase you may reroll it. Artifact of Power: Roll a dice whenever assiging a wound or motal wound to the bearer. If Teclis is part of your army and on the battlefield add 2 to the roll. On a 6+ it is negated. Lore of Zaitrec: Each ZAITREC-WIZARD knows this spell in addition to any other spells. This spell has a casting value of 7. If succesfully cast choose 1 enemy unit wholly within 24'' and visible to the caster. Half the movement characteristic of the chosen unit until your next herophase. The roll a dice. When the roll equals or exceeds the savecharacteristic of the chosen unit suffers d3 mortal wounds. This has taken some time and i dont want to spam this forum. If you would like me to translate the warscrolls and spells for you i would do that tomorrow. If this is too much spam and not needed i apologise.
  33. 12 points
    I dislike the direction the game has been taking since OBR. The designers seem to try their hardest to make the game a horrible experience for the opponent of the new army - not necessarily due to OPness but due to unfun or even de-funning mechanics that they start to hand out like sweeties.
  34. 12 points
    Finally, some progress on my 'droth! Zero progress on learning how to take pics of my minis though 😅
  35. 11 points
    Do you say this line often: ”I wanna go fast but I wanna stab things really good!” Hi, Acid Nine here, and I am here to tell you that your days of spell worrying are over. Thanks to the wonders of Teclian magic, we now can offer you the wonder that is Hyshian’s choice brandtm Aetherquartz pills. yes, you heard that right! Not only does it make you hit things better or helps you dodge out of the way of a charging beastman, it allows us to cast two, I repeat, two spells in one turn! No more mind bending decisions mid-battle on if you wanna have swords bouncing off your ethereally blessed armor or powering up your spear tip. You can do both with just one pop of this magical substance! wanna toast a Dawi from the inside out after after you just galloped a mile in under 40 seconds? No problem! just pop one magic little Aetherquartz pill and you’re slinging spells around like the Archmage himself!* All these effects can be your’s for just one down payment of your emotional stability! Order now and receive access to our Cathallar Counseling hotline, which can take those roaring emotions and throw it all right into that Bonereaper’s stupid face. It’s not like you were using them anyways! Cry some more, Nagash! But wait, there’s more! If you order now, you can get a bottle of Our extra large aetherquartz pills absolutely free of charge! That’s right, you get twice the number of aetherquartz pills in the same order!** so come on down to your local Tor Wallmuni pharmacy today, to pick up this once in a lifetime offer! Remember, Hysishian’s choice is not light on value! *claim not verified by creators of Hyshian’s choice **offer only valid in the great paradise of Syar.
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    Actually I do believe your post is the perfect example of todays "internet"; Pick a sentence out of context and make a useless comment that contributes zero to a discussion. Literally the next sentence (that you didnt put in your quote, how odd) was the entire premise for my post/thread. You obviously can not comment on the GHB20 unless you have followed leaks etc. I have personally already read GHB20. See above - The whole premise for my post was that you have been following the leaks/read it. The whole point is exactly that - The GHB20 is lackluster and is a rushed book where a bunch of game systems are combined into this forced annual thing, rather than creating seperate quality books. Just because this is how it has been done in the past doesnt mean we cant move forward and do better. We should be able to expect better, and I will pay for better quality any day of the week. I dont actually think you read the whole thing because I did say that I only buy it for the Warlord's Edition due to the unique battleplan/realm cards that I like a lot. If those were sold seperately I wouldnt buy the GHB because as it is, it simply isnt worth the pages it has been written upon. Edit: Also, if COVID is somehow an excuse for GHB20 (it isn't - the book was made at the end of 2019, otherwise it makes no sense they couldnt print the points for armies released in October 2019 and forward) what was the excuse for GHB19? Because that was terrible too, but I guess people forgot about all the whine threads here on TGA and on Facebook etc. This is an ongoing trend, hence my post - Because I dont see anything positive in the GHB. It is a lackluster product that could be so much better, and it kinda makes GW look bad too since the GHB looks like a somewhat forced purchase for a large amount of their consumers. I think many of us are more than happy about throwing money at GW - As long as we get something good.
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    Facebook is also immensely racist but no, 4chan is ridiculously OTT when it comes to racism/homophobia/transphobia/misogyny/ableism, the works. Acting like it's just a /pol/ issue is a classic misdirect too, this is all over tg as well. The most outright, openly alt-right members are insulted and told to go back to /pol/ but anything less than that is accepted as basic edgelord nonsense. It's a cesspool and that there's LGBT folks taking part in that makes no difference. I also find it telling that you have to preface racism and homophobia with "genuine". Ironic racism is still racism. Acting like it's banter or a joke or just what channers are like does nothing to change the racism or homophobia inherent in the near constant and casual use racist or homophobic slurs on tg and elsewhere. It's the air they breathe.
  38. 11 points
    My friend is painting my collection and I wanted to share it to you all. So far he has done a test model for both the Warden and a Dawn Rider. I love the paint scheme and I am excited to see the rest of it.
  39. 11 points
    Its been 5 years. If you're not comfortable playing one of the 20+ armies with a battletome maybe aos isn't the game for you. Most people are fine with using old models as stand ins if you love them that much. Just make sure they are similar and on the right base.
  40. 11 points
    The best units in a Stormcast army right now are Salamanders and Lord Kroak. I don't think they can do much to fix it with points, because they would have to slash almost everything down by 20% to make this army competitive. The knockdown effect of that is Stormcast bringing a lot more bodies to the table... which doesn't seem to fit with the idea of what this army ought to be doing. The main issues I see are threefold 1. The allegiance abilities suck! The artefacts are junk, the spell lore is underwhelming, all the subfactions are just terrible. Anvils is the only good one, and it has been power crept hard. 2. The warscrolls are out of date. An elite army shouldn't have basic troops with a 4+ save and no rend on their attacks, and general type heroes with only 5 wounds. Even the newer units are underwhelming - Wizards with no casting bonuses, overpriced battleline and the worst shooting unit in the game (Castigators). The battalions are all trash, too. 3. Too many overpriced heroes that don't do much. There is very little synergy between units, and what is there is generally not worthwhile. Even as combat heroes Stormcast are underwhelming - the wizard heroes do more melee damage than the non-wizards! Though I am extremely pessimistic about the state of Stormcast and think they need a new book, I would like to see the following point changes in the meantime: Point changes Strike Chamber Celestant Prime 340 > 280 Castellant 120 > 100 Celestant 100 > 80 Celestant on Dracoth 220 > 180 Relictor 100 > 90 Veritant 120 > 110 Questor 100 > 80 Venator 120 > 100 Vexillor 120 > 100 Liberators 100/520 > 80 Judicators 160 > 140 Prosecutors 90 > 80 Decimators 180 > 150 Retributors 200 > 160 Protectors 180 > 150 Extremis Chamber Drakesworn Templar 420 > 380 Celestant on Stardrake 500 > 420 Concussors 240 > 220 Fulminators 240 > 220 Tempestors 200 > 180 Vanguard Chamber Aquilor 180 > 160 Hunters 110 > 100 Gryph-Hounds 140 > 120 Sacrosanct Chamber Aventis 340 > 300 Arcanum 160 > 140 Arcanum on Tauralon 320 > 260 Arcanum on Dracoline 220 > 200 Arcanum on Gryph-Charger 220 > 200 Exorcist 120 > 100 Ordinator 140 > 120 Sequitors 130/440 > 110 Evocators 220 > 200 Castigators 80 per 3 to 100 per 6 Ballista 110 > 100 Dais Arcanum 30 > 20 Celestian Vortex 40 > 30 Everblaze Comet 100 > 80 Role changes Hunters battleline in Stormcast army Palladors battleline if your general is a Lord-Aquilor Prosecutors battleline in Stormcast army Retributors battleline if your general is a LORD-CELESTANT Tempestors battleline if your general is a STARDRAKE or DRACOTH These are significant changes across the board, but I think it's warranted because so many Stormcast units range from underperforming to downright awful.
  41. 11 points
    The fact he bans more than 1 Warchanter from Orruk Warclans.... bruh. What even is this. I'd never play in his club. I take 2 and just about need them both just to survive in my club.
  42. 11 points
    .... You can have a balanced list and you will still lose against OBR and the likes, the true issue is that you need a specialized list. Which forces you to partake in the „meta chase“ and THAT is what most people have zero interest in.
  43. 11 points
    Don't forget 'the army is unbalanced and will destroy the game' and you've hit the GW Internet Pre-Release Trifecta.
  44. 11 points
    Finished the Acolytes! Really pleased with the paintjob, think it's my best yet!
  45. 10 points
    And my scheme largely sorted with Eltharion all done:
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    So it seems as if no one appears to be willing to be convinced of the "other side" of this discussion and the posters on this forum generally fall into a few broad camps. 1) Diversity and variety is a good and welcome thing and we want to see more of it, because its cool to have different models to assemble and paint and different types of story told within this particular fantasy setting. If this also makes it more appealing to more diverse players even better, but that is not necessary for us to enjoy the continued commitment to diversity and inclusivity (and this is, let's be clear, a continuation, not a new crusade launched in light of the events of 2020). 2) We don't have a problem with the direction GW are going per se, but are worried about them handling it tactlessly or overly simplistically. The majority of these worries seem to stem from seeing the likes of Marvel (who, rather than being the norm or a good model, have for a number of years focused more on headline grabbing ideas rather than good writing - Ironheart being perhaps the worst example where they basically raked in the media hype for having a teen woman of colour Iron-Man and then... failed to deliver narratively) or Wizards of the Coast (who have swung wildly from making good points but expressed them too briefly to properly explain them, and actively being tokenist and unwilling to change, both have which have at the very least made them look... clumsy). And I can certainly understand this concern and stance - I don't think any of us want to see GW go headline chasing at the expense of their actual product. (I personally think we are unlikely to see GW make this move however, but that does not make the concern any less valid to my mind). 3) We don't want any more diversity than we already have because we are worried we will lose a lot of the tone or models or styles that we about the hobby. (I don't have a lot to say about this position and I think it bleeds into groups 2 and 4 a fair amount) 4) We are worried that this is indicative of an agenda. This group appears to be using a lot of what I would consider to be strawman arguments, and generally arguing in bad faith. There appears to be a lot of assumptions that white men cannot possibly want to paint a black woman in magical plate armour, or that the idea of people wanting AoS to have varied characters means that they are pushing an agenda, without acknowledging that the statement "I don't do politics" is inherently a political statement. I like the TGA and generally feel that its users engage with each other in good faith, so I am going to assume that no one on here is using the lack of political discussion on this forum as a smokescreen to try and shut down inclusivity and diversity by calling them "political acts", but I would encourage everyone to just... think about what you consider to be a political act, because living never is. I don't expect, if seven pages of discussion didn't change anyones' mind, for them to be changed now. But just a reminder that GW is coming for your big buff Chaos warriors and Stormcast, and there being women aelves does not mean you aren't allowed to enjoy aelven men. There's space for everyone. Edit to add: I am trying to keep my tone civil, treat everyone's ideas fairly and not misrepresent them, and avoid venturing too far into "political" or abstract debates that would take us off topic, and I hope people find that I have generally succeeded at that. If anyone wants to send me a personal message asking me to clarify anything or defend a stance because they feel that doing so here may take us off topic for this thread or this forum, feel free. I will do my best to engage with any who do.
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    What on earth makes you think pushing around little plastic figures and rolling dice is masculine? Also I'd kill for an all female Stormcast unit as well as a female lord celestant
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    Are you familiar with the old way? Have a standard hero on foot; pay X points to upgrade him to have a mount, either horse, manticore, dragon, griffin, etc. He has a basic sword and no armor. Pay points for flail, halberd, ranged weapon, armor, shield, etc. Had a limit on points for buying magic weapons/artifacts (AoS has a limit of 1 built in, plus bonus artifacts based on battalions). There’s no reason that can’t exist: I buy this hero for 80pts bare bones, give him a horse for +20, a Lance for +10 that does bonus damage on a charge, and improve his armor from 6+ to 4+ for 25pts. My character costs 135pts. Oh, now I spend my artifact allotment on giving him the sword of judgement. How is that broken? It just adds a bit of flavor that has been missing for 5yrs now.
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    The problem is that the more complex the system becomes the harder it will be to balance. A balanced hero customizer for matched play would need to be quite limited in scope for it to be workable as a standard thing. As such, it would be a lot less fun for narrative play because the options would have to be much more restricted. It's easy to see how broken a flexible hero creator would be by looking at artefacts as examples. Many factions have artefacts that are just fine or even poor in the context of their own battletome, but could easily be broken if given to the right character. Imagine you build a hero with an attack profile that looks something like this: 10 attacks, 6+ hit, 6+ wound, no rend, 6 damage. That attack profile would actually be pretty crappy and not cost that many points. It'd only do 1.67 damage before saves on average. Now put that attack profile on a Lumineth hero and give him the Perfect Blade. Now suddenly his damage before saves jumps up to 26.67. That's a 16 fold increase in damage from an artefact, which is utterly broken. But why not allow that attack profile for a narrative character? It would be perfect for something like a berserk but extremely drunk gargant. As an aside, anyone who has played many tabletop RPGs knows how difficult it is to balance a character creator, and that's in a game where the players aren't typically directly opposing one another! Back when I was pretty into White Wolf's World of Darkness games I remember stumbling upon a joke character profile that someone made for "Chuck Norris" to fit into that system. Basically it was utterly broken with comically high stats. But I was able to make a legal, starting level character that could easily wipe the floor with Chuck Norris in combat by abusing the character creation system to min max something absurd. (in case anyone is curious and actually knows about what I'm talking about -- I forget the exact details, but basically it was a Mokole whose Archid form was the size of a city block, but with poisoned frog type skin. So the character's physical characteristics were through the roof and anything that came anywhere close to it would be paralyzed instantly and take massive damage in that game's equivalent of mortal wounds. "Huge Size," "Contact Venom," and as high Stamina as I could go. Basically if it transformed anything within a 100+ foot radius of it would be killed instantly. )
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    We know that Iliatha is a matriarchy, with mothers that have successfully raised a new generation ranking the highest. We also know from the Syar entry that their capital is called Ar-Ennascath, which implies that there is some form of centralized government. EDIT: Speaking of Iliatha, I also gave Iliathas Coat of Arms a try:
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