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    It's almost as if there was a Battletome meant for old Empire/Elf/Dwarf models announced in the last week and people were getting excited for using their old collection or something. I can't help but laugh that you somehow have a 'gripe' with older models you dislike still being available. It's a bit rich you saying people are 'crying' when old models being available somehow manages to upset you.
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    via Imgflip Meme Generator
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    The unpredictable results is one thing that thrills me regarding Warcry. In fact IMO it is the reason why this game is a GAME and not a competition. Look at it as if it were a board game. You need less than an hour to play the game, therefore you can play several games per evening. Who cares about prediction if each player coincidencely wins some of these? The "need" for "competition" somewhat decreased the fun playing tabletop games for me. I highly enjoy all of these random happenings in Warcry. For me it´s more like a story told by the dice than any kind of player based competition.
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    +++ MOD HAT +++ That's enough folks, we've another thread specifically for discussing the discontinued lines which the Mods are deliberately being more tolerant about people expressing their concerns than we would normally. I'm reading too many salty, negative comments in this thread - please stop or we'll start issuing warning points. Back to rumours and related discussion.
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    I understand people wishing for new models to existing, older lines. That's normal. 'Loving' people losing rules and potential collections is, quite frankly, one of the most absurd things I've ever read even by GW White Knight standards. But this is TGA I suppose. People will rub their hands with glee at anything WHFB being removed as punishment for it's fanbase's defiance at AoS' launch. It really is one of the most stupid, toxic things that pervades a place that claims to try it's damnedest to weed out such elements.
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    Starting to play around with the concept of Wyrdtek skaven, starting with a counts-as Clawlord on Broodhorror Concept Sketch WIP:
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    It's almost like they are regular humans with minimal armor and bones for weapons or some such thing...
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    I came away with a good impression from the demo game I played in store this weekend. Figured it might be helpful to lay out some thoughts. The core game has a lot of Jervis Johnson to it. It's very much about movement and dice maths, with most of the complexity/skill coming from being able to recognise and capitalise on opportunities within a limited number of activations. Other than that, it's relatively rules-light compared to Necromunda or even Kill Team. It actually reminds me of Blood Bowl more than Mordheim in some ways. Warbands have particular tricks and strengths, but they all fit on a single card and they're fairly easy for both you and your opponent to wrap your head around. Very few 'actually, I've got this special rule'-type surprises. The really important thing is understanding how to create an opening, exploit it, and defend your advantage - that might feel a little abstract, but fighting to claim and hold an objective in three turns of Warcry felt a lot like breaking open a defense and making a run to the endzone in BB. The initiative dice system and the wild dice are the standout bits of design, for me. They introduce lots of mindgames and make rolling for initiative a really interactive moment where neither player really 'wins', just tries to build an advantage across a few different axes. You can cede the initiative but stock up on doubles/triples/quads for big ability combos. You can do the opposite and play for the first activation. Neither is abstractly better - it's all situational and a judgement call, which is great. Way better than 'going first is always best'. A few other subtle rules are really important too - the 'disengage' action, for example, limits you to a 3" move ending more than 1" from any enemy models. This is a really big deal because it introduces the idea that all characters are equal when disengaging. It doesn't matter quite so much how speedy your Untamed Beasts are after I've tagged you with an Iron Legionnaire - I'm going to slow you down, at least for your first action in that activation. This encourages you to create traps and chokepoints, rather than just stand on the objective and wait for opponents to come piling in - again, similar to Blood Bowl. The 'wait' action is also cool. You effectively give up an action, but being able to shunt a fighter to the end of the activation queue while leaving your other options open denies your opponent information and can lead to some tense moments. One thing I'd add is that the various scenario generation cards and extra features seem absolutely essential. I suspect a lot of players will be tempted to ignore the terrain layout suggestions, weird deployment positions/timings, and Chaos Beasts - don't. The game seems to be at its best when there's a bunch of factors in play that neither player has total control over. My game involved deployment from every board edge, hidden objectives, including characters coming in later in the game, and a massive Raptoryx with 30 health rampaging around in the backfield. Extra mechanics like this are how you avoid the 'run into the middle and fight' issue. I suspect that some players will bore themselves by deciding to avoid what feel like 'optional' rules, but are actually essential. I can't feed back on the campaign side, obviously, save to say that I kinda appreciate that they're not going too deep on gear or character progression. I definitely miss some of the sense of customisation that you get from Necromunda or Mordheim, but I suspect that Warcry has a stronger cure rules that work because listbuilding is less of a factor in who wins. Likewise, this is probably how you get a lot of people interested in playing skirmish games - it's way more accessible, the penalties for losing or falling behind are less severe, and you're not constantly having to add to or replace models as loadouts shift. Sorry for the essay! Overall, a very positive first impression.
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    Or you could manage your own expectations like an adult? You’re not owed an imminent Chaos book. People on here speculate, sometimes with good evidence, other times with none what so ever. It’s up to the individual to parse what’s likely/credible and what isn’t. Keep your chaos, sell your chaos, join a church, whatever. This isn’t a forum for announcing your life choices.
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    Honestly all of the lore regarding the Free Cities has been pointing to this for a long, long time. The setting was growing too large for them to really ignore what they'd established - that a lot of the Old World races inhabit these Free Cities - as well as the issue of a lot of said Old World armies needing Battletome updates to become viable in any way, shape or form. I'm usually the first person to criticise GW, but not this time. At the very least, it's a much needed stop-gap between fully fleshed out factions for each of the races.
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    Hey guys, I first posted a link to AoS Reminders 3 months ago. At the time, it only supported Sylvaneth and Seraphon. I got a lot of great feedback, and three months later, here's what I have to show for it. I'm now happy to announce that we now support the following armies: Armies Beastclaw Raiders Daughters Of Khaine Dispossessed Everchosen Flesh Eater Courts Fyreslayers Gloomspite Gitz Idoneth Deepkin Ironjawz Kharadron Overlords Khorne Legions Of Azgorh Legions Of Nagash Nighthaunt Nurgle Seraphon Skaven Slaanesh Slaves To Darkness Stormcast Eternals Sylvaneth Tamurkhans Horde Tzeentch Features Units Command Traits Artifacts Battalions Endless Spells Spells Realmscape Spells Realmscape Features Realmscape Artifacts Ability to select multiple allies Ability to hide certain rules I've been lucky enough to get a lot of help from some people here on TGA and over on Reddit. With 13,000 pageviews last month, this tool has taken off in a big way. The UI Selecting your army The generated reminders What's next? We're going to finish off adding spells for all armies. We are just missing FEC and Idoneth Deepkin at this point. We're going to add Grand Alliances for soup armies We're going to add Mercenaries We're going to add the ability to re-order phases and rules to suit your needs. Most importantly - What do you want to see?
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    Converting a Stormcast warband cosmetically fitting the setting (All vanguard hunters except the obvious hurricane crossbow and gryph)
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    We've had a few threads on this in the past Personally I dislike it greatly because it puts too much power into a single dice roll. A double turn in a game where turns are whole army activations is very overpowering to most opponents. From gamers I've chatted too I've very very rarely heard of anyone losing a game when they got a double turn; or winning a game when their opponent got a double turn. The other, and biggest issue, is that regardless of balance of battle; a double turn means one person stands there for twice as long and all they can do is roll saves and remove their models from the table. They can't react to changes; can't move, can't shoot; can't use spells etc.. They are left rather bored and their only benefit is the alternating close combat phase; but even then they are limited as they can't start any new combats. Plus against any ranged army they've got even less to do. To me its a bad feature that really should be retired out of the core game and into open play as an optional rule. It's just too powerful a mechanic that swings games in favour of whoever gets it and leaves you little means to counterplay it. In fact the only way to prepare to counter it, is to basically not move closer to your opponent. That's a bad feature in a game that only has 6 turns of action at best and where most victory conditions are going to involve moving fowrad to kill enemies and secure objectives. Plus holding back might only work for the first turn; after that you've got to get close and if not then your opponent has moved closer anyway.
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    I honestly don't mean to sound harsh, but I think you really need to accept the fact that GW is not really interested in rehashing old Tolkein fantasy tropes. Not trying to pick in you particularly, but that is just the gaming world we are all "living" in right now. At least this strange human/Duardin/Aelf alliance army is relatively fresh and interesting.
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    https://waywalkerstudios.com/assembling-terrain-for-warcry/?fbclid=IwAR01xtfyuNIO4CphK7I3bXvO1NQctPun6eyFYL9s0T0bPJarm66J29EJDSo The above is a link to an article which looks at assembling the terrain in the Warcry Boxed set so that the terrain matches the variations in the terrian cards. There are a few parts that the guide in the boxed set tells you to glue which you should NOT glue into place since that would prevent you from assembling the different terrain formations in the cards. So please do give the above site a quick read through so that you can build your terrain to use the cards if you want to approach the game that way. Of course nothing forces you to use the terrain cards at all and you can custom build your own battle tables using any terrain that you own. So don't despair if you build it "wrong"
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    it was... satyre
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    Dude. You are really underselling things here. Marauders are in the discussion for the worst looking kit that Games Workshop currently produces. They are inferior from a technical standpoint, with messed up scales and proportions on nearly all their pieces, and they are an absolute embarrassment aesthetically. Bad guys from a Hannah Barbara cartoon look better than these turds. My opinion of Chaos Warriors is pretty low, but I feel I really need to point out how much of a problem the Marauder kit is.
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    Well now that the culling is over, I just want them to release the book so we can all move forward. onward and upward I say
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    Not sure if it's been said, but I'm pretty sure the most screwed over faction is Soulblight
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    No it isnt. My first AoS product ever was Spire of Dawn, my wife gave me. I liked the product line and in AoS 1.0 it was very competitive and fun, so i kept buying and waiting for my time in the Sun. We became weaker and weaker with new rules, but hey, Skaven only got a book this year! When the cities book was anounced we felt a lot of joy, and now we got squashed. Sorry if the discussion doesnt matter to you, but it does for some of us.
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    I'm tired of the beat of this drum. StD are in a terrible spot and we all know it. This thread isn't for complaining about that.
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    UNLUCKY! Just one more and you'd have been able to activate your most powerful special ability on the forum.
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    If only 4chan users didn't feel the need to be casually racist and homophobic.
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    Dead Scribe, apologies for being blunt, but are your posts constructed as an elaborate satire of competitive players? We very rarely crop up in the same threads, as if your posts aren't satire we both have very different hobbies, but everything I've seen from you pushes this weird "tournament/matched play is the only way the game is designed to be played, everything else is an ancillary after thought" line, and superiority complex using derogatory video game style language, dismissing anyone who plays the game differently to you and oft-cited competitive gaming group as "casuals" or similar. As someone who's amassed a massive collection of miniatures and paraphernalia playing some variation of Games Workshop for the last 25 years, with tournament gaming as the least of my priorities I can accurately say that myself and many others in my position couldn't fairly describe their hobby as casual if they wanted to, and simply enjoy different aspects of it to you. I'm sure anyone working in the Age of Sigmar design studio could assure you that the game isn't designed in an insular fashion, with matched/competitive play being only one of the often-promoted, and very supported three different suggested ways to play the game, and even if you don't choose to play the game any other way, there's absolutely no reason to offhandedly deride or dismiss those who do and tell them to get better and field units they don't want to when they're not enjoying playing against a particular rule as if they were beneath you. I don't have a whole lot of love for certain parts of the hobby that others enjoy, but gaming's a broad church, and I certainly don't make passive aggressive comments trashing things I don't like, but know full well others do when I have no reason to.
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    My Lord Arcanum on Alpha Gryph-Charger, from Ghur... Does it show? 😊
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    They should do a neoTK versus neoBrets box
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    Well I made a warshrine! Now to actually make a list that uses it
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    Maybe it's something like this? A broken casket...
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    So doing a somewhat quick rundown of blackout, you'll see I dodged a lot of the harder matchups. Game 1 - Starstrike vs Deepkin Taking first turn, I popped voice of gork, a mighty destroyer on the cabbage, Big G and 3 ggs then dived across the board. I killed 20 namarti thralls, his tidecaster and broke through to kill 5 eels. I also scored my secondary of having a unit wholly within each of the table quarters with him not doing the same. His double, with high tide turn 2, brought him back in it and also score the only kill on Big G the whole tournament. The game turned into a grindfest with me sat on two objectives to his one. He scored his secondary, secret mission and the game ended with me decisively ahead on vp but both of our armies decimated. I had 8 ardboys and 2 brutes, he had 2 namarti reavers and the single eel left from the turn 1 unit... Game 2 - Battle For The Pass vs Beasts of Chaos We had a giant mountain in the middle of the board splitting the top and bottom objectives. Both of them had a tower 3/4" from the edge which only further restricted the corridors around each of the middle two objectives. The bottom tower was on his side of the board putting the choke on him while my side was had much easier access to it. The reverse was true on the top. I gave him first turn and never got the double. He ran up some ungor to claim the two middle obj and brought 40 ungor and 10 bestigor out of ambush to assault one of my flanks. Shots basically bounced and he failed his charge. I brought gordrakk across to support the ardboys, he killed the bestigor and the ardboys spent the next three turns grinding down a combination of ungors and gors which were thrown at them to keep them off the top objective. For the first two I postured while moving up slightly, I did engage on the bottom objective and claim it as the tower was more to his half leaving him with the smaller choke. Importantly I got far enough on my GG charge to pull his 6 Minotaurs into combat around the giant rock with them having only just enough space to get 1 in. His turn 3 he pulled the Minotaurs out of combat, moving them and his doombull round towards the top corridor. The corridor was clear due to the Ardboy/Gor/Ungor scrap occurring right at the board edge on my side of the tower leaving him firmly in control of the objective. He also charged some Bestigor and moved a bray-shaman into the already congested bottom corridor. I Bombed and went, I tried to Mighty Destroyers charge my cabbage into the bray-shaman to allow me to move up but he wiffed spectacularly doing ONE impact hit with both 8 dice and the HMB...On the top corridor my Brutes made a 15" charge to get engaged with the Minotaurs and Big G slammed into his doombull. With 7 extra attacks I cleaned almost everything up and left him with a single shaggoth, 3 ungor and his summons. Turn 4 I hunted down what was left and tabled him for the victory. He got 0 Kill Points and didn't score his secondary. Mine was Obliterate, kill 3 units in the same turn which I easily did turn 2. Game 3 - Relocation Orb vs Stormcast This game was in Hysh which was key. I gave him first turn, he dropped the comet, setup towards my stronger side and moved a single skink into range of the objective. I moved forward, while still screening out the Heraldor drop, putting 2 ardboys in range of the objective. Again posturing rather than engaging, my only major move was to push the 3 GG's and 10 ardboys on my refused side forward to cover the Orb teleport if it jumped to me. Turn 2 he won priority and the Orb did jump to the refused side giving me easy control of it. He dropped the two heraldors doing some damage to by cabbage and 2 ardboy units, again this was in his stronger side bunker. The Prime also came down then smushed almost all of my gg unit on the refused flank. In response I poped voice of gork, Mighty Destroyers Gordrakk 24" across the board to get him into position to charge the prime. I also Bombed 3 times saving 1 cp for the combat phase. In the charge phase my cabbage hit his skink screen killing 7 of them, he had to leave 1 in combat with the cabbage opening a massive hole on the other end which I charged the Brutes, 10 Ardboys and 3 gg's into. The bomb went off over 4 units with one six, the Bloodtoofs bonus converting that to 5 extra attacks. Adding on Big G's 2 attacks gave me a 7 Attack Bomb. In the start of the combat phase I triggered Strike Quickly to activate Big G, he smushed the prime and we both scored our secondaries (Mine to kill his highest point hero and him to get it killed by a hero or monster 🤣). I then activated the cabbage, pilling in to get the 20 sequitors in attack range. I allocated 3 Choppa attacks and all the tail attacks into the skinks, in order to ensure I got off SnB, and the rest went into the sequitors. As we were still in My start of combat phase he couldn't yet reroll all saves, being stuck just on RR1's, my cabbage proceded to tear massive chunks out of the unit which were only further worsened when I activated the Brutes off SnB. End result of the combat phase was 2 of the 20 sequitors surviving which he IP to keep on the board. Turn 3 the orb jumped further into the refused side and with him having no teleports basically left him screwed, turn 4 it returned to it's turn 2 position and I won the game off it. By the end I scored ~900 kp (That damn 20 man sequitor unit legged it and lived...) while he scored 990. End of Day 1 I finished day one 3-0 with 4/6 secondaries starting the next day against Tyrants of Blood on table 3. This is the first time I've ever gone 3-0 and definitely my first time being on the big boy tables after round 2. It left me incredibly stressed and I woke up at 4am the next morning after a horrific "nights" sleep. Needless to say I was a wreck going into day 2 which I'll put in a separate post but it's no where near as long or complicated. I'll also add broader thoughts at the end of the post in a conclusion type post.
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    centaur chest. centaur side close to the aelf-body transition. that‘s just my opinion. =}
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    I have a different opinion on what's happening. Mostly because I think not everything has to be about Sigmar. The voice mentioned that Nagash has been gathering an army, which I presume is Deathrattle. This leads me to believe that the Gutbusters had a Pact of Bones with Nagash, where they would eat the meat of their victims but not the bones which were given to Nagash to be turned into Deathrattle. Nagash violates the pact somehow and the Gutstuffers want the Tithe of Bones they have been paying back, starting the titled Feast of Bones where they invade the Deathrattle army that Nagash has been building with their bones. It might also be the start of the reason why Destruction Armies can't ally with Death armies in multiplayer games(like how Order can never ally with Chaos).
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    On the contrary, I think GW struck gold with Meeting Engagement. It is immensely popular in my local gaming community and many players have even switched over from 2k Pitch Battle to ME. I actually think they might even change some rules for Pitch Battle next year to follow ME. Here are the reasons why; It is mentally less taxing because units come in in waves and you don't need to go through the cycle of completing all actions for the full 1000pts from T1. You can easily clock in 2-3 games and still feel energized. It takes up less space in any game store, two 6x4 tables can accommodate 8 players. Having more players gathering also helps to build the community. It is faster and players can enjoy rotating around fighting different factions and army compositions. It makes shooting viable again due to the smaller board size and how VP is calculated. If you kill off just 1 model from range and stay untouched, you will lead by VP alone at the end of each battle round! It aligns with the Start Collecting box sets as the army composition just requires 1 battleline. GW you sneaky ******... It is more balanced than Pitch Battle at 1000pts because you no longer have to deal with the full might of broken synergy from Turn 1. It addresses the horde spam issue as you can only field double unit size for the battleline in the main body and any units in rearguard. No more triple max unit size and your double units only have 2-3 turns of effectiveness depending on the battleplan. But of course there are still balance issues, which is inevitable for any gaming system and will take time to rectify. But compared with previous formats, ME is the most enjoyable till date.
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    I don’t think anyone has a right to be frustrated about any of it. GW are a company out to make money. Not a religion or political party. They’re not abusing anyone, they’re not defrauding anyone or failing to represent the interests and rights of citizens or threatening anybody’s livliehoods. They’re just not making the toys and stories that some people want them to make fast enough for their liking. That’s literally all this is about. To which I would say again: manage your expectations. Expect GW to act in their own interests rather than yours. That’s what I do and I’m never disappointed by these things. At some point their commercial interests and my hobby tastes will align and it will work out for both of us. Up to that point there’s the rest of the other GW stuff I already like/ life to keep me occupied. If GW were making a big thing of Slaves and making it seem as though they were coming soon and to be expectant about it that’s a completely different issue. But they haven’t/aren’t, so.
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    At the Open Day I got chance to speak to Sam Pearson (rules writer) about the Cities book. He obviously wouldn't say much but was very enthusiastic about it - I got the impression it was something of a passion project for him (this was backed up by lots of other GW staff encouraging me to speak to Sam whenever I mentioned that I was interested in the Cities book). He said that he'd reviewed all the relevent warscrolls and had had to do a fair bit of tidying up with some of them to make them more realistic. The example he gave was something like a model which carried 2 weapons but warscroll had them using 3 in the same phase/turn. He also said that he had written rules to improve some of the weaknesses of AoS - his example was that cavalry currently "hit like a wet fish" and he'd tried to address that.
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    Hey guys, I first posted a link to AoS Reminders 3 months ago. At the time, it only supported Sylvaneth and Seraphon. I'm now happy to announce that we now support the following armies: Armies Beastclaw Raiders Beasts of Chaos Daughters Of Khaine Dispossessed Everchosen Flesh Eater Courts Fyreslayers Gloomspite Gitz Gutbusters Idoneth Deepkin Ironjawz Kharadron Overlords Khorne Legions Of Azgorh Legions Of Nagash Nighthaunt Nurgle Seraphon Skaven Slaanesh Slaves To Darkness Stormcast Eternals Sylvaneth Tamurkhans Horde Tzeentch Features Added Endless Spells Added Spells Added Realmscape Spells Added the ability to select multiple allies Added the ability to hide certain rules Similar rules are now merged to save space Sylvaneth rules are updated to 2019 I've been lucky enough to get a lot of help from some people here on TGA and over on Reddit. With 13,000 pageviews last month, this tool has taken off in a big way. The UI Selecting your army The generated reminders What's next? We're going to finish off adding spells for all armies. We are just missing Idoneth Deepkin at this point. We're going to add Grand Alliances for soup armies We're going to add Mercenaries We're going to add the ability to re-order phases and rules to suit your needs. Most importantly - What do you want to see?
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    When was the last time Stormcast actually got an update though? It’s been over a year now.
  37. 11 points
    @Kronos thanks! Printing my own model is a big step from buying metal elves when I firs started with Warhammer. Being able to build my own piece and add to the world of Warhammer is why I love this hobby. So my 3D print has arrived! Below you can see a pic, with my router KoS and a warrior for size reference. The 3D print stands over 11cm high and needs a 13-mm round base😬. But I think this size is ok, as Warhammer centerpiece models like the greater daemons have been getting bigger and bigger. I'm really happy with how he turned out. The print is pretty smooth, although it will need some sanding and a coat or three of liquid green stuff. I will also have to add some smaller details that couldn't be printed, like the teeth, tongue, tendrils and the chain between his horns. I feel like he is true to the artwork he is based on. getting the anatomy right was pretty hard but I think he looks good. He had to be powerful, but not too muscular. the head is still my favorite part, but I also had a lot of fun figuring out the parts that are not in the artwork. Like his left hadn't and his feet. In the 3D program I created hooves but in the end I decided that clawed feet would fit him better. I'll try to make some more pictures as I'm adding details to him and offcourse when I start painting him. I've also almost finished my Slaanesh chariot. Just the base and one charioteer left to do.
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    There's been a lot of talk about production capacity being the reason for the discontinuing of these models. That isn't the problem at all. It is storage that is the problem. Gw is still a company with a large retail presence. The average retail store can stock a fraction of gw's total product line. Warehouse storage is also a serious problem. In a number of interviews with Adam Troke when he was in charge of lotr, he said the biggest barrier to them bringing back old kits was the lack of warehouse space. This is also the reason why gw errs on the various side when producing limited run products like Looncurse. The rumour is that an over production of gorkamorka almost killed gw back in the day. The new production facilities will make this problem even worse. Gw has already produced somewhere in the region of 80 kits this year. I remember reading a white dwarf article which said they had produced that many kits in the entity of 2016 so production has already increased significantly. The recent financial report showed that gw's worst performing sector was online orders. So gw has not been selling these kits in any significant numbers. Gw will constantly be looking to make cuts in order to manage their inventory. Unfortunately for us it wouldn't surprise me to learn that virtually noone has bought some of these kits for months. Gw is improving their warehouse facilities in Nottingham and Memphis, but that is probably being done to cope with the ever increasing demand for new products rather than the minimal return that these old products will bring. That said , I do think these are all the cuts we will see for this selection of order units for a while. I would expect to see Mawtribes, slaves to darkness and Seraphon lose a few units especially in light of how poorly the slaves to darkness army box sold. The area where I think gw could do better is the way they manage these changes and the rules support. They should have announced the changes the day after the AOS open day with a community post explaining the situation, a commitment to keeping points for legacy minis in the ghb even if they are no longer updated and a statement that old models which have a warscroll and points will be officially useable in tournament play until at least the next edition .
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    He's "Fantasy blind." Which means he can see BETTER THAN EVER.
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    I think we all know cities of sigmar is just a plot to get players with old WHFB armies to play stormcast. Week 1: "oh... Sure I'll take a box of longstrikes for my city army, they'll go with my freeguild". Month 3:"oh well... I can take as many stormcast units as I want with the city I like and still use my old guys. Might as well get a few more boxes". Month 12: "I used to play freeguild but then I got into stormcast and they just so so much better! Plus you the new battletome you can also buy super cool battletome supplements for each stormhost!"
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    Kurnothi are all AoS is about. They bring tradition onto new level. No more generic dwarfs - Fyreslayers and Kharadrons. No more traditional wood elves - Kurnothi. Making them more feral and beast-like is far more interesting. Would love to have a whole army of them.
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    I tried a game at my local GW store last week. Before I ramble on, Keep in mind that I am not much of an competitive player though I do enjoy Matched Play as well as narrative. I think the rule system is very simple and solid. Not much to memorize except for the warband abilities which I have no doubt will be easy after a few games. By the 2nd turn we knew the rules well enough for us to only ask the shop assistant for the stuff we did’t want look up. The rules seem like a mash up between, AOS, Meeting Engagement, Necromunda and Warhammer Quest. I really like the initiative system, which is simple and yet there were many things to consider before using wild dice. Like. Do you wanna spend wild dice to assure you get the first move? Or is it better to spend them on powerful abilities? Or maybe you should save them all for the right moment to take full control of the turn. The first thing that hit me when playing Warcry was that the game was so soaked in 80’s Heavy Metal theme that it felt like we had to listen to Iron Maiden or Metallica or something while playing. Im talking heeps of skulls, blood, fire and spikes. No time for armour save, Warcry is about dealing a ton of damage with your band of deranged killers. Like when my armoured Ogor faced off with some weird lion/goat on top of a building. Only for some other Conan looking wannabe to do a Scorpion (Mortal Kombat, not the band) move on him and gutted him with a hapoon and ripped him off the building. All the time we awaited the arrival of the Harpies, and lets be honest they look like something straight out of a Meatloaf album cover! So where am I getting at? We had a ton of cinematic moments with highfives and curses thrown over the table. Like others have said, do not take this foe a new Mordheim. It is not and if you are looking for that, Warcry will get you dissapointed. In our gaming group we usually meet to play for a whole day, about once a month. Warcry will come in very handy as the game played when we don’t have the time or energy for a full game of AOS. Or maybe it should be like that game we end the evening on after a particularly salty game, to assure that we all spend the last part of the session laughing. I spend lots of time painting, designing scenery and writing campaigns for AOS. For me Warcry will be the game that takes up a little space and time yet it provides a good experience.
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    This is the rumor thread tho
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    It's been a long time since I posted anything. real life was very busy, but I also kinda lost interest in Warhammer for a bit. I was pretty disappointed with the Slaanesh releases. I was expecting something along the lines of the Tzeentch release for Slaanesh. But GW decided to expand on their daemons of Slaanesh designs and didn't bring out any mortals, which I was really hoping for. But the last few months I have been working on something different. I'm getting to know a 3D program called Blender (which is free) and I'm really enjoying it. I decided to try and sculpt my own keeper of secrets based on my all time favorite Warhammer artwork. I might have been a little too ambitious creating a model this big and intricate... But working with this piece of art also helped me stay motivated when I had trouble with the program (and that happened a lot!). I'm currently trying to figure out if I can get a decent 3D print from my digital creation. I'm trying a site called Shapeways. Does anyone have any experience with them? Here are some pics of the digital mode:
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    I Love them. Playing as a city or city expedition is great
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    I've played a dozen games of it at this point, and while it has lots of ruling issues in particular I'm pretty dead set in it being the better competitive format. Shorter play time, less model and painting investment, in a tighter tactical framework. What's my basis for this? It's pretty simple: I consider things for ME that I wouldn't even look at for 2k. (Also the fact that I've been beaten repeatedly in ME by players who I would regularly, effortlessly table in standard AoS.) Issues with behemoths and morathi being in the spearhead etc. are overblown. I'd be more wary of Tzeentch Enlightened, Idoneth Eels, Troggoths, and similiarly moblie/punchy units than I would be of morathi or a gristlegore list with a bat in it. See: the one batrep where I beat a list consisting of Alarielle and 2 treelords with nothing but fanatics and squigs. Only reason that's the way it is, is because GW hasn't flat out stated "this is the new way to play competitive AoS". People cling to what they know, because they have a vested amount of time and money's worth of models in that format. And even if they DID point at ME and say "this is how you tryhard now", you'd still get detractors! Consider the case of KT Arena. Arena is objectively, hilariously more tight and balanced a system. But unlike Meeting Engagements it was actually packaged as a bloody literal official *kit for running tournaments with*. But to this day people still cling to the 3D terrain of standard KT for competitive play, for some reason or other. Some think the Arena format doesn't suit their factions, others don't like the boardgame feel. But IMO the main reason is that people can't let go of the broken combos that let them reliably win in standard KT. It's the same reason you see fervent tourneyheads drop meta armies entirely once they're made more reasonable: some people don't want a good, tight game, they want to win. I personally would LOVE a rewrite of the rules to be a bit more tight, especially when it comes to deployment, and especially with regards to the scary bogeyman units deploying in funny places and making people nervous. Biggest issue with the format so far is having a massive Main Body and trying to get it out in the Death Pass battleplan's MB deployment zone (12x3", good luck lol). The rules for reserve units will also typically need some more specifics, I've found those in particular required a bit of logic puzzling for certain deep-strike centric factions and units.
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    For a long time one of the best kept secrets of competitive AoS players was the importance of managing the number of drops in your list in order to increase you chance at having the choice of turn order to start the game. Nobody was trying to keep this a secret, but the information just hadn't trickled down to the low level competitive scene and below. I think that has changed now, and most competitive or semi-competitive players seem to be aware that limiting drops is very important. I even think there may have been an overcorrection, with some holding the view that lists over 5 drops are generally not viable (with a few exceptions). What I haven't seen is anyone really attempting to take a more rigorous approach to the question of drop count, so I've decided to take a stab at it. The ETC 2019 lists give a very nice snapshot of the late GHB2018 metagame. I'm sure things are skewed somewhat due to it being a very competitive team tournament, but a perusal of the lists didn't make me think that it would vary all that much from what you'd see in the top half of any given GT. This dataset is valuable because it gives a complete view of the metagame at a sizable tournament rather than just focusing exclusively on the top lists. There are limitations however, particularly insofar as the dataset represents a somewhat outdated meta. It reflects neither the GHB2019 and FAQ changes nor the new Sylvaneth tome. That said, it's really difficult to say how much this fact skews the dataset, as the new rules push the number of drops in both directions. Reducing the competitiveness of Idoneth and Legions of Nagash and general point increases to many top-tier armies probably nudges the drop counts down some, but the removal of 1-drop Sylvaneth and points reductions among other factions likely nudges the drop counts up. That said, this doesn't account for changes in battalion use. If previous low drop high-tier faction lists solve their points crunch by dropping battalions, that could increase the drop count rather than lowering it. Similarly, if previously overcosted factions use their new points to fit in more battalions, then it could lower their drops instead of raising them. Basically, I think this data set is good enough to draw some general conclusions from now and it's risky to try to correct it for GHB2019 -- we just need to wait for more data. Anywho, here are the ETC drop counts: I think a lot of people might find this data surprising. The two largest clusters are around 4-5 drops and 8-9 drops, but the high drop cluster is larger. Despite the reputation of the competitive metagame being skewed toward low drop lists, less than 40% of the ETC lists are 5 drops or fewer. And I'd argue that the ETC meta is, if anything, more competitive than the meta as a whole. At ETC fully 48% of lists were top tier factions (defined as Slaanesh, FEC, Fyreslayers, LoN, DoK, Idoneth, and Skaven) vs. 35.7% of the overall meta compiled by The Honest Wargamer. Here is a chart of your chance to have the choice of turn against a random opponent if you show up to ETC with each of the following numbers of drops: And here is how much turn choice percentage you stand to gain by reducing your list by one drop at each of the following drop counts: So the numbers of drops that stand to gain the most by going down by 1 are, in descending order: 9, 10/5 (tie), 4, 8, 6, 11/7 (tie). For the rest of the drop counts, the percentage gain is pretty negligible. Mathematically, you can determine the expected value of shaving a drop with the following formula: X = W1*P - W2 Where W1 is the expected increase in winning percentage due to having the turn choice, P is the increased probability of getting the turn choice by reducing to the targeted number of drops, and W2 is the expected increase in winning percentage due to having whatever units you would be shaving in order to reduce your drops. This equation is not particularly easy to use primarily because W1 and particularly W2 are difficult to determine. Let's look an example: Obviously, the bigger W1 is the more likely reducing your drops will be a good idea. So if you are playing some kind of list that can basically never win if they go last, then you really need to watch your drops. But if you are playing a more normal list then it's a much closer question. This inquiry leads to a clear question: assuming you are running an "average" list (ie: not a list that cares about turn order to an unusual degree), what is X1? I would love to get some insight from top level players on how they would answer this question.
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    Went to New Zealand Call to Arms tournament in Wellington this weekend. Review follows... This is the army that I went with: Game 1: vs Hedonites of Slaanesh, Star Strike I set up two small pockets of units in the far corners of the board, with the intention of waiting for the stars to fall before striking. He gave me first turn with the intention of trying to double turn him. I tried to cast a spell, failed, then ended my turn. He moved forward a little bit then ended his turn. We rolled for turn 2. I won and gave it to him so that I wouldn't get double turned later in the battle. The star fell on top of his army on the left side of the board. I dropped 10 liberators, 10 evocators, gavriel, and a lord castellant in front of 30 daemonettes and a keeper of secrets, and charged in. The Keeper of secrets killed all the evocators except 2 before they got to attack. We ran out of time on turn 3 and didn't finish the game (opponent was very slow player), but I was on the way to getting tabled. I brought my celestant prime out on turn 3 and assaulted the lyricist in the back, whiffed all my attacks with him and then died in the following counter assault before getting to attack again. We sort of "speed played/talked" through turn 4 just to get a feel for how things would go, but skipped a bunch of stuff and really didn't play it out properly. I scored 120 KPs (the liberators on the left killed some small hero) and lost my hidden objective which was to kill the opponent's most expensive model. Game 2: vs Gloomspite Gitz Squiggalance, Duality of Death The battle was on the 2nd to last table. Very cool army though - a squigg-based gitz army. I lost deployment, but he gave me first turn. There was an objective inside one of the buildings on my left side, so I ran straight for it and tagged the objective first turn. I buffed the unit with my castellant. On turn 1 I got assaulted with the monster squigg and lost almost half the unit of liberators in a single assault. I spent a command point to keep them from fleeing the table. I removed casualties from outside the building until the unit was finally on a 2+ RR save. After that, 4 liberators tanked the objective for the remaining 4 turns and bounced back and for between taking 1 damage and then healing it (in a later combat) via the castellant buff. My ranged units slowly whittled down everything on that side of the board, until there was no more melee. I brought my Celestant prime out in turn 3 to try to kill the monster squigg. He whiffed all his attacks and then died in the return combat... But the liberators lived until the end of the game and I got max points for that objective. On the other side of the board, he surrounded the objective and castled up. I Gav-bombed the Evocators into it and managed to kill the Battleline unit that was holding the objective, after 2 turns of combat. Gavriel died to the monster squigg on the right side on the charge in. I ended up with 4 evocators remaining by the end of the game, but they managed to kill everything on that side of the board in the end. After he lost the objective, I won the game due to victory points. We played the game out and I managed to table him (2000 kill points), but I lost my hidden objective, which was to recapture an objective. Game 3: vs Order Draconis, Shifting Objectives Very cool looking army to face. My pictures aren't great for this. I split my army into 2 forces, a small group on the left and a large group on the right. On the left side, he had a very strong line up. He took first turn and moved forward a little bit, preparing to crush that side of the board. At the top of turn 1, I dropped Gavriel and the evocators on the left side and charged in with everything. I got very lucky on the lightning zaps and basically 1 shotted the black dragon on that side. After that, his left right flank crumbled and I just swept towards the middle... On the right side of the board, I brought my Celestant Prime out and attacked a black dragon. He whiffed all his attacks and then died to the return assault. (I swear, I am not making this up.) However, my right flank held firm and he couldn't budge me off of the objective there, due to stacking armor buffs. The evocators continued to sweep across the board, and I eventually caught up to the dragon and killed it to win the game and table. (2000 points). I finally got my secondary objective, which was to make a charge greater than 9". Game 4: vs Stormcast, Knife to the Heart Very short game, but nice and good-hearted opponent. He took first turn, but didn't drop things from the sky. I castled up on my objective and buffed everything up. I then dropped my shooting and started whittling away at his objective holders. He countered with a dragon. Turn 2, I gav bombed and rushed his objective and pushed through. Turn 3 ticked over and the game ended because I held both objectives. Extremely low scoring game - I had 260 KP from this - but I did get my hidden objective which was to capture 2 objectives. Game 5: vs Fyreslayers, Focal Points Ug... what a game. I knew this was a tough matchup, so I was not so much trying to win as just harrass him and give him a hard time. I set up strong on one of the objectives. On the other side, I set up weak, and dropped the Celestant Prime down on turn 1 in order to use him as artillary for the rest of the game. He did great and killed all but 1 of the foot heroes in this role. He tunneled a unit of Hearthguard berserkers in front of me, but failed his charge. In the back, I dropped gavriel and the shooters into his back line, shot a hero off the board and charged into his magmadroth. I killed the Magmadroth but lost the evocators and Gavriel on the counter. The hearthguard finally got over to my side of the board and he eventually captured 4 objectives. I felt I gave him a good game in the end, as he only had 1 hero left with 1 wound. I lost the game 17 points to 35, but did a good job with KP 540 (I think), considering. **** I found out after this game that my opponent screwed his rules up completely almost everywhere. 1. He was using his command ability to let his magmadroth attack first in combat (this only applies to infantry units). 2. He was giving his Runesmiter a 4+ damage save (this only applies to the hearthguard and not the hero). 3. He was activating fight first with his hearthguard even though they were not wholly within 12" of his hero. 4. He gave all of his vulkites a 6+ damage save (the rule for the hearthguard, but spread across the entire army), as well as his general and his priest for some reason.... 5. He gave his magmic invocation +1 to mortal wound and said that it was because he was targetting a hero (this is false, it only works if targeting horde units). 6. He was piling in 6" with his hearthguard instead of 3". I wasn't familiar with Fyreslayers, so I didn't know what the heck was going on. So every time he did something, I just thought, "******, that seems way too good...." but I couldn't say anything because I didn't know if it was true or not. However, if we'd have played a fair game, I would have completely collapsed his back field and wiped all his heroes out by turn 3, and possibly could have won. So I'm really bummed out about this last game. I did speak to the TO and apparently other players in the tournament had similar issues. In any case, I took home my usual 3/5 wins with Stormcast, which is par for the course for me. Placed 15/32 in the tournament, and had the best showing of the Stormcast players there. Great weekend and supercharged my energy to keep playing AoS. Thanks for reading.
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    Working on the first two of my Spire Runner Stormcast for Warcry, both aiming for a more gladiatorial, beast hunting vibe born of souls who perished in the shadow of the fortress. #Ageofsigmar #warcry
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