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  2. First time posting here. Apologies if this is in the wrong place. I've recently gotten into the game, really only bought the start collecting skeleton horde as my end game is to have an army with nagash at the helm, haven't played any proper games yet as I've been slowly building my army to 1k points. The first models I built were my skeleton warriors but I decided to mix swords with spears and am now concerned if that's ok as I want to use then in a unit of 30 where the majority will be spear users. I read somewhere that you cant mix the weapon types, it would be a pain if that was the case. Also while I'm here, my army so far for 1000 points is looking like this Arkhan the black Necromancer 5 black knights 30 skeleton warriors 10 dire wolves What else can I add to the list as I'm unsure, the options are a little overwhelming as this is my first time ever playing a miniature game.
  3. Skittles 1st Platoon Finished! Still seeking out some colored stones for the base. Will take updated pics if i get some.
  4. Some of us don’t do social media... well I don’t at any rate. Can we get that email address posted here please?
  5. See this rumor sounds pretty good and balanced and I want it to be true. Therefore, it's a load o' junk and none of this will be remotely true.
  6. I have a tournament next month and I'll take Legion of Blood with the VLoZD as my General. The reason I want him instead of 5 wounds heroes is because he can survive thanks to Ethereal Amulet and can resurrect killed units. Greetings
  7. I personally don't care as long as the models are not confusing. If you are using dwarf warriors for human warriors, I don't care. I also would be happy using chits if it came down to it.
  8. The only part I find strange is the rerelease of the watchtower as a scenery piece. It is a rather big, somewhat plain looking kit with a firmly old world aesthetic.
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  10. But the miniature is the same (damage tokens remain and is cured). And the manual states no miniature can activated twice in the same round
  11. Yesterday
  12. Very good point - I'll go back and edit the language out...
  13. Yeah, the "n-mancer" made it a lot less nice to read. The Freeguild and Disposessed getting the warmachines back was expected, but that's just copters for the dwarves. Keeping great companies is a big boon, but I am worried what loadout options for Generals are retained.
  14. Overread


    Really nice lighting effect going on there! I like the work around the eye of the catdragonlizard
  15. If only 4chan users didn't feel the need to be casually racist and homophobic.
  16. Honestly those sound quite believable though whats interesting is them using multiple subfactions and suballiances as well in the same book. A curious concept and I wonder how that pans out. Shame there's no mention of any new models or returned or such - still curious that we lost all those artillery guns in the culling.
  17. Rumour about the Cities of Sigmar book from yesterday's 4chan thread - grain of salt and all that:
  18. @Christopher Rowe On your top points: The ladder from middle to top section of the bell tower can be glued, that’s just a matter of personal preference. Correct Correct You can glue the wall sections of the ruins together to build the four ruined buildings. Again, this is personal preference, but for stability I would glue them. If you build and glue them according to the directions on the blog you’ll have four sections that use up all of your pieces and match all of the cards. The only reason I’d see to leave them unglued was if you wanted to expand it with other kits down the road. On your questions: 1) No, leave part D7 unglued (I missed this one myself) 2) No, you want both sets of stairs removable. 3) Sorry, haven’t found anything missing myself and haven’t heard any rumors about missing sprues or pieces. 4) Silly Putty, Blu Stuff/Poster Tac should all work ok to hold pieces together but they’ll fall apart if someone pushes a little on them. As for the paint job I’ve used blue stuff and poster tac both as a mask when airbrushing and can confirm they don’t damage the paint underneath (assuming the primer and paint are dry and cured).
  19. I went for „cheesy“, don’t really what happened 🥳 I guess I shouldn’t write stuff while being hungry
  20. Lovely idea and minatures! What's your method of painting for the greenish stone?
  21. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/08/16/my-bad/
  22. Well, there are two things about it. One, the weapons should look distinct enough from another type to be easily recognisable, so "melee weapon" is a bit light, but "sword and shield, so they're guards with sword and shield" works fine. GW nixing warscrolls and models left and right should not invalidate those models for play. So dwarves are fine as humans (the keyword matters nothing, and even 10ft tall Stormcast get it), and dark elves are fine as light elves, and stormcast can be reformed into something fitting the army they are allied in.
  23. Are you using plastic glue? If so, don't. Use regular super glue instead.
  24. So, just to be clear, as I start the build on the terrain from the starter box I: Should not glue the ladder to its depicted position from the mid level to the top level on the belltower Should not glue the stairs to the belltower as is depicted in the instructions Should not glue the platform to the top of the statue head Should not glue any of the walls from step 8 to one another That leaves with just a few of questions. (1) Should I glue the short side railing to the statue head platform as is depicted at step 6b? (2) Should I glue the stairs to the statue head platform? (3) I heard a rumor that there are two pieces of terrain shown in the instructions that didn't ship in the box. Do the experiences of those here who've built the terrain bear that out? (4) I'm leaning towards using "tacky" like you buy at hobby shop to afix the different pieces together after having drawn the terrain card. Does that seem like something that would work or is likely to mess with my paint jobs? Cheers, Christopher
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