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  2. Yeah that's filth. I think he's good but just a bit tricky to fit into a list, I view him as an 80 point wizard with a mandatory 80 point unit. Honestly though he just suffers the same problem that standard madcaps suffer, no after save makes him incredibly fragile and he's directly competing with fungoids who are amazing.
  3. I think the AoS lore still needs to come to life a little for me. Don’t get me wrong I’m a total convert and the old world had to die for the new to be born, but there’s still a bit of knitting together of the background before we can properly develop an attachment. The old world was obviously just various history memes and fantasy tropes. Elves were more or less the elves from Tolkien, dwarfs were more or less Tolkienesque dwarves etc. I’m not saying there weren’t differences, but it was an instantly recognisable setting to anyone versed in fantasy or even history (brets, tomb kings, lizardmen and others all directly modelled on specific human societies), and therefore not a unique GW product. The realms I think still have a bit of work to do before we can really get our teeth into the lore, and there are a few logical leaps we have to make. For example, while the internal life of space marine chapters is documented and intelligible – direct comparisons can be made to Roman Legionaries, martial fraternities, warrior monks etc, the same comparison is more difficult with say, Stormcast Eternals. Are there yawning cultural differences between Stormcast Chambers? Do they have schisms, do they fall, do they vie for power of influence with Sigmar, do they hold territory? Are they at all tied to the populations they protect? And what of the population they protect? For the layperson it seems to be that they protect generically ‘good’ people. This doesn’t lend them the layer of nuance that say, space marines have in defending a civilisation that is in many ways morally indefensible. What are the human civilisations doing that are living in Ulgu, or the realm of death? Are they good? If so, how aren’t they corrupted? If they are corrupted, do the Stormcast want to save them? Does it really make sense that you have cross-realm travel and technologically advanced factions existing alongside other sentient races that refuse to embrace those advances? Compared to the relatively primitive blackpowder technology that WFB dwarfs and men had mastered, you now have Kharadron Overlords living in Sky Cities armed with pretty advanced weaponry, while you have various aelves kicking about with bows and arrows. I’m sure there is some lore that points to this, but it will take a while before it seeps through and starts to knit together an evolving, internally consistent universe. The possibilities with the AoS setting compared to WFB are endless and I’m optimistic about how it will develop, but at the moment I’m not sure what would be an obvious setting for a game. RPGs function best with a well-developed ‘home world’ for characters to explore, like the setting of the Witcher, for example. Rich lore, settled societies with a myriad of local rivalries. You could quite easily set a 40k RPG on countless worlds as we roughly know the ‘coordinates’ of Imperial societies, where would you set an AoS RPG? I’m not sure that is so straightforward. An RTS makes more sense but then what are they fighting over? The stakes are very clear when the imperium is fighting over Cadia, or when the Empire has to defend Altdorf, or even when the GDI have to defend the Tiberium fields, but I think more work would need to be done to decide what the AoS factions are fighting over. Soul Wars seems like a decent place to start, but what are the consequences of defeat? What constitutes a victory? All questions I’m sure could be answered, but suspect more lore development needs to happen first.
  4. People usually use one of the great skyports as of the additional rules that they have. Although you cant get the combination of artycle and amendment you've got there, they are still better to go with. For better dispelling Barak-Nar boosts your roll by 1, ties normally go to the caster so this gives you a slight edge unbinding against regular Joe wizards. Unfortunately the aethersight loupe has been faq'd. Whereas before you'd be able to reliably dispel the strongest casters in the game this now just gives and extra unbind rather than 3d6. So its mediocre now. I think it was fair to reduce it but I wouldve been happier if it was a +2 to unbind rather than an extra roll you'll probably not succeed in anyway. Ships dont put out that much damage, but they're the USP of the army. More just a comment to check expectations to avoid disappointment the first time you use them. For comparison your arkanaut blob and khemist for 620 would be expected to do nearly double the damage of the ships for 590 (excluding battalion cost). That's not the be-all end-all though. The arkanaut blob is very static so you can get caught out of desired targets range or LoS, or the blob gets stuck in melee and forced to shoot them. The mobility of the ships has some advantages. Although at 18" range you're still going to only get 1 shot before melee (with units that want to that is). The frigate should also be more of a transport than gunship. As far as I know you cant have drill cannons and grapnel launchers in a skywarden unit. Id swap the grapnel for a volley gun, keep them small ranged harassment units. In general what youve put up looks decent. But I'd consider a great sky port. Most commonly used are Zilfin and Mhornar, for this Mhornar would be better.
  5. No idea but they appear to have been completely deleted from both the app and the ghb in the case of the warmachines etc so they seem to have been fully removed. Which is shady as all hell considering they were selling them 6 months ago.
  6. is it possible for you to give examples of "faction terrain" that ISNT part of an allegiance ability? not calling you out in anyway im fairly new to AoS and been trying to follow this subject.
  7. @SceptionGood post, I'm with you ... we might have a hard time with Meetings Engagements due to the victory Points gained by caused wounds as you said. :-S I like your list, but I'm not sure wether Corpse Cart and Zombies are worth it or if you should go for 10 Dire Wolves. This is the list I'm going to try: What do you guys think?
  8. I have a question about heraldor+ fulmimators. if the fulmimators run/retreat, can they still use their missile weapon? Because otherwise you would have to play without it the whole game since they want to retreat and charge every round
  9. A little off topic, but long ago a shipment of lego was washed overboard, and to this day bricks still wash ashore on certain cornish beaches. The best thing is that the lego bricks in question were largely from the Aquaraiders theme, so what you find on the beach are frequently lego octopuses! so if endless spells start washing up somewhere we'll have evidence for this hypothesis! I'm still kind of hoping it was very confused pirates, but a customs issue seems much more likely....
  10. Unfortunately our Gitmob Grots are gone. Does anyone know if they will be put in the legacy group with Bretonnia?
  11. Multiplication go before additions. It’s in one of the faq’s
  12. Mortars don't have the Skaventide keyword so if they use them they lose their allegiance abilities, spell lores etc. So if they bring mortars rejoice as the game just got a lot easier (yeah the units they were selling a couple of years ago in an Age of Sigmar branded box now destroy your army).
  13. This is true but I'd leave the title to one of my other faction which has the "shooting" option (and beeing good at it): the skaven.
  14. Recently played a few games against a similar list. First time round I tried pilling everything into the Bezerkers, but we just don't have the combat punch to do that reliably. Maybe if you're rocking 18 Enlightened on disks and a Wildfire Torus (make sure you hot the Bezerkers and not the hero, so the hero will have to fight and activate all the rerolls), but generally you want to keep well clear (unless you manage to take out all the heros first) Second game I went with a desolating beastherd list with plenty of Centigors and just out manoeuvred him. By the end of turn 2 I had a wide circle around his army and just picked off the straggling units while playing for objectives. Stark contrast to the first game, I felt in complete control for the entire game as he just couldn't hold more than one objective without splitting his force (which would have resulted in me swarming and destroying the smaller half). So yeah, main thing is play the mission and use your mobility to control the game. Ambush really throws them off their game (not enough cheap units to screen effectively) and a bit of shooting is invaluable, which basically means raiders and/or Cockatrice. Also remember the buffing heroes are generally quite squishy and poor in combat, so no hard doing a suicide charge to take one out if you get the chance.
  15. Thank you for this, would you recommend any particular artifacts? Also would you say Fyreslayers with KO is a better mix?
  16. Same here. What I really don't like is GW releasing rules and statements all over the place. White Dwarf had rules like Skirmish, now statements at facebook, that noone can find and then erratas very fast after some rules where already remade. Is a little ranty, but I guess you see what I mean.
  17. Dunno if this is helpful for others, but my awesome GF did a study of contrast over the two primers. I thought I would share. In each set, Wraithbone primer is the left model.
  18. Today
  19. Just come across this. Amazing work, everything is a piece of art. You should feel pretty chuffed with yourself. Grats on squig too.
  20. Every time I think about Castigators I run the numbers and they always come up short Even taking their melee attacks into account, Xbow Judicators with a Shockbow Prime come out ahead.
  21. I think it's one of the reasons GW introduced the 3 defined "ways to play". They knew that not all of them would appeal to everybody and you'd end up gathering similar minded individuals together to play in a similar style. Providing the people doing the experiment weren't expecting the new rules to be more balanced or coming our super disappointed with the game, having oddball games like that can be quite good fun.
  22. I don't know at the moment what to do with AoS. As I said before I'm having a tournament on next Saturday and with new GH 19 my plans have to change a lot . I was thinking to run a pure Beastclaws Raiders list but I know very well that I would not have any chance to reach one of the first 10 positions, especially in a 5 games tournament. 😞
  23. So the points reductions on blight/plague cyst worth the points now? I personally cant see the points be worth the investment still and I am a casual gamer lol
  24. There's a disappointing lack of GW IP rpg's in general which considering the heaps of lore and the way you have such variety within the factions would make for a really cool rpg setting. Something like travelling across the flamescar plateu and having different enemies in different areas but being able to take those areas for order would be really cool and would let them use the characters & ideas of firestorm, either akin to Shadow of War's free roam & strongholds or more like blackguard's 2 moving between set locations for battles to take them over and being able to defend them. Though they could easily do it on any realm, taking a small section of it (because they INFINITE) and letting the players explore. Would be a lovely way to see AoS realms and even the cultures of human/eld/duardin/chaos/destruction tribes brought to life.
  25. Personally and non-competitive I love fielding 60 zombies with necromancer and a corpse cart... solid wall of undead meat and if they get the first charge they can be pretty devastating (2+\3+\-\1) . bloodknights and morghast went down in points, but without the summonable keyword I think our hordes are still stronger, especially the bedsheets. Still use them, because „rule of cool“ Arkhan sadly went up a bit (still pretty solid as big caster instead of Nagash), vampirelord on dragon stayed the distraction carnifex he was. the fine details are yours to explore and experience, too many good/cool/fun options in our book!!! We are One of if not the most diverse faction!!! if your playing beer&pretzels your set from Soulblight Knightly charge that will put tears into old Bretonnia Players, to 180 zombies whipped into a frenzy by vamps and necros to the wailing and screaming abominations if terror, legions of blood bravery bombs with mortis engines, terrorgheist and banshees... Just too much fun!!! PRAISE NAGASH!!!!!!!! (the sanity of the writer is anti-proportional to the amount of exclamation marks)
  26. So...power unbound... Auto includes: Overpower (because that's yltharis usual inspire method) Sorcerous flourish (unrestricted trap for spells...) Spirit bond (accuracy and defence boost for gallaghann. Or defence boost for ylthari while gallaghann is on the board) High potential: Strange demise (its sorcerous scouring) Warning shot (ahnslaine and ylthari have range 3 attacks) Spike (because we have chip damage and there's plenty of 4 wound folks around) Inspired attack (mainly ylthari but if you planned to inspire ahnslaine or skathael it's real good) Blazing soul (again, only if you plan on inspiring people other than ylthari) Eldritch ward (because ylthari dying is bad) Spectral armour (because 4 defence dice ylthari or having gallaghann, ahnslaine and ylthari at 3 dice) Spirit bond (accuracy and defence boost for gallaghann. Or defence boost for ylthari while gallaghann is on the board)
  27. The main issue, beside the actual rules, is that everything around it is just to obfuscated. If GW actually had made an enormous spreadsheet, were they had all the scenarios, and all the faction terrain and then said “hey faction X will not be able to place its terrain in 16% and Y not in 50% of the battles that’s sounds about right for the balance we are after”… and they also published a design article were they outlined the big changes and the thinking behind them and said things like “we saw that faction terrain had become an issue, to many army lists were designed around them and some were just too good and reliable and we wanted to have more variety. So we wanted to make rules were it was not always certain that you could bring them. It’s the same design philosophy we had in malign sorcery realm rules with restrictions to shooting or that some battleplans force you to deploy everything on the board”.... then that would have been fine… now we know why, that there is an actual design philosophy and now we can argue about “is that a good idea” and are the rules correctly parametrized. But that’s not the case and now we need to argue along the lines of “what are they doing, why are drunk gerbils designing my favorite game by drawing random sentences out of a hat”….
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