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  2. You'll just need one then. I kinda like him, he's the ding dong ghost
  3. BOBO over and I didn't get many pics. Won 2 lost 3 so not great but a fantastic experience and learned a lot. Pic 1 is my deployment in total commitment vs a Nagash army. Pic 2 is me smashing up a Bonesplitterz army in shifting objectives.
  4. By double-triple I meant 20, 30 models. I didn't wanna use Extollers because they look so dumb.
  5. We play there fairly regularly though as I said we are playing Kill Team at the moment.
  6. What do you mean with an double or triple unit?... A unit is a unit, you can have 10-30 grims in 1 unit and only 1 extoller of Shyish in that whole unit. But If you have 3 units = 10 grimghast 10 grimghast 10 grimghast Then each of those units must have their own extoller of Shyish yes. But keep in mind that you save points if you have a 30 grim units. And you can't have more than 1 extoller of Shyish in a unit.
  7. Hmm, throwing power tools should have a 5+ 5+ profile, checks out to me
  8. I totally agree and would strongly advise against cross-magnetizing durthu with the ancient for a TON of reasons. This is just my preference- but I would never recommend doing that. #1- They come in start collecting boxes! You're going to need Dryads anyway, and it was a good deal to get two start collecting boxes minimum to get 30+ dryads- at least it WAS a great deal before they started raising the prices of start collecting boxes this year... #2- Between Durthu's skull belt/ skull branches of his victims and his iconic broken mask in contrast to the Ancient's beard, etc there are a LOT more differences than just a "different weapon" going on here. In my opinion neglecting those differences will just make either Durthu or the Ancient look like a cheap knock-off. #3- Are you really ok with only ever having 1 big treeman on the field? Forever? If you ever end up fielding both units in the future, the magnetism will be a waste.
  9. You can use those units, at least in my perspective. They have profiles and matched play cost, it's just old, but you can check it out here: https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Compendiums/warhammer-aos-high-elves-en.pdf You can build your army either around Order Allegiance, or one of Free Cities or small faction Allegiance, like Phoenix Temple or Order Draconis, but the only reason to do that are conditional battlelines. I suggest that you visit Elven discussion and ask questions there, give a list of units you have so someone can suggest you a list to try out
  10. Just with the plastics.... Tomb Guard w/Halberds Tomb Guard with Sword Sepulchral Stalkers Necropolis Knights Tomb King on Foot (from the Sphinx Kit) War Sphinx Necrosphinx Thats 7 units from 3 kits. You could make more by doing what the FEC did and make unit Champions heroes. In which case you could get up to 10.
  11. Those teleportation shenanigans with gravesites... that never occured to me but it will be freak'n awesome!
  12. Actually, nothing in AoS have natural 2+ save
  13. Wysiwyg - actually sounds like a lesser known chaos god, of pedantry perhaps, that GW tried to introduce around 3rd edition but never really took off, is now of dubious canonicity and just used by Josh Reynolds as an Easter egg for old fans in his stories.
  14. Honestly bladegheists are pretty much always good in my opinion. Throw in a spirit torment to give the rerolls to hit, the 6+ death save and D3 models back each battleshock and they are just solid all round. I will definetly be trying out dreadscythe harridans; they have more damage output on non-charge turns and only slightly less on chrage turns than bladegheists, but LoG will make getting their -1 to hit aura way more reliable. Also tomb banshees will see some love. Current list has 15 bladegheist with a spirit torment escort and 15 harridans with a harrow general and the new -2 bravery warlord trait. Can teleport wherever you need the buff or to bring back units from the gravesites.
  15. This comment wins the internet for the day. Congrats, @RuneBrush.
  16. Today
  17. Pretty self-explanatory. I'm looking to speed up my games. Right now I dread taking units larger than 10 models, but I really want them! So I'm asking - anyone who has actually used trays and experienced their utility in AoS games: What are the best ones and why?
  18. Im tempted to pick up 3 Tomb Banshees , Run a Guardian of Souls, run min unit skeletons, and fill the rest with Dreadscythe Harridans. Im really hoping Harridans become battleline though. I wanna go for max bravery debuff.
  19. Maximum is 1400 points if you find 10 32mm bases and just make every model a hero, except Terrorgheist Normally you build GKoTG, 10 ghouls and 3 KNIGHTS which is a total of 660-670 (depends on what KNIGHTS you built) With first SC you probably don't need to make Courtiers
  20. I didn’t expect scales, or indeed a tail, on the new IdK Endless Spell but I trust the designers to do us right.
  21. Okay cool, because I'm going to flip if someone tries to tell me my vulkites don't have throwing axes because I put grapnels and power tools on their belts. I will not stand for counting already nearly useless axes, haha.
  22. So, out of curiosity, what are people thinking they're going to be running in their Legion of Grief armies? I know this depends fairly heavily on the answer to the battalion question (which my own feeling will be yes). I may have picked up a couple of boxes of Bladegheist...
  23. He should be tested prior to a tournament - Yet another Armstrong doping scandal incoming? 😋
  24. The top maybe, the bottom doesn’t match the Carnosaur.
  25. Don’t stress. That’s going to absolutely fine
  26. So it changes a little from unit to unit, but by general principle, 5+ and 4+ are the most common. 6+ and - are kinda low / bad but often compensated through high wounds or ward saves or cheap cost. 3+ and 2+ are considered high saves and a natural 2+ is quite rare. There are some aesthetical cues which are reasonably consistent throughout the game. There are usually adjustments as well based on "quality" of the troops. 3+ saves are mostly elite stuff like heroes, some monsters etc. Cant think of a model with a innate 2+ save. Generally, lightly armored units are around 5+ and heavy armor units are around 4+. For example most of the classic battleline units (10 man) have a 5+ save. Think Dispossessed Warriors, Sylvaneth Dryads, Eternal Guard, Most classic wizard style caster heroes also have a 5+ save, (Elven Sorceresses, Human battlemages etc). However stormcast caster heros have often high save (3+) as they are heavily armored and magical. Most units with a 4+ save are also heavily armored, like most of the stormcast, ironjawz, chaos warriors, 6+ or - is generally for stuff that is either very lightly armored or just not armored at all like Blood Reavers, Hounds, Witch Aelves, Savage Orruks, Skeletons etc. Armor is not the only thing though, there are usually adjustments for size, skill with weapons, shields and troop quality etc. This can go both ways as larger things can be easier to hit as they are an easier target, but also harder to hit due to tougher skin or sth. In the end I would reccommend looking warscroll by warscroll through the whole list of things anyway to have a general idea of what every faction does anyway. Know your enemy and all that. It will help you in the long run. I reccommend looking at like a faction a day and try to understand their rules and think of how you would play with them and how you would play against them. That way you have a reasonable bite size everyday and you dont overwhelm yourself. Or if you just care about saves you can look through the units and keep the type of things they wear / quality / lore they have in mind. There is a resonable pattern and you will be able to predict the save (and other things) quite well just by picking up on these cues.
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