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  2. If that's the case about the other Chaos armies, then I stand corrected. Make no mistake though - players interested I. Slaanesh expected a big release. Coupled with some sort of Realm-shattering event, complete with Aelf army releases, etc etc. Been listening to this chatter for weeks.
  3. Khorne players are a bit salty. So if you feel depraved you can go collect khorne tears by pointing out how good our combat is. Teasing is fun. Though i understand some the frustration.
  4. Whip of Subversion is in a way kind of like the old Wrathmongers ability. Sweet. Thanks for taking that away and essentially giving it to a new army, but also better because the damage just happens instead of it going through the entire combat phase against itself.
  5. Over thinking things could hurt them. Then again with things moving to wholly within they may need the hero basically humping the unit they are trying to buff.
  6. They also benifit from euphoric killer 6s become 2hits that and keepers hit on 3. Though 3 to hit could change. Strongest alone is from the pretender host command trait so they also get a second command trait and possibly an artifact if they choose for the general. on a 2+ you attack last. Again assuming they picked a keeper of secrets. But if you kill it they lose a lot.
  7. Yeah true. I mean basically it's not going to catch the same (savvy) opponent twice. But it will make them have to do a bit more thinking than usual, which is USUALLY an advantage.
  8. Im a Dispossessed player and wanted to ask what units got better without allegiance synergy. So which units and combos got better as allies in your eyes? Maybe its still too soon to tell, but id like to use some to help my dispossessed mobility wise so probably a runesmiter with a unit of hearthguard berzerkers.
  9. You know what's most infuriating of all? Slaanesh is literally more thematic and better at combat than the literal god of war. Exploding dice, running and charging, forcing opponents to fight last, etc. Khorne the literaly army plays like a support group, everyone huddled together, helping each other out, giving each other self esteem boosts and hugs so they can fight better instead of the frothing mad berserkers that kill their own in lore. What the actual ****** man. Khorne should be about getting to you as fast as possible, as self sufficiently as possible (Khorne armies BARELY work together in so much as they all basically head in the same direction to kill whatever is there in the books and lore and often times kill each other because blood for the blood god) and as brutally as possible. Not handing out hugs and kisses and sticking together and marching as friends all within a limited area so everyone improves each other to fight their best. Who designed Khorne? This is Stormcast ******. This is working together and cooperation ******. Why are we so buff reliant and our individual units are so mediocre? Why are we so slow? Why are we worse at combat than everyone other combat army? WHO MADE THIS BOOK? WHY IS THE GOD OF WAR TERRIBLE AT WAR? Why are we staying anywhere from 16'' to 8'' wholly within each other and are utterly ineffectual without combined arms of this buff and that buff and this guy helping and that guy helping before we actually get to efficient levels of killing? Slaanesh just runs at you turn one and has rampagingly exploding dice that create even more attacks that swarm you in dice more than Ork boyz and then make you fight last whilst also handing out debuffs to make it EVEN HARDER to fight them back in return.
  10. Have had a really busy month so far, so not as much time for painting as I was hoping for. I have finished the second part of my pledge with the Soulrender, but will need a huge slice of luck to get my Allopex finished... particularly as he fell off the cork he was pinned to three times today, so need to rethink how I'm going to hold him I think...
  11. @Greasygeek preaching brother, preaching. The ghost hourglass spell, just add heal/revive models with wounds total to d6. Redo the Garden of Morr as the generic LoN and ghost terrain piece. Allow for healing/reviving or battleshock immunity and give it sinister, done. Forbidden Power is a mystery at the moment. They've announced separate endless spells other than the ones from Forbidden Power as well, so what it will be who knows, it even comes with a generic terrain piece all armies can use, so most will have 2 that they can now use, lol. I'm in no doubt that Nagash will lose, and SCE will win and behold all was well in the lands (yawn) but that was always going to be the case. Would be nice if they did a campaign like malign portents where the outcome was decide by the players themselves but that's not a good marketing strategies for the countless years of releases that they have ready to go.
  12. Genestealer Cults was 6 or more months later. Basically they are model releases without a Battletome/Codex at the same time. It doesn't really matter if there's weeks, months or years until the new tome; they establish that GW is full willing to release models without a new book. Of course best practice for them is to tie new models to a new book and that is oftne when they deliver the most; however they've always released stuff out of sync. In the past (pre Chapterhouse Court Case) GW would put rules for models in the book that they'd not made; in fact some never ever got made into models and the only way was to convert. Post the court case they've stopped that as it was only feeding the 3rd party companies in a big way and losing GW revenue and they couldn't stop the companies doing it. So now GW only puts in the book what they are going to sell when the book comes out (exception is sometimes there's a weeks delay when a range gets a 2 week release window). They get around that by just putting rules in the box for everything that comes after that isn't big enough or is too close to a recent book launch. It's great for us and for GW.
  13. Tzeentch and Nurgle got pretty big releases, in one hit. Tzeentch got the Acolytes, the Tzaangor (technically were released as a 40k option earlier, but released again in their AoS version), the Tzaangor Shaman, the Tzaangor Enlightened, the Lord of Change, the Changeling, and the Gaunt Summoner and Ogroid Thaumaturge rereleased separately from Silver Tower. Maggotkin got the Great Unclean One, the Lord of Blights, the Pusgoyles, the Beast of Nurgle, 2 different heralds, the tree and the seperate release of Slimux. That’s on top of all the stuff Nurgle got in the End Times (where Slaanesh got nothing). Slaanesh is getting the KoS, Daemon Prince guy, mirror thing, Masque and the scenery and spells. It’s noticeably smaller. Again, no one has been asking for a huge release here. Personally I’d have been happy for just one new unit. Hell, swap it for the mirror thing.
  14. I wonder how locus of diversion interacts with the tyrants of blood ability. For example, you have the bloodthirster with halo of blood fighting some random unit, nowhere near a hero, and another bloodthirster near a greater daemon. The locus can go off on the non-halo bloodthirster, but that bloodthirster isn't technically under the effect of any rule that states he can fight at the start of the combat phase, just that they fight immediately after another bloodthirster (which just so happens to be at the start of the phase). So which takes precidence, fighting 'immediately' or always fighting last? Definitely going to need a faq. Either way, definitely a feels bad moment for people that are relying on halo of blood (or FEC for that matter), I'm glad I didn't splurge on the two bloodthirsters haha. Actually I think I might need to add to my rule: not only should I skip buying anything until after the 2 week FAQ/nerf, I should wait until the next book comes out to see if GW adds any direct counters to the best strategy. Don't forget slaanesh is getting a character greater daemon that is specifically built to hunt other greater daemons with khorne being singled out. Can't imagine that's going to be a good time either.
  15. As always I'll reserve judgement for when I've seen the whole book but it does look like Khorne has been screwed hard by Slaanesh.
  16. I think its the backside of the portal the Slaanesh mark looks to be the other way
  17. Ungor raiders and marauder horsemen qualify for this.
  18. If the hero is fast enough could get it at the top of 1
  19. Not sure the changes to the command traits for the hosts are that good, but the additional ways to generate depravity points are interesting. Pretenders ‘heir to the throne’ ability mentions units with missile weapons with 10+ models. Didn’t think there was a Slaaneshi ranged unit with 10 models. Regardless, I Definitely think there will be Slaaneshi themed models coming with Warcry.
  20. Dual boxes introducing new models were soon followed by battletomes in matter of weeks. Just not sure if all of them were.
  21. I think they were referencing that the enemy hero must be within 1" of the unit they are going to do MW to...which is true, but it certainly will make your opponent agonize a bit over positioning...because for a hero to be effective they often have to be quite close to the combat.
  22. Are you talking about the battlesmith's artefact totem or is there an actual prayer that I must have glossed over to dispell?
  23. Maybe going warherd for extra hits might help and who knows maybe there are things to help them with hitting.
  24. We'd all love every army to get a huge release - updated old models - new concepts, new ideas, new subforces etc... Most of us would This actually makes it a very big release from GW's end because it means they've tooled up a lot of high investment items that will make a return slower than if they'd done a lot of troops. So whilst we don't have many troops, GW have front loaded it with a LOT of very high end stuff. If you glance at a lot of other armies they got the opposite treatment - troops and few leaders. Heck Daughters of Khaine are pulling most of their leaders out of a single old kit!
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