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  2. I actually really like that colour scheme, you don’t really see that sort of thing much with skaven. Nice job!
  3. be sad if it just mountless hellstriders in the end.
  4. Oh wow, the absolute imagination of you beautiful people. Time for round two from me though. This time with Destruction armies. I can’t imagine I’ll get round to these ever because I have already started a 2000 point Gutbuster army. I had planned on doing a Beastclaw Raider army with a Christmas theme. It would be lead by Father Festag (frost lord) and Missus Klaws (huskard). The army would be nothing special, just an exercise in moulding fur out of green stuff. The beasts would be themed around rain deer with big red noses and some grots would represent the elves. I just like the idea of a great big ogur delivering presents to the good people of the Mortal Realms and eating the rest. I was also thumbing around with the idea of a Bonesplitter army from Chamon. They would be painted gold with green tattoos and many would have minor conversions to give them new shiny weapons. They would be lead by their prophet Badazar Git, another little conversion that would replace the prophets mask.
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  6. How come you're looking at splitting them up? For me they work best at 30 strong as your enemy has to kill 11 or more for you to lose the +1 to hit bonus. I've been playing since February so about 2 months now and probably played 20 or so games. It really does depend on what you're up against but my Bloodletters have improved significantly with the new book and have become my most reliable battleline unit. Hence why I'm now looking at buying another 20 of them so I can have two units of 30. I've managed to buff them effectively with Wrathmongers in the 2 games I ran them and they have a smaller bubble than the Bloodsecrator so can't see it being too much of an issue.
  7. The problem is the math isn’t exact as the mortar has to cause and unsaved wound and with 3 you only average 1 wound with no rend so against any unit with a reasonable save it likely won’t go off. decksweeper is slightly better than buffed rifle with mortar boost or slightly worse without. The re roll on shots isn’t a huge deal (4.5 extra shots per 6 shot rolls) although it does protect you against terrible rolls. The cannon even without decksweeper is fairly much worth it it averages 5/6 damage at -2 per model where as a 3 shot buffed rifle averages 1 at -1 per model once you add in the re rolls from decksweeper the cannon jumps up to 1.46 damage at -2 per model however the issue with all the special weapons is range 12 so any form of screen keeps them from hitting valuable units. For pure damage output and balance then I would probably run deck sweepers, cannons and then rest rifle as the mortar is pretty terrible and it’s buff not that great. Then khemist buff the rifles and the cannons as long as you can get round the 12” range issue. Saying all that as the aim with KO is to kill all models in range every turn I prefer pure rifle longer range as doesn’t need any character support. —- also indeed your right MSU does have downsides not just the activation and retreat game but worse now are endless spells. You have to kill any wizards as a priority as even d3 mortal wounds each over 4 to 5 units is extremely damaging.
  8. Have a 2000p game next week against a friend who will be bringing FEC for the first time. He generally plays the best stuff, but I have no idea what FEC does aside from I don’t want to ever be in combat with a dragon unless I can charge and kill it immediately (but don’t they have an ability to go first even if I charge?) Brokk Khemist 3x10 Arkanauts 1x20 Thunderers (rifles) 1x12 Endrinriggers (Saws) Knight Incantor 1x5 Evocators The arkanauts will serve as screens; Evo’s and Riggers with heroes behind, Thunderers last. I was thinking Barak Urbaz so the Khemist can buff the Thunderers’ rifles and the Riggers saws at least for turn 1. Thoughts?
  9. I dunno... I feel like since you're investing so heavily into Clanrats, you really need all the help you can get from 2 Frenzies. What did you have in mind to replace him with? I say it's worth it since it's just free extra attacks. They can't run and charge anyway (and thus can't shoot) unless I'm forgetting something, so that would give them more threat range, even if the guns aren't too great.
  10. I'm in pretty much your exact boat, though I've not used Skulltaker yet and I'm likely splitting up my bloodletter unit into 3 x 10 or 1 x 20 + 1 x 10. I'll be interested in reading how things go for you as you play more.
  11. Yeah. Make the Taruk the general. Those traits/ artifacts are kinda wasted on the Daemonsmith. Esp if you're gonna have him hiding out with the Magma cannon. At 1k, he'll do some hurt.
  12. Yes, many people are making that assumption, but it's still an assumption and not what the rules say at present. Take, for example, this as a comparison: Same heading of "Fly" and then a description of what that rule grants the model (and why, as it turns out).
  13. I'll go check, and I hear you man,I know high school definitely doesn't compare to college but it's similar during junior year(the year I'm in now).
  14. Hey Milo, I'd recommend you'd listen to the following Podcast. It covers Sylvaneth in some depth so I'd listen to the whole thing as it's gold but if you just want to skip to where they discuss Dreadwood, go to about 1 hour, 11 minutes in. It's principally an alpha strike list but can be played defensively also. https://soundcloud.com/user-583885206/episode-17-bonus-episode-aos-coach-faction-focus-sylvaneth
  15. I think I already did here, but I will repost those ideas (and post something soon when I find the time from university)
  16. Glad you like them! We had quite a few nice painted armies previously so it's a nice way to reward it and get some nice pics!
  17. Well you already know that there is a pirate thread on this site where you can post those ideas(The Golden Abacus for everybody who doesn't know).
  18. Hey guys, I'm going to be playing in a small tournament next weekend and I'm looking for some advice. My opponents are likely to be: FEC, Stormcast, Skaven (stormfiend heavy list), Khorne and LoN. Normally I'd play a Harvestboon list and launch Durthu at any major threats (cogs+warsinger+harvestboon for +4 charge and equip him with ghyrstrike), however the FEC and Khorne (mostly FEC) make me nervous about getting too close and I'm wondering if I'd be better off switching to Gnarlroot for more ranged power? The FEC is a Gristlegore list so his general will fight first, so unless I take Doppelganger cloak and hope that I get lucky I can't see it working out. The Khorne is bloodthirster heavy so with the exception of LoN all of my opponents will be fielding quite elite units so I think I'd do best to prepare for that, any tips? For anti horde I know that there are a few options (Drycha, Alarielle's Metamorphorsis, dwellers below & branchwych bomb) but I struggle for anti elite except for scythe equipped Kurnoth. I have most models barring Drycha and the base Treelord so could play Dreadwood, Harvestboon, Winterleaf (no phoenix) or Gnarlroot quite comfortably. I've put a few of my lists on the imgur below with the list that I'm favouring being the Gnarlroot with an Umbral spellportal. What would you guys take? I don't yet know the battleplans or realms so can't give any info on those sorry. Sample lists: https://imgur.com/a/QsKvxV9
  19. Apologies good sir, I was referring to your actual models and lore, rules are a whole different ball game.
  20. Oh heck yea man! I'm still playing that game despite the absolute sandpaper roughness of the mechanics, graphics and quests. I don't know it's abandoned but this game is scratching that Pirate itch I got, and in truth it is helping me build ideas for the armies I posted above. This and the kickstart of "The pirates of Panama" audiobook I listened too really got this all tumbling in my head. in fact I want to write some rules for ships as well... seems we're going to be having a nice pirate mountain of shiny rules!
  21. It would be kinda neat to have an undead faction led by a guy who swore allegiance to chaos and another one by a guy who gave the middle finger to chaos and now works for order. Kemmler of Chaos and Settra of Order both unwittingly working on the same 'side' in opposition to Nagash.
  22. I'm new to this message board, so please excuse any breaches and whatnot. I've noticed a Stark lack of destruction and death armies; so that being true, I've set my mind to concept ideas for some, hoping they'd garner some attention and get Games Workshop working on fixing the discrepancy. My ideas this far, submitted for your approval are as follows: 1: Skytitans: I remember reading in some of the old Ogre Kingdom books about a race of intelligent Giants, now called Gargants. They were bigger, smarter and more powerful than the current set of Giants/gargants, and we're overwhelmed by the sheer numbers and ferocity of the ogres. It seems to me that they could have made a resurgence in AOS. I would include those goblins that steal Overlord ships and some other underlings as well to balance them. They could seek to conquer and unite the forces of Destruction and provide a godlike leader faction akin to Everchosen, Legions of Nagash and the sigmarines. 2: Wanderers who feel betrayed by Alarielle: Elves abandoning Order and embracing the wild side of nature just sounds cool, and it would be easy to do a one to one conversion of units from order to destruction. 3:Barbarian humans worshipping natural forces of destruction instead of Sigmar or Chaos, combined with elementalsnof destructive nature..kind of like "Albion Gone Wild". I will see what I get from this and see about developing more Death army ideas some other time.
  23. As far as balance goes, it's impossible to get truly balanced while armies are different. All I really want is for them to mix up what exactly is powerful more often. Witch Aelves go up to 360 for 30? Cool make blood stalkers 100pts for 5. Morsarr go up 40pts per squad? Drop allopexes just as much. Evocators and sequitors up 20%? Drop all the SC cav units betwen 20 and 60 points depending on where they were at. True balance is a pipe dream, shuffling the power around more keeps anything from being too oppressive for too long and keeps list building fresh.
  24. Death Riders is great if all of the units weren't massively overcosted. Rumours are that we can expect to see 20% points drops across the board, maybe more. Hexwraiths need to be in units of 10 minimum, ideally in 15. To do a single dreadblade, black coach and 2 x 10 hexwraiths with the battalion is 1150pts. You don't have your 3 battleline or any wizards in that either. If you run the hexs in 15s it's 1470. It's waaaaay to expensive for fast units that can't quite punch hard enough to auto-delete units, even with a 9+ WoT. Basically as soon as we see points drops you can expect to see Death Riders being used as the building blocks for most lists because it's got so much potential, especially if you give the dreadblade 'pendant of the fell wind', take GoS with mortality glass and cast cogs. Hexwraiths with 12"+3"+6" move with a +3" to the charge, getting WoT on 9+. Or a 2nd level black coach with a 14"+3"+6"+d6" move with a +3" charge, getting WoT on 9+.
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