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  2. Ok, thx. Is it possible to see this rule in core book?
  3. Yes, there was a guy a few pages back who did quite well at a tourny with a Frigate with 14 thunderers + 1 Kemist being his backfield drop/shoot unit.
  4. To be honest I just threw in the "add more damage" pick. With some math, it adds around 1.67 damage/combat before saves, which.... isn't all that great. On second thought I think I'd go with Speed-Chaser, yeah. Thanks
  5. As a SCE main player - do not buy them until GHB 19 is out!!
  6. I like the first list out of the group the most - Slaanesh summoning is very good but you need some bodies to try and hold objectives for a few turns. I'm interested in your decision to go trail-sniffer over speed-chaser. In my experience Speed-Chaser is the go to, especially with a thermal rider cloak. The added flexibility in positioning and ensuring you are always generating an extra d3 depravity a turn seems to be well worth the trade off against potentially more attacks. I think the rest of the list is pretty steady and consistent HoS options.
  7. Can i play with one model less so with 14 and not with 15? So ti would be possible that i put 14 instead of 15 models to Frigate + Chemist.
  8. People probably recommended everyone to start with Tzeentch in first edition but that army got nerfed so hard its not seen anywhere. Thats what I mean. Also GW does not change the look and feel of old armies.
  9. I mean, why would they post tutorials for paints you can't actually buy yet?
  10. We got a good one. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/05/24/tales-of-forbidden-power-the-black-depths/
  11. I mean...ish? Not talking about good or bad, necessarily. But any of the GHB armies could completely change in appearances, play style, etc... So whatever it was that attracted you to the army in the first place is not guaranteed to remain in the future. This is maybe fine for vets who probably have other established armies to fall back on, but I am not sure I would recommend these armies to folks just getting into AoS.
  12. I’ve played stormcast defensively recently to good results. The Celestar Ballista screened by well Placed battleline can be effective, especially when combined with Lord Ordinator / Azyros Combo. Only issue with SC defensive is lack of bodies to hold objectives. Skinks come to mind as a good ally option for holding objectives with their star bucklers
  13. I'm pretty skeptic, because they would have to do a lot to actually help the army. But an army wide 20-25 % point drop would be a start. F.A.Q some of the warscrolls, batallions and abilities..
  14. They will definitely release those tutorials after the release of contrast paints, right now it's pointless. EDIT: Wait @GeneralZero, it's here. Battle Ready mode and Parade mode. https://citadelcolour.com/citadel-colour-system#contrast
  15. Indeed but 2 big disapointments: - (almost) nothing, no tuto, about the upcoming contrast paints: only promotional video. This is a big miss. - ZERO subtitles, nada, nothing. For such a big company adressing the whole world, this is really disapointing (and for deaf people like myself, this is even worse)
  16. The Mollog matchup is so terrible for Ylthari that I have abandoned playing them. It's not impossible to win by any means, but I don't like the idea of a game where both players flip coins until somebody wins.
  17. Thats the exciting thing about LoG; its freeing up the list composition a bit. There are some disappointments and missed opportunities but overall Im excited. Plus GHB19
  18. I just found the color sheme of my up coming FEC army: the job that he did on the arch-regent is just amazing. BTW, as a deaf person, the subtitles doesn't help a lot. For the flesh, I've undertood that he used a medium. But the top red? the armour red? Can someone help me to figure out how he did it (step by step)? Which undercoat? Which paint? how to do the flesh tone? the top red? the armour red? Thx in advance guys.
  19. Yeah, a lot of work explaining something that was pretty obvious from the get-go. This is clearly what the designers are after.
  20. Hey, there is new GW site - Citadel Colour. So many tutorials, both basic and advanced, https://citadelcolour.com/
  21. Without question 👍 Stormcast are pretty awesome mind so he really can't go wrong.
  22. @Malakree thats exactly what I intend to do. I would like to pick your brains. I have a 1k game vs sylvaneth tomorrow. I own all the endless spells + malign sorcery endless spells and have 2 fungoid + skragrott if needed. What would be the best way to deal with sylvaneth in a deathmatch in a very small table that is basically 80% their wyldwood. Try the mushroom in their wood and just wait at my loonshrine? edit: i also have webspinner shaman, madcap and many many grots/fanatics. no snufflers
  23. Today
  24. To be fair there’s so many realmgates today that travelling to the Allpoint may not be too hard... and the necroquake could have opened new ways to reach the allpoint, maybe one way only to avoid Chaos invading from there. There’s already few one way realmgates in the lore.
  25. Soft counter itchy nuisance. More of a hard counter, 60 grots with stabbas, sporesplattas/snuffler buffs and the loonboss CA. Bog it down and stab it to death!
  26. Thats fine, adding another unit of gruntas back in is just fine I think you may be wrong though, it is the 'orc warboss' who is legend. The orruk warboss has been removed from sale, but rules are still available. https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Warscrolls/aos-warscroll-orruk-warboss-en.pdf
  27. Any feedback on which list I should run for a 2k tournament next month? The Daemon Prince is mostly there because.... well, he's kinda important to my army's visual theme. No other real reason. I can build any list from the following (Unable to make more non-paint purchases until I finish this. Personal commitment.) Current stuff: 1 Infernal Enrapturess 1 Exalted Chariot 1 Daemon Prince 1 Contorted Epitome (Currently in sub-assemblies) 1 Masque 30 Daemonettes 5 Hellstriders with Claw Spears 5 Hellstriders with Claw Spears (Half-assembled; riders are complete, mounts are still on sprue) In box: 2 Infernal Enrapturess 1 Exalted Chariot (I don't want to build it as anything else) 1 Keeper of Secrets 1 Syll'Esske 20 Daemonettes 10 Seekers I can't make the Whip Hellstriders because I'm converting them from Seekers. Any opinions/alterations/suggestions on the lists? (I'm also considering, for the Invaders list, giving the Rod-holding Infernal Enrapturess a General position, since she'll be at the back and I'll at least get something out of it if she dies).
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