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  2. Yeah, I must say the more I use my Exaulted Chariot Bladebringer, the more I want to use 2. The damage output is great, especially if you manage to charge multiple units, know one likes 4d3 mortal wounds before you even start attacking. Just a shame you don't get depravity from the mortal wounds. On an unrelated note, has anyone tried out the new warcry furies yet in their Slaanesh list? Sure they increase drop count, but 12" flighing move with retreat instead of fighting feels strong in a army that can had out always strikes last. First though is a screen for a Keeper, if anything scary charges just locus it and retreat over it's head with the Furies, who can now have fun in the enemies back lines.
  3. im just building my first BoC list so no hurry
  4. Forget what I said - my post can be deleted
  5. Bloody hell someone did it !!! (thought you were following your own topics by default). Thanks mate, they look so much better now thanks to you 👍 As I said in my original Twitter thread, maybe change the first one to 9 inches instead of 9.3 😅 Anyway, this community is so cool.
  6. These heads are also shown in the second video 😊
  7. Today
  8. Thanks for the write up. I definitely agree with you in many ways. I played a similar list vs a Bonesplittas army with 3-4x the number of wounds I had and was stunned to see it all dead by turn 5. We definitely got more brutal. I have to think that you were not playing with much terrain. In my experience, you can very rarely squeeze in more than two woods on a table. This really limits all those advantages that you rightly identify. It makes me increasingly think Dreadwood may be the way forward.
  9. Slippy


    I'm going for a white sandy Hyshian desert look for my Cypher Lords
  10. Loads of good suggestions here already! Would 100% agree with you on the reliability of Corax White spray too - if the conditions aren't perfect then you'll end up with a horribly powdery finish (have ruined far too many models doing this myself). The two new off-white sprays (Grey Seer & Wraithbone) are however superb! One thing to watch out for is that Grey Seer (the cold grey spray) can suck out a bit of vibrancy from the colour. I'm guessing you don't have access to an airbrush? If you do, then I'd thoroughly recommend P3 Morrow White applied as a zenithal undercoat.
  11. Blood for the blood god isn't actually very transparent, so you're going to lose the illusion of depth you're trying to achieve if you apply multiple layers of it. The way I would have likely done it would have been to have painted blood for the blood god at the bottom of the pool, layered up with the still water (not mixed with anything) and then added a very thinned glaze of blood for the blood god to the top, that way your depth illusion is created using the clear resin.
  12. That is what I usually run and won local tournament or 2 with, but I've been using Miasmatic Blade on my TG and right now I think of experimenting with Spectral Host on monsters and Doppelganger Cloak This list is very well rounded
  13. Thank you very much for your response, what initial combos do you recommend with the Fyreslayers? Is there an alternative miniature that serves as a proxy for Hearthguard Berzerkers?
  14. Shame that the sharks with frickin’ harpoon-launchers on their back are a mere bravery 6... the worst thing would be losing several 120-point allopexes to battleshock.
  15. Together with the trait, it would be totally broken otherwise. Also, a lot of units have useful banners/musicians who might appreciate a club to the face. Or a thinned out daisychain might get smashed apart...
  16. Hey y'all, I'm currently working on my Vampires'bases - a bunch of them is manifesting out of pools of blood on the ground. I mixed my Vallejo Still Water with Blood for the Bloodgod and a tad of Abbadon Black. After applying the first layer, the black from the ground was nicely shimmering through, so I thought I'd go a tad brighter to suggest depth - now my pool is looking solid through and through, although I didn't take more colour than I used in the first layer. Should I have gone with a transparent layer instead of a second one with coloring? The one with the leaves is the final result. Any suggestions on how to save this and don't have it happen a second time?
  17. I don‘t want to sound negative, yet could GW PLEASE STOP RELEASING MY FAVORITE FACTIONS SO I CAN SAVE SOME MONEY?, please? 🤣
  18. Incorrect. Choppas and Smashas are the name of the dual wield loadout. Any dual wielding ardboyz are using the Choppa and Smashas loadout.
  19. I think the general idea is that the best army core is tide flip, with tidecaster, soulscryer, and 2x9 Morrsarr + battle Line leaving you 360 points to play around. You can sub out one unit of Morrsarr for a 4 strong shark unit, its not as good but workable, and still pretty good. I bought 4 sharks just to do this to scale my competitive list.
  20. Hello, that 1000pts list im can build for squig based theme? that would works better? im now have: 2 box of bounders 1 box of squig herd 1 mangler squig 1 loonboss 1 fungoid shaman 1 loonboss on cave squig 1 zarbag band 1 mollog band
  21. Yea, they can surprise you but unfortunately from what I experienced they die pretty quickly. They won't be the star, but they could surprise you if the dice gods smile upon you. They are not as good as eels as I experienced, but could be fun if you try them.
  22. I'm not exactly sure how this helps me honestly. Heartwood really doesn't care about the size of your units. The only thing that would is the Arch-Revenants command ability. Plus I already am spending 1000-1200 points on kurnoths alone generally across the lists...
  23. I'd appreciate some help on a 1000 point death army list. So far have this: Arkhan the black Necromancer 30x skeletons 10x dire wolves 5x black knights
  24. Thanks! That's kind of what I was expecting. I love the model so it makes me sad that I can't really get a consistently rewarding experience using them on the tabletop.
  25. So I finally got my chance to start putting the book through its paces this last week. A lot of the things I noticed have already been commented on. Drycha is a beast, and kills all of the things. Spites are fairly killy and also fairly fragile. The Wyldwood changes to a D6 in the charge phase did pretty much nothing all game. All fo this more to less jives with everyone else’s experience so I won’t overrun them here. What I did want to highlight are a few areas that I haven’t seen talked about. I was playing an “untuned” skaven list. My list was fairly untuned as well, (somewhat limited by what I had on hand and what I could proxy) I So I felt we were more less evenly matched list-wise. I took a Drycha/TLA hybrid Winterleaf list with a single unit 6x Scythe hunters and the warm endless spell. We played the Total Conquest BP from the GHB 2019. I out-dropped him, so to treat the viability of going second I chose to give him first turn. The first turn as about what you’d expect, positioning to take objectives, hold what you could and prepare for combat turn 2. I was only using the old woods models, which I think actually put me at a bit of handicap. while imminently useable, the old woods are a bit cumbersome in how they are placed because of drop restrictions. There were several times during the match that I would have liked to place forest somewhere, but the old wood footprint was just too large and I had to pick a slightly less optimum spot. If I had been using the new models (bought, but still in the box) I would have been able to put them right where I needed them. That being said I was able to have 3 out by the end of my first turn, and they proved to be a massive headache for my opponent. Shutting down LoS alone is almost worth the loss of that dangerous terrain check they used to provide. The inability to see through the forests meant that he had to push up to set himself up for charges, only to be either countercharged next turn, or forced to fight a bunch of stubborn dryads in the woods which largely went nowhere. Throughout he course of the match, I was absolutely stunned at the level of board control we have. I put up about 2 woods in the third and 4th turn, making 5 on the board in total. Between teleports, summoning and units with relatively high movement speed, there wasn’t anything I couldn’t reach in a turn, turn and a half anywhere on the board. That made it very easy for me to isolate and destroy dangerous units without posing much risk to my army as a whole. I ended up just about tabling him in the top of the 5th, when he conceded. Over the course of the match, i lost 3 units of 5x spites and 1 unit of t-revs. Maybe 3-4 drayds and 1 hunter. The games outcome really only was fought over 2 objectives (despite their being 4 on the board). Those two objectives changed hands 2-3 times between them, with the final steal coming from T-revs turn 3 which ended up being the score needed to push me ahead for the rest of the game 9have I mentioned how much I love T-revs?). Combat-wise I took everything he had off the board and won handily when my opponent conceded turn 5: 13-10. Then entire match was pretty much a textbook account of what makes us so difficult to fight. I was able to dictate when and where I got into combat, only picking fights I knew I could easily win (i.e. drycha frozen kernel-ing a unit of 40 clan rats was pretty funny). Screened Scythe hunters backed by an Archy is also no joke. Tree’s attacking when spells are cast works as well as it ever did, dealing a significant amount of damage throughout the course of the game. Likewise, having the worm function as a roving MW generator, blocking access to forest made life pretty rough for his Stormfeinds. They couldn’t shoot into the forest since they were LoS blocked, and they couldn’t really charge being blocked by the endless spell. Winterleaf’s trait is also very satisfying to play with, and also fairly intmidating. Having extra hits on 6’s made up for the hunters only have 3 attacks, (having the archy buff helped a lot too). All in all I’m really pleased with how the book performed. It was a friendly game on both sides, but entirely taking an army of 160 or so models off the table is nothing to sneeze at even in a friendly game.
  26. Hey all! I am new to AoS and even newer to the SCE. As of now, I am only really playing casually with friends, and might hit up the local hobby shop every now and then, but I find that any time I end up facing Skaven or Flesh Eater Courts I get rolled over. I'll admit I didn't do a heck of a lot of research before picking up my models, and a friend and I split the Soul Wars box and I was super happy with it. I enjoy Sequitors, though I find them a little expensive, and the Evocators are down right delightful, but against those two factions (a friend plays FEC and our local shop sees a lot of Skaven and Slaanesh) they don't perform very well. Am I missing something? I've read a little about Anvil-Hammer? Is that something I should be going for instead? I really do like the Sacrosanct models, but if they aren't worth it I don't believe I have gone too far down that path to switch things up.
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