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  2. The thing is the rule for later publications only say "units", it doesn't mention "warscroll battalions". It's probably intended that the battalions are supposed to be legal but due to a rules technicality they aren't.
  3. They have been pulling inspiration from historical cultures though, you only need to look at the IDK and DoK to see it. I do think this is going to be the new Deathrattle which will probably get a name change and a new aesthetic with the classic aesthetic staying with LoN if the new faction really is going to be an elite one, what we can make out of the silhouette of the armour the troops are wearing in the Tither part 2 vid doesn't really look a whole lot like the current armour either the skeleton warriors or grave guard are wearing. The silhouettes look almost like the armour soldiers would wear in feudal japan, whatever they're wearing definitely has an asian flavour to it imo. That said though it could also just be the old aesthetic just with a more AoS spin on it for all we know.
  4. Funny that we both know what it will be without having à damn idea what it will be 😅
  5. I strongly doubt that a duel box would deserve at least 2 animated trailers. Must be something more than a rebranding of the Deathrattle faction, most likely including some new kits for elite as they really need some (even if they merge the Morghasts) and would be cool if they add some shooting models as Death is lacking them direly... I think it’s going to be huge, I’m just surprised it would start with a duel box with an already existing faction, that would be a first for AoS
  6. CrabSlap


    I'm thinking about basing each warband in the realm they're from. Green vegetation for Splintered Fang, metallic for Iron Golems etc.
  7. Just about to hit 2,000 subscribers & recently launched Patreon... so I wanted to say thank you to everyone who's watched one of my videos, shared them with a friend, or commented.
  8. While building my second squad of Thralls I realised that only 5 of the 10 models have a alternativ build. This would not be a problem for stoic Chaos worriors, but for the dynamic Thralls it is. So I tryed to modify the other 5. Now Im interrested in how you handel this topic. What do you do with 18 eels in your list. Do they all look the same?
  9. We'll treat the Legions as sub-faction (Chambers, Temples, Sky Ports) which is essentially what they are
  10. How do you mean? Don't these fall under "or have a later publication date"?
  11. 😊 So how was the games, were thé deployment good ?
  12. @pseudonyme To be fair, the 9.3" doesn't stand out as so egregious when things like 8.6" and 2.3" are in these deployments too . I definitely contemplated fudging the labels to simply round down or up as needed (9", 8.5", 2.5"). In the grand scheme of things this isn't cutting edge matched play stuff anyways and differences of .3 of an inch at most are hardly much to worry about. Much to my delight I actually ended up playing some three player games this weekend without even planning to do so, so I actually got to use these. I've also got to throw some thanks/credit right back to you since I wouldn't have had anything to make pretty if you hadn't put in the initial legwork to draft up 3 player deployments in the first place. 👍
  13. Thank you for the fast reply! Guess I'll go a bit higher with the walls of the sinkhole, colour the "new" bottom a tad darker and apply a layer of Still Water without any colour.
  14. Yeah, I must say the more I use my Exaulted Chariot Bladebringer, the more I want to use 2. The damage output is great, especially if you manage to charge multiple units, know one likes 4d3 mortal wounds before you even start attacking. Just a shame you don't get depravity from the mortal wounds. On an unrelated note, has anyone tried out the new warcry furies yet in their Slaanesh list? Sure they increase drop count, but 12" flighing move with retreat instead of fighting feels strong in a army that can had out always strikes last. First though is a screen for a Keeper, if anything scary charges just locus it and retreat over it's head with the Furies, who can now have fun in the enemies back lines.
  15. im just building my first BoC list so no hurry
  16. Today
  17. Forget what I said - my post can be deleted
  18. Bloody hell someone did it !!! (thought you were following your own topics by default). Thanks mate, they look so much better now thanks to you 👍 As I said in my original Twitter thread, maybe change the first one to 9 inches instead of 9.3 😅 Anyway, this community is so cool.
  19. These heads are also shown in the second video 😊
  20. Thanks for the write up. I definitely agree with you in many ways. I played a similar list vs a Bonesplittas army with 3-4x the number of wounds I had and was stunned to see it all dead by turn 5. We definitely got more brutal. I have to think that you were not playing with much terrain. In my experience, you can very rarely squeeze in more than two woods on a table. This really limits all those advantages that you rightly identify. It makes me increasingly think Dreadwood may be the way forward.
  21. Slippy


    I'm going for a white sandy Hyshian desert look for my Cypher Lords
  22. Loads of good suggestions here already! Would 100% agree with you on the reliability of Corax White spray too - if the conditions aren't perfect then you'll end up with a horribly powdery finish (have ruined far too many models doing this myself). The two new off-white sprays (Grey Seer & Wraithbone) are however superb! One thing to watch out for is that Grey Seer (the cold grey spray) can suck out a bit of vibrancy from the colour. I'm guessing you don't have access to an airbrush? If you do, then I'd thoroughly recommend P3 Morrow White applied as a zenithal undercoat.
  23. Blood for the blood god isn't actually very transparent, so you're going to lose the illusion of depth you're trying to achieve if you apply multiple layers of it. The way I would have likely done it would have been to have painted blood for the blood god at the bottom of the pool, layered up with the still water (not mixed with anything) and then added a very thinned glaze of blood for the blood god to the top, that way your depth illusion is created using the clear resin.
  24. That is what I usually run and won local tournament or 2 with, but I've been using Miasmatic Blade on my TG and right now I think of experimenting with Spectral Host on monsters and Doppelganger Cloak This list is very well rounded
  25. Thank you very much for your response, what initial combos do you recommend with the Fyreslayers? Is there an alternative miniature that serves as a proxy for Hearthguard Berzerkers?
  26. Shame that the sharks with frickin’ harpoon-launchers on their back are a mere bravery 6... the worst thing would be losing several 120-point allopexes to battleshock.
  27. Together with the trait, it would be totally broken otherwise. Also, a lot of units have useful banners/musicians who might appreciate a club to the face. Or a thinned out daisychain might get smashed apart...
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