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  2. So the loss of the rim is key. Without this hinderance your able to slide your models around a bit to fit. They’re not rigidly locked in position. With a magnet in middle of base, models can almost hang off edges of tray and still work There is only so much you can achieve with a tray. An individual model is almost always easier to position (unless he falls off terrain then a tray is better) but for bulk movement I love them. The 3 model is a half way house. Flexibility and speed. It also ensure formations touch. Eg. 3 x 25mm men in tray. 2” reach. First model touches enemy. Every model in unit has to be in combat. The 5 man Cloud I prefer for archers and units that don’t see too much combat but then most people prefer them 🤷‍♂️ As I say. I designed what worked for me. I would say that all other trays are bad, these just have some unique features that people seam to like 👍
  3. Within 1” of a model after the model finishes a charge: it’s the same model. Other models in the unit are not the model that finished a charge. The later section states that mortal wounds are inflicted after each move because those models may also move within 1” of units and you’d roll for those units. That has no bearing on rolling multiple times for the units that are not next to a totally different model from the model that finished a charge. You’re looking at the controlling wording being “next to a model” and then assuming that “the model finishes a charge” is completely, 100% independent. But it’s not. It’s the same sentence. The model that finished a charge is the same model that a unit must be next to to roll for mortal wounds.
  4. As stated you dont need to interpret or ignore the later part of the sentence at all per my post above. Surely you would agree it explicitly states that you 'roll a dice for each enemy unit that is within 1" of a model from this unit" right? Every model in the unit is a model in the unit - there is no way around that. I completely agree with you that this is done after the model you are moving finishes a charge move per the 2nd half. Per units of multiples you move each model and calculate all the mortal wounds inflicted after each move - completely consistent with that entire sentence. I think you are trying to tie things together that dont exist, dark and I are simply reading the rule as it is written.
  5. I dont think it changes anything, you can bold that too if you like. It explicitly states that you have to roll a dice for each enemy unit that is within 1" of a model from this unit after the model from this unit finishes a charge move. So you dont get a choice in the matter, it has to affect every unit within an inch of any model in this unit. The use of 'the' refers to the model being moved and indicates it is per model being moved and explicitly reinforced by the next section on multiple models in a unit where each is moved and mortal wounds are inflicted after each move. I'm afraid that is correct.
  6. Hello ! Thank you very much to those who reacted to my finished scenery, especially to @Galvainn @Kramer and @Lord Veshnakar for their great comments Today I show you my current WIP, the Stormtreeman : I just finished the tabard and the flesh, I had paint it as I will paint my tree revenants ( of them are waiting...) as a link between them and my Stormbushes ^^ Still lot of work to do... Please tell me what do you think Bye !
  7. Sorry but not yet. They are being planned. Not 100% sure which shapes I will go for yet so feedback is always helpful. This is the idea. The models stay on the tray throughout the combat. I personally use the 25mm 3xClose for my plague monks. They work well having that flexibility. The low profile of them allows them to slide over the top of each other. This is Mubarak thoughts as well I was fed up with trays that only worked T1 and some of T2. I want something that I use all game.
  8. Nope. Absolutely incorrect. They affect every unit within 1” of the model that just finished a charge. It’s one sentence discussing being near a model after the model finishes a charge, but you and dark are trying to interpret them as separate sentences and then ignore the second part.
  9. Sure, although if I had one thing to change on his warscroll I would probably make his Crazed Charge ability not laughably awful. But on the bright side, at least his warscroll is good overall and worth using.
  10. People get down on Greyfyrd but I was really wanting for some of them sweet unbinds yesterday. Is it worth taking it just to get access to AshCloud Rune and Nulsidian?
  11. The method stated above is correct rules as written. There is no getting around the fact that you move each chariot individually and each time a chariot moves you add up the mortal wounds and they affect every unit within 1” of a model from this unit. Playing it any other way would be not playing the rules as written.
  12. It’s interesting that the part you chose not to bold shows that your interpretation is probably wrong. It doesn’t say roll a dice for each unit within 1” of a model from this unit after ANY model finishes a charge, it says after THE model finishes a charge. So you roll after each charge, but only for units next to THE model that finishes a charge move, not every single model in the unit.
  13. I mean, there are tribes of Gloomspite Gitz living in Hysh, so certainly we could see some barbarian tribes living on the fringes
  14. yeah, it's a personal choice but I'd physically mark it. just in terms of ultra-clarity, as it stands you're saying this blue or red area is your territory which you can set up in. oh but you have to then deploy 9" away from enemy territory. so people have to remember that, measure it etc etc. now obviously that isn't exactly hard to understand, but as the territory then plays no further part in the game for determining points or anything like that, just reducing each army's respective territory means you don't have to insert the 2nd clause, people just set up within their territory, job done. I realise that I've just written several sentences to justify removing about 5 words so 🤷‍♂️ but just me thinking with my editor/copy-writing head on.
  15. Can we also just take a min to appreciate that the colossal squig should be a flat 3 mortals when the enormous jaws rolls an unmodified 6. That's how everything else is treated...
  16. why can't they do arabia or china? Just curious about it, as they did things like the vampire coast DLC. I have 221 hours in the game but I do not follow that much I guess. as for not speaking bad about AoS, ****** em. It's their lost to be honest. Honestly this is one of the bigges things I like about AoS. You can have a reason why any faction will brawl with another one. none are land locked like being in Slyvania or Lustria and being trapped by the empire or whatever, they can just step through a realm gate, appear somewhere else and have a punch up with another faction. we do lose some mythos with cities with this new set up though, aside from a few like HammerHall, Lethis and the season of war cities we do not know a lot about different cities in the realms. I guess that means they can be easily destroyed, though!
  17. We see a ton of Cogs and a fair bit of Spellportals in lists, so I'm beginning to think that 60pts is the magic number. Seems appropriate since most of the cheapest units game-wide start around 70-80pts. Bridge is pretty much dead on arrival. Soul Seeker fills the roll better and cheaper. Engine is a cool concept but 100pts is laughable. Why not just pay 100pts for two guaranteed CP and a roll on the Triumph table? I may have to pass on this set. Not sure Shards and Soulseeker alone are worth the cost of a start collecting box.
  18. Within the context of an all Trogg army I am inclined to say they could possibly use a price cut for min units. If you are playing all Troggs then having enough units to contest and hold objectives is really tough to do. However, 160 is a pretty good price for including small Trogg contingents to other facets of Gloomspite. Since GW has not created a good mechanism for variable point costs I am not sure the standard Trogg price should really move much. I think I agree with you that 9 is probably the best spot to max out Troggs and add a horde discount and I think that would make large units an interesting grab for the entire Gloomspite book - but work especially well for all Trogg lists. It would give you a good anchor unit or two and the point savings could act as a broader discount and make it easier to squeeze in supporting min units (which an all Trogg army is forced to have). It also makes it more compelling to stay in the all-trogg theme and not feel that you NEED to go grab grot units. There is nothing wrong with grot units and they would still be a compelling option, but it would be a nice boon for people who prefer the Trogg theme. In my opinion the more diverse builds a book supports, and that find their way to being actually used by players, the better that book is. EDIT: On a side note, it would be really awesome if GW figured out a good way to create variable point costs. Basically some mechanism to adjust the cost of units based upon army composition. They have the conditional battleline mechanism, which is a great feature and the core piece that lets us field fun armies like all Squigs, all Troggs, all Minotaurs, etc. But it would be nice if they also had a mechanism to tweak the costs for some of these niche builds. There are a bunch of possible ways they could do something like this if they wanted to and I think it would be quite neat to see.
  19. I mean by deploying 9" away enemy territory, there is already a 18" no man land in the middle right or do you mean physically mark it? Just following the GHB where the winner puts down first as well as picking side
  20. Interesting survey. I have a theory that faction sales revenue is inversely proportionate to their power level in the game. Or will eventually be after 6 months. <looks over at all the now worthless Knight Castellan in 40k> But I wonder with DoK having such a low pick-up rate even after a year since release, will they still be re-adjusted in the upcoming GHB 2019? 🤔
  21. How would you not? The tray is a set shape and size, you're definitely going to move beyond that at some point when piling in. An easy way to visualize that is putting a 10/20 man unit into a large based monster, you have to remove models from the tray to wrap around the base.
  22. Looks pretty decent for mono daemons I guess, but your lack of +1 attacks here is killer. Thid especially hurts the bloodletters, making them next to useless really (espesh as bloodlords) First thing I'd do, drop myrderhost. Pretty bad for 160 tax for your chaff. Way better options that that, and imo drop the letters too. Then, I'd swap the second insensate for skarbrand OR, probably better, an unfettered. The insensate needs to be hitting on 3s, or be rerolling to hit. WoKBT does this, or put the relic from tyrants on him (ghyrstike or amberglaive, choose a realm) The difference here between bloodlords and skullreapers is pretty crucial. If you do swap for an unfettered, you can pretty much fight at the start anyway by using some clever positioning. Move up to within 6 of the units you want to charge with all three thirsters, and trigger his ability so they can pile into combat. This lets them in effect fight at the start, as there is no combat until after all three have struck as there was noone in combat. Then, as skullreapers, you can fight twice with them too. You definitely NEED a source of +1 attack. A bloodsecrator, wrathmongers, both. Your choice probably ends up with your battleline choice and remaining points, as 2x5 of wrathmongers is much better. After that, a slaughterpriest or two is also crucial. Access to judgements for MWs and board control, MWs himself, buff your units, get to bring free rerolls to pray in the altar. +1 sv on the thirster you need to save or blood warriors or anything for that matter is magnificent, +1 to hit on the insensate is very good. More chances for 6s to wound is lovely. For the third battleline, as hounds are great, personally I would use BWs. They create an anvil for your buffing characters or mongers to hide/fight from behind, and love to die- but are hardy. Bloodletters are supposedly a glass hammer, just like the bloodthirsters are already. So: no murderhost, thus no letters or skulltaker Different thirsters +1 attack Slaughterpriest(s) Battleline other than bloodletters Should then operate very well. However, if you're looking for full daemons, an alternative is to just bumrush with tyrants- unfettered insensate and skarbrand, then a blood hunt with the WoKBT for four
  23. The Arch-Revenant flies, so she can’t hide in the woods.
  24. If you are positive a ranged alpha strike is coming, put your forest in your deployment zone and Archie inside of it. For CC alphas either bubbles wrap him with dryads or T-revs.
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