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  2. @soak314 honestly, that does sound like a lot of what mordeheim was when I played it too, and the underlying narrative wasn't even that good for the group I was in. I would love to hear what you come up with on a campaign though!
  3. Acid_Nine

    Warcry wishlisting!

    I would like a more in depth campaign system as well, but I would also like a separate release of extra heroes for each faction, like an alternate leader or something cool like that.
  4. People arguing about Renaissance vs. Classical human aesthetics are missing the true potential of this book:
  5. I think part of the problem in the past was that GW used to support armies in a "BIG" way. They wouldn't just release a model here and there, they generally waited for a new Battletome/Codex and released a lot of models all in one big go. And it worked great, big sales, lots of attention, lots of promotion.... but then lots of waiting until another big release. For armies that weren't favourites of the sales/management/design team this could leave some sitting for year after year with nothing new on the table. Dwindling support leading to dwindling sales leading to less financial pressure to re-invest etc... Now as of late we've seen that GW is far happier to release models far more ad-hock. Indeed instead of releasing 20 models to 1 army they've been happier to release 1 or 2 models to 10 armies. This spreads the load of the production side out and means that more individual factions see updates in a quicker span of time than in the past. They've also done expansions of models - heck Chaos got a mini-codex released only a few months ago for 40K. I think this gets around one of the issues with supporting more armies; GW can now support more because they are open and willing to approach production in a different way. To provide content at a faster rate for armies rather than just in big block releases. They still have them of course, but they don't rely on them only. The other aspect with the death of Fantasy was honestly conflicted interest - Lord of the Rings was the big attention grabber and because Old World was so similar in theme and because the movies for LotR got so many more casual customers in the door, it just led to Fantasy being side tracked over and over again. GW hasn't got that issue now, if anything the positions have reversed. Furthermore GW is enjoying good sales and is even building a new factory so I'd say they are in a better position to support more armies. But yeah there is going to be a limit, we can see that there must be else GW would have kept all those dozens of small army groupings around. Just what that limit is is impossible to say or guess at.
  6. Where are the claws from you added on the Glotkin tentacle arm?
  7. What needs to be remembered are a few things. With Warscrolls being freely available and on an app makes armies more manageable as coupled with a yearly Generals Handbook release (and associated FAQ) they can do wholesale changes to a book (Kharadrons in 2017, summoning in 2018 for some examples.) The Free Cities also likely to be ‘get you by’ lists - much better than Grand Alliance, but perhaps not as in-depth as specific allegiances. I can see a Wanderers, Dispossessed, Darking Covens or Empire book further down the line. Cities of Sigmar seems to me to be a kick the can further down the road for me. Cities of Sigmar effectively replaces the Order Grand Alliance book. With Greenskinz going to Legends, Gitmob Grots being squatted, Ogres being merged. Destruction & Order Grand Alliance books get added to the Death book where it is completely outdated. With Furies being added to Slaves to Darkness - iirc only the Soulgrinder & Belakor are without a home once Slaves to Darkness gets its book (unless they are ported in to the book which is possible. Belakor leading/worshipped by Warriors of Chaos (assuming he doesn’t get dropped entirely) and a Soul Grinder a replacement for the Hellcannon of the old world. So in summary, while the battletomes are effectively replacing the Grand Alliance Books; the app and yearly Errata with the GHB (as traditionally the mid cycle updates just apply minor changes) allows easy access to the rules and can apply changes to the Warscrolls and do point changes to keep (in theory) most things relatively balanced. There is no real limit to the books that they can release, however I’d imagine they will want to keep them manageable if only for Stock Inventory & Logistics.
  8. Awesome take, hadn’t even considered that. Sounds much better than my idea really haha.
  9. I’m doing very well with my Khorne army so far, happy with results. I find success not on killing opponents but winning on objectives/being a good general/knowing the game well.
  10. I like and agree with all of this. Also I forgot about Dieter's last form in the End Times. Real solid possibility there.
  11. @Double Misfire That is indeed a very strong contender, I was not aware of his story in the End Times, would make sense as he absorbed much of the Nehekaran Underworld, became its guardian and had previously led an army of undead with Krell. https://whfb.lexicanum.com/wiki/Dieter_Helsnicht “With the return of Nagash during the End Times, Helsnicht was made one of the Mortarchs and accompanied Nagash's armies into Nehekhara. Joining the central force led by Krell, Helsnicht's necromantic power, paired with the tactical brilliance and sheer brutality of the wight king proved to be nigh unstoppable. Flying atop a bat winged horror (almost certainly the reanimated remains of his manticore) Helsnicht was instrumental in the running battles between Krell's forces and those of King Pharr of Numas. He bolstered Krell's forces by creating several morghasts, but also revealed an unpleasant new quirk in his madness- he had taken to devouring the brains of lesser necromancers! When the united armies of Nagash met those of Settra at the gates of Khemri Nagash's true plan for Helsnicht was revealed. Nagash entered the Nehekharan underworld with Helsnicht and had him cast a great ritual while he battled Usirian, god of that dark place. Boosted by the knowledge and power of his master Helsnicht's ritual bound the entirety of the spirit realm to himself which then sent to overwhelm the faceless-god. Crippled and beaten, Usirian was then consumed by Nagash who finally was restored to his full strength. Nagash finally and truly became a god; a god of undeath. Helsnicht would remain in the Nehekharan underworld, becoming its new guardian for his master, Nagash.”
  12. Have you ever seen the tomb kings of yore? What wonders must await newer gamers. in this case, probably assume golems and statuary made of bones, similar to the morghast.
  13. Not a model update, but with Cities of Sigmar being announced I'll be buying the book and properly building these models for an army now. This should be fun
  14. Hi All, Long time lurker but I have a tournament coming up in August where I am looking to try something a little different with my Ironjawz. It is a fairly standard list but has a significant (for Ironjawz) focus on magic with two Weirdnob Shamans and a Fungoid Cave-Shaman with the Arachnacauldron to give me access to Itchy Nuisance and other ranged damage spells. The Weirdnobs would have Hand of Gork and Power of the Waagghh respectively. Keeping my army tight around my shamans early game allows me to approximately deal 3 D3 mortals within 24" + D3 mortals within 12" (Vindictive Glare) + Wraithbow. Good for picking off small characters or weakening big ones before Hand of Gorking in Ardboyz of charging in the Mawcrusha. I also have 20pts towards a triumph. I have a few different artifact loadouts that I would like opinions on: Ulgu: - Doppleganger Cloak for the Mawcrusha - Sword of Judgement for the Warchanter (item going off on a 5+) - Betrayer's Crown on a Weirdnob (thinning hordes or a heroic last stand) Hysh: - Aetherquartz Broach for the Warchanter - Mirrored Cuirass for the Mawcrusha - Luminary Rod for a Weirdnob (adding to the ranged damage) Shyish: - See below Allegiance: IronjawzMortal Realm: ShyishLeadersMegaboss on Maw-Krusha (420)- General- Choppa and Rip-tooth fist- Trait: Ironclad - Artefact: Ethereal Amulet Orruk Weirdnob Shaman (120)- Artefact: The Ragged Cloak Orruk Weirdnob Shaman (120)Orruk Warchanter (80)- Artefact: Wraithbow Fungoid Cave-Shaman (90)Battleline20 x Orruk Ardboys (280)- 8x Choppa or Smasha & Shields- 12x Big Choppas5 x Orruk Brutes (170)- Pair of Brute Choppas10 x Orruk Ardboys (140)- 6x Choppa or Smasha & Shields- 4x Big Choppas3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140)- Pig-iron Choppas3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140)- Pig-iron ChoppasBattalionsIronfist (160)Bloodtoofs (80)Endless Spells / TerrainScrapskuttle's Arachnacauldron (40)Total: 1980 / 2000Extra Command Points: 2Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 141
  15. Busy weekend! So, I'll start with what I'm happy with ;D: And then what I'm not so happy with after speed painting them >:(:
  16. soak314

    Warcry wishlisting!

    I'd like a release of the playable non-chaos (and unrepresented chaos) factions, staggered out over a period of time so more and more people get into playing the game, while I'm also bought a bit of time to figure out how to properly run a campaign for it!
  17. I love 1 and 1,5k games. One of the good things is that we don’t rely on synergies. If I play my Skaven for example. They get a lot better if I can get enough support heroes in. That’s a lot easier at 2K. We on the other hand don’t suffer from that as we have relatively little synergies anyway. Most things still work at lower points games. But I find the weaknesses also hit you harder. So bring a 12 bull squad and whip them with your tyrant and they usually can clean one have of the board. Give your tyrant the ghyrstrike combo and some ironguts or Maneaters for support and if you often face alpha strikers bring 2 min gnoblars squads for screening and bodies for objectives. Personally I don’t find butchers worth it in smaller games. Still bring it often because i like the model and the theme. But it’s rarely worth it. Also curious how 2x12 bulls + 1 tyrant that you hide after the spanking plays.
  18. King: I just had Hammerhal's ambassador for dinner. Courtier: Oh how was he? King: Delicious...
  19. So if I understand you correctly, you would charge with the Blood Sisters or WE, then with the SoS, attack with the SoS in the hopes to mitigate damage to the Snakes or WE? I need to ask because I am a terrible DoK player that loses the majority of my games since I moved to a 2k list. Granted, its a terrible list.
  20. They're actually very good at 1000p! Most other armies aren't strong enough without the other 1000 points for synergy. I use: Ghyrstrike/Wild Fury Tyrant 12 Ogors 3 Ogors 3 Ogors 20 Grots 20 Grots
  21. I have a different opinion on what's happening. Mostly because I think not everything has to be about Sigmar. The voice mentioned that Nagash has been gathering an army, which I presume is Deathrattle. This leads me to believe that the Gutbusters had a Pact of Bones with Nagash, where they would eat the meat of their victims but not the bones which were given to Nagash to be turned into Deathrattle. Nagash violates the pact somehow and the Gutstuffers want the Tithe of Bones they have been paying back, starting the titled Feast of Bones where they invade the Deathrattle army that Nagash has been building with their bones. It might also be the start of the reason why Destruction Armies can't ally with Death armies in multiplayer games(like how Order can never ally with Chaos).
  22. What do you guys refer to when you mention "constructs", I don't quite see what this would be ? Also, any idea what this "Soul Feast Prison" could refer to ? I can't find any mention of this in the lore.
  23. Its not even really power creep. Its a seemingly random place on the power board. Some books come out simply ok (most of chaos, the goblin book, etc) and some come out the gate roaring and pwning (skaven, FeC).
  24. Hey there! Anyone to report some news / tweaks or anything found to have a solid structure to succeed in games? Just asking, because I didn't. In fact I am so frustrated, that i don't play AoS since 3 weeks now.
  25. Yeah agreed, it's not really a retcon, I remember that story. Ironjawz were getting bogged down and worn out by Nurgle in a battle in a swamp, and the Bonesplitterz came roaring in with fresh energy, turned the tide of the battle and saved them. They absolutely would, and do, fight side by side.
  26. Ok so, exclude all the cities of sigmar units as we know they are also getting a warscroll update. What other army that isn't garbage has profiles as bad for the points that we do? The WAAAGH! stacking is almost definitely going to go. Not least because it's not fun to play with/against.
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