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  2. I on purpose didn't write anything for the last few days to avoid being too negative. But it is really strange, even considering the virus situation. I also followed the release of the Soulbound RPG, and it was just so different. The editor always kept fans up to date, very often personally. Explained delays (also caused by Covid 19) etc. We have a clear release plan there for the rest of the year. And even though there is no mystery there (will my product launch next week??), people still buy the stuff, and are still hyped about it. I understand it's a different situation, scale and market, but I doubt that it's impossible for GW to make their release schedule public for more than a week in advance, for the period until everything people have been waiting for a long time now is out. But of course I don't know, maybe their sales rely to such an extend on impulse purchases that they can't do that. If they are all in on 40k right now, fine, but why not let us know when it's supposed to happen for us. Next week? In two weeks? Or in August after they are done with all the 40k stuff? And why not write an article or two per week to keep fans of the Lumineth (and also Sons of Behemat) engaged? It's not really great from a company if if they make it that obvious that they feel they can just turn us off and on on-demand, which likely is true (100% in my case 😓), but nevertheless. Let's hope it's our turn soon, and they still have some nice promotion material for us.
  3. Stating what been said before, chaos is doing good except for slaanesh, but order has a lot of too small factions it is becoming a little bloated in terms of resources so we do need to stop adding and just get the current factions up to a bigger size. Probably I would say add a lot more destruction armies if they are adding more.
  4. You can just take a Nurgle HQ to get the CP/Artefact you want if it wont work on a BL.
  5. I just finished a Liege. Here he is. Probably the last model I'll finish as a free American, but at least it's done. I was a bit more focused on cleaner lines, but it's still sloppy. I'm old. I don't paint as well as I used to. Yes is about as good as I can be now. Oh well. Hi there, all.
  6. Today
  7. This evening was perhaps the perfect priming weather. Corax White went on smooth as silk.
  8. The other thing I'm really interested in seeing is for the design studio to move on from a one-to-one mapping of WHFB races to AOS GAs. It's (beyond) time to grow up and leave the Old World behind. Specifically, Phil Kelly has mentioned humans in Ghur who worship Gork and Mork and paint themselves in green warpaint. I think it would be pretty cool to see them in some way, possibly as part of the Gitmob "Savage Tribes" force.
  9. But if I was wishlisting, I'd love to see the Gitmob warband from Underworlds expanded further. Raiders from the steppes, with 6" pile in on their wolves. Meanwhile their warmachines get AOSified, with amazing new Doom Divers causing havoc. When you look at the Black Coach for example as a "before and after", I'd love Grot warmachines to be levelled up in a similar way. So that's where I'd like to see the range expanded, in a fast / movement jank and shooting contraptions army.
  10. Destruction could use more shooting in my opinion. It has historically been up there with Order as the shootinest GA: - Gitmob artillery had a long and proud history in Mixed lists - Thundertusks were rightly feared back in their day, including the legendary, all-conquering Mooclan build - Kunnin Rukk Gitmob artillery was deleted from the range. Thundertusks are now garbage, so between the two of those, that's pretty much all our sniping gone. Kunnin Rukk obviously ain't what it used to be, and some other options (Squig Gobbas, Leadbelchers, Ironblasters) have generally been trash and continue to be so in their current iterations. So yeah, I would say Destruction is missing shooting, and specifically hero sniping. Some people might think that's not thematic for Destruction, and it should just be walk forward and smash stuff. I disagree, because there's no reason why sneaky Grots (for example) shouldn't run war machines (like Skaven do for example, who kept their old metal kits as Destruction was losing plastic ones). Similarly Savage Orruks are hunters, so it totally makes sense to me that they would run around with their bows and arrows (and I still like using them in Big Waaagh). The next army coming out looks like it will be in direct competition with my current Stonehorns army (hyper-elite, monster mash combat army) and I'm not sure I'd have much need for both. We'll see what happens when we know more about Sons.
  11. Well you could have part of the range be new models. You could have some models in each type. Is not Forge World owned by Games Workshop? It seems like a waste to not indulge the large and fanatical Chaos Dwarf fanbase.
  12. So the Pestilent throng is set to work perfectly for Nurgle except for this technical thing that makes a Beastmen character less efective.
  13. Does that not give Humans a huge advantage? Are you sure that he does not take Dwarves or Elves? Are they homunculi?
  14. I feel like Destruction is the most limited of the grand alliances, even more so than Death. All of the Allegiances feel similar, with the exception of some of the Gloomspite guys. I wish that Chaos Dwarves were turned into Stone Dwarves or some kind of Destruction Dwarves with ranged weapons.
  15. I think the Hammer god only takes the souls of humans for his humonculi. I haven't read him harvesting other souls.
  16. I still think they can do both and hopefully will not end that soon. It would be interesting to know if updating a faction is worth more than adding a brand new army financially speaking. Cause new armies would bring new players (a friend of mine will start AoS because of Lumineth). But I agree, as a Death player I would love to have a huge expansion for Fleash Eater and Nighthaunt.
  17. As @GrimDork said, this list would be illegal for reasons pointed out. As for your games.. yeah, I mean Eshin isn't in the best place but pure Eshin can be okay; nothing top tier of course. Obviously, if you start adding in Skryre and other things, you will lose your Gutter\Night Runner battleline and would have to include 3x20 Clanrats at a minimum to have a legal list with 3 Battleline. I know that many of us run 1-2 Eshin units (usually 1-2x10 Night Runners for zoning out deepstrikes or 10-20 Gutter Runners for a cheap backline threat) in our standard tournament lists that usually consist of mostly Skryre, buffing heroes for them and Clanrats.. sometimes the occasional 40 Stormvermin or 40 Plaguemonks. Worth noting that you may get more responses if you post in the overall Skaventide thread rather than one of the specific Clan ones, just for future reference 😉
  18. Yes. The Hellcannon has the Duardin keyword, and could technically be included in Barak Thryng. Other than that, I don't think so.
  19. Well, I think I might have to make a Slaughterpriest or two then and give them another try these days. I used to have a couple. But they're an easy one to kitbash. Also good points on the Reapers of Vengeance. I haven't had too much Tyrants experience yet and that's a great point about killing off the Halo of Blood one first in the enemy turn. Time for more practice!
  20. @ogarrah my preference is List 2. However (if you have him) I would suggest swapping the TLA for a SoDurthu. In Winterleaf he’s a beatstick and frankly the TLA isn’t doing too much for you. I’d also suggest regrowth and perhaps verduous harmony going on your two branchwraiths cheers
  21. This. For example, I was super depressed about Bloodreavers just being wound/Tithe tokens that take a long time to paint. Then I started using Dark Feast, double Totems, Sphiranx ally and multiple Wrathmonger units and they actually kill stuff (in addition to board control, screening and Tithe generation). They're no longer just a Battleline filler for me. For me, Slaughterpriests are possibly the best value unit in our entire roster. They can do 3 different things every Hero phase that the enemy can't do a damn thing to stop.
  22. Will we ever get a ranged-focus allegiance for Death?
  23. Sadly no, they need the keyword(s). Also Beastmen are not Mortals as of 2.0. Tho Spawns are for some cool reason.
  24. Why cannot they copyright Tomb Kings or something similar? They trademarked or copyrights Ogor when it is clearly a lame variant of Ogre. They could use Tomb King if they wanted to. Are they really not going to create official rules for Tomb Kings?
  25. Lore-wise, Hashut has always been solely dedicated to the Duardin of Zorn Uzkul who were exposed to the ancient storm of chaos, and they to him. It was a very intimate symbiotic-survival thing. So I don't think you'll ever see other races sworn to Hashut. Army-wise, Forgeworld would have to take more than a passing interest in the rules and lore in order to turn them into a full-fledged army. It's almost guaranteed that we'll never see hobgoblins re-incoporated into the army, as they are discontinued models and would be Destruction allegiance. It's quite weird that we have this very localised force from the Old World (literally from a single fortress) marching around in the Mortal Realms. A very odd fit. Still, there have been a couple of references in AoS lore to evil, fire-working Duardin so hope is certainly not lost. EDIT to add: as others have said, the very existence of the FW models means that it's extremely unlikely that a plastic Citadel range would be developed anytime in the foreseeable future.
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