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  2. Sorry Infeston, my comments are more in response to all of his TGA posts on the topic of ME. The joys of the internet in that we can both read a post and interpret it differently. Like yourself, I am finding the format to be a positive one and personally the breath of fresh air I need to "possibly" re-engage with the hobby. I get the format is not for everyone, which is totally acceptable. I am personally done with 2000 point games and the matched play format at that level for a list of reasons, but don't feel compelled to spam every discussion about said format just because I don't think it works for me.
  3. I like how you predicted the complete opposite of what we got
  4. Both the Ogor and Tithe reveals very clearly mention bones in specific ways. Cue the oriental theme, and it seems quite clear that those are linked. Ogors vs Death? I am willing to bet on that.
  5. I expect centigor models they readded them into the beasts of chaos book but they have the old models still
  6. Let´s recap: All in all we had a great lot of new teases and some stuff that allows us some assumptions. Some people may not enjoy the taste of those previews, but all in all that quite stuff incoming: Cities of Sigmar und Orruk Warhordes Battletomes Warhammer Legends for some Aelves, Dispossesed Ogors with a new Tyrant WHU Season 3 Name and some model designs including Centaurs The Tithe Teaser Okay, so far the facts. In general GW seems to use the Soup Armies in a new manner with the Cities. This one is quite fun as it is really into the soup theme. Also it is kind of a "new old" thing. We basically get a new faction without new models. We can assume that the included Factions won´t see a tome on their own in the near future. Still there is the question, what the Cities will consist of and what units will be removed. Therefore it will be a hot topic here in tga in the next weeks as there is a lot of potential for a heated debatte as there are a lot of yet unknown design decisions. Orks are fine I guess, the merge will improve the issue of too small model variety by allowing the souped style. Terrain and magic may be expected. Nothing really hot here untill we have some rule previews. Ogors are quite interesting: Having only one new hero it may be a sign of them getting a Tome soon as well as be Part of one of the 2-Faction Sets. Rumours about such a box with wanderers are already around for some time. But why would gw only show the Ogor half? Maybe it is linked to the Cities of Sigmar, as they will contain wanderers? Maybe it is related to the Tithe. Maybe something completly different (Release in a SC!-Box?). Also we have a new Lore Elements mentioning the Bone Pact. WHU Seasons 3 may once again include new elements like Nightvault did with magic. Also we have some elvish and centaur like looking new models. A lot of room for speculations here, especially as centaurs are something new to AoS The Tithe. A lot of Room for Rumours and theories. It might be a second part to Forbidden Power, so we have a 2 Part Campaign like we did with Vigilius for 40k. Might end in a new faction. Might end in a new model. Who knows?
  7. This Tyrant is awesome! I would be sad if they retire the actual Maneater, but @Kramer is right about them being connected to the old world. A new kit with some from different realms would be hot stuff!
  8. I would urge everyone to be considering this a very positive development. For those worried about having to pick up bonesplitters now, don’t worry, it explicitly says pure armies and mixed armies. If a stronger army can be made by adding bonesplitters then don’t consider that being forced, but a bonus that you can access if you choose to make your force even stronger. The reality is that unless the mechanics of ironjawz change a lot, there is little benefit to diluting your army with other units. The more units you have and taking the big battalions makes ironjawz strong and a force half the size is far less than half the effectiveness if diluted with a bunch of bonesplitters. the biggest deal here is new wars rolls. Our warscrolls are so broken it would be amazing to have ones that work. Maybe brutes are worth their points, maybe the list of battalions and functionally useful. Maybe the mawkrusha becomes stronger to justify the points. Could be all kinds of great things happening.
  9. Unless theres another china delay, most previews are 2-3 months tops. (well except for warcry, but thats not exactly a traditional release)
  10. Karaks were/are present in AoS.
  11. Yeah, but that does not excuse the amount of stuff that GW ripped off for Warhammer Fantasy.
  12. Seems like a lot of jumping to conclusions here. Waiting for more details/the actual book would make sense. Maybe GW is going in a new direction and this will essentially be 7 battletomes in 1? Maybe not. But literally everything about this book is currently speculation.
  13. That's why I said I'll wait and see. But I won't be cheering either...
  14. What most people describe as 'Generic Tolkien Fantasy' they mean to be 'Generic Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy'. The vast majority of generic fantasy settings have Dwarves and Elves as tolerated friends, in the same way that 'generic' magic is everywhere, all the humans wear platemail, all of the Orcs are big, muscular, greenish barbarians, etc. Tolkien's Middle Earth works are actually pretty different to what most would consider 'Generic Tolkien Fantasy'.
  15. There hasn't been any word yet on the timeframe for this book, is there? I've been working for a month on list variations that will likely be heavily impacted by this tome. I'm hoping we see it sooner rather than later.
  16. Don't be so naive guys. GW just had to finish ASAP all factions in AoS 2.0 and get all their mini at least in a battletome. Then they can do whatever they want. To do so, they arbitrary push together several groups into soup battletomes (hence the Orcs one today, and the free cities) and to avoid update and give more build fredom, we can soup...oups...mix even free cities and KO or Sylvaneth ;-). All of this is purely arbitrary and driven by BUSINESS, not lore. Lore is then adapted. So, now, I don't give a damn, I'm happy to see those 2 new tomes as they refresh my 20+ yo miniatures. For the rest (ogors, death) , who knows... My bet: ogor=> same Orc (from today) treatment with mixing beastclaw. Death, dunno. Maybe half new army to have something new on the AoS front...
  17. They ripped that off of Tolkien. That whole Dwarf vs Elves vs Humans thing is from Toklien works in the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings.
  18. I'd put real money on the Warriors and thunderer/quarreller kit being retired. It's one of the oldest kits still in production. And you can guarantee that a solo Dwarf force will be even more hampered by a new premium price, since technically we have access to all kinds of magic now (never mind the fact that most Dwarf players don't want to use any of it, they are still going to bake-in the cost). They already increased the price on Warriors because they were seen as too efficient in a Grand Alliance Army. Playing solo Dwarfs is going to be even more of an uphill battle than it is right now once that book drops. EDIT: Sorry for the double-post. The site didn't show my first post went through, then suddenly it was there.
  19. Look, I love to grumble with the best of them. As per the name I'm deathly cynical about most of GW's decisions, especially after Fantasy. However, I don't really see how this can be seen as a negative. How many of us spent the last few years waiting for Dispossessed to - excuse the expression - get squat'ed? It's going to be a BIG book and given several of the Firestorm cities were themed around Dwarfs, there's absolutely going to be rules for tailoring your army around that theme. This is just Legions of Order. There's absolutely room for them to spin-off books from this, in the same way Nighthaunt were from LoG and inevitably so will Soulblight and Deathrattle (who seem to be coming soon). However given they're some ways off, this is a better alternative than getting stuck with GHB rules forever after. Guess what we won't need to do now either? Get stuck with only 400pts for Cannon, Engineers and Gyrocopters.
  20. Hnnnn yes???? Spiderfangs ARE goblins in spider so they are in goblin tome. And other of your examples all are the same race. The same example that you put would be dispossesed together karadron or fyreslayers that i would be 100% happy,but dwarfs with elfs????its as if they release a tome of nagash\stormcast\dok\ironjaws all together. They have done 100% that with this tome
  21. That’s true, but you don’t have to make a circle either, you can bend the shape when you setup to fit it where you need it if I understand correctly. I haven’t built mine yet, so I can’t say how helpful this is. On the other hand, a circle maximizes the area so it best to make that if possible
  22. Celtic?!?!?! It’s really really oriental...
  23. I wouldn't say he actively discouraged others from exploring the format. He even said that he doesn't like hardcore elitism. He only said that he doesn't think that ME is a viable competitive option. I disagree with this statement, because I think it is a good competitive option. But I wouldn't go that far and say that he actively discouraged me from playing this format. I really hope that the format catches on and more people will play it. I think it is a step in the right direction, especially for new players. I think the current "normal" format (2k) discourages people from joining the hobby. And I think GW really tries to establish new formats for new players, but it is often the community that dismisses such formats.
  24. Just like spiderfang got? Just like warherd got? Slaanesh mortals? The other factions in the book? Now Ironjawz and bonesplitters who once had their own book? Or every faction from death except for nighthaunt? and there are more. If you only care about the dwarfs you have two faction books.
  25. Cities of Sigmar, easily. It's conformation the older armies are not totally forgotten. Next would be Ghur themed Underworld, perhaps even without Stormcast in the core set. Then Warcry, though my girlfriend is more exited about that than I am.
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