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  2. The lack of a normal melee hero is unusual for sure. I guess they might think the unit champions are a bit like that. They also put all of them as leaders in the Warcry band which is afaik unusual. Of course they are not the same thing a stand alone unit hero. What I'm interested in is if this is connected to the Lumineth lore. Very often these characters are like noble champions (kings, princesses, generals with an aristocratic background), but maybe that thing is not there anymore in the Lumineth society. So champions connected to their unit, and mystical mages might make more sense for a Teclis faction. Of course that doesn't mean they couldn't have made a melee hero (and a lore was 100% not the reason why it didn't happen), but it might fit in the end. It might have just been something to make the faction a bit distinctive from others, so that not most follow the same formula. Or it could also have something to do with the possible Tyrion faction in the future, 100% will be more melee focused that Teclis one. And yeah, really hopefully this Sunday will bring our announcement.
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  4. Beer & pretzels game tomorrow; 2 v 2 with 1500 points each Decided to find a way to have fun with my otherwise unused chariots and turn a unit of 3 into an alpha strike missile; Lord on Steeds Command Ability: +1 to hit and reroll charge Bloodstoker: reroll wounds and +3" to run & charge (combines nicely with their once per game ability to run and charge- min threat range is 21" if I roll all 1's to run and charge but I get a charge reroll and can spend a CP to make the run a 6 so not likely- max threat range = 36"!!!) Bloodsecrator: +1 Attack to melee weapons which means +9 attacks across the unit (although might be tricky to keep them in range on the first turn but I will try) Aura of Khorne from Daemon Prince General: reroll 1's to hit and +1 to wound Warshrine: with them rerolling everything already I'm actually thinking tzeentch prayer for reroll saves is the way to go as all the buffs last until my next hero phase and keeping them alive longer will make them super annoying. With all the Buffs in place the great blades would be 9A / 2+ rr1's / 2+ rr all / -1 / 2 with another 24 attacks from whips/steeds- surely that will do some damage and thats without the mortal wounds on the charge. The final trick is Paragon of Ruin: pregame 5" move to increase the threat range even further (although I'm in two minds about this as it could move them out of range of the bloodstoker so might be better off with a different command trait) The full list is below- any comments welcome 🙂 Note*** I realise splitting them up would mean more mortal wounds on the charge however then the above buffs could only go on one chariot so I'm committed to trying it this way. Allegiance: Slaves to Darkness- Damned Legion: DespoilersLeadersSlaves to Darkness Daemon Prince (210)- General- Axe- Command Trait: Paragon of Ruin- Mark of Chaos: KhorneChaos Lord on Daemonic Mount (170)- Artefact: Diabolic Mantle- Mark of Chaos: KhorneBloodsecrator (120)- AlliesBloodstoker (80)- AlliesBattleline3 x Chaos Chariots (360)- Greatblades- Mark of Chaos: Khorne5 x Chaos Knights (180)- Cursed Lance- Mark of Chaos: Khorne20 x Chaos Marauders (150)- Axes & Shields- Mark of Chaos: KhorneBehemothsChaos Warshrine (170)- Mark of Chaos: KhorneEndless Spells / Terrain / CPsExtra Command Point (50)Total: 1490 / 1500Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 200 / 200
  5. @Lowki While, the grey coachman is nice, the blue on that Dreadblade Harrow is sexy. I would vote for that scheme for the coachman, the blue just adds that bright pop.
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  7. Hi all New to OBR here, so I have a quick question. Dread Falchions for your Stalkers? 1. yes. 2. No. 3. It depends on the situation (please explain). thanks.
  8. Sure. I think the horse robes are even more Simple. Though Hexwraith might do the trick also, I suspect these were painted before the Hexwraith Flame were released so I think they did something like this: undercoat: Corax White then just glazing itup Building layers using green glaze thinned down with Lahmian medium.maybe they gave the robes a basecoat of White (maybe even White scar). finallalize it with some edge highlights using White Scar.
  9. Feel you. In no way do they match the Nighthaunt design. Really did a lot of work on my own bunch when I did the Emerald Host.
  10. It is quite clearly worded on the warscroll "Once per turn, in your hero phase, you can pick one endless spell within 18" of this model. That endless spell is dispelled" This doesn't specify at the start of the hero phase and this clearly isn't a dispel in the same manner as a wizard since you don't need to give up a spell to use this ability. There are plenty of other ways to have worded this if it did need to be at the start of the hero phase, and the once per hero phase part would be irrelevant if it was at the start of the turn. This also wasn't addressed in the FAQ or designers commentary. I know in batreps and tournaments people are using it to dispel their own endless spells as well and it makes sense that a Lord of Change could be capable of this. I'd say all signs point to this being worded as intended, as a special ability that can dispel endless spells in a unique way.
  11. My Bloodlords list has 2 priests and no bloodsecrator. It can work. The utility of prayers goes a really long way. I returned to using a Bloodsecrator to boost Reapers even further and remembered why people generally consider him an auto-take. As for the "no Pilgrims" range, I don't actually have too many problems with that. I generally clump the Thirsters together. Usually, that's fine. I did just suffer a loss this weekend against KO that would have gone better if the Thirsters split up more. But even then, I would have kept the secrator as close as possible to the one I needed to do the most damage. (Unfortunately, it wasn't Skarbrand. My friend -victimized so enough by Skar before - made sure to shoot him off the board in the 1st round.) tl;dr: I think you can do alright with both set-ups, but if one of your 4 is Skarbrand, strongly consider the Bloodsecrator.
  12. Oh no the fwoosh has teleported! Uh oh, here comes the big fast fwoosh
  13. Its just when you end up adding some more units, your going to have to update it! What a wonderful problem amirite?
  14. I mean, if you are looking at damage output for the points, all of Cities shooting is undercosted compared to other books. Lets take sisters of the watch as a point of comparison. They have an 18" range, cost 160 points, and do an average of 6.11 damage before saves if they move, or 11.67 if they stand and shoot. So what is their competition? In stormcast, we have judicators with bows. For the exact same points, they add 6" to their range, can deepstrike if they are in stormcast, and will do an average of (drumroll please)... 3.72 damage before saves, with 1.92 of that solely on the judicator prime with a stormbolt bow. Like, seriously, sisters outshoot judicators by ~65% if they move, and do slightly over 3x the damage if they stand still. And some people complain that judicators are overpowered too... Next, lets look at the heart of shootcast - Vanguard Raptors. A unit of 3 vanguard raptors with Longstrikes come in at 170 points and clock in at... 3.67 damage on average before saves? Wait, really? Even less than judicators? I mean, against a 4+ save, things get a bit better for them, as they are still doing 3.22 damage on average vs judicators 2.48, but sisters are still dumping out 3.67 damage if they move, or 7 if they don't to a 4+ save. Admittedly, longstrikes do have a bit more range, but this still isn't looking favorable for them at all. Lets see then, who else is well known for shooting? How about Kharadron Overlords? Keeping things in the same general ballpark, lets go ahead and look at a unit of grundstock thunderers. A unit of 5 of these guys will push out an average of 4 damage before saves. Considering sisters cost 160 to the thunderers 120, lets just add 1/3 to their damage to get the equivalent point cost. And this leaves us with... 5.33 damage before saves. Wow, this really isn't looking good for the competition, is it? Ok, clearly cities have no equal amongst the order armies, so where else might there be competition? How about the other big shooting force - Tzeentch. Take a squad of flamers. If they are attacking something with less than 10 models and no other buffs, they are going to put out an average of 6.67 damage before saves. 10-19 models? Bump that up to 8.9. 20+? We're up to 11.11 damage before saves. And this on a unit that costs 120 points. There we have it, the one unit that can compete with cities on a cost basis. And they even have a way to teleport a squad of these guys without needing to cast a spell to blow stuff up too. As for the only other significant shooting force, there is the skaven. And let me be honest - I really don't know how the skaven work, or what their best shooting units are, so I'm going to skip on making any comparisons there (also, the few battle reports I've seen with them tend to include lots of effects that lead to lots of exploding). Realistically though, what I've found by doing this comparison is that there really isn't much shooting available amongst the armies. I was really expecting more. But since the armies that I have are Stormcast, Cities, Slaves to Darkness, Kharadron Overlords, and a few sylvaneth... I guess my view has been a bit skewed.
  15. @drkrash You have reason about shooting lists. In your 4 thirsters list, do you think the secrator is better than the 2nd slaughterpriest? Some times is difficult to get everything in range if you are not running gore pilgrims.
  16. So the Duardin rounded up the upstart painters. Declared them heretical, had them drawn and quartered. The Knights Excelsior overlooked approvingly and decapitated them to underline their standards. New paint crew brought in with traditional tastes.
  17. If I could fit any other battalion in with the 5 Thirster Tyrants I would certainly run it. But it would end up being 5-6 drops, which sort of seems to negate the chutzpah of the Tyrants battalion.
  18. Thanks you, guys! So the conclusion is we have a problem with summoning, not CP, but we may can take some ideas from 9ed 40k 👍
  19. Nope you can't stack effects from the same source. If you find something else, causing -1 to hit you can stack.
  20. Ahhh I lucked out and got all 50 of mine on ebay pretty cheap so I didn't know. And they're priced appropriately in our book but not against other books imo.
  21. 1. I'd argue the Liege is almost compulsory in lists that don't run katakros for rdp efficiency and the precious +1 attack ca. even with katakros it isn't bad. In addition to the support hero role, a liege is also fast & solid enough to be a mobile element in and of itself, able to chase msu camping units off of objectives. OBR casters, the main alternative for leaders/rdp generators lack useful command abilities, are less efficient at generating rdps for the points investment, and cannot operate on their own. And while we have some decent spells in their lore, our wizards mostly lack the significant bonuses to casting rolls to reliably push spells past the unbinding rolls of many of the more magically oriented lists in the game. Obviously Arkhan and Nagash are exceptions here, but Arkhan is really too fragile for his points even in petrifex to really be competitively viable, and while Nagash arguably is viable, he dominates your list & leads to very lopsided games with much more pronounced weaknesses than your more typical obr lists. 2. 6 stalkers does seem decent, but you've gotta take morteks, who are already fighty and way tougher, and/or riders who are faster, so stalkers which are kind of a mid way between the two have a hard time fitting imo. Things might be different if you could take even one unit of them as battleline, but as is, well, they aren't bad, but I doubt one unit of three will do as much for you as a single harvester, or a liege if you're otherwise light on heroes, while 1x6 or 2x3 will have a hard time providing the kind of utility you can get from a pair of crawlers. I want to stress, though, that they aren't bad. OBR listsmaming is very tight and it's hard to fit even pretty good units like stalkers in if they aren't strictly critical to the game plan, but if you do make room for them they'll still put in some work. Immortis are in a worse spot. they're too expensive to use to protect heroes - too slow to keep up with a liege and you could get another liege for that price anyway. our non-named casters aren't good or critical enough to justify the investment. nagash and katakros are tough enough thay they shouldn't need them & expensive enough that you can't reasonably fit them even if you did. Arkhan is about the only dude fragile enough to need them, & expensive enough to justify them, but at that point you're kind of throwing good points after bad. plus they're dirt slow and one of Arkhan's best points is that huge flying move, so you're clipping his wings by sticking near them. I don't want to overstate their badness, as they're also pretty tough with some non-negligible hitting power. with two weapons and a double attack ca they also take buffs well, particularly +1 attack from a liege or katakros, which would synergize further with their double attavk ca, but the second attavk round being limited to their shields only takes a lot of wind out of their sails. Plus, morteks are tougher and hittier and take buffs even better and you already have morteks because battleline. As with stalkers, if you could take even one unit as battleline, or if their CA allowed then to fight again with all their melee weapons, then there might be something to talk about, but as is they're rather lackluster. Worse than stalkers, which are good but just really hard to fit at 2k points when everything you need to take is already so expensive. I run them anyway, because i love their thematics and aesthetics, but yeah, can't really recommend them. 3. Havent run nagash in obr yet so I mostly defer to others, but yeah he seems pretty viable, but the monstrous cost combined with everything else in the army being ecpensive makes it very hard to play for objectives, and there are melee hammers strong enough to down him even in petrifex. 4. Shrieker is good if you have the points for it, predator is decent but imo pendulum is better at the same job for only 10 points more. Soul stealer's pretty bad as it only triggers on enemy casualties in its fairly small range, not casyalties to enemy units in that range. most of the time, opponents will be able to just pick casualties from outside the aura to avoid the effect. has some extra utility for nagash, in order to get line of sight on enemy heroes to machine gun them down with arcane bolts, but his flight and height make it difficult to hide from him already, and the bound mechanic cuts into the big guy's casting bonus, which is one of his main srlling points. Other endless spells can be useful as well, so long as you have at least one caster to try them. balewind is nice for a boneshaper or soulmason. Nagash likes his spellportals. I still like shackles even after the hefty points hike. geminids is still pretty good. bridge or cogs can help with OBR's relatively slow speed. palisades can be useful for blocking firing lanes. Because of the high cost of units & heroes in OBR, and our inability to use command points, you'll often be left with 50 to 100 points spare at the end of list construction with nothing to spend it on except for endless spells, so if you're running any wizards ar all then it's worth taking some time to familiarize yourself with the available options. 5. As already mentioned, I think Arkhan's too fragile for the points to be competitive, even in petrifex. Like stalkers, I don't think he's terrible, just worse than ither options. I run him anyway, but yeah. My typical 2k list right now is: Arkhan Liege Boneshaper 40 morteks 20 morteks 5 kavalos 3 immortis crawler shrieker if i were trying to be competitive the immortis would definitely be another crawler. I'd also trade out arkhan for a mason and either a harvester or just more morteks. Or trade arkhan, the shaper, and the shrieker for katakros.
  22. The Archregent can summon for free next to the throne. The Errata only applies to the 2nd sentence of the rule. It's still not overpowered though since the points changes.
  23. @Lowki I think it looks great. I did some Nighthaunt like that with fluro blue for arms and faces. Think you could link that tutorial please?
  24. I was referring to their actual monetary cost. I think they are priced appropriately in points. Note that Irondrakes are extremely popular for a similar cost, but don't do mortal wounds or get a Stand and Shoot.
  25. Printed off a test of my entirely unofficial fanmade battletome supplement, and it looks so cool.
  26. This! I miss the customisation you had with heroes in oldhammer. I’m not too keen on how artefacts work at the moment either and don’t see why we can’t just pay additional points for them. Seriously the LoN battalions are pretty bad and taking one of them just to get another artefact is madness. Which also feeds into command points, if Nagash is on the table you’re using his command ability almost every time and it’s hard to generate more than 1 a turn in that army so blood feast is a no go.
  27. With Thralls you have to pick your battles as carefull as possible. They need to hit first and hopefully destroy the enemy unit in one melee-phase. But I am often having a hard time getting there as well.
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