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  2. I also think it's because the book was written before all the new battletomes this year so didn't have the loonshrine, gnawholes, fane etc in mind. There will be an errata I'm sure on day one
  3. It looks to me that they just wanted to avoid the 'rank and file' look which you tend to get with the 3rd party movement trays.
  4. Up to 10 if both players bring only mausoleum.😅 Anyways, I can imagine gun line or sylvaneth armies might opt for infinitely small markers under the unique category. Unique doesn't have a minimum size at the moment. Sure there's still a 12" bubble going down anyway but it might recover enough space for a sylvaneth player to squeeze in a wyldwood, and makes the board fairly barren for clear lines of sight. Not sure how viable a tactic it is in play. I really like the idea they're going for here. I've always wanted battlefield set up rules, but there's a lot of work that'll need to be done, I think, and it goes beyond just being overly restrictive. I haven't heard anyone mention it yet, but Garrisoning is going to need an overhaul/clarification, there's a lot of ways to twist/exploit/game interactions because of a lack of clarity. Here's a few questions my friends and I have been debating: - Currently a garrison can be attacked. But Spells and abilities aren't attacks. Can you sling a spell at a garrisoned unit? With the new hedonites FAQ it's clearly stated that an attack must use the attack sequence to be considered an attack. Starsoul maces, warpfire projectors, they don't use the attack sequence. - Does a garrisoned hero also benefit from lookout sir? - If warpfire projectors do interact with a garrison, how many dice do they roll? If a piece is garrisoned by 30 models, are all 30 models counted in range if the warpfire is within 8"? Or is it just the terrain piece since the terrain piece is counted as an enemy model. Essentially, are you rolling 30 dice, or 1 dice? Of course, we'll have to see what they come out with in their FAQ, but I think there's a lot of potential for abuse with garrisons. Personally, I hope they just get rid of garrisoning altogether and remove the LoN specific rule on the mausoleum. For the actual set up, I'm hoping they'll ditch the edge of battlefield for faction terrain and make placement for all terrain more than 3" from other terrain and objectives. I'm still optimistic this can be adapted into an interesting mechanic while still making faction terrain playable, but not as reliable to place optimally.
  5. But we have mercenary system now Necromant will use some lore spells
  6. In the apocalypse new rules, the units have to be in a certain range of the HQ of their detachment. That's why the trays offer relatively grouped units with a random shape to look more "battlefield". But indeed, I'm a bit doubtful of the versatility of those trays when it comes to pay the GW price....
  7. I dont have my rulebook to hand but it does state that reactions are a special type of action. The Scurry FAQ confirms that, although it's a little unclear. If you look at the various Facebook groups, the general consensus is yes, reactions on a fighter card count towards keep them guessing. Haven't yet heard of a TO or Grand Clash ruling otherwise. Next FAQ may change this and make keep them guessing much less playable
  8. I just think GW needs to implement the stack from MtG as a rule. It would explain the order of abilities triggering much more smartly.
  9. Well, I don't believe those were designed with AoS in mind so no wonder they don't fit.
  10. Grey Seer I think as it will be make colors colder - perfect for BCR.
  11. Nah he def can't. There's a very clear cut FAQ on that subject.
  12. FYI the hair and beard on my slayers is with one of the new contrast paints (apoth white) 🙌. With a Light drybrush of white on top
  13. 160 for the helblaster? That seems like a really strange choice, especially as they've dropped cannons. Though cheaper cannons and steam tank will be really nice My greywater fastness is calling me again damnit! (And now I have contrast paints the idea of painting the freeguild bodies isn't horrific)
  14. Anyone know what would be the go-to primer/contrast combination for white (or very light grey) fur and skin? I am thinking Yhetees and Stonehorn/Thundertusk.
  15. HI! I built mine with plastic super glue, which worked nice. I hab to fill up a gap at her shoulder of about 1.2 mm, because it was impossible to add the right arm (the one with the bag) like it should be. (forgeworld did a mistake I think) But filled up its impossible to see the gap. I would again build the base first, and next time, I would paint the back of her before adding the arm with the bag. (because it makes the painting of the back harder). Greetings from Bavaria
  16. Today
  17. I built mine with plastic superglue and she holds fine. Her right arm was strangely wrong built (from Forgeworld) , so I had to fill up a gap of about 1.2 mm with greenstuff at her shoulder. But now she looks nice. I would build the base first, and perhaps paint her back before adding the arm which holds the bag. Greetings from Bavaria
  18. @Cauthon @mmimzie rightly called me on my negative response. So i'll try to respond more in depth. Your first question you answer yourself. You take a weak points and ask if a minor points decrease will fix it. But you're all comparing it to being the absolute top tier. No Thunderers aren't ruined by a long shot. Their not as broken as they were. But I will still everyday take 10 thunderers over 5 judicators for 20 points more. So no probably not the best shots in the game, not even with the points reduction. Can they still win you games, absolutely. And the above I would apply to point 1 to 3B. Then you suggested the Frigate at 140 points and suggested it would the only reason, in your opinion, for US to take the Frigate. In my opinion, you absolutely get value out of the frigate. It's the only way to deepstrike a squad. Getting further upfield with a 4" movement army? Worth at least 180pts if not more. Same with the Soulscryer in Deepkin, I get the points raise because deepstriking is a valuable skill. So don't judge it as a mobile gun platform or transport. It's a big base drop ship. Then you wish for a badass melee unit. Ain't gonna happen with a GHB update... but further on you burn Skywardens to the ground for their skymine ability ignoring their 2" pike range etc. And I agree if you compare Endrinriggers with Skywardens, buffed Skywardens are the preferred choice... Et Voila, you have your badass melee unit. And you get great mobility in exchange for a better save. And you can transport them... for free Lastly you sum up that you believe point changes aren't the way to go. And I (mostly) agree with you. If you want this army to be top tier, it will need to be re-written. If you want this army to be a fun underdog with unique mechanics and models, with a huge learning curve that have the potential to do very well... you are already there. I would invite you to take a look at the KO games at CanCon on YouTube for some inspiration. Yes, you will need to play exceptionally well and yes, you will need some luck. But it's provenly doable. So why not you? But the other side of that coin. If you were one of my mates, and you rocked up to me with that summary and asked me if I would advise you to get into KO. I would wholeheartedly say no. It's a set-up for disappointment. You play a melee orientated army and you lose... your mind will go back to what you perceive as the handicap of still not having a badass melee unit. You play Shoot-cast and they drop in and one shot you and you're back to being bummed about are 'inferior' shooting. And it will happen, you might get good enough to win some of those games anyway and compete in the ones you lose. But if you don't like being the underdog, or playing for the win is core of having fun for you, I wouldn't advice this army if that's your view coming in. If you do love the models, crave that uphill struggle or if your local scene isn't that hardcore anyway. Welcome on board! The sun is shining and there are a lot of positives in my mind. @5kaven5lave I would give it a go with the Endrinriggers in there for a few games, but personally I gained more by keeping them back a turn. So drop in the thunderers, shoot with the khemist buff. Maybe charge and reposition if needed. Your opponent needs to commit something to deal with them. Then go in with the Endrinriggers. Either on their main force coming for you, or with their speed for the devision coming for the thunderers. But again give it both a few tries, because it can work. But I rather spend the CP on re-rolling 1’s to hit in shooting (new Generic Command ability) then re-rolling a 9+ charge. Hope this helps
  19. It's amazing how much drive this discussion got just because of some "simple" changes to Ironjawzs in the GHB. Im really excited about the new changes and eager to try them out. But: You guys think that the Fungoid can use the Ironjawz lore? Somehow i wish yes, but i think this lore is just legal for the weirdnob, but i'm not sure? Is there a consensus yet?
  20. And another Monday morning update! This is pretty much the whole army. I made really good progress over the weekend and everything on the two baking sheets is ready to be undercoated. Over on the right, I've got the base of the Mortis Engine to sort (you can see some flagstone plasticard I've started to cut), the bridge to base and I've glued the torso's onto the legs of 20 skeletons (these are just a much of a pain to tidy up as I remember). You can also see what I'm considering the next evolution of the spraying stick... Basically an old hacksaw blade taped to a wooden baton so that I don't need to use blue tack or double sided tape to secure my models 😃 I also managed to get some paint onto the first test model! This is purely Contrast paints over a Grey Seer undercoat. More experimentation required without a doubt! The Magos Purple veers into the pink range, Shyish Purple is super strong and the Gryph-Charger Orange is quite brown. However it does enforce that the rough colours I've picked should work. I also tried a super quick blend into the shadow with Talassar Blue - which was pretty effective although a bit rough as I didn't really thin it enough (and was using a random offcut of plastic rather than a palette), but I can see there being a lot of fun things that the new paints will allow you to do - a lot more quickly than with traditional paints. One thing I do need to do is to work out if I'm going to apply a zenithal white highlight before I apply paint...
  21. If I end up trialling that monstrosity of a list then I think it's either going to be godly or it will crumble and die in a heartbeat. As for paints, be original and do your planned Black and Red scheme. You already have the supplies after all and it'll look good either way.
  22. @Grudgebearer @Kramer Thanks for the feedback, I think it does work out at 2k with the drops. The 5 Thunderers would just be a little objective holding unit or a screen with their retreat in combat thing? Would splitting the Endrinriggers into 2x6 work better? Also, I’m still getting my head around the army and don’t have the Battletome, do I still get to pick an artefact and trait even if I take a Skyport?
  23. @BartoI have played CV thundercats once. They deleted a unit of 40 chaos marauders with -1 to hit and 5+ 6+ fnp. Their damage is granted. Shooting off screening units with ballistas might be better option though.
  24. When it comes to paint running into the wrong parts, it can be really affected by which way up you leave the model to dry - gravity is our friend so use it wisely! Lots of the paints look great over leadbelcher.
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