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  2. 2 maces worked for me quite well in AoS 1, 3 axes were able to cut down hordes fast enough and maces even killed Drycha once. But with such ally as KO I'd rather go full on axes
  3. Are there a couple of mortals in that group?
  4. Uploaded the Rules Pack. For attendees to the previous events, please note the addition of a painting competition (we still have no rules for painting) and additional clarification for games that don't finish in time and how to score them.
  5. 'Ello all yoose Oomies, Big fellas, and pointy heads, I am Loonseer Skarnik Gloomcap, I was sent by Da Shroomshark to tell you gitz bout Da Tripple Stabba(he would of done it himself if he wasn't tryin to wrangle some troggoths to join our crew). (Model is WIP) Anyway Da Triple Stabba(Dead Man's Trident) is located in da realm of death itself(Shyish) in some underworld called "The Galleon's Graveyard" and is a bunch of islands dat look like a three prong stabba when yoose are floating from eatin to many puffshrooms. It's always raining 'ere, and da clouds are so thick it's like Da Everdank came early(don't tell da Looking I sed dat though, I like me head in one piece(ha!)). So far it seems dat were are only three major lairs(or whatever you lot call your homes) in da area: 1. Port Jagged: Named after all of da wrecked ships and rocks sticking out of da water like squig teef, and is the major Oomie "settlement(dats what you call your lurklairs right?), it's a right and proppa place of villainy, with all sorts of oomie crimes being committed(It was ere where I learned some oomies have mushrooms growing on dem). Hey fink dat da storm is actually some goddess or godbeast(it depended on who I asked) named Scyjaw , who collects(or eats) all da souls of any creature dat dies under its rain. when I asked what dis git looked like, hey showed me two pictures, one was a oomie girl leaking water from er eyes, and da other was of a giant allopex chompin down onna bunch of ships. 2. Pele Koa Isles: dis place is basically three or four volcanoes linked together. I woulda done more explorin but a bunch of da fire stunts came outta nowhere and started throwing axes at me! some of dem were weird though, it looked like dey were made of hot rocks..... 3. Skellie Keep: Dis place was very weird(and coming from me dats saying somefing). It's one of dose pyramid places dat Nagash and dose Desert Skellies like building, but it was being run by some vampire(so da people of Jagged told me). Even weirder is da fact dat were were still living 'oomies dere as well. We should be extra sneaky around dis place, as dey ave a small fleet(three or four barges) and regularly patrol it. Owever, it seems dat da skellies are "friendly" if you give dem exotic pets or strange books once a year. Well dat's all I could find out,. Don't ask me for a map of da joint, I didn't ave time to nick one(and in irl I'm not that great of a digital drawer(is anybody here good at that kind of thing?).
  6. The problem I see there is kind of the same problem from back when Samurais encountered American Civil War era weapons and tactics. They got slaughtered. End of empire and power slaughtered. This wasn’t because the Samurai were a bad or underpowered army in their proper setting. But because they had no answer for the advantages that guns and longer ranged weapons (cannons) provided. Much in the way you cannot expect an army of Bibilical era Hoplites to tackle a Dragon riding medieval soldier. Against a more theme timeframe army player A would have a better time, but this sadly isn’t Sigmars timeframe at all. Roman soldiers would get trashed even by regular knights by sheer difference in quality of armor and weapons. but if his narrative is to be Ancient Greece he’s not going to have a good time against anything from the post Roman Empire to the Renaissance Era, and even worse against pre Industrial era tools. This isn’t a case of having a bad list but a matchup that is near impossible... unless you’re Ewoks, or Na’vi. It’s a matchup that would have played out the same even if you took the story approach because of the players own choices.
  7. With a small doubles tournament upcoming (700 pts a side with KO) I’m looking at some decimators for some horde decimation. Just undecided on the maces. Two for some mortal wounds or go all in on the axes for more attacks. (Basic plan is I shield his thunderers and skyhooks with a khemist, that goes after the hard targets. My job is protecting him and dropping on objectives. We’re only missing something on the horde destroying front)
  8. I agree, that would make no sense at all. I don't mean just take the existing range and break it back up again. There's a lot of scope for fleshing out each of the clans separately with proper model releases over time (and by time I mean the medium-long term). The book that just came out is, as you say, just to make skaven playable (for now). I'm referring to the post-consolidation period that we are still going through. It's an easy way of adding more factions (and therefore more profits!), While minimising the amount of new models (and costs) necessary. Plus, who doesn't want a whole faction based around ninja rat-men ala Clan Eshin 😃
  9. The level of teasing here of "soon" is bit excessive 😄. Hopfully Sunday will be the announcment of the preorder and we can start seeing some secrets of the new tome revealed.
  10. Looks like that's confirmation that the lord on boobsnake is staying. Good, I think he hold up the best out of the remaining 6th ed. WHFB chaos release. The Tzeentch Fatemaster is only so-so by comparison.
  11. Slaanesh lore excerpt on WarCom. Getting closer...
  12. An article is up on Warhammer Community about Slaanesh in the Mortal Realms: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/04/18/apr-18-slaanesh-in-the-mortal-realmsgw-homepage-post-3/
  13. Depends on the setup. If the Terrorgheist is next to another unit, say some Horrors, you can charge the Horrors and only tag them with 1 Evocators, and then string the rest of the Evos in a line 3.1" away from the Terrorgheist. Now the TG is not eligible to pile in and attack (so skips the "start of combat phase" modifier for Gristlegore), and you pile in and attack with the Evos. Even though you aren't within 3" of the TG, he's still the closest model, so you pile in towards him and attack. Then you hit him with the MW jazz hands. Alternatively, if you want to play a bit more risky, you can charge one unit and string just one Evocator to be 3.1" away from the TG, and then only pile in .2" and hit him with the jazz hands only while attacking the other unit, though this has the downside of potentially whiffing on the MW roll.
  14. Narrative play and non-competitive matched play is indeed a social contract. I agree with you. But consider the following situation: I am a TO and overhear a couple players preparing for their game. They're both fairly good, but one is sad about his fluff because he's going to lose before he even starts, and questions why his army doesn't retreat before the might of the other army without losing all his characters and whatnot. Player A brings a 1000 point narrative army which isn't very good - perhaps he's built it around the idea of a Hoplite Phalanx using Freepeople's Spearman rules, and doesn't really find the gunners or crossbowmen a very interesting choice for his "Greece-themed" army. He's got a narrative of his Free City, perhaps inspired by the Spartans, that values camaraderie and bravery, and uses the Phoenecium rules. He's written pages of fluff for this narrative event, hand has them all to hand out to players. Player B brings a 1000 point narrative army which is fantastic - perhaps he saw the undead dragons in Skyrim and brought two Terrorgheists and a Abhorrant Ghoul King on zombie dragon as Gristlegore. He also has pages of fluff - about the trials of his Ghoul King's attempt to subvert the wills of the dragons - of course seeing himself as a magical king bending the will of monsters to protect his kingdom. Like Player A, he's very dedicated to his fluff, and he had the army and the fluff before the FEC Battletome came out. Eventually, they agree to ask me to not play a game - they'd rather skip that part of the event, thanks. What did I do wrong as a TO? Was one of the players wrong? Why was said player wrong? Should they be punished for breaking a social contract? I'm not advocating making everything viable thrown together in a hodgepodge. But I am advocating making every unit viable in a useful context. Narrative players can then use that context to build their armies around a narrative they like.
  15. Warhammer Community - Slaanesh in the Mortal Realms
  16. Imma throw my hat in the ring here. Balance as I see it is that every battletome be able to provide mechanics and units that allow players to make a competitive list, preferably several list possibilities to avoid one trick armies. Clever design would allow different viable lists that involve different units from that army so that each unit can find a place in a viable list. And by that I don't mean being able to throw whatever together and smack around a top tier DoK list, I mean the ability to create a competitive list that involves certain units while having the options of making equally viable lists that involve the other units from your army, with the main determining factor in the success of those lists coming down to how each list performs against whatever your opponent brought. Another point of good balance design would be for every army to have a fair chance against another army depending on list composition and not for the core rules or staple units of an army to give it an objective advantage over another army. Another popular point of debate is points costs, it's hard to determine accurate points costs for balancing especially when two armies may have very similar units at very different prices because the allegiance mechanics of those armies will affect those units differently. Large god-tier units like Archaon, Nagash and Alariel also make balance a tough challenge because while they should be powerful, you can't herohammer them and have them carry a game. You can build a list that heavily supports them so that they can do the heavy lifting but that can be countered by killing the supporting units, rather than having an innately powerful model on the board. It's always awkward to see models like nagash get wiped out by a unit of ghouls or whatever that's a fraction of his cost but if most units had a hard time hurting big models like him then big models would just become the new meta. I guess my overall point is that with so many armies and units it's going to be a challenge to balance them out while making each feel unique, it's why most strategy games usually only have 3-4 armies because the more unique mechanics and rulesets you have interacting the harder it gets to make an overall game balance.
  17. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/04/18/apr-18-slaanesh-in-the-mortal-realmsgw-homepage-post-3/ New article up, looks like it’ll be soon guys.
  18. I'd be worried about what organ a Slaanesh army would use..... 😳 We should go back a bit and give Slaanesh the original Noise Marine weapons again. The first and only chaos rock army in Sigmar!
  19. I like the concept of external and internal balance but I really dont agree with your examples Kharadron was very competetive for a long time and have recently again performed well. Liberators are still a valid unit, AoS2 did not invalidate it BUT it changed its battlefield and listbuildning role.
  20. Kind of arguing with the choir. Balance should mean building an army while having the tools to deal with most situations. You have your tank unit, your chaff killers, the chaff, the hero killers and objective takers, support, etc. A balanced list should contain a good many of these, and the game should be balanced around taking them instead of focusing on an all hero kill list or an all tank list, or using units that have no synergies with each other and somehow beat someone who put together a good army that works together. Now not every army has all the tools. And a fair few work in ways that it’d be counterproductive to being taken. You don’t want slow moving tanks in a fast Killy army. On flip side you don’t want something that will die if you glare at it in a tough defensive army. It’s how the game should work. Making everything viable if you build for it is a good idea, you want to play Judicators? Well this guy is good for making them stay on the table and work a little better even when you get attacked. But if you get my caught in close combat they will get wiped off the board so take this unit of Liberators to block off the enemy, and then this unit of Sequitors will be there to kill their elite units if they get overzealous about killing you... etc. making everything just flat out viable is not good for any army. Like say Judicators allied into a Daughters of Khaine army to be the main damage dealers. That shouldn’t work on paper or on the table.
  21. As far as I know yes that's the only restrictions. There will be "achievements" for doing things but we don't know what those are.
  22. Something pretty easy and covers you for the first two weeks. Means you can summon more Knights or 20 Ghouls turn one. Allegiance: Flesh Eater Courts - Grand Court: Blisterskin Leaders Abhorrant Archregent (200) - General Battleline 6 x Crypt Flayers (340) 3 x Crypt Flayers (170) Endless Spells Chalice of Ushoran (40) Total: 750 / 750 Extra Command Points: 0 Allies: 0 / 200 Wounds: 43
  23. This is incorrect - as I've been preached at on this very forum. Narrative play/non competitive matched play is a social contract, both players have to agree to what's going on. You are 100% correct that a balanced game is just as good for narrative players as it is tournament players - I've never argued against the idea. What I do take issue with is the idea that every unit in every book has to be viable for the game to be balanced. It is not possible without losing key aspects of list writing being an important part of the game. It is simply not possible to make a book where every unit is viable because GW cannot design in such a way. The way the game is played where I'm from is different from where you play and so on. This is evidenced on this forum where some people think certain units are fantastic while others have horrid results with them. Should GW endeavor to reduce the game in unit performance in books? Absolutely. Is it feasible that books are designed where every unit can be used viably in a tournament environment? Absolutely not. There are too many variables. @Dead Scribe Sure - in the cartoon meta you play in this is true. Its not elsewhere where lots of different types of players make up gaming communities.
  24. Fair enough. Literal organ gun? Think of it as the sister of battle exorcist tank but now actually skin and organs.
  25. I know in our area, if we have someone trying to run a campaign, they constantly complain because we bring strong lists. If units are not viable for competitive play, they are by default not viable for play period because competitive play is the standard for many groups... narrative or no. There should be no nonviable units in an army book period. It should be designed from a competitive standpoint where the assumption is both players breaking the game. If they designed that way, then even the narrative players would be ok because their narrative choices wouldn't be gimp or they'd have more tools at their disposal at the least.
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