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  2. He looks like the Warqueen to me. Maybe Feast of Bones is Ogor VS boned Darkoath.
  3. I say it represents the mawtribes, what with the bones and the ogoresque face. Plus the tithe video made it clear that it was a character for death, seeing as how there was no mention of the world that was.
  4. What else do people have to go on? This scenario seems to come up constantly in online Warhammer communities: GW: We're releasing a new thing which is like X! People: Wow can't wait! *thing comes out* People: Oh no, it's more like Y. Smug people: What, you expected X? You fools, it was clearly Y all along. I get it, people's hype often leads to them trying to fit a square peg into a round hole (see all the posters declaring the return of Tomb Kings at the drop of a hat) but people are allowed to have expectations, and if they end up not matching reality it's not invalid for them to feel disappointed.
  5. Hmm, I might have to try and find which warscroll he was referring to, now. 😂 Good to hear they're bringing us up to scratch with the rest of AoS!
  6. Just imagine if GW's been strongly teasing an old WFB character's return, with everybody getting hyped for fan favourites and it turns out to be Dieter freaking Helsnicht, literally a generic necromancer model riding a manticore, who got given a name because everyone got one back then, and the blandest backstory ever, before being forgotten about for 25 years. Masterful ruse if so 🤭
  7. That will depend of your comunity really. I use repeater crossbows as Celestar Ballistas. Even on tournaments guys over here are very forgiving
  8. Does anyone have any first hand experience with recent lists that exclude Judgments, and lists that include them? How close to an auto include are they in your lists? Trying to figure out how many points to set aside for them, or just hit 2k with units alone. Edit: If you were building a 'take all comers' tournament list, how would you rank the 3 judgments?
  9. Crossposting from the rumour thread! Whoa ok, this image from the community site is new. New bad guy: definitely has a nose. And a lot of mouths if you want to interpret it that way. Deither Helsnicht had a lot of mouths when we last saw him in the End Times so my money's still on him.
  10. Whoa ok, this image from the community site is new. New bad guy: definitely has a nose. And a lot of mouths if you want to interpret it that way. Deither Helsnicht had a lot of mouths when we last saw him in the End Times so my money's still on him.
  11. Actually, Outriders would be closer because pistols do have way to short range (thats the range of a Javelin, not a bow). The biggest problem with using Outriders as Proxis is, that -1 Rend is part of black powder Weapons or the Bows of Stormcast Eternals. Which means -1 Rend is way too strong for a regular Bow unit.
  12. Is shooting actually a thing in this game? Obviously there's no dedicated shooting phase but will the missile-armed Stormcast and Idoneth models just have weapon options with higher range that they use in the combat phase? I wonder how effectively it will fit in if so, obviously it's a melee combat focused game but I'd like there to be a role for sneaky snipers given all the cool terrain options available I also kind of want to explore a proxied Deepkin warband using Wildwood Rangers, Glade Guard and hawk riders (if I can find any) instead of Namarti and eels. Have em be really grizzled, battle-scarred elf guerillas like the Scoia'tel in the Witcher
  13. Yeah, it looks clearly like the new head banner for Underworlds Beastgrave. I think it will be a "savage" new season with traps, guérilla warfare and pets. Wanderers, Beastmen and Boneplitterz would fit very well in this Xpac.
  14. Sepulchar Guard is great. Skelletons are just old. Old, generic, boring.
  15. I know that the Archmage has two versions, one of them with a mount. The only point why I have the Archmage in my list is because there is no mounted Battlemage on Horse (only the Griffon) and I wanted a mounted mage for a fully mounted army. Swordmasters still have the resinmodels without command.
  16. I guess it will be the logo for season 3, since it is similar to the previous ones
  17. Sign me up! OMG then you'd get warrior mice too! A whole force of "Reepicheep" mice with swords VS skaven!
  18. the Head on the right. Did I miss this? This could be the Wild Beast Warband or be connected to Shadespire (judging from the Artstyle: the way the Head is presented, hexagons in the back) looks like Amber-Aekfes to me a more primal form of Wanderers.
  19. A Slaanesh allegiance list using Depraved Drove won an event a couple weeks ago (AoS Shorts Dan has the list on his twitter), but I'm not aware of any Khorne allegiance Brass Despoilers lists that have placed highly.
  20. The skeletons are still great. I don‘t see any reason for an update?
  21. Thats neat, was thinking of going for dual swords for celestial vindidcators for aesthetic reasons. So long as theyre not straight garbage im happy. Last thing i want is to invest in models that just dont cut it at all. I'm sure if i play against people that are playing more to win then i would naturally swap to sequitors.
  22. My whole hype for Deathrattle (and it was huge) is now gone. Old models are like from ancient times, different game for me. Can't accept them keeping in mind they will be backbone of that army.
  23. The bladed tails looks quite the same indeed. But the feet don't match I guess, the "Centaur" got hoofs and no cat feet like the Lion. Maybe it's a new faction with Lion, Centaur and Warriors.
  24. Just one word: Rend! You do ok damage with them, but the missing rend is the thing making them thrash!🤔
  25. There aren't any Greenskinz units or characters bar warbosses mounted on things and holding banners that couldn't be used as their immediate Bonesplitters counterparts. Anyway, this is an Order thread. Orcs pls go 😊
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