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  2. I like it. Mostly because it was part of great campaign. I hope they do more of those. I still have the Albion giants and recently tracked down the evil wizard. I still treasure those models.
  3. Everybody had this big expectation of what the Slaanesh release was going to be, mainly because they were missing from both shelves and the storyline for so long. These are folks who haven't learned to manage their expectations, when it comes to GW. Go easy on them. It's a harsh lesson to learn. Perhaps Slaanesh and 40k Ork players can form some sort of support group or something.
  4. What dispel prayer? I haven't read anything that suggests we can even dispel endless spells.
  5. Topic question: It probably won't ever be "enough", GW is very heavily implying there will be some sort of card rotation after Nightvault and then we'll have new cards and warbands to replace Shadespire. They'll go the living card game route that way, which is the most profitable way for companies to do card games without completely alienating new players. That said, I'm hoping sets going forward won't have busted cards that require you to buy every set, and it becomes easier for casual players to pick up 1 or 2 warbands + core set and be able to build reasonable decks. They've done a much better job in Nightvault where there aren't crazy cards like Quick Thinker or Great Concussion already. Some standouts but not as much. Passive Warband discussion: This is something that was big in our area for a while, and it dumpsters all over defensive/slow warbands like Skeletons, sorry to say. But once people figured out the best way to mess it up is to force them to act, and started bringing aggro things like Hidden Paths, Faneway Crystal, even Spectral Wings to get in range, passive play decks started getting hurt quite badly. Fast aggro warbands have a much better time against them, such as Magores, Skaven, or now Mollogs.
  6. There is only 1 gloomspite army/allegiance. Shootas and Stabbas are the battleline. You can then gain 1/2 other units as additional battleline choices depending on what your general is. So with a Troggboss as your general you have 4 battleline choices, Shootas, Stabbas, Fellwater Troggs and Rockgut Troggs. Mollog is a solid pick, he's not as high damage as the other options but all his damage is done as mortal wounds. If you come up against mass -hit he's going to really shine. Fungoid is the basic wizard of choice, the madcap is horrific by comparison while the spiderfang shaman is only worth it if you want a specific spell from the spiderfang lore. Depends on your list, if you have Skragrott and 2 Fungoids you have 4 unbinds a turn with 2 of them at a +1 native. You will never be a Tzeentch or Nagash list but you have enough unbinds to go after your opponents key spells. Dankholds (including mollog) also have a 4+ to ignore a spell on them. We're middle of the road as far as spells go. Amazing, personally I consider her and Skragrott to be the two standouts in our army. With Gryphfeather Charm the Hag becomes incredibly hard to deal with and has a lot of breadth in her kit. Scuttletide is fantastic, the other 3 are situationally but ok for their points. The Loonshrine is fantastic, it provides a 12" battleshock immunity bubble and if you have Shootas or Stabbas in the army then on a 4+ at the end of your turn you can bring one of them back at half strength (once each per unit).
  7. So I get that this is pretty far afield of KO discussion, but the pedant in me can't let this go. Apologies. I am building the Sequitors set right at this moment. I am looking at the sprues, and I am looking at the instruction booklet. There are four Greatmaces in a kit. Not five. Four.
  8. @Qrow that's basically my Lord Ex bomb but one that can hit back.
  9. I have one list that is infamous in my club, is combines the -1 to hit from the harridans with the -1 to hit from the mourngul, and the -1 To hit from olynders spell when I can get it off. It is in no way competative, but my god is it stupid when it works. I would love to get neferata in there too, but it is already point starved.
  10. Cogs is a double edged sword. I've stopped taking it due to the fact that it's great for us, but it then buffs your opponent and getting double turned by your opponent who is getting that much extra movement than they would do normally is painful 😂. We are generally a lot faster than most of our potential opponents anyway and we can cover the ground without the need for cogs. Playing games when both players bring them is really fun though, having +4 to move and +4 to charge is hilarious.
  11. Began painting the clan rats, my god these lil guys are fun to paint
  12. Dragon shogath could be good as a general for beast slaanesh. Its spell heals it and reroll faild wounds and then reroll hits from the command trait. 6s count as 2 hits. Not including other shenanigans.
  13. it is statistically equivalent when rolling an infinite amount of dice. however when rolling small numbers, getting the bonuses will seem less consistent since you are only getting bonus hits off of 6s instead of both 5 and 5
  14. Remember how the Aelves used to be divided on the website and when you looked at the Order factions there were like 40? Now it's been consolidated and all the Aelves are lumped together. I don't know if it means anything, but the Order side of things looks well cleaned up.
  15. Myrmourn banshees pretty much always start in reserve for me, it is the safest way to get the within the 18" range for unbinds while still having the full 12 models, they also hit like a truck so you want them to hit where you need them. A couple of chaff units for late game objective grabbing or harrassing can be good, like 10 man chainrasp units. I have dropped a 30 model reaper unit from reserves before with great effect; but as Tropical Ghost General said, if you are dropping something important, always leave a hero to go with them for charge rerolls and the possible 6+ death save. Additionally, if you are planning on reserving a hard hitting unit, consider taking the chronomantic cogs, as the +2 charge range is massively helpful.
  16. Hi Guys, I´ve got 6 Fellwater Trpggpth frpm a friend, and I am not sure what to do with them. As only 1 is built and 5 are in the sprue, I am concidering either to sell them, or to use them for some kind of cool army project thats more focused on painting and having cool and still playable models. Therefore I have some questions: -Are there any restrictions on Troggoth in an Gloomspite army? I know f.e. than only a pure Skryre Army may use Stormfiends as Battleline. Do Gloomspite have such a restriction or is a Trogboss enough? -Is Mollog worth concidering? And how about a Fungoid Cave Shaman? -What are the chances against armies with a lot of magic? -How is the Trogg-Hag`? The Model is utterly ugly and therefore worth concidering and the profile looks quite fun -Do we have any Value in the Spells and Terrain for the Gloomspite? Thatnks a lot for your help!
  17. Hello! I am preparing a mutli-layered present box for my brother to get him into AoS. I know he is into Khorne (in 40k at least) but can't afford another army. So far he wasn't hooked by AoS due to my other brother's Stromcast stomping him while he playtested Daughters of Khaine. The box will include 700+ Points worth of Blades of Khorne and the Battletome. Each layer contains several models and the final layer includes the Battletome. I wanted to make this special with each layer being seperated by one or two scorched pages with Khorne Fluff inscribed on them. I want to symbolize how he strides further and further on the path of khorne until he finally serves Khorne utterly with opening the final layer, which is the Battletome. I was looking for hints on short fluff texts I can use but I was unable to find any so far. So I was hoping you could help me out. I am looking for prayers to khorne, short stories and descriptions of the red feast, eight lamentations etc. Any help is highly appreciated!
  18. Thanks for the heads up on that one @Still-young and @michu! From that lastest Stormcast podcast - Jes Bickham said the following on what the new dedicated Age of Sigmar studio is working on going forward: "...battletomes for every faction..." and specifically "...we will get around to all the existing factions." !!!!Excellent!!!! Go Team Handbook! *group hug/high five/chest bump of Wanderers, Dispossessed, Darkling Covens, Slaves to Darkness, Freepeoples, and Gutbusters* For all of us who haven't received any battletome at all, there is hope! Fight on, my tome-less brothers and sisters!
  19. This will vary depending on the mission and the opponent (yay, super vague answer). Generally I like to leave 1 hero and 1 killy unit in the grave. Depending on whether I need to screen against my own opponent's deep strike type ability, I will also put some chaff in the grave as well. As we have to bring everything on by turn 3 it's not as flexible as I wish it was. I normally look at putting a fast unit in the grave as well (whether that also doubles as the killy unit or not), because being able to drop in a unit behind terrain or out of reach, knowing that the 8" or 12" move will help to close the gap is great. 5 blades are a great unit for hidding in the grave, due to their pure ambush nature. Keeping a hero to drop in is a must as it allows you to re-roll that 9" charge and aim for the 10+ WoT. What units are you generally taking?
  20. On the same topic of motals, I'd be glad to see StD to be an army capable of being marked for a chaos god and beeing able to synergize completly with the other chaos batletomes units maked of the same god, WITHOUT any ally limitation. Meaning for example: - a nurgle StD army wit a GUO and a unit of Blighking pusgoyles or - a StD with some units and big beasts of Beastmestmen battletome - a StD army with the new keeper of secrets ans fiends ...etc... This will make the StD/Evechoosen army UNIQUE in a sens that it can be build in whatever taste you want, without thinking "allies". That fits them a lot. (but unlikely -unfortunately- to happen)
  21. No where near 90% of that stuff was from the end times, and if anything that just means that Slaanesh has been waiting even longer to get similar releases to the other gods and still hasn’t got it.
  22. I agree with you and it is right here in the core rules: "When measuring distances to and from objectives, always measure to and from the centre of the marker." (https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Rulesheets/ENG_AoSSW_Rules_booklet_web.pdf, page 11) The objective itself is a single point located upon the plane of the battlefield. The "scoring area" (I think that is what you mean @Vextol?) is the set of all the points with a distance of 6" or less from the objective. Reading this sentence again, we should probably call it the "scoring space" instead.
  23. @Qrow I played SCE the other day. I took harridans and was thinking that I might have a chance to use their ability, but the player took a chamber that gave the entire army +1 bravery, so they didn't get to use it once. In a perfect world I would ask that nighthaunt causes -1 bravery to each unit in 6", as we could then bravery bomb so many of our abilities that are reliant on low bravery, but that will never happen 😂.
  24. Well 90% of this stuff has already been in their armies since End of Times 8th edition. Way before their books in AOS. I bet HoS will include all of their cool stuff like the mirror prince and the boobie snakes and hell striders and so on. I really wanted new mortals as well in the book. But i guess there will be a connection with the Slaves of Darkness, so let's wait
  25. Yeah this going to be something smart opponent will do their best to play around and you will be trying to reposition yourself to catch them when they thought it was safe. Like a game of cat and mouse.
  26. Other than the Khorne releases, the only ones on that list that were actually released for Age of Sigmar were the Ogroid Thaumaturge, Kairic Acolytes, Lord of Blights and the Pusgoyle Blightlords/Lord of Afflictions dual kit.
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