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  2. I think I'd have gone for consistency and made them triplets with the same head/headgear, maybe using the horns from this wild rider helmet added behind the horn-like-thing-tiara the others have. maybe I'd even put that in the middle of the helmet on the pricess model you have now for consistency. Also. I THINK I'd try to add some lenght to that scythe (towards the ground).
  3. Guys i have run archaon with reapers of vengance and the bloodstocker.... I killed 1 incantor 1 castellan and 20 sequitors in 3 turns.. then i left the fight full hp. Just sayin he is tanky and killy right now.. piling in 2 times. He is mortal and demon so he can get buffs from everything.
  4. Yeah maybe 1 turn like IDK or extended pile in range. Im thinking it will be almost similar to Khorne's "Leave None Alive". At start of combat phase pick 1 unit from this warhost wholly within friendly hero that unit can fight first.
  5. I enjoy: Pro-Painted Podcast, for hobby chat Northern Invasion, for local AOS chat Just Saying, for gamey chat.
  6. Its out : https://www.blacklibrary.com/warhammer-age-of-sigmar/novels/khorgos-khul-the-red-feast-2019.html
  7. I think warscroll only count for the models associated with them. The fact it's the same name might imply a lot.. but I think untill there are new treerev warscroll they'll use the ability on their own warscroll even if it's the same name. It hardly makes sense otherwise: - would tree rev's keep their own ability in addition to this one? - would tree rev's only get this ability when these guys are on the table? or always even if these are not on the table or not even in the army?
  8. I was pleasantly surprised to have my book turn up today- I had assumed it would only be shipped today so that’s a bonus. Now I’ve got the full rules in front of me, anyone else finding it hard to pick a lodge? Most armies I’ve had before that have had chapter style extra rules have had one or two obvious choices, but I can see some appeal with all options here. Vostarg: seems to be the competitive choice (strong alpha strike) and as my models are painted in a classic slayer stye they fit best with this lodge. But I think I find it a bit less interesting than the others. Might be a good one to use with Fjul-Grimnir, as I do have him. Greyfyrd is really tempting, just to try out as many artefacts as possible. Good for narrative games as well, I suspect as it gives individual heroes a chance to shine (and as grimwrath berserkers and doom seekers aren’t leaders, you can have lots of those) Hermdar: I like the lore for this lodge as I always get drawn to the good guys- honourable berserkers appeals, and I think the army might feel more classically dwarvish than most- you might be last to the objectives, but you won’t be easy to shift once you get there. Lofnir: with only 2, I probably don’t have enough magmadroths to make the most of this lodge, except in smaller games. But it tempts me to get one or two more down the line... There’s actually a fair incentive to taking no lodge at all- most, if not of the base command traits look really good on paper- spirit of Grimnir has really been buffed as it works every turn now, although several of the tunes have been weakened somewhat. I suspect I might end up settling on Hermdar, which looks like it might be a popular choice all round, but plenty to try out here.
  9. The "Fury of Gork" by Josh Reynolds. It's more of a standalone book, so you don't need to read anything else. https://www.blacklibrary.com/warhammer-age-of-sigmar/novels/fury-of-gork-ebook.html Review : https://www.trackofwords.com/2017/07/20/fury-of-gork-josh-reynolds/
  10. Thank you. Because it would be pretty hilarious. Even without Blood Sacrifice spam - just one suicide bloodreavers squad would give 10 bt on death. I mean it even not specifies when you nominate new "hero" - so when 10 bloodreavers unit would be wiped you could potentionally remove models one by one each time nominating new "hero" and immediatly removing him due to damage unit suffered... Erm... Or how this even works?
  11. No I'm not convinced either. BTW.. I think they aren't good enough to be playable. Basicly they are more expensive than a wych and 5 revenants and have about the same damage output but less wounds (faster drop in damage). The wizard is slightly better than a wych.. but not much so basicly she's worth 80 points... then it's 100 points for the other 3.. while they are not really better than 5 revenants. I don't see the teleport ability on the warscroll at all which is usually what people mention as the only real point in favor of revenants... so a real point against these guys. So now you have 100 points for 3 wounds which are even more glass cannons than the regular revenants but without teleport. Ow .. and not battleline.. the only reason I ever use tree rev's myself. The shooting is ofcourse a nice addition certainly worth something... but 2 shots isn't really enough to keep the whole band out of combat.. Am I missing something? I doubt I'd play them for 160 points. Even at 140 I probably wouldn't use them since they aren't battleline. Nice models though and an auto-buy anyway if only to have an alternative branchwych model (I know she's a thornwych). If I can get her cheap later I might even get another of the witch because I think combining her with a dryad would give me a great dryad champion (my biggest problem using them is identifying my branchnymphs)
  12. Quick question: Is its possible to magnetize the War Party bitz on the Archanarok so that you can run the same models as both war party and skitterstrand? /Cheers Rangeltoft
  13. No, Beasts of Chaos were specifically an edge case. The original FAQ back at the launch of 2.0 was fully meant to shut down cross allegiance battalions like Everchosen and Nighthaunt. That was why before they fixed BoC, there was a massive RAW vs RAI debate. Now this might change with the slaves/darkoath/everchosen update, or maybe not.
  14. That's m ostly true. Idoneth only get strike first army wide 1 round. We could see more manipulation of the pile in. The kos can have 6in pile in and activation. Maybe a way to get more units that ability would work.
  15. Today
  16. Super late to the party, just got my first warband with Steelheart's Champions. I got them mainly because I loved the miniatures, but I'll maybe try the actual game down the line. I went for a super grim and dirty, muted look with a very limited palette. Comments and advice are very welcome as I've been on a hiatus from painting for some years.
  17. I found this fossil buried in a cask of ale drinkin’ away his woes. Just another cursed soul ready ta set sail on the Flying Tallyman.
  18. I'm not so sure about that, are have there been any faction spell lore spells that are unique spells on warscrolls as well?
  19. That aint even the proper gav bomb and its still quite good lol But yeah the whole 20 Sequitors and 10 evocators dont work, since stormfiends will dish out ****** tons of wonds Triple ballista with one gav bomb detachment however could work
  20. Both the Thunderers rework and the Stormcast book were published before Beasts of Chaos and implementation of the system he mentions so both are moot examples. Edit: The Sequitor box does come with 5 Greatmaces, 4 standard and 2 more, 1 for a prime of each sex. The incentive to change the warscroll is that Arkonauts are largely considered to be undercosted and overpowered for their roll and price. As a KO player to win, I feel I rely way too heavily on the performance of my battleline that are incredibly fragile, I win or lose games based on them entirely, the rest of the book is borderline worthless in terms of damage or other battlefield roles, my argument is that I believe its clear they will change Arkanauts but they will redress the unit and the book to make everything better so I'll take the trade.
  21. Any good novels featuring Ironjawz? Haven't seen much destruction related things around.
  22. I was wondering whether our revenants (elite infantry) would get the fyreslayer treatment and get an additional would. This warscroll has only 1 wound for the grunts so I guess that is out. These guys do have more attacks per grunt than our regular guys have, the same as a champion... I guess it's too much to ask for all revenants to get that.. but it would really be what I think revenants need, I just don't like them as they are. If that is our new The reaping it's a huge nerf btw. The reroll ws the hitting early is probably a small bonus but it's on 3+... which is kinda meh.
  23. The way I see it: Only Skaven thing that disappeared was a mortar, which was a new unit back then, never availible anywhere else and, honestly, with easy counts as uses after losing its rules. Skaven weapon teams still exist, just without this one option. So, as far as Swifthawks go, I'd predict that: Skycutter [and, by extension, skywarden] is here to stay. It's a new and interesting kit, fits into AoS aestethic perfectly andif they wanted to squat it it would probably happen long ago. Shadow Warriors: Yeah, sharing kit with Wanderers, probably safe. Chariot: No idea here, depends entirely on what happens to lion rangers. Spireguard: standalone plastic spireguard sprue exists, it only lacks command group, so their either lose banner/musician options or need to be recut. Or, sadly, disappear. They might be too similar to dark elf infantry in function, but whjo knows. Swifthawks have their place in fluff so maybe they'll get a full plastic kit one day? No idea. Reavers: No models, almost identical in play to dark riders [providing obvious counts as in case of their disappearance at the very least.] High Warden: No model, but I'm not worried about this one. Imagine any neo-highelf army without a commander on large flying monster. They will get *something* of this sort. Worst case? it counts as a dragon or whatever else new comes out now. Best case: Swifthawks serve Sigmar as well as Tyrion. Griffons and variations of thereof are very much sigmar's thing. If Swifthawks ever come out, either as their own faction or as a part of Light Aelves [their HQ is in Hysh, so it's likely] they might get new griffon things as a part of their army, perfectly fitting both Aelf and Sigmar's themes at the same time. By the way, I asked AoS app people why Guardian battalion isn't there even though other out of print things are. They responded that they're not certain and supposedly logged this for the possible reinstating in future update. Might just be a thing to answer some random complainer, but who knows.
  24. Hi Guys! I've been wanting to do painting tutorials for quite some time and finally found a way to do them that is easy for me and hopefully nice for you to watch too. That being said I already found a better setup that will be showcased in the next video that is being edited right now, but for now I'm very proud to present to you my first video: HOW TO PAINT - Green with Ease! Hope you find it useful, expect the next one: How to Paint Red with ease, next week. I already have Blue, Yellow and Chainmail ready too! Thanks for watching!
  25. On storm's wings they come to hunt down beasts for the glory of the Thundergod! High Wardens are done, all three of them Bonus points for recognising all the bits used ; ) Making each griffon a bit unique was a challenge, but I managed. As was making them transportable, but finally, they're easily removable from their bases with no problems with stability, and all wings are either magnetised or still push-fit.
  26. You may continue to twist words for whatever goal you're going for here, I'm not going to engage with it. Sheeeshush. Way to be unpleasant.
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