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  2. Oh, I’m loving the look of your Unmade @mcfishstick. I may have borrow (steal) your flayed idea there... is it just Blood for the Blood god over a skin tone base coat? I’m hoping it isn’t too difficult.
  3. @BaylorCorvette I don't think we have enough recent data to confidently break things down to a really fine degree. I think @l1censetochill's list is vaguely reasonable, although I don't think Slaanesh is that far ahead, and I'd likely move Gloomspite, Stormcast, Nighthaunt, and Nurgle down and move DoK and BoC up. Something like: A: Slaanesh, Skaven, Tzeentch, Fyreslayers, DoK, FEC B: LoN, IDK, Khorne C : Sylvaneth, Gloomspite, Stormcast, BoC D : Seraphon, KO, Nurgle, Nighthaunt F: Gutbusters, BCR, StD I'd speculate Cities of Sigmar at the "A" tier and Orruk Warclans at either A or B (I'd lean toward A). IDK is very close to A tier, and it's possible that Sylvaneth belongs in B. Seraphon is close to C tier and possibly belongs there. I'd loosely interpret the tiers as A: regulars at the top tables B: commonly seen at top tables but not as regular C : puts up mixed results, perfectly capable of placing highly D : Rarely if ever in the top standings but can definitely get a winning record F : Non-competitive, will be a huge uphill struggle. Do note that some books struggle with internal balance. IDK is probably the poster child for this, leaning super heavily on one or two builds that are very competitive, and basically every other build is something like a low C or high D.
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  5. Welcome back @Attackmack, which faction(s) are striking your fancy? Disputes a rapid flurry of activity when the game first launched this forum has died down a bit lately so we could use some fresh blood like yourself to keep these topics going.
  6. What can we as stormcast players do to convince GW to stop listening to the Stormcast hate crowds and actually gives us more than one list? (and fix some of our internal imbalances as well)?? A petition? Letter campaign? etc?
  7. For what it's worth, it's been my experience that whenever I win a game at a tournament with Stormcast, there's about a 30-40% chance my opponent will get angry at some point that they lost to "a Stormcast army." It's a fairly common thought that Stormcast match-ups are more or less auto-wins. Whenever I do win against people, they seem genuinely surprised and angry, like I sort of robbed them or something. So... yes not surprised at your experience in the least. Congrats on the win though.
  8. It's to do with the Setting up Units and the Reserves rules sections in the Core Rulebook, they both say that in certain situations it is possible to "set up" units in locations other than the battlefield and then later deploy them on the battlefield. So they still count as being set up, just not on the battlefield yet. And then due to how Magmic Tunnelling is worded, the two units count as two separate units for drops because you set up the Runesmiter in Reserve first and then after that one other unit can join him in Reserve instead of being set up on the table. I'd love for them not to count as drops cause then my Fyreslayers would be a three drop instead of the seven they currently are.
  9. That Arch-Kavalos is on a round base, right? Certainly not a 90 oval.
  10. Planning to have deepkin as my next army. Love the eidolon, is he good in games?
  11. Do we have an official Icefall Yhetee sighting yet with regards to the Ogor book?
  12. GW dice are not in any way balanced. Do some salt water testing.
  13. nobody uses them at my lgs thankfully, not a fan either
  14. I thought tunnelling them made them not drops as they aren't put on the table but left in reserve. Did I miss an faq?
  15. voted for playing mixed as long there is a good combined allegiance. I love the new Orruk book as all three allegiances I feel are very playable so hopefully mawtribes will be the same. Nice to see buffed ironguts as well as I still have loads from the oldhammer cookie cutter list spamming units of 3 ironguts and wiping out front ranks on the charge :). Also just echoing some others not sure why the hate for the warlord traits. The frostlord one seems very good and the butcher one certainly seems interesting (especially as with cities of sigmar out tournies will feature even more endless spells). Also the hunter ambush one may well be good (once we know full rules) I was always a fan of Skal and have 20 cats that still need a home.
  16. There's no such limitation, but you need to stay wholly within 12'' Ironfist's boss, which I guess could be hard.
  17. As someone just starting to build a Sylvaneth army for a tournament next year, I've been doing a fair bit of reading. Seems like the book is generally pretty good and there's a few different viable options.... HOWEVER.... they all still seem to be on the lower end of the power curve. One dreadwood list run by Laurie has done well at 2 big recent tournaments. (minimal heroes, 15 hunters, minimal outcasts battalion and some dryads). But other than that, Sylvaneth seem to be horribly under represented at large events for some reason. Sydney GT just had 94 players and not a single Sylvaneth list. Make of that what you will. Could be a variety of reasons but for such a large event to have more brettonians and tomb kings than a fairly new 2.0 battletome seems a bit weird huh?Facehammer GT had 2 Sylvaneth lists out of 80 players. They came 5th and 71st.AOS Grand Tournament had 3. Placed 3rd, 42nd, 46th out of 65 players. Laurie was the guy who placed 5th and 3rd at those events. So clearly he's a good player and uses mass hunters well.
  18. Ok boys, I've been off the forum/youtube in the wake of the book release because I didn't want to fall into the group-think. I finally got around to crunching some numbers and got some games in and have some thoughts. So first list is: I'm guessing most people have built some variation of this list, but it has the tools for every situation. The small GG units are there to pin and destroy screens, and even if there isn't a need for that in a game, they're good buff sponges along with the 5 brutes if your hammers are out of range or dead in the late game. If your opponent makes a mistake or skimped on adequate screening the MK and 6-GG unit w/ Warchanter destroy just about everything now. I don't miss Waaagh! at all, Warchanter buffs more than compensate and it plays into the "waves" approach rather than "I need to optimize this one combat round" which meant a lot of all-in plays and hoping for double-turns. The MK is an absolute damage sponge, very rarely is it efficient for your enemy to take him down. The item/command traits are p. flexible too. I ran one game with ethereal amulet and Brutish Cunning instead, opting to drop the Ironfist because of the overlap with Brutish Cunning. Think their might be an argument for mean'un and using ignax/mirrored instead though. All said, really like there's a lot of ways to put together a viable boss. In essence though, with this list you basically keep good spacing, and line-up favorable trades with extremely fast Mighty Destroyer'd /Warchanter buffed units. ------------------------------------------------------------------ I'm also working on 'ardfist list but I keep waffling on the hero set-up and whether to go the Choppas Warclan or not. I havn't got to try out the two list variations I'm thinking about (it's definitely a "feels-bad" list, so it might have to wait for a tourney) but it seems like a no-brainer for our most competitive option. Sure, it probably is going to face some very specific match-ups/terrain set-ups where you can't hide your foot heroes... but under most circumstances it's going to be impossible to grind through that many 'ardboyz. Especially 'ardboyz that can punch back w/ Warchanter. Anyway, I have a lot of pages to sift though since the book release! Just my two cents.
  19. I say this with zero actual experience so take it with a grain of salt.... While I agree treelord stomps are a good counter to all the strike first stuff.... having lots of high wound monsters just feeds them a ton more depravity points. That seem to be the big issue with Slaanesh... not so much their combat power but their summoning being super strong.
  20. Well I don't particularly go to them either, but the thing about tournaments are that if you want to know how a particular rule really works, look to the tournament scene. They HAVE to know how the rules work, since the stakes are a bit higher than your average game at the local shop.
  21. Yesterday
  22. @AQP Looks like a fun list. With just a few modifications (still using all the same models) I think you can make it a little more competitive. The inclusion of the Ardfist + Aetherquartz Brooch for potential unit regeneration will be pretty fun I think and at this point level probably at its most powerful. You may also want to condense the GGs into a unit of 6 for more efficient buffing, but that'd be up to you.
  23. This is where if GW embraces data science and technology they can use that to help provide balance.
  24. I think iron fist only always mighty destroyers to be used on units in the battalion, so won't work on the MK.
  25. I don't see how those abilities don't work. They still work Don't care about tournaments and have no idea who Vince is. It's not a big deal about counting up/down. But good to know the rule implies it. They should just state it if that's how they want it done.
  26. So it looks like I've neglected this hobby log for some time! Although I have still been working away on my Beastclaw Raiders and some Gutbusters allies/army of their own. Anyway, here's a big dump of pictures of the things I've been working on for the last year, just in time for the new Mawtribes battletome. Count as Frost Sabres: Actual Frost Sabres: Butcher with Cauldron conversion: Mournfang Riders: Huskard on Stonehorn: Huskard on Thundertusk: Hunters: Ogor Bulls:
  27. Fix depravity and Slaanesh would hopefully come down into A. Of the D and F groups the only oddity is seeing Beasts of Chaos in terms of Battletome support since Seraphon, KO, Slaves to Darkness and the others in that block are all without a 2.0 Battletome. In theory Beastclaw Raiders and Gutbusters should rise up once Ogors launches. I'd say if Warhammer can get to a sensible A to C ranking and then squeeze on that some to push the C's up into B then that's a darn good set of balance in general at least at the competitive end. Also note whilst meta-hunting armies DOES happen, some of the top tier is going to be based on player skill not just the army. So some armies might appear higher than their maths might suggest because of variations in player skill coming into play as well. Heck I've known armies in other games (or army combos) to be ignored as underpowered until someone wins with it at a tournament and the whole online meta attitude toward it changes almost overnight.
  28. Opinions will vary from person to person of course, but there's a "Recent Tournament Results" topic in this forum that can be useful for getting an idea of what armies are winning the big tournaments most often. It also shifts quite frequently - in particular, some armies dropped pretty hard after the 2019 GHB was dropped, so the actual statistics available are limited. It's also worth keeping in mind that some "armies," when ranked in a tier list based on tournament performance, are really only referring to one or two specific lists (Changehost, Shootcast) while basically any other list the faction could produce would be ranked lower. With that said, I think a reasonable tier list would look something like this (please don't kill me guys, I'm not a tournament player - I'm just a guy extrapolating recent rankings as a fun exercise!): S Tier: Slaanesh A Tier: Skaven, FEC, Fyreslayers, Tzeentch B Tier: DoK, IDK, Gloomspite, Stormcast, Khorne, LoN C Tier: Sylvaneth, Nighthaunt, Nurgle D Tier: Seraphon, KO, BoC F Tier: BCR, Gutbusters, StD Hard to rank the Orruk Warclans or Cities books yet, since there's so little data to go on and Cities, in particular, could be built like a million different ways. Ironjawz had a very strong showing at Justice League GT this past weekend, but nobody's really had time to play with or against them yet. It wouldn't surprise me if Warclans and Cities both end up producing A tier armies once people have had a chance to build and playtest them, which I would consider a great success. Happy to hear other peoples' opinions on my rankings, of course - by no means would I say it's definitive or anything, just something I threw together in 15 minutes while procrastinating on my painting.
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