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  2. Khorne is a tricky army at lower points levels, our reliance on heros makes list building tough. In addition all the synergies mean the army takes time to learn, make it garfish to play due to buff ranges and it is incredibly easy to forget key rules. And this can make a difference. If you have not done so then maybe consider developing a cheat sheet for what needs to be done in which order for each phase. I found it helps to lay out my warscrolls out in order of left to right of who has to do what plus associated buff tokens on the scrolls so I don’t forget. I then just work along them. I also have the book handy as even the new scrolls are tricky to read and it’s easy to miss the detail.
  3. I feel like this is something ppl are often overlooking and something GW could improve. The books don't do a great job of letting folks know that there are legit, non-ally, options outside their books.
  4. As a mechanic in and of itself I think it's fine. The only reason we see it being complained about I feel is because of the additional mechanic of multiple activations. Either of them in isolation is fine. Both of them together at the same time with no penalty or "tax" as it were is not.
  5. You could make a pretty cool list with what you have without buying much. Runemaster (General) Runesmiter Battlesmith Grimwrath Chosen Axes & Fjul 2 Runesons on Magmadroth 1x10 Vulkites 1x20 Vulkites 1x15 Auric Hearthguard Forge Just grab one more SC and the forge
  6. It could trouble gristlegore if you hold the ballistas and evos in the sky and drop everything. Gav and Evos take out a monster, then the ballistas take out the general. The rest will require some work
  7. I think if it wasn't for gristlegore, people wouldn't be complaining. If we look at the units that have it so far. Bloodthirster- hits like a truck but pretty fragile. Can be neutered pretty easily. Idk. Can only do it on a single turn. Hearthguard - reliant on low wound squishy heroes to get off, slow movement. Tree Revenants. Can only do it on a 3+. Makes them pretty unreliable Fantatics. Can do some damage but 1 wound 6+ save means they aren't going to hanging around. Gristlegore gkot. Good attacks, good movement, can be made pretty tough and can fight twice- broken. That's six units in the game that have the ability, and they all use it differently. Slaanesh will probably get something like this too. Only one of these is really a problem. Almost every army has either decent, destructive magic or good shooting. Screens are useful against all of them, though screening effectively against gristlegore is difficult.
  8. I think as a general rule the Warpseer is better for the same points if you’re only taking one but the Corruptor has its uses. If you’re taking big blocks that 26” no battleshock paired with its difficult-to-kill-ness is hard to ignore for 260 points.
  9. Today
  10. Cost less points and some high (3) rend melee I guess. I really like stegadons.
  11. Starting with making the HUGE FLYING IRON SHIP a bit more survivable. At least about on par with the HUGE FLYING SEA TURTLE.
  12. I just realized that the Charnel Throne, and the entire FEC aesthetic, is basically Kutna Hora.
  13. Honestly so am I. I make toooons of mistakes. But I'm having fun anyway. It's always hard to find an army that appeals to you as a player visually and thematically as well as gameplay style. The armies I have and tend to win the most with are not my favourites to play tbh so they are mostly shelved unless someones asks to play against them 😅 I enjoy playing Khorne the most. I like synergies and units that support one another. And we have such a huge repertoir to pull from that you can make all kinds of lists.
  14. It was FAQ, should be reavers. To be honest though reavers are not our best unit, I run 1 unit and don’t plan on more. The deepkin battalions are not amazing either. But there is a lot of fun in the rest of the book, I have had some good games w my deepkin
  15. How many units even have AFF? I rarely see it in my gaming group and when I do it's because I'm running slaanesh and my daemon prince likes to crash the party.
  16. Agreed I came 2nd at a 36 player Scottish tournie with this: Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals- Stormhost: Hammers of SigmarLeadersLord-Arcanum (180)- General- Trait: We Cannot Fail - Spell: Azyrite HaloLord-Castellant (100)- Artefact: God-forged Blade Lord-Relictor (100)- Prayer: TranslocationLord-Ordinator (140)Gavriel Sureheart (100)Battleline20 x Sequitors (400)- Stormsmite Mauls and Soulshields- 9x Stormsmite Greatmaces5 x Sequitors (120)- Stormsmite Mauls and Soulshields- 3x Stormsmite Greatmaces5 x Liberators (100)- WarhammersUnits10 x Evocators (400)- 5x Grandstaves- Lore of Invigoration: Celestial BladesWar MachinesCelestar Ballista (100)Celestar Ballista (100)Celestar Ballista (100)Total: 1940 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 138 It won't trouble Gristlegore, I'd imagine, but gives everyone else a game. Just a bit static as I didn't have Heraldor. Only loss was a minor against Sylvaneth which is a tough matchup. Was toying with taking it to Heat 2 but I fancy trying Anvilstrike and am a bit bored of Gav.
  17. This is true, but that could be fixed on a per unit bases. 2" range skaven could get 3 ranks of attacks, while 2" range stormcast only get 2 ranks. Could also require that models be within 1/2" an inch of each other to count as being a rank away. That way you can still have the scrunched in, but allow you to be more lax on piling in.
  18. The rank system is elegant but I wouldn't want to lose the fact that you don't need to be in base to base to attack as that increases the tactical decisions made when piling in and deciding who to attack. Also its flavoursome that horde units on small bases get more attacks in
  19. I don't like it. AoS has good back and forth that makes each turn more interactive than 40k. If opponents all charge than you lose a lot of your engagement in your opponent's turn. Edit: there is enough tactics in picking who should or should not charge, and where to charge, and what is even worth charging.
  20. Yeah I get what you mean. Although you then do lose some of the tactical choices when charging multiple of your own units. Or do you delay a turn etc.
  21. I agree and it's been shipped around here a few times. GW just has to pick the idea up. Would make measuring ranges a lot easier.
  22. I’m honestly just really bad at the game and I don’t even think I could win often with a powerhouse army like DoK or FEC.
  23. Came third in a team event yesterday. Slightly skewed results as you can engineer match ups, I played skaven round 1, gloomspite round 2 and mortal khorne round3. I took: reapers of vengeance 2 thirsters, wrath/unfettered Skarr 2x5 dogs 10 reapers +minimum gore pilgrims with bleeding icon (Starstrike) skaven match up was instead of seraphon with bastiladons, really tough match up anyway, so much damage output and similar to old skaven no rolling to hit. Basically it was a walking screen of clanrats with Deciever, thanquol + 2 cannons behind it. I conceded T4. (Shifting objectives) gloomspite is a good match up for khorne I think. Needed to concentrate loads this game working out possible movement of squigs. My whole army got stuck in, everything can fight everything apart from the manglers! Opponent conceded T4. (total commitment) mortal khorne army, I believe my opponent hadn't had chance to fully go through the book so handnt changed his list much. It was a great game to end the event on with blood tithe ranking up for both of us. Opponent conceded T4 All my opponents and their team mates were great guys and really helpful, really nice venue if any of you are down in Exeter area i would check out Kirton Games in Crediton. Overall I liked my list, I did feel a bit cheap using 2 thirsters with the attack twice command ability but when looking around everyone else seemed to have similar, girstlegore etc. Next I'll be working on some more daemons and maybe a daemon prince. Think I will drop the gore pilgrims soon and replace with a daemon battalion, maybe just include the priests and reapers.
  24. I was looking at the Mor’phann Enclave because I enjoy the realm of Shyish and the color scheme and their creepy ghost lore. I’ve been reading the Battletome. It says for their Allegiance ability that a Namarti Corp “can include up to 6 Namarti Thralls” but the Namarti Corp already has 2-6 Namarti Thralls. Whats the point of this Enclave Ability?
  25. @Ravinsild I think you're right about blood boiling the Magmadroth as it's basically a walking, active volcano. Also some armies perform better or worse at lower points and I think Fyreslayers do excellent at 1k games because of how self efficient their units are. Khorne likes big games where lots of stuff will die. XD
  26. I haven’t played aos in a long time. I have some Fyreslayers from when they first came out. Can anyone help me with a 2k list? I know I’ll need to buy some more but here’s what I have so far Runefather runesmiter Runemaster runeson on magmadroth battlesmith doomaeeker Grimwrath berserker fjul-grimnir 2x10 vulkite berserkers pick and shield 3x5 auric hearthguard Chosen axes
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