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  2. As far as SCE is concerned, whilst Sacrosanct have gone up, points decreases elsewhere are not enough to legitimise other options. Evocators still point for point way better than other Paladins. At least Libs/Seqs is more of a choice now. A lot of other stuff still far too expensive. As with IDK, though less pronounced, internal points balance is off. With the exception of Sacrosanct, Liberators and Prosecutors, most other units are still 10-20pts too expensive, Tauralon and Prime still too expensive, as is Stardrake. Ultimately the days of printed points update should be gone, no excuse really for having points changes 6 months out of date, especially with the rate Battletomes have been dropping On the plus side updated Ironjawz Allegiance Abilities appear to have given them a much needed boost, do looking forward to trying them out.
  3. Looking for some suggestions on potential conversions after pick up a sizeable Wood Elf force, I tried souping it all into a GA: Order list but with the complete lack of interest GW are showing in any of the older Wood Elf models, i've decided to focus on trying to build up a decent Wanderers list. Models are as follows; (Wood Elf) 11 Wardancer 5 Waywatchers 8 Glade Riders 2 Warhawk Riders 1 Shadowdancer (Wanderers) 1 Wayfinder 1 Waystrider 1 Waywatcher 24 Glade Guard I was thinking of potentially converting the Glade Riders into some sort of Wild Riders/Sister of the Thorn, really unsure of what else to do with the models, any ideas?
  4. GW have made their bed with Idoneth and now they're forced to lay in it. The pricing and warscroll of eels was insane from the get-go, they haven't bothered addressing it properly and Idoneth remain in AA tier. I'd be happy to see sweeping reductions across all Idoneth units if eels were nerfed into the ground.
  5. I'd love a Greyfyrd episode of the special Fyreslayers Rules Show. Speaking of greyfyrd, I'm at a crossroads. I have my first 1k event in a week and I can't decide what to bring. Grimwrath Gang Or Runedaddy on Magmadroth
  6. Pretty disappointed in our point drops... doesnt feel like it changes anything and though magoth lords and flies are cheaper they still not worth considering which sucks as they are awesome models. Thing is the vermin lord is still better than bloab and lord of affliction still doesn't have enough damage output for 200pts niether are 2 blightlords 40 pts better than 5 blightkings... was hoping both would drop to 180pts at most. The other units that droped would rather require warcroll rewrites than points adjustments imo.
  7. I was thinking more on this and actually I'm swinging back to the fact that the rules should be written for Matched Play standard and then GW presents open and narrative after. I say this because of the flow of information and of limitation. Consider the Endless Spell example. Currently its presented within the core rules of teh game on a dedicated page of its own. Upon this page the reader is presented with the idea that they can take as many endless spells at a time as they own models for. That they can take 4 purple suns if they so desire. Already upon reading that the player is building an idea in their mind, one of games, purchases and gameplay. It's not until much later that the matched play segment casually mentions the actual limitations. Suddenly the players first impression is shattered and instead of the new rule expanding it is, in fact, limiting. And that's the core of many of the matched play differences; the core rules are the same, but army structure, choices and setup are restricted. The "rule of 3" might even slip into formal use one day and that, again, is another limit attached to matched play. Therefore its much easier and actually presents Open play as expanding upon matched play, if you present the rules in their strictest and most "limited" form up front. Thereafter you add the Narrative section which shows how those rules can be adapted and twisted somewhat through narrative games and campaigns, then to present Open Play. A mode where the limits are removed, relaxed and adapted to suit your style of play with your club. If GW then fleshes that area out with battleplans, ideas and some artwork of some fun games it could really build upon the idea of Open play being its own thing. Right now its sort of the other way around and I think that's a bit wrong because open play presents itself as being free to a gamer who hasn't been presented yet with the concept of limits, so the free-for-all doesn't feel like its releasing restrictions, but instead feels like its a bit wishy-washy with the game. They've just read the rules and now there are no "rules" for building the army as such. This is something I think experienced players overlook because we go into reading already with matched play in our minds as a default normal state for the game. Or at least the normal state for the vast majority of wargames.
  8. Guys, I've seen alot of negativity re: lack of allegiance ability changes to bring us up a tier. But this has given us a change for the better with overall points drops, including some ally options. So let me share some positivity! Positive point 1: heroes for days Our heroes are now priced as they should be. My 2k List will include 1 warden king, and 3, count them 3 runelords. This will give us 3x Increased rend, or 6up afters. And 3 attempted spell interuppts on a +2. Starting to look tastey no?? The unforged is also 80 points. Cared no one ever. Positive point 2: the transition from horde to elite and grumbly Before the change, im sure most of us were rocking a big ball of warriors. I mean 40 for 280 points, fantastic. But now the dreaded points hike. 320 points for the same 40 blob, no longer as scrumptious. For me, this has aided in my natural transition into a more elite, solid army.. albeit with slightly less bodies. And for that we are looking to the humble grumble, the old farts of fantasy, the longbeards themselves. 10 for 100 points, with a bubble buff to reroll 1 to wound within 8 inches. As a screen, these guys are a dwarven wet dream and always bring a happy ending. I'll be taking 2 units of 10 as great screens and all around nice dwarves. Because who doesn't want to hear that grots are weedier these days? I thought so. Continuing point 2 (point 2.5 if you will) we have the shiny pink hammer in the room. I just want to let the old cost of a full unit of 30 hammerers sink in for a minute. 420. 420!!! Those hammers must have been infused with boutique microbrewery produce and wrapped in silken love-me-nots. What an overpriced stack of limp steel swingers. But no more. Rejoice my grumbling brethren, for the hammers have been newly acquired in a Costco bulk buy special, complete with wooden hafts and half finished rivetting. We are now talking about 30 hammerers for 360 points. This saving is massive, not just for the points, but the opportunity cost involved! Let me put it another way. Rather than have 40 dwarven warriors choke up an objective for 320 points... i can now choose to throw 30 hammerers for 360 points instead. Less bodies, more cost, but 3 Times as good. Its a no brainer in my grudgebook, and I'll be taking a block of 30 to charge hammer first into the shins of whoever I want to annoy. Fully buffed with +1 rend runelord and warden king +1 wound roll, we are talking 2 attacks each, 3s hit (rerolling 1s Because you chose the right grudge didnt you you bearded beauty!) 2s Wound (rerolling 1s as we have the AMAZING longbeards rather than warriors) with -2 rend and 1 damage. Due to our small base profile, we are going to be getting a dwarven diaper full of hits. If synergised correctly, this WILL be effective, and it WILL kill some tough overconfident witch elves who can't afford pants. Point 3: lower priced allied artillery makes this dwarf go giddy in my 2 inch knees. Cannons, 140 points down from 160. Every bit helps, and a 32inch ranged annoyance is great to force a reaction. But everyone already used cannons. I wonder if anyone used the mother of all dwarven artillery, the steamiest rom com battering ram, the giant metallic dash of 'nope' that will make your enemies wail in pent up frustration and jealousy!! Yes, ladies and dwarfleman, we are talking about the steam tank. Imagine if sigmar and a big block of dwarven iron had one hot, regretful night of passionate steelmaking, and then Sigmar got a bit of an inferiority complex and put a giant wang i mean cannon in the front. This thing is awesome. And its now only 240 points. I'll be running a dispossessed list at the Runic Axe team event in Brisbane, Australia in November. By dwarf I'll make them wish they brought some wet wipes. Thank you!!!
  9. Guerilla wargaming have posted a video om youtube where they go into detail with the ghb2019. While watching this video I specially noted some strange changes in the terrain rules. When placing faction terrain you must set it up more than 6" from the tableedge, 6" from other terrain and 3" from objectives. If other restrictions to placing exists both apply. Is this even playtested? The most obvious inconsitency would be skaven gnawholes. They MUST be placed within 6" of tableedge according to the armybook but now also HAVE to be placed outside 6" of tableedge. And what about terrain placed later in the game like nurgle and Sylvaneth threes? If this rules apply for them they surely often cant be placed. Sylvaneth an already weakfaction (New book) will be almost useless while relying in terrain to function.
  10. We have a second playstyle: bird goats. That said, when you have some of the coolest models in the game but are punished by your rules for using them it's not easy to stay upbeat about the army.
  11. The problem with the rule is largely it's length and how niche it can be. You need to kill something and have a unit that hasn't fought yet wholely within 18" (likely only one due to BoC being a horde) which is becoming less and less likely since we keep going down this Activation Wars rabbit hole (I don't expect any of our decent melee u its going anytime before last at this point). And let's not even get into the fact the only way he's likely to kill heroes or monsters is if he's Gavespawn and running around with the artefact. The rule works as intended I'm sure, but it's mired down by it's heavy restrictions, the state of the current game and the model's own statline. A Beastlord is not going toe to toe with any even moderately heavy hitters. And let's not even get into the fact he's steamrolled by any big league sluggers, even with maximum Gavespawn rules abuse. Like I've said: I don't think it's a good rule. It has all the earmarks of a "darling" from it's length, heavilly restricted nature and even the model's own statline. It should have been a straight "Nominate a Breyherd unit wholely within 18" that is not a Beastlord. That unit can re-roll their to-wound rolls until the end of the Combat Phase." Two sentences and it immediately works with the army better. Though I'd prefer if he buffed movement like the GBS does by letting units that start wholely with 12" of him run and charge in the same turn. Then maybe we'd see the monsters actually hit the table inside of army lists and not as summons. Plus he wouldn't just be the Battalion tax hero option but an option that actually feels like he's in charge of a horde of angry goat people.
  12. Cool test, Brother Dimetrius, I've also been finding some cool results with my test models for Aelves of all stripes! Just wanted to say, that I found the most success with thinning generously with the new contrast medium, then layering a second or third coat after the initial one dries. It makes it much more opaque in the end and looks much smoother than my initial attempts!
  13. Nothing directly in our book is changing until July when a free download will give us the changes. The GHB looks to be reducing the price of some Khorne marked STD's though.
  14. I think it's in part because they have lots of options but really only one effective style of play. It's not the end of the world and if they had been a brand new army with a limited run of models there'd be no gripe. However people have got their Gor, their Cygor, their Chimera and their Bullgor and want to get them on the table but feel silly if they do. Seeing no variation when you have lots of options is a little sad really.
  15. Today
  16. That's pretty cool - i know there's always been chatter about old world and 40k being connected but was a bit jarring to see it so explicit!
  17. Liber Chaotica is a sourcebook for both universes, written at a time when they were more closely connected. I think its supposed to be mad visions the author had while looking into the warp too long isn't it?
  18. I‘ll just switch to open play (random armies) and meeting Engagements, the matched play side forces my playstyle too much into eels. apart from that: Dispossessed with merc fyreslayers? 🙂
  19. The problem with the idoneth point changes is there are many of their units that were overcosted day one. So after a year they are...still badly overcosted. Neither aspect sea or storm are as useful or effective as other units in other armies (vermin lords keeper of secrets). They should be more like 325-350 not 400-420. Turtle should be down to 300-320 and the sharks like 100 at most. Its not just eels are better, its that these units are not worth their points costs. So it is another year of badly overcosted units till GHB 2020. But after seeing some of the price changes in other armies i have little faith in real balance changes (most significant points changes appear to be harsh nerfs).
  20. Hi all, One thing I've been wondering since they were announced is how the new Contrast paints compared to the earlier prototypes. Enter a quick spooky messy test, comparing them to standard Nighthaunt Gloom & Hexwraith Flame combo. I took a few disposable stalkers and undercoated them with the new Grey Seer, which went on super smooth with only minimal touch ups required. The satin finish takes some gettting used to. I must say, I love the new colours but it makes it hard to choose! First observation: medium is a must, dries very fast and becomes streaky very quickly if used on larger surfaces without it. Used Lahmian, worked well but want to try the new one as well. Black Templar is fantastic for the cowls. Does it as advertised, one coat where usually you'd need at least 1 wash + drybrush or highlight. Great stuff. The blue / greens are very different in behaviour. Opacity and pigmentation very different as well. Terradon Turquoise is very rich and stains A LOT, needs a lot of thinning. But lovely colour hue, I'm a big fan The Akhelian green is well... not green! Rather a slightly greening blue (middle model). Very strong tone as well, less then the turquoise, but perfect for a rich spooky blue. Finally, the Aethermatic Blue is less pigmented, feels a lot like Nihilakh Oxide but pale blue. Great for icy ghosts, ice effects on weapons or what have you. Needs thinning as well though, which makes the colour rather pale with just one coat. Also stains less. There you go, wanted to do this test for a while, hope other spook enthousiasts find it useful
  21. Gotta say I'm a little confused with it- there's loads of 40k stuff! Even though it's written by an Old World character, there's loads of pages on traitor legions and stuff! In other news, Soul Wars is coming out in paperback! I never buy BL hardbacks, so I'm glad it's coming- i know it's highly recommended!
  22. 10-30 for 140-360points for graveguard Was nice to see the sepruchal guard be part of LoN now
  23. That rule is totally stupid Yesterday on miniwargaming they discussed how it is wrong as rule for about 20 minutes, immagine gnarlholes... Goblin shrine ecc ecc They will change it in days
  24. Can anyone post the leak for all death units? Can't seem to find it Also, if grave guard now is taken in units of 10,how much p do they cost now?
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