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  2. and over 50% points invested in ships and balloon boys! Go Team Flying Dwarfs!
  3. The Difference being, of course, that in this case, the character will have the chalice of Nectar which makes casting significantly more reliable. Throne of vines is of little use on a Branchwraith in this case, unless no more woods are needed, in which case it can be used to make the summoning even less likely to fail. It also increases the range of the summoning by 6", right? For 40 points that could be nice. Then there could be a plan B use for it, making a Wychbomb in case of an MSU army.
  4. Currently working towards this for my Sacrosanct list. I feel like it has potential, and the Hero I was told to pick up while at my local shop seems great. Realm: Hysh Stormhost: Tempest Lords Leaders: Lord Arcanum (on foot): General, Patricians Helm, Azyrite Halo Lord Relictor: Aetherquartz Brooch, Translocation Gavriel Sureheart Battleline: 2x Sequitors x10 Other: 2x Evocators x5 (not sure what weapon. Attacking in two ranks is great but theres only 5 models in the unit) Warscroll Battalion: Cleansing Phalanx Endless Spell: Celestian Vortex (just to fill out my last 40pts really) Total pts:1500 It seems alright, but I haven't actually played it yet. I love the idea of potentially regenerating CP whenever you spend it, but I don't see many people running Tempest Lords. Does it just amount to a cute trick and nothing else?
  5. I've got the old pewter command group of Chaos Chosen. They may fit in pretty well with IGs. Also the big axe slauterpriest comes to mind......
  6. Drycha is indeed a beast. I have had her dishing out about 10+ damage per shooting phase without issue. Then again, I tried running Gnarlroot, giving her re-rolls of 1, fishing for even more 6:s. Along with Alarielle and Durthu / TLA / 3 Kurnoth Bows you generally have enough firepower to take out a monster per turn.
  7. I think getting some small stickers with a fancy or runic looking “3” on them and placing them in the corners of appropriate victory condition cards would be helpful. I think using victory conditions such as grab the treasure type missions might be the most fun for three players.
  8. If we do actually see a new Death faction in AoS proper, I’d be willing to bet we’ll get an Underworlds warband for them. Otherwise I’d love some Nurgle and Slaanesh warbands.
  9. This event is almost fully booked now, but we might be able to extend the spaces for anyone who is interested. Also it's worth clarifying that we are using the Battlehost configuration for the 1500pts. That means 3 battleline, but also up to 6 leaders and up to 400pts of allies.
  10. It really depends on what you aim for. You want to be super competitive? The current lists either go for Ungors + Bestigors from Beasts of Chaos, or 3 Keeper of Secrets with MSU Daemonettes. In more casual games almost anything works as long as you have a little more focus on heroes.
  11. The Keeper has the CA to fight twice and Locus on a 2+ is also very valuable.
  12. Today
  13. Good idea with this thread, but I feel like people often have a "buy this, buy that" attitude towards new players, instead of taking a step back and advicing the new player as to what faction they should start investing in. Nobody did this with me, and I happily invested in a faction due to the fluff. I didn't even think about how they played on the table, and it bit me in the ass later on when it came to actually playing the game. I think some of the important questions you have to ask a new player is: What is the goal? Do they want to just buy, collect and paint? Then fluff and "rule of cool" is king. Do they actually want to play the game? In which case, casual mode or semi competitive? If casual, fluff/rule of cool is still king. If semi competitive, power level of the army is super relevant. There is a HUGE difference between the old books and the newer ones, and it sucks having invested in an "abandoned" faction. If they want to play the game, what do they fancy? Aggressive melee army that rushes across the board to smash the enemy's face in? Some tanky army with good saves? Some army that stands back and shoots the enemy? Army that specializes in heavy magic? Do they want a horde army? My army "required" 150+ models to be competitive. If I had known this, I would never have spent a dime on that army. Maybe a semi elite - "normal" army is more interesting for them. Having to buy, assemble and paint 100+ models for a 2k point game can be very intimidating for new players. Pushing that many models across the table is also incredible annoying for some players. Etc. etc. The hobby is expensive, and personally I would've liked to not having spent that much cash on an army I will never play again.
  14. Mobility for the evocators, and the shooting can also be nice
  15. It was a great event. I had lots of fun. Missions, realms and stuff were fine and overall it was a great experience. Only two issues for me. One was the general heat inside the venue, it was sweltering. Not sure what could be done to help with that, maybe free drinks 😜. The other was the best in alliance awards, which is basically going to always be going to the latest grossness at the time. Playing pure spooky bedsheets (none of that LoG garbage 😂) I'm under no illusion of getting anywhere near the top half of the overall results, and playing a weaker faction it means it's impossible to even compete for best in alliance when newer books are always going to be getting those results that puts them higher up the standings. I wouldn't expect trophies or anything, but it's nice to be able to get some recognition that you are the best at your particular faction for that event, rather than being another meta chaser or something. (disclaimer: I wasn't the top ghost player btw, I lost that accolade to my friend by a mere 6pts 😂).
  16. Furies are certainly not battleline and I wouldn't expect them to become so even in a Slaves to Darkness list (whenver the Battletome for Slaves arrives)
  17. I don't seem to find an option to take them as battleline. If i'm required to take another 300 worth of stuff i'll just use it to screen.
  18. The winner posted on the Kharadron facebook group, it's apparently a clown car version. Nice to see instead of the Big blocks of Arkanauts.
  19. Greenstuff and clippers, to be fair I mostly make monster units so its easier. Currently doing some Gavespawn Gors/Bestigors. The original unit I had which was made from the gor box was just too idebtical for what I’d see gavespawn Gors looking like. So I’m assembling and disassembling lots of beast sized foot troops. Again, much easier with Chaos but no reason why you couldn’t clip weapons, remodel poses, cut at the waist and reposition or attach to different legs or even just do a head swap.
  20. I can see furies being very popular in general as a chaff/harassment unit. GW will be onto a good seller once they release them in their own boxed set.
  21. Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I've posted in this forum as I haven't been playing much AoS lately, but Warcry has brought me back quite hard. Just wanted to share my experience with Unmade since yesterday there was a "gaming day" in my store to try out Warcry and I played my seven games with them and won them all. First of all the Unmade seem to be in the lower end of the bands at first sight, if you compare the cost and profiles of our band to any other other one you'll easily see it. Iron golems get an awakened one with flail but at T4 for only 5 points more. Almost every band's elite guys are better than the joyous and ascended one, etc etc. If you add that to the fact that we get less options than anyone else with only five warrior cards, it doesn't give a great first impression. However, the Unmade shine because of various sinergies. My list yesterday (and I don't plan to change it so far) was a Blissful One, 2 Joyous Ones and 8 Awakened Ones with Flail. Terrifying Visions, which I've seen criticized above, is one of the best doubles in the game. Working 2/3s of the time is not an issue when you can use it with any member of your band and are only wasting a double. Don't plan too much around it, but it can give you so much breathing room. Spamming guys with flails was a completely unexpected but powerful build. Awakened Ones are really cheap and with range 3 they become a huge pain. Not only that, but because they are so many, you can control the board with them and limit your opponent's movement a lot. Finally, the Blissful One, while certainly expensive, is amazing and a fundamental tool for the Unmade as it can make so much damage thanks to his naturally powerful combat profile and his amazing triple ability. At the end of the day and thinking about it I've realized this band is about board control. You can basically limit your opponent's movement completely thanks to the horde of Awakened Ones combined with Terrifying Visions, which allows to pick off targets with the Blissful One and Joyful Ones without exposing them too much, specially with the earlier with his high movement and the triple. This way of playing is effective for most if not all types of missions, since you can easily control objectives in controlling missions and your opponent needs to kill a lot of models in killing missions, and won me my seven games yesterday. I of course need to play a lot more, but so far I'm happy with the warband, and I'm not regretting having picked them up purely for aesthetics :P. @Keith I don't see myself paying for one when Joyful Ones are only 20 points more with +1T and +1 movement, plus a better (though still bad) unique ability. For me the tactic, as explained above, has been board control with loads of cheap bodies and surgical attacks with few elite ones.
  22. Niiiice. I’m now hyped for Death, sigh. 😬
  23. Okay, so it looks like this ! I see the usefulness of everything here, except the Heraldor. I only saw use of him in cavalry lists, so what would be his purpose here ? If the Battalions are not available, it really is too bad. The cleansing phalanx seemed like a fun alternative to the classic one. On the other hand i feel like Lynus is incredible for his points. In my humble opinion, i would buy the battletome to know a little bit more about the rules : Sacrosanct models are very good right now, both Sequitors and Evocators. I haven't played against Skaven or FeC much, but Slaanesh on the other hand ... I feel like it's a hard match. If possible, prevent the KoS from touching anything important/block it, kill it, then snipe as much heroes as fast as you can. Without them the army loses a lot of its potential. The hardest part being to kill them all before they start respawning left and right...
  24. Are you saying that we even should work on specific 3 players victory conditions ? 🕵️‍♂️
  25. I wouldn't be surprised if they released Free Cities and Orruks at the same time. Perhaps even make a box ala Looncurse. Orcs vs Humans is such a classic concept. Probably sometime around October to match their "Orktober" meme.
  26. It's kind of hard to do fantasy and not draw inspiration from historical cultures (and by hard, I mean near impossible here). Thing is, GW hasn't made a single faction for AoS that draws on just one culture or even worse just the pop cultural image of just one culture and I doubt they'll go back to that game now.
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