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  2. Retired, meaning you want them gone for good or just resculped in plastic?
  3. That’s kinda true. Let’s hope that there actually are mortal units in the making first, and that they actually look like Slaanesh worshipers then.
  4. Realistically I want to be able to use Grey Seer (with or without bell) and a verminlord (maybe some other non-skryre heros). The only way to do this is with 3 units of Clanrats or Stormvermin. And those units look nothing like my Skryre ones. I want a decent unit of battleline thats between paper acolytes and costly stormfiends. And more importantly, I want ALL metal miniatures retired.
  5. It’s a good option. 30 points cheaper than a BToIR, no degrading profile and a mortal. I’d rather use the flail personally.
  6. Question @SleeperAgent. What do you want to be able to do? I assume if you want to go skryre you will have at least one unit of stormfiends. 3 dont do much so it would have to be 6-9. Thatbleaves you with 2 battleline to find. Could you not convert 2xunits of 5 acolytes? (I agree with @mmimzie and @Skreech Verminking that they are amazing in decent numbers). 120 points for both of them and then you can do anything you want with the rest of the army. Or is it that you want 1 clanrat/giant rats unit as a screen but not 3? Personally i think the battleline restrictions are ok. They make things interesting and list building is always a feast of options.
  7. This topic is a good example of where the "most people play matched play only" mindset comes from.
  8. We are seeing so many cultists with the same design. It's not a coincidence. Also that casual boob grab on the dead daemon.
  9. Today
  10. So, Yes your right 18.5 on the spears (when re-rolling). I calculated it the same way but obviously make an error. Although that still only means 11.3% overall damage increase for enlightened on disks (well slightly lower but I'm ignoring the beak damage) or the damage of 31.6 points (280 * 0.113, assuming unit of 6 enlightened) worth of enlightened (which doesn't provide any extra wounds but also doesn't increase footprint). The point about negating -1 to hit is a good one, and increases the bonus to 50% extra spear damage or 30.6% overall increase in damage. My local meta I don't see a huge amount of minus to hit modifiers, but it definitely should be considered depending on where you play. My point isn't that Tzaangor Shaman are trash, they do give you a very fast caster hero (great for some missions) and a decent buff but I would hardly call them mandatory when your playing 180 points for a 6 wound model who is hard to hide out of LoS.
  11. I hope so.. but surely then the miniatures will have too much musculature instead of thin depraved.. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Speaking of rumor engines, with the new rumor about the renovation of bonesplitterz, maybe the scales pictures, are from a new wurzag/shaman in plastic?
  12. To be honest, I think it´s not the best list. too few attacks / damage per point. The cheapest Magmadroth equals in 10 Hearthguard which seems to be the better buy most of the time. That being said, I really love the models and will paint a bunch of them.
  13. I've had plenty of games where I've lost every priority roll. Being 2nd every turn sucks in a game where so many armies can get effective turn 1 charges or shooting and I'm not on about an odd unit either. The reason I find 40k less balanced is the static turn system. If you have one army goes first and kills say 10%-15%. The second army has 85%-90% against an army that has 100%*of it's forces. It means constantly being at a disadvantage. I've rarely played a game of 40k where the player going 2nd has won. If you get rid of the turn priority roll, then you need to have a sufficient system in place to compensate the huge advantage of always going first. 40k has had to make some fairly significant changes to how missions are scored with the last CA18 and you don't even have to scratch that deep to find a large amount of players wanting an alternative to the current static turn system that they have in place. If a suitable replacement to the priority roll was presented it would have to compensate for so many elements that are currently in the game. GW never (very rarely) update warscrolls for recently released armies. So from Maggotkin onwards to Fyreslayers, all of the units in those books would need to get re-evaluated to see if they would work in a completely different structure to the game that their rules are currently designed for. Yes it can suck having 2 turns of standing around doing nothing but having to make unbinding rolls or making save rolls or moving endless spells but that's also just a part of table top gaming, it's called your opponent's turn. If you want to be playing a game where you aren't constantly stood around doing nothing then play a game like Infinity with alternating unit activations or if you want a game of static turns play 40k.
  14. A brand new account made just to slag off Rufio 😂 He's always happy to back up the comments he makes, and has cohosts that regularly disagree with a point. What he isn't afraid to do it call out poor practice. And it's doing well, since his audience has got him to Australia and the US. One of the nicest people in the hobby, and a good antidote to essentially the same group of mates determined to have the same clique that existed in WHFB. Stick to the official channels (but watch out, as the product lead is currently telling people the wrong rules, and not even having the decency to apologise to the people that bought models after his comments) if you don't want discussion
  15. Exactly one of many reasons why I’m taking them to a tournament tomorrow.
  16. Those ARE mortals in the Slaanesh art and they look gorgeous. More intricate armor with spikes, more jewelry, collars, slicker swords... I really hope these designs translate to models.
  17. He's masterclan He is the ONLY masterclan verminlord. Verminlord isn't really Skyre's style like stormfieds are moulder for example. This guys are great, vigor dust, spark, more-more warp power. All hitting on 2s, rerolling hit and wounds, d3+1 damage. On top of that they have a huge threat range getting to run and shoot means using the auto advance 6" command ability they have some real threat range.
  18. The Eshin artefact is just ******. You can make anything a Gnawhole for one turn, but your general has to be there, and you are still limited to one teleport per turn. Stormfiends are indeed "meh" for their point cost. Acolytes are even worse. The problem I have is that I want to play Skryre but the battlelines are either a cheap piece of tissue paper, or 720 points of "meh". Not to mention the costs of Skryre models. 3 jezzails is $52, 1 model of Acolytes is $10 (need minimum of 5) and they both look like dogshit. I want the army to have some differences. But lumping them all into one book and not expanding on some of the weaker clans just homogenized all the lists into 60-120 clanrats and some things after that. I really think they should remove the battleline restrictions on all the battleline units that have them. Its such a ridiculous restriction on your army that EVERY unit has to be the same clan and almost forces you to just take clanrats. And why didn't Skryre get the Verminlord Warpseer? Corruptor is Pestilens, Deceiver is Eshin, Warbringer is Verminus....
  19. Littel Question: Whats your opinion on the following: Chaos Lord on Manticore -Goretide General Trait (Hew the Foe) -Sword and Lance -Gorecleaver on Lance It requires a Battalion within the Army for the second Artifact beside the Goretide one, but leaves us with a Lord who does 4x 3+/3+ -2 4(8) DMG on the Charge, with 8 DMG on Wound Rolls of 6 and still a nice 3+/3+ -1 3(6) DMG without Charge
  20. There is a artifact that lets you make a terrain feature a gnawhole for eshin. (if you said as much sorry this is a pre bed post). Anyway that teleporter thing just isn't our thing. We are like humans with super swingy randomness, but very high average numbers. So we can get high average numbers that can some times fall completely flat. Our clan rats are among some of the toughest units per pts Plague monks are one of if not the most killy unit per pts Warp lightning cannon is the best character sniper in the game Warp Vortex is the best endless spell in the game Jazails are a premo killy shooty unit. Warpseer might be the tankiest 2 spell mage for his pts in the game?? (with artifact help of course) We definitly have a lot going for us and things other armies simply don't have, but we are at our core a jack of all trades armies and we can only master a few: We have teleport options C or B tier Melee kill option S tier Anvil options A+/S tier Shooting options SSS tier (no one else shoots and does well) Magic A/S tier So you can either mix all the above or go hard on one. I think maybe stormfiends are meh??
  21. So the army right now i working off either the trap of the vortex + endless spells and warpseer block if i go first, or the threat of clan rats if i go second. I would drop the warbringer to grab the claw pack (10 stormvermin and the battalion). So it's basicly more chances to chose to go first and go more the trap route, but if i go against a lower drop list i'm now on the back foot. Played a game against wonders today that was loads of fun and definitely showed me the power of the clanrats and warbringer over bring plague monks, in this list specifically. With the 4 units of clan rats it was impossible to drop all my threats vs if i had say 3 20 man clan rat squads and 2 plague monk squads (cost more obvious) the plague monks would have been riddled up with shots, and while the clan rats would be left untouched the bite wouldn't be there any more. However after losing a whole rat squad and another half, i still had a 3rd and 4th with gas in the tank to go nuts on the back of double death frenzies.
  22. Nah. The worst would be something that may not have any updates at all. That being said, when introducing new players, I always start with the narrative, then find a battletome army they'll enjoy. And I recommend Ironjaws and BCR over KO, anyday. 🤣
  23. I had a similar problem tried everything up to spraying inside (even while it was 15 degrees plus outside) and..... getting a new can helped. Also tried out my first Vellejo primer and saved me 'bout 50% and worked like an absolute tread. Even comes with a bigger nozzle for larger models.
  24. I ran that exact set up in tyrants yesterday in a 2k game and I ran 5 Blood Warriors, 5 Flesh hounds and 30 Bloodletters. I used blood lords and gave the Halo of blood to WoK and then gave the +1 rend artefact to IR. I set the Flesh hounds and Blood Warriors up together, charged the Flesh hounds ahead and had blood warriors following behind to block my enemy (took 3 battle rounds for them to be wiped out) Oh and turn one of combat IR dealt a total of 32 wounds, 16 on the unit he faced in front of him, and 4 to 3 other units that were within 8" thanks to Outrageous carnage.
  25. Yeah the total model completely draws it together! Very Dark and Grim looking, straight from a Bram Stoker book.
  26. Also KO is THE worst faction for young players to start playing. A ton of different weapon options for most of their units. Lots of things to remember at the start of and end of phases and this is all before picking artycles, footnotes, amandments and sky ports. Also young people IMO often loose interest when loosing a lot . KO are easily defeated so they also loose a lot when facing real opponents and not just jolly narratives. at the moment on the job we had a wave og youngsters that instantly fell in love with AOS last year and in a shopping spree all bought lots of KO stuff. Yet its a mess everytime they play. They constantly forget stuff, weapons and havenabsolutely no idea that the big bad ass looking ships they are are picked to pieces on the first sight of combat. Its a full time job helping these guys and girls having a good time playing with KO these days.
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