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  2. People keep telling this but it never made sense. Like, there is no mention of this guy beeing a LoC or the Kit to have an option to build one. I know people use the model for but it doesn´t fit gw´s style of releases. But yeah, until gw shows something than I guess the Chariot Dude is right.
  3. I have to agree with all of the latest comments. This is starting to feel... I don't know, weird. It's one of the most hyped and expected releases for AoS in the recent past (93 pages without much information about the range speaks volumes) and it's not just that they're delaying it so much, it's the fact that there's been almost complete silence in the other end of the line. Pandemic and all, even if there are no more minis for the release, there's always rules you can preview, articles you can make about lore, color schemes, mor base details, the design of the boxed set or whatever. I've had to disconnect for almost two weeks for work reasons and the status is the exact same - no preorders, no leaks, no previews, nada. Even when WD454 comes by the end of the month. It feels like they keep forgetting on purpose, and that they'll have to rush everything when it finally comes (and I'll still love 'em by then). It's not in line with the general behavior of GW as of late - they even announced price hikes openly and transparently. But on Lumineth, no word at all. Weird.
  4. Thanks. I have seen a load of battle reports and they make out everything else is ****** for BoC and only ever seem to ally into one of the Chaos Gods. You never know, maybe a new battletome and units will come one day too 🤪
  5. Your right. I've tested Warcroll builder ofr this purpose and obtain same result than you. For me this is an error/bug. In last GhB (2019), GHoN, LoS, LoN, LoB were able to ally to Fec and Nighthaunt. As said, some of the Nighthaunt are "builtin" LoN and does not need to be allie (Nighhaunt from Soul Wars box, as can be confirmed by LoN FAQ: https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/f4c2ef94.pdf). Anyway, some Nighthaunt have to be taken as allie (thos who where not in the Soul Wars box).
  6. At that point you have a very strong collection that can do a lot. I would wait for the new GH and see if some of our other units goes down in points or something changes to make them better. Never know DO might end up being good for once.
  7. That’s the official title right?
  8. I was going to go for 30 ungors, 30 raiders and 30 Bestigors with 10 Gors, a Beastlord, 2 Shamens and the Ghorgon in the battalion and I'll have a spare Ghorgon, Shamen and Cygor from the sets. I also have 2 spawn and I was planning on a Chimera to summon with the call points. I don't want to go with a Chaos God and ally to any of those so I was just wondering what else is worth getting.
  9. Bases arrived! They're great, nice details. Basecoated and some basic shading on the tzeentch WHOOP swoosh thing.
  10. At this point its going to be more about what flavor you want to add and or do you want some of the summoning units (Cockatrice, Chimera, etc...), something to think about is another 10-20 Raiders (or more) as they are always very useful for almost any list. Having just 2x10 is good, but having the option to make a 30man is also good.
  11. Today
  12. I did create the gyro by using irondrakes with wings and a reactor in the back: looks pretty pirate for me 🤗😂
  13. It is probable that it got mis-entered and should be the cleansing phalanx battalion. This battalion costs 120 points, and requires 2 evocators and 2 sequitor units. The list otherwise matches up to a cleansing phalanx battalion.
  14. I use them for screening and it’s pro’s and cons. pro: they can move up fast enough so you can move forward and screen for turn two. They are great for late objective grabbing. The biggest pro, for me, is that in combination with a icebrow hunter it gives me great flexibility during set up. Set them all up in ambush, only the hunter and cats as screens and setting up everything on the table. and until I declare what I’m doing my opponent needs to account for all three options. cons: less bodies than gnoblars, less of a tarpit. especially in combo with a tyrant. imo they work great as screens. But pros and cons to both.
  15. I believe they can ally with Nighthaunt and also take certain Nighthaunts as part of the army. I’m not familiar with the app so can’t comment on that.
  16. GW now sells hoodies, shirts, mugs, posters and other merch https://merch.warhammer.com It's all 40K right now (and all the Xenos also get to feature); however under the "search by armies" there's a whole segment of tabs for AoS "Coming Soon"
  17. There are definitely some excellent StD units for Khorne. For leaders, the Chaos Lord on Karkadrak is a beast in the army if you make him your general in Goretide and give him the dimensional blade. The +1 damage trait applies to both of his melee weapons, and the -3 rend on the halberd lets him blender pretty much everything. The Daemon Prince with mark of Khorne is also pretty excellent with a similar loadout and his command ability is really nasty when you're facing another combat army. Archaon is mind blowing in Khorne but still requires an army to be built around him. Otherwise the new rules for chaos marauders make them probably the best troop choice for any chaos mortal army period, and they're excellent in khorne with all the available buffs. The Chaos Warshrine is a great choice if you're taking any StD units as it also benefits from the Skull Altar prayer rerolls, and getting a re-roll when using the prayer of chaos undivided (3+, StD mortal unit gets full rerolls on attack and wound rolls) is amazing. Combine the shrine, marauders, and some other buff units like a bloodsecrator and/or bloodstoker and you'll have an incredibly consistent blender with an absurd threat range. The shrine itself is even a passable beatstick now and if it gets a few buffs it can do some real damage.
  18. There’s a few builds floating round with large amounts of buffed marauders which have done well and a Kharkadrak General. They’ve been discussed on this group earlier so if you do a search should find them. In general I think Khorne allegiance abilities are significantly stronger than STD for the new units.
  19. I can't remember at all. Something with gotrek and the Ironclad, but it was also something else. Them alone were scary but not nearly game breaking.
  20. lare2

    Nighthaunt 1k lockdown army

    Cheers dude. I'd had it mind for the past year but life kept getting in the way.
  21. Hey RuneBrush; you can get a big blob of “run and charge” Blood Warriors easily: pick goretide as your “chapter”, take a big blob of them (maybe 20 due to spacing) and have a Bloodstoker whip them. Include some Wrathmongers for +1A and a Gore Pilgrims detachment as well for the Bloodsecrator (improved in 2.0 book) and watch the blood flow.
  22. Hi there, especially my son, and together with him me as well, are new to age of sigmar and currently buildt up our armies. I started with cities of sigmar and this is quite straight forward as far as I read. My son started Nighthaunt and might now change to Legions of Nagash, which is no big deal because as far as I can overlook that a lot of Nighthaunt units can be part of o LoN army as well. AND - and here we come closer to my question - I read here an there (1d4chan for example) that units for which this is not true can be braught in the army as allies, basically that LoN can ally with Nighthaunt. But when I now use the warscroll builder or a similar app, select Grand Host of Nagash as my (sons) allegiance I can indeed select a bunch of nighthaunts as core units, but I cannot select Nighthaunt under "Add units", which I would need to do if I would like to add them as allies?! My son got the Briar queen for example and I only manage to add her to the army by misunsing the tool I guess (switch to Nighthaunt allegiance, add her, switch back to Grand Host). So my question is now if the information is correct or wrong that LoN/ Grand Host of Nagash can ally with Nighthaunt (that are not part the allegiance already)? many thanks for your help! Sebastian
  23. Question in regards to gnawholes. Can I use multiples of them in a hero phase? I know you can only use each one once. Or is it once for all of them basically I came up with 3 different scenarios 1) they can all only be used once 2) they are used in pairs. So if you took ganwbomb you could move 2 units 3) each one can be used once per hero phase. just let me know guys
  24. Just ordered another Start Collecting Box 😂. So once I have the last 30 Ungors, I'm all set for my Desolating Beastherd and then I'll venture out to some other beasts... What should I go for next?
  25. Hi Alcina! If ever you come our way, be sure to let us know; we have a budding AoS community here in Geneva and Lausanne's scene is fairly active, too!
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