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  2. So sepulchral plate artifact with nighthaunt hero is 6+ save before save. Does that mean the I roll 6 to save from artifact first then ethereal save then 6 deathless spirits save? Seems like a decent option although dont know exactly what % dam it would actually save.
  3. Yeah, that's what I was trying to communicate with the whole "you need more units in combat than your enemy has" in order to exhaust is activations. But now that I go back and check the core rules you are correct insofar as your opponent still gets to pick his unit and fight after your bloodthirster does. Passing doesn't end your combat participation, just allows your opponent to pick again. So the value here is really quite limited -- it doesn't even really allow you to break sequence except against things that strike first.
  4. If you are playing 6, would still take scythes 10 out of 10 times. They allow you to have a much smaller front and keep a high attack density, and they are also much better at holding ground when your opponent charges you and you decide to get the reroll saves. Also there are tons of abilities that can ignore rend -1, or they can reroll failed armor save rolls, and the -2 there is much better. And from there, if you choose to take units of 3 kurnouth hunter with swords, it depends on the list, but you have to take into account that the only way to bypass the only 1 teleport for turn is with treelords, so you have to plan why you have them in the list if you do so. Anyways a fully buffed unit of winterleaf kurnouth hunters with swords can deal some really nasty damage.
  5. @Andrew G nice work! My current list is almost the same as your Ironsunz, i just did not decide on trait yet, but i'll probably go with Mirrored Cuirass for MW protection. Do you think Ironclad is still worth it considering Fungoid is likely to cast mystic shield on Krusha anyway?
  6. For sequence breaking I think the unfettered is your best bet, however I don't think you can just hold it until your opponent is done unless you also have other units to pile in. Since your bloodthirster is eligible to pile in you have to activate him when there are no remaining units on your side. Also if your target survives, and hasn't activated yet, they'll be able to activate after you attack since they weren't eligible before but now are since you are within 3. Not likely to happen with two rounds of bloodthirster attacks, but something to keep in mind. You could also toss on a doppleganger cloak to protect you for one of your opponents turns.
  7. Ok, i am sure this has been discussed before, so i apologize for being disruptive if it was. Few questions: - With the new book, someone got to see where we deploy our wyldwoods ? Is it our territory or the whole table? - How exactly does it work for the new deployment ? Do we deploy trees after every scenery has been deployed ? Or can we deploy wyldwoods as one of our "big scenery" options? I found this very confusing today playing a game, neither my trees or the moon for goblins could be deployed because of how we laid out the table. - If not, how are we suppossed to even have a wyldwood on the table
  8. It's worth noting that we had an artefact in the previous tome that allowed us to do this. It just wasn't as much of a big deal I guess because we weren't that great in combat. Also I think it was only once per game. Another thing to keep in mind is that units like Gavriel are in this same camp of "things that break the rules of the game". For whatever reason, AoS is full of stuff like this. Because of the fact that (if you think about it) the game is riddled with this kind of thing and seems to have always been, I suppose it's disingenuous to cherry pick certain things like the current activation wars stuff, without acknowledging that we've been playing in a game that revels in breaking its own mechanics almost every chance it gets. At a certain point you may have to just accept that reality is AoS is not a game that is or probably ever will be balanced in the way that you're talking. I think part of the process of becoming better is accepting the fact that the game isn't built around the concept of fairness. That's obviously not their design intent, and there's no reason to expect it ever will be, based on past history. The moral of the story is that if you "really" care about winning, just jump on the bandwagon and find something that breaks the mechanics too. Anvilstrike ho......
  9. Quick question -- what is the current conventional wisdom regarding the best sequence breaking Bloodthirster build? The way I see it there are two ways to do it: 1. Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury in any Slaughterhost (probably Reapers), moves between 3.1" and 6" of the enemy so that they can't activate, wait until opponent has exhausted all legal activations and then choose this to pile in and attack. Advantages: you can strap on a useful artefact to either increase combat punch or provide extra mobility. You get access to the strike twice command ability, which is really powerful. You can completely prevent any "strikes at the start of the combat phase" unit from attacking altogether during your turn. Disadvantages: Much more awkward to use against units that don't strike at the start of the combat phase, as you will need more total units in combat than your opponent in order to fully bypass your target's attacks. It also isn't likely to work during your opponent's turn at all unless they make a mistake. 2. Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage in Bloodlords, artefact gives always strike first. Advantages: Strikes first on the opponent's turn except against models that strike at the start of the combat phase. Insensate Rage is probably better in combat at baseline. Doesn't wholly prevent enemy strike-first models from attacking. Artefact slot is taken up and no double strike command ability.
  10. What's everybody thinking about the meeting engagements? Whatever we put in different continents it will work as it's not reliant on synergies. And most of our stuff is relatively powerful. Is everybody just scaling their 2K lists down? Also very much looking forward to playing city in ruins. Ogors just smashing though buildings 😂Like they made it for us
  11. Such a terrible profile without the BoJ but so great with it. Having trouble converting the model into something I like the look of, though. Not so keen on the hyper edgy look.
  12. Speaking of which, that ability is very poorly phrased as "On a turn in which they charge into combat, you may reroll wound rolls of 1 for Beastclaw Raiders units." You can use this so that if 1 BCR unit successfully charges, then ALL BCR units can reroll their wounds rolls.
  13. Ben posted his list on Twitter. Here it is.
  14. I would also add. Im not a fan of "fight first" mechanics. Imo games like AoS and 40k are won or lost in the movement phase and getting the initiative on your opponent. To be able to cancel that out with a simple fight first mechanic is the dumbest thing ever, like it takes no strategy or tactical knowledge just move your movels up the board and roll dice
  15. I looked at this, and then I determined I would only likely run small min units of Ishlean at the same time as Morrsarr, and decided wasn't worth the effort, Also thinking to use two different eel schemes. With that said I've heard of people doing it. and it takes really small magnets.
  16. I somewhat agree on this , our stormhosts and battalions are well, average and need some reworking. Celestial Vindicators would seem like the perfect "fight first" stormhost.
  17. Today
  18. Been having a similar thoughts after seeing preview rules for Meeting Engagements. It really feels like the very rules reverse the desirability of Skeletons verses Grave Guard. AoS battles already had a different dynamic at 1,000 points. Although at any level of Match Play the Grave Guard were combat ineffective when I brought them. Battletomb:LoN armies were always odd since it is more about list building than other factions. I am cautiously optimistic that doubling down on high-end deathrattle could work. The rules remove much of the auto-wipe possibilities (for example cheaper piles of attack dice on sizable single units). A shared concern was with such a heavy investment that a strategic or tactile slip-up will snow ball everything. Wrong place at the wrong time is almost half the army. Time to concede and congratulate your opponent. Really want to see the battle plans to see if the Wights have a shot. Or see if gravesite tactical shenanigans can cover the slack. - I think Morghasts are going to be a risky proposition. In units of two their attacks are really swingy (with Pirates Halberds) at twenty percent of the points. I’ve had wild rolls good or bad even in units of four. The gambler in me is kind of curious what would happen using over half of the army points on four Morghast Harbingers and a Vampire Lord. The hard hitting mobility is very appealing. Even with the loss of attack dice to points. Although with the general maxed sized units being upwards of twenty models wiping one enemy unit on the charge is doable. So basically a lot of prioritizing charges while trying to avoid quagmires.
  19. Sweet. Teleporting hero hunter is still an option then thanks a million.
  20. They’re both still in there right at the start of the order profiles. Doesn’t seem that their points have changed.
  21. Those three options are correct for the valid atefacts they can take. They do not have the applicable keywords for any of the other BOK artefacts and you cant choose BOC artefacts if you are playing BOK alliance.
  22. Hi all, been reading the thread and I was thinking of rebasing my old high elf army and running something like this: Allegiance: Order Dragonlord (380) - Shield & Dragon Blade Archmage on Dragon (320) General - strategic genius (+1cp) - Magestaff, book. Archmage (100) Tenebrael Shard (120) -Blade of Judgement 5 x Reavers (140) 5 x Reavers (140) 5 x Reavers (140) 10 x Dragon Blades (240) 30 x Swordmasters (380) Quicksilver Swords (30) Malevolent Maelstrom (10) Total: 2000 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 0 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 118 One of my gamer friends hinted that the must weaver and tenebrael shard no longer have matched play points. I don't have my copy of ghb 2019 yet, but can anyone confirm this?
  23. There really isn't any news in regards to them indicating that a new army is in the works released shortly. There are a lot of legends armies now that did not get a new book. There is no indication or reason why, they get binned when GW decides its time for them to get binned. This is why I would never buy any models from a faction that don't have a tome.
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