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  2. Dunno if this is helpful for others, but my awesome GF did a study of contrast over the two primers. I thought I would share. In each set, Wraithbone primer is the left model.
  3. Just come across this. Amazing work, everything is a piece of art. You should feel pretty chuffed with yourself. Grats on squig too.
  4. Every time I think about Castigators I run the numbers and they always come up short Even taking their melee attacks into account, Xbow Judicators with a Shockbow Prime come out ahead.
  5. I think it's one of the reasons GW introduced the 3 defined "ways to play". They knew that not all of them would appeal to everybody and you'd end up gathering similar minded individuals together to play in a similar style. Providing the people doing the experiment weren't expecting the new rules to be more balanced or coming our super disappointed with the game, having oddball games like that can be quite good fun.
  6. I don't know at the moment what to do with AoS. As I said before I'm having a tournament on next Saturday and with new GH 19 my plans have to change a lot . I was thinking to run a pure Beastclaws Raiders list but I know very well that I would not have any chance to reach one of the first 10 positions, especially in a 5 games tournament. 😞
  7. So the points reductions on blight/plague cyst worth the points now? I personally cant see the points be worth the investment still and I am a casual gamer lol
  8. There's a disappointing lack of GW IP rpg's in general which considering the heaps of lore and the way you have such variety within the factions would make for a really cool rpg setting. Something like travelling across the flamescar plateu and having different enemies in different areas but being able to take those areas for order would be really cool and would let them use the characters & ideas of firestorm, either akin to Shadow of War's free roam & strongholds or more like blackguard's 2 moving between set locations for battles to take them over and being able to defend them. Though they could easily do it on any realm, taking a small section of it (because they INFINITE) and letting the players explore. Would be a lovely way to see AoS realms and even the cultures of human/eld/duardin/chaos/destruction tribes brought to life.
  9. Personally and non-competitive I love fielding 60 zombies with necromancer and a corpse cart... solid wall of undead meat and if they get the first charge they can be pretty devastating (2+\3+\-\1) . bloodknights and morghast went down in points, but without the summonable keyword I think our hordes are still stronger, especially the bedsheets. Still use them, because „rule of cool“ Arkhan sadly went up a bit (still pretty solid as big caster instead of Nagash), vampirelord on dragon stayed the distraction carnifex he was. the fine details are yours to explore and experience, too many good/cool/fun options in our book!!! We are One of if not the most diverse faction!!! if your playing beer&pretzels your set from Soulblight Knightly charge that will put tears into old Bretonnia Players, to 180 zombies whipped into a frenzy by vamps and necros to the wailing and screaming abominations if terror, legions of blood bravery bombs with mortis engines, terrorgheist and banshees... Just too much fun!!! PRAISE NAGASH!!!!!!!! (the sanity of the writer is anti-proportional to the amount of exclamation marks)
  10. Today
  11. So...power unbound... Auto includes: Overpower (because that's yltharis usual inspire method) Sorcerous flourish (unrestricted trap for spells...) Spirit bond (accuracy and defence boost for gallaghann. Or defence boost for ylthari while gallaghann is on the board) High potential: Strange demise (its sorcerous scouring) Warning shot (ahnslaine and ylthari have range 3 attacks) Spike (because we have chip damage and there's plenty of 4 wound folks around) Inspired attack (mainly ylthari but if you planned to inspire ahnslaine or skathael it's real good) Blazing soul (again, only if you plan on inspiring people other than ylthari) Eldritch ward (because ylthari dying is bad) Spectral armour (because 4 defence dice ylthari or having gallaghann, ahnslaine and ylthari at 3 dice) Spirit bond (accuracy and defence boost for gallaghann. Or defence boost for ylthari while gallaghann is on the board)
  12. The main issue, beside the actual rules, is that everything around it is just to obfuscated. If GW actually had made an enormous spreadsheet, were they had all the scenarios, and all the faction terrain and then said “hey faction X will not be able to place its terrain in 16% and Y not in 50% of the battles that’s sounds about right for the balance we are after”… and they also published a design article were they outlined the big changes and the thinking behind them and said things like “we saw that faction terrain had become an issue, to many army lists were designed around them and some were just too good and reliable and we wanted to have more variety. So we wanted to make rules were it was not always certain that you could bring them. It’s the same design philosophy we had in malign sorcery realm rules with restrictions to shooting or that some battleplans force you to deploy everything on the board”.... then that would have been fine… now we know why, that there is an actual design philosophy and now we can argue about “is that a good idea” and are the rules correctly parametrized. But that’s not the case and now we need to argue along the lines of “what are they doing, why are drunk gerbils designing my favorite game by drawing random sentences out of a hat”….
  13. Hey there, welcome to the bright side of trustworthyness, chivalry and honor (we do have cookies, gluten-free and vegan if needed... ) the new ghb19 stirred things up a bit, but something like Grand Host Nagash (850) Necromancer (130) 2x5 wolves (140) 30 graveguards (360) add up to 1480pts and gives you a solid base to deviate left or right for other things... it all depends on how competitive you want to roll, your personal preference on the moaning bedsheets and your meta. Nagash done right is pretty powerful, Nagash noobed up is pretty embarrassing...
  14. Yes you can use it. There is a specific faq that covers scrolls that are released with thier own points allowing it
  15. This would be cool. I've also been playing Shadows Of Mordor recently, and thinking about how great an AoS game it would make. Play as a stormcast, and you could specialise into different variants of stormcast, Could be set during the realmgate wars with khornate daemons and mortals, use the nemesis system to progress them from reavers to blood warriors to mighty lords to daemon princes
  16. Ghyran, Mirrorpool or something
  17. I don't see a problem. I for one would always give my consent if my opponent wanted to use an old warscroll.
  18. So I've come up with the below list. Some expanded thoughts listed as well below it: Allegiance: IronjawzMortal Realm: UlguLeadersMegaboss on Maw-Krusha (420)- General- Choppa and Rip-tooth fist- Trait: Prophet of the Waaagh! - Artefact: Doppelganger Cloak Orruk Warchanter (80)- Artefact: The Boss Skewer Orruk Weirdnob Shaman (120)- Artefact: Talisman of the Watcher - Spell: Da Great Big Green Hand of GorkFungoid Cave-Shaman (90)Battleline30 x Orruk Ardboys (420)10 x Orruk Ardboys (140)3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140)3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140)3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140)BattalionsBloodtoofs (80)Ironfist (160)Total: 1980 / 2000Extra Command Points: 3Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 155 General Idea The list is a 2 drop so in many scenarios will get the choice of T1 or not. There are two basic tactics with the list (other than the mob their lines with Ard boys to secure the early win which is being discussed a lot). The main reason for taking Bloodtoofs is actually the 1 unit counting as 2 as the army can become spread out early on. The extra +1 charge and bravery is a bonus for long game survival. The army starts with 3CP + 1 on T1 with a potential 5th from the Fungoid so lots to burn early on. Take First Turn aka "Go First , Go Aggressive, Go Waaagh!" Typically against an opponent who hasn't deployed lots of screens or has put their keystone character front and centre this is a 'Cut the head off' approach. Essentially Pop 2-3 Waaaghs off from the start, command ability the Krusha up 12" ready for a charge into the key thing. Teleport the big block up in a fighty formation. At least one unit of GGs in the Ironfist use their extra move to get within 15" of the Mighty Waaagh and suddenly you count as having 6 units in range with the ability to re-roll the dice for extra 2 attacks. Take Second Turn aka "Slow & Steady Ladz" If your opponent has no huge threat potential, feel free to go second. Deploy the GG/Ard Boyz in blocking formation with the other units ready to support/teleport where needed or where a hole opens up (Talisman of the Watcher is useful here). This may potentially open up some sneaky opportunities for sneaky teleports of small units behind enemy lines to take out soft targets and/or grab an objective for a turn.
  19. I would play around with bases, maybe sand or wooden plank base will look better and closer to the theme, also try to be more accurate when applying texture paint
  20. By the way, which realmspell gives you teleport again? I can only think of hysh banishment, but that's something else
  21. And forbidden power endless spells/mercenaries . I think there will be a difference between the GH and what TOs do but “default AOS” seems to be GH19, Corebook with realms, and MS... Says as much in #1 of pg 70 of the GH19 PITCHED BATTLE TOURNAMENTS.
  22. You army is old-school strong. Fight first and fight double counters it. You did well though, killing two keepers work that disadvantage and wounding the third so fatally, but you have to be a little more crafty nowadays. It's like wrestling up a weight-class ... it's possible, but mistakes will cost you more than him an but you have to be better since you also lose on attrition. You didn't do any, your army did what it was supposed to do. Either screening, delaying the "real" charge of the keepers and shooting it. Which you did well, but maybe can improve if you don't want to Chang anything on your list. Charging the ballista was a nice move also. Preferably Longstrikes are the bane of all monsters in the game, but ballista / Judicator should do it to some degree when screened proper. The thing is, you don't have the option not to engage with your list. You don't have the movement to ignore stuff and and play objective based and don't have many options to abmush stuff. Besides, you movement is little enough that when you don't take the straight forward route, you maybe not getting into combat. You can deepstrike the ballista, but I never liked the standard deviation on ballistas, that's why I shelved them. If I can point out something I look into mostly: You don't have chaff units and will sometimes end up using seqs to hold points I guess. Some points in some maps can get gold by chaff and that's enough. I barley see that Upton for you. If you don't like shooting, try a Diamond Stardrake list. I had success with them against extremely killy lists, since you can very reliably make the Stardrake unkillable (yes, really) which will be your anvil. You still need shooting to some degree until we can somehow have a day in the activation war with either units or abilities to shut it down to a normal"f-this-i-go-first-in-my-turn" But those Stardrake lists are all now 60-120p over and I have to rewrite them.
  23. It basicly depends on the wording of the ability. If it returns "slain models" the unit can't get bigger due to an FAQ question. Sadly I think this question was in the old Flesh Eater Courts FAQ, because I don't find it anymore in the actual FAQs. Normally the rules state "add x models" when the unit can get bigger (for example the standardbearers of Daemons)
  24. The staff effect doesn’t combine at all with Jaws like a Steel Trap. The Jaws effect isn’t damage as such (mortal wounds aren’t damage) and if it fails the attack it doesn’t deal any damage at all (so the staff effect doesn’t kick in).
  25. Early in 2nd edition FEC legaly had the ability to increase units beyond starting size, but this ability has gone away when new tome was released
  26. Finalised pack for Northern Invasion based on feedback received and publication of the new GHB. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bnobVAf8NbDkOADiLVpbBw9EWYHxF9s5/view?usp=drivesdk
  27. Thanks- the weather tables have been with us for 4 years now so maybe they’re in need of some updates....
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