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  2. I will have to find his builds then LOL ahh well, glad I am mainly interested in the narrative play portion of AOS. Still sucks hearing we need to be shooty but are pushed into a very narrow shooty
  3. At this point, I'd probably just copy whatever PJetski is doing. He's got a better win ratio than anyone else I know playing SCE. I've tried a lot of different builds over the past year, but I've not found any traction against "take all comers". I can create an army to deal with one opponent, given enough time, but it ends up having major flaws against some other army. As I found out recently in my last tournament, not being Anvils and just going generic shooting doesn't cut it. Without Longstrikes and the Anvils ability, even shooting doesn't really work in today's meta. It's the combination of both that's doing it. The ability to attack twice in a single turn is incredible with the right units.
  4. @carnith how did the list actually perform
  5. so basically I should get another 3 longstrikes, a Knight Azyros, and make castigators work?
  6. to piggy back off of @CB42 this was my list i ran today. Allegiance: Slaanesh - Host: Pretenders Host Mortal Realm: Hysh Bladebringer, Herald on Exalted Chariot (220) - Artefact: Blade of Symmetry - Lore of Slaanesh: Born of Damnation Keeper of Secrets (360) - General - Sinistrous Hand - Trait: Strength of Goodhood - Artefact: Sliverslash - Host Option: Strongest Alone (Pretenders Host Second Command Trait) - Spell: Progeny of Damnation The Contorted Epitome (200) - Lore of Slaanesh: Phantasmagoria Viceleader, Herald of Slaanesh (120) -Lore of Slaanesh: Soul Slice Shard Chaos Sorcerer Lord (160) - Runestaff Lore of Slaanesh: Dark Delusions 30 x Daemonettes (300) 30 x Daemonettes (300) 5 x Hellstriders with Claw-spears (100) Epicurean Revellers (180) Mesmerising Mirror (60)
  7. 1-2 Keepers, Epitome, 1-2 Bladebringer on Exalted Chariot, maybe an Enrapturess; 20-70 Daemonettes; 0-10 Hellstriders; 0-5 Seekers OR 20 Seekers; and the supreme Sybarites battalion or the epicurean Revellers battalion if you’re Pretenders. You could also consider the Cavalcade battalion if you wanted to drop the Daemonettes and go heavy on Hellstriders and Seekers (I’d lean towards something like 3 x 5 Hellstriders and 20 Seekers to really get value out of it).
  8. Today
  9. Anvilstrike is just about the only thing working atm, which relies on a heavy shooting element. If you try to do anything in melee, you can make a strong-ish army to a point, but there's a handful of armies that will just blow you out of the water.
  10. Sounds like the only option is to do some serious screening with either the birds or something cheap like skinks...anything with single wounds will work really. Closer ranks/screens will help prevent teleportation assassinations given the large footprint of the keeper base. Might be a chance to check out the mercenaries, could be something there that can be an interesting speed bump. If you play him a lot you'll probably have to build toward ranged solutions since 3 keepers against an entire army of melee focused multi would units is always going to be a hard match up, if not specifically listed against STE. Judicators might shine a bit here given the free re-roll 1's vs chaos, which is what I used against an opponent that brought 2 (and it was a rough game). You could even (god forgive me for suggesting it) bring a 6 man or two of castigators over judicators to burn down hp since they ALL get exploding 6's on hits vs daemons on the same +3/+3 profile with the additional benefit of -2 rend. Don't forget we got a points decrease on hunters, who can also provide ranged damage while your main ranged units do work. Combine all this range with a azyros and its going to get dicey for the keepers inside of 18". Debuffs are always powerful, so your caster can bring thundershock with its -1 to hit component in addition to the MW. There's also the relector who can debuff them with prayers for which they have no dispel answer in addition to the cheesy teleports on a +3. Making the keepers stop in front of the chaff for a turn is key, though after the first 2 go down to your choice of the above suggestions you'll still have another summoned up to give you grief. Fortunately by that point his summon mechanics will start loosing steam, and the over investment in large single models will start to show. Assuming an alpha strike like your last game, you can deep strike some of STE's good multi wound melee units in his back lines while the keepers are tied up in low value chaff/distraction. If there's no Alpha, when you can creep up laying down the hate fire. Is it always going to be a tough match-up for STE? Absolutely. I also think there are a lot of armies out there it would perform very poorly against, so its not like the meta is going to be bring 3 keepers for gg. Hopefully there's some ideas in here you find useful. Good luck!
  11. What are the best options if you don’t want to use Beastmen?
  12. Does this also apply to Paladins? I've been eyeing some since they dropped in points and I love the Protector models... are these good or are they finicky and need to be dropped in? are we better off taking Palladors for the 180pts?
  13. Also being a Fyreslayers player I can offer some insight. So beasts are actually a decent matchup here. Slayers are very slow use that. While the hearthguard can get 2+ rerolling saves and a 4 up after against others it doesnt work against us. The herdstone rend is great, take some bulls for rend 2 or just lots of rend 1 attacks, get the spell to up the rend some more and you can negate their save buffs or if they failed a prayer then even reduce them. If possible you want to go first and get on some objectives so that they cant tunnel onto them. The hearthguard buffed up are dumb. If you cant debuff them then just either stay far away of feed just enough to keep them stuck in place. Battlesmiths and priests are important targets. If they dont have auric hearthguard then your job became a lot easier. If they do then good luck as we dont have the best ranged. Use your crazy speed to the best effect and you should be able to do well. If they run hermdar dont anticipate any battleshock. If they go vostarg they can move 12 and charge turn one so be ready. If they go greyfyrd they can have a formidable block of heros but they are slow and easy to avoid since they wont have much else. I doubt they are going lofnir but if they do then they will have lots of magmadroths and mortal wounds or lots of shooting but either should be able to be handled with our rend buffs and speed.
  14. Squig Hoppers are an even more recent example. My general hope is thst the kit will be able to function as at least two different artillery units, if not three or four. Let the players figure out how to use the extra bits, just give us a lot of options in the box.
  15. Yeah I've thought that before too. When you look at the step change from the old Black Coach to the new one, updated Grot artillery could be something really special!
  16. Considering the updates they've given us to older models, an updated Doom Diver would probably be the kit of the year.
  17. Yeah, they also had the plastic kit for the actual Gitmob Grots themselves, and a plastic Gitmob Shaman hero (quite characteful) which was briefly rebadged as a Madcap Shaman on the webstore when GG dropped. The artillery was a very popular Allies choice for things like Ironjawz and Gloomspite (even though Doom Divers were an old kit they were very cool and iconic), and the Gitmob Grots themselves were a staple of Mixed Destruction armies. What I'd personally like to see is a Battletome: The Savage Tribes. So basically a green version of Beasts of Chaos. Give the keyword to all relevant Forgeworld Monsters that don't already have a keyword (the same way they gave Gloomspite keyword to the Troggoth Hag when GG came out). Pull in the old kits such as Gitmob and Greeskinz (plastic) and the artillery (Finecast), and give them terrain plus Endless Spells. Make the existing kits usable with proper rules, the same way BOC are, and worry about maybe updating some of the Finecast to plastic in 3 years time or something. Not saying that is going to happen - but it's my own best case scenario.
  18. Could have been an issue with the molds then. If the mold gets too worm they retire them after all.
  19. To be fair the Wolf Riders and Gitmob Grot infantry models were plastic; really old and ugly as hell, but plastic.
  20. So all the stuff that failed to make it into plastic. Gotcha. Hopefully it'll see a return in the next update since this one was Squig and Troggoth focused and they only have so much budget for models in each book release.
  21. Hello fellow Beasties! I have a game coming up this week against Fire Slayers, and this is going to be a heavy Berserker list, at 2k. This is the crazy FS list where they can be buffed to a 3+/4+ save(s), and can pile in and attack twice if they're within 12" of a rune father. Anyway, there might be some details left out, but that's the gist of it. I have a rather large BoC army, and can pull multiples of any combination. Any recommendations on how you'd fight these little ******? Lol. Thanks in advance.
  22. Wolf Riders and Chariots and the artillery pieces. I think its the artillery pieces that most people are upset about. To be fair, that Doom Diver was pretty sweet and flavorful. Oh, I almost forgot about Snotlings and their Pump Wagons! Poor Snotlings... 😢
  23. @PlasticCraic Was there anything in Gitmbob that isn't in Moonclan in terms of models?
  24. Gitmob just got deleted from the game this week. I think it's therefore legitimate to be concerned about whether people will be able to continue to use things like the Magma Dragon in Matched Play for example, if and when GA armies are finally abandoned entirely, which again isn't great when you've bought these things in good faith. Probably in a practical sense, I would advise new players to be very careful of "just buy what you love". I would suggest doing some research first and making sure you buy an army that GW intends to support in Matched Play into the future. Which probably means something with a recent Battletome if you want to be safe.
  25. @PlasticCraic remind me what armies after Brets and Tomb Kings that got the boot? I'm not sure what advice other than patience ome can really give. Do you want us to tell people to go play something else instead? AoS 2.0 was the jumping off point into a stronger effort to actually get things on the table in ways that make them playable outside of the Grand Alliance lists and microfaction format. This shift means they basically reset the clock on how long you'll be waiting for a real update (still waiting on a Free Peoples book myself). We have word the goal is to have everyone done by the end of 2020 with it looking like more will be coming soon.
  26. You's better merge 3 unit of raptors into a unit of 9 model if you want to uitilize the anvils CA effectively.
  27. I figured you were running the skullmarti as Bestigor? (Saw them earlier on Reddit)? At some point I have to actually get off my butt and do my ghoul to Ungor conversion. I know what you mean about some of the BOC models. I love them but they have problems. Bestigor hold up pretty well but come across as a bit too uniform (having to rank up is a harsh constraint) and normal Ungor look like an accountant LARPing in his goat pants.
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