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  2. I too have used him. Both times as the general the casting and the shooting is just very good any day whether or not you take him as your gen or not. He has been my MVP both games I have played.
  3. I used him a few time, even if he not the general, i find him still amazing as a Hero sniping Artillery piece and a good wizard by himself. his moon ability is good and all but it not always necessary to take advantage of during a game. the only thing I felt I miss was the possible D3 CP he can get but since this army has other way to get them it not a big deal.
  4. What did you guys think of the Duardin lore feature on Warhammer TV? I was a little disappointed that there wasn't too much new insight into Dispossessed, but it was at least nice to be mentioned. Did anyone else notice how he didn't seem to enthusiastic about Dispossessed as he was talking about Fyreslayers or Kharadron Overlords? When he described the Fyreslayer and KO reaction to Dispossessed as being "Come on dude, move on from the old ways", part of my felt a little personally attacked. I guess it's my insecurity about playing a non-battletome army. I got the feeling her was talking to Dispossessed players rather than the Dispossessed. Pretty good segment even if I missed the first 10 minutes.
  5. Yeah, I definitely don’t read it that way. roll a dice for each enemy unit that is within 1” of A model after THE model finishes a charge. This seems pretty clear that you don’t get to trigger each one multiple times, you trigger each one once. No loopholes here.
  6. Shipping is like almost 75nzd and most of the time you can’t ship to nz
  7. How did you test the lists so fast? Make room for at least 1 additional CP, you don’t wanna drop those evos and get caught pants down rolling a <6 so switch 1 Judi to Libs i guess, better 2 , then you can reroll in case of 1,1 or have 1 CP left to avoid BS if necessary.
  8. Honestly he is the only old lore youtuber that actually does his research.
  9. Oh wow, I total forgot about the Bad Moon's thing for Spiderfang. That would help using them in a mixed Gitz list for sure. I'm gonna have do some thinking, and maybe get 3 squig herds for battleline, using a big mob of Spiders as a mortal wound unit....though Bounderz are pretty good at that on the charge.
  10. Skragrott is useful in most lists he is added to and he does not need to be the general all of the time. You can make the argument for using him in a non-general role for a Troggoth army and I believe that @Malakree has made use of him that way. An all Spider list might be where he fits in the least and that is mainly because the rest of the army is fast and will leave him behind.
  11. I'm thinking about getting into the Spiderfang. The Gitz seem to have what my other armies lack, and that's speed (with the spider riders) and decent wizardry. I like the Skitterswarm/Mob, as 12" flying over terrain is pretty sweet, and it fits in the battleliners and a good general. The mortal wound potential of the Spider Riders is good too, and they get quite a lot of, albeit mediocre, attacks per turn if we include the spider bows. I'd plop a Scuttleboss in there for sure as the ArachnaShaman can't take a command trait, which sucks. For Scuttleboss I was thinking the Master Rider for +4" move, and the Totem of the Spider God for the 5+ venom hits. Then with the big Shaman's Venom spell that's some good biting! And with a couple CPs, courtesy of a Fungoid Shaman and battalion bonus, the Spiders could move/run 18" and reroll charges I think, then if we're lucky the WebShaman on foot will have done the run and shoot/charge spell. I'm thinking a Spiderfang army with my Troggoth Hag and at least 1 Fungoid Shaman and the Endless Spells (at least the Scuttletide and Mushroom) would be pretty sweet. Don't know if the big whole Spiderfang Stalktribe is worth going for, though rerolling saves of 1 is good; I think it takes like a minimum of 1700 points to do that one so not much room for much else. Hopefully the new GHB will reduce our points a little bit.
  12. Good catch. I totally forgot that. The allegiance ability for the moon that gives mortal wounds on 5+ To-hit used to be the scuttleboss command ability. The Webspinner spell remained the same but I always got those 2 mixed up for some reason and it seems that I still do.
  13. Yes indeed! The Thundertusk/Stonehorn kit can be made either way. Beastclaw Raiders are a very very good army for budget and time constraints I think. They can also be super duper good performers in the game. Not sure about any battalions they might have, but the start collecting boxes are excellent. I know many players like those ice Yetis too, and some like the saber cats for outflanking, but the big guys and the Mournfangs are great to start. One guy I've played with has a Stonehorn general, 2 of the Thundertusks that breath icy death shooting, and 3x3 Mournfangs I think? And like 6 Yetis. Can't remember what else, maybe an allied Ogor Butcher with the Cauldron for a wizard. They could be considered easier to paint than many other armies because of the low model count, but also they don't have loads of super teensy fiddly details like fancy pants Chaos or Aelvish models often have. Washes and drybrushing will be good techniques, as may the new contrast paints (which I have not tried yet).
  14. Today
  15. Has anyone looked real close at the wording for impact wounds on a group of chariots? It sort of reads like each chariot triggers everyone time one in the same group completes a charge move.
  16. Alas, the ArachnaShaman double venom damage is a spell, not a command ability. They can't get a command trait either, only a Scuttleboss. Guess they're focused on wizardry rather than leading the charge? I have yet to play with my Gloomspites, as they're still early in the works. But I've played against 3 armies, 1 all Troggs, 1 heavy on the gobbos and bounderz, and 1 very mixed with 2 big Manglers and a Rogue Idol and Rockguts. Used my Legion of Azgorh against all of them and the Troggs were the ones I couldn't handle, though the mission gave my slowpoke stunties a problem.....as did the combo of the Mushroom and Scuttletide! Troggs are strong and I've read many people are thinking they're the best in Gloomspite. I've only seen one person use Spiderfang and didn't find out how he did (at the Adepticon Champs), but he had 4 Arachnaroks and I can't remember what else. For some reason I think he faced off against 4 Verminlords in a Skaven army. It does seem the Gitz tome has very select keyword usage. The new Blades of Khorne book does too actually....my Bloodstokers no longer work on my Bloodthirsters! LAAAAAME, but that's for another thread. But I do also agree things like the Sneaky Snufflers should work on anything with grots on the model, if not Troggoths. They all eat the same shrooms! And the Gobbapalooza too, as I love those models but if I can't use them I don't want them. Skraggrott also forces the army to be either a Grot or Squig army no? Since he really needs to be the general to shine, those would be the only battleline options then, though I suppose one could go cheapo min/max in that regard and not expend too many points and still get the Loonking on board. That Bad Moon can pay off in a mixed army big time. Idoneth moving the Tide is pretty awesome, as is Nurgle moving the Corruption Cycle. Anyone actually used the Loonking yet?
  17. I figure with the chariot having a decent speed, having something like run and charge from god seekers would alllow it to get to combat turn one, or you let your opponent go first and having a shorter distance and use the fane that way. I dislike discarding for rerolls, though with a one time use artifact you should be fine.
  18. The only oldhammer lore youtuber that I know that like AoS is "Loremaster of Sotek".
  19. Thats impossible, it doesn't have phoenix guard! No one expects phoenix guard!
  20. Also, is this good for a budget army? It is heavily revolved around to start collecting boxes. Huskard on Thunderhusk as General 360 Mournfang Pack x4 Battleline 1 320 Huskard on Stonehorn 340 Mournfang Pack x4 Battleline 2 320 Thunderhusk Bestriders 340 Mournfang Pack x4 Battleline 3 320
  21. from my understanding, the salt comes from the fact that because GW ended the Old world, they can't expand the total war game into any of the obscure factions like the Warhammer China or Arabia. Also doesn't help that a lot Oldhammer lore youtuber (people who were invested in the Old lore) don't speak highly of AoS which kind of breed a lot of total war gamer to not like AoS. in fact, I feel like many of them wouldn't have known the term Sigmarine if it wasn't for Archwarhammer videos
  22. Yes, that is how it works. You need to sacrifice your artifact to use the Fane tho, and in 1/6 games is gonna be wasted statistically. Of course if you are close enough or only need the buff for one turn, you can keep using your wounds for that. Notice Strongest Alone is a trait, so is not directly intechangable for the fane buff as if it were an artifact, but yeah, there are way better traits for Bladebringer than that one. Still usefull in some situations, but i dont think is optimal.
  23. One of my friends is starting out by playing beast claw Raiders, and he is asking me if the bees call writers huge general guys can be built as a thunderhusk, or is it just a stonehorn.
  24. Maybe? Hard to say because we know their plans got all messed up.
  25. While I like the sheer brutality of the list right from the very beginning how do you secure objectives with this list as it looks like just about everything fights? Also, how would you deal with screens
  26. That is an... incredibly interesting idea, a never ending swarm of glass cannons and just swarm the enemy with bodies.
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