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  2. i have one more question! 4. Strongest Alone. If there are no friendly models within 6", you can reroll hit rolls made by this general. Chaos lord on Manticore Does the mount get the re roll hits aswell as he is on the same "model" as the general or does this just count for the GENERAL on it?
  3. I’ve seen one 3D printable movement tray that worked just fine and a bunch of others that were ******. A local Skaven player uses some kind of MDF Board made ones that are just awesome.. Probably going to end up doing magnetized trays because the exact pattern I want isn’t available in the layout I want. GW is not going to get away with charging me an arm and a leg for something that costed them under a dollar to produce and package.
  4. Well gentlemen and Ladies. Phoenix temple got hosed once again with Frosthearts getting a 40 point increase. Flamespyre got a 20 point decrease... and ones without riders are at there pre-AOS 2.0 points. With that and Dragonlords going up +40 points I think I'm pretty much done with AoS until they come out with a tome for aelves.
  5. Idea 2 : Leaders 1x Warden King (100) 1x Runelord (80) 1x Runelord (80) 1x Runelord (80) Team 1 30x Hammerer (360) 20x Irondrake (360) 10x Longbeard (100) Team 2 20x Ironbreaker (280) 20x Irondrake (360) 20x Longbeard (200) 2000/2000
  6. Escalation It forces balance splitting you up and forcing you to be more tactful in choices
  7. The only downside is that they seem quite well spaced out and not as tightly packed as they could be. I figure because 40K likely has more base overflowing models than AoS traditionally had (remember a bulk of the models are still made for rank and file systems). That said I can see them having good use in the early part of a battle, but once you get into consolidating into combat chances are you'll be moving the models off base and into combat. It will remain to be seen if they prove viable and practical, but they could at least form a good core for some casual games.
  8. Leaders 1x Warden King (100) 1x Runelord (80) 1x Runelord (80) Team 1 30x Hammerer (360) 20x Irondrake (360) 10x Longbeard (100) Team 2 20x Ironbreaker (280) 20x Irondrake (360) 10x Longbeard (100) Support 1x Cannon (140) 1960/2000 The idea is to have 2 solid team that can independently move around the map to secure each 1 different objectif while the cannon can support both team when needed. I still can't find a way to fill that 40pts tho.
  9. Crunched some numbers on Dracolines vs Desolators with and without buffs (+1 wound, reroll hit1, +1 hit, reroll wounds, +1 hit vs MONSTER, etc.). They are close in terms of efficiency, it really depends on personal preference. Desolators have a slight edge in damage output with zero buffs and with full buffs, but having to spend 460 on a Drakesworn really limits your options. Pros for Desolators: Average damage is mostly the same but has huch higher potential max damage Even with no +hit buffs they still do a ton of damage. 5 attacks at 2 damage each should not be underestimated. All Thunderaxes are 2" reach, while some Dracolines have to take 1" weapons Breath attack happens before combat, which can clear screens and weak/kill big monsters Breath has a bigger threat range, can shoot past screens +1 save and can reroll 1 in every phase Usually more mortal wounds per round than the lightning arc, can be really devastating in a double turn situation Loses 1 attack per model once you drop below 6, loses 2 attacks per model when you drop below 4 Dont need to charge to get bonus damage Pros for Evocators Can score WIZARD objectives Unbind Can activate Cogs Benefit more from +Attack buffs Reroll charges Dont need to shoot, can run & charge with Heraldor Celestial Lightning Arc happens every combat phase Dont have to spend 460 on a Drakesworn (but you have to spend 220 to get a LADrac) It seems like it will come down to preference and h I think they are going to work best in totally different lists. I picture 3 lists right now: 1. Astral Templars - Desolators with Stardrake and wizards 2. Astral Templars - Desolators with Ballista core 3. Celestial Vindicators - Dracolines with Ballista core, Heraldor and Cogs to reroll saves The first one seems to be the strongest - Drakesworn is an expensive monster but it has a lot a great utility. I'm excited to start working on this list
  10. Thank you very much. in that case a DP with pretenders host 1. Strength of Godhood. Once per combat phase, in step 4 of the attack sequence, you can add D3 to the damage inflicted by one attack made by this general. 2. Strongest Alone. If there are no friendly models within 6", you can reroll hit rolls made by this general. 3. Sliverslash. Pick one melee weapon, add 2 to the Attacks characteristic of that weapon. these put together gives his attack profile an insane boost. i wouldnt play this in 2k put in 1k matches...wow. i one shotted a Lord of Change with a 160 point model, my friend thought i was cheating thats why i wrote this to get it confirmed.
  11. In their latest battle report, Guerilla miniature games seemed to have only one battleline for the Stormcasts. Besides, it seems super quick and fun.
  12. +++ MOD HAT +++ Usual cautionary post folks, we don't have the rules in our hands and just got second hand information from a YouTube video, so let's not panic too soon!
  13. True, but most of the latest games with my akhelians I always had a few extra Cp's in the back pocket by the later turns. Using a few in turn one would go a long way to making ishlean a lot hardier turn 1, and they move fast enough for turn 2's run to be gravy. I dunno, I am just excited for them.
  14. minor unit point changes (mostly decreases) across the board battalions got cheaper all around, Superbattalions got really cheaper Mighty Destroyer was changed to be a command ability that guarantees a movement in the hero phase instead of the annoying roll off but also allows a unit to fight in the hero phase if they are within 3. They got Spell lore, stand out are Great Green Hand of Gork which deep strike spell that works the same as the Gloomspite version and Power of the Waagh which you roll a dice for every Ironjawz unit with more then two models around the caster on a 3+ you do D3 mortal wounds to an enemies unit (i think it has to be a different target for every successful 3+) on a 6 you do D6 mortal wounds. Superbattalions got changed a bit, Ironsunz gives your Megaboss D3 strength in victories stack, Bloodtoof now counts your Ironjawz units as two units when activating your Megaboss on Mawkrusha Waagh! ability
  15. If Gargants didn't fall over rolling doubles I would totally consider taking them
  16. Gallery of all the paints on Savage Orruks and Scuttlings, plus some early tests: https://imgur.com/gallery/fZMKNVS What is contrast? My guess is ink plus flow-air and some matte medium. What is it good for? Pretty much anything organic and natural like flesh, fur, hair, leather, wood, stone... Contrast it pretty good at reproducing the chaotic texture of these materials. It's also a very good airbrush paint, better than the Citadel Air range in general. I'm pretty sure they can be used as a precise wash, but I haven't tested that yet. What is it NOT good for? Metal and armors in general, any large flat surface. There's not metallic contrast paint, although I guess you could use it as a quick base for NMM. Armor usually need a pretty even coat of paint too look good, and Contrast will pool in the middle of large flat surface, not unlike Citadel Washes "coffee stain", although the pooling doesn't look as bad as the coffee stain. Methodology: All the models were primed with Vallejo Surface Primer White with an airbursh. Contrast was applied with a Citadel medium wash brush, undiluted, with one thin-ish coat. The top paint is on the right, the bottom paint is on the left. I know it feels backward. I listed the closest color in the rest of the Citadel range under every image, but many of the Contrasts are more saturated than their base/layer counterpart. Conclusions: Contrast stains. It stains your fingers (and your cloths) much more than normal paint. Don't drop a bottle. Contrast runs, A LOT. The "One Thick Coat" motto only works if you cover the whole model because it will run everywhere. If you just want to cover a specific area of the model, go Duncan (two thin coats). You can see in the second picture that I used a bit too much Magos Purple and it ran down the legs on it's own. I had a similar problem in the Contrast medium + ink test. Not all Contrast paints are "born" equal. Maybe half of the paints are rather light and will let the color underneath show through, the other half is pretty opaque and the color underneath will only dictate the lightness of the final result. The lighter paints could be combine with a non-white undercoat and act more as a filter(a color-shifting paint). Some paints, notably the light ones, would probably look better with the new Grey Seer and Wraithbone, notably the flesh tones. But I wantedd a neutral test first. Contrast work really well with an airbrush without any thinner. The thick ink consistency is just perfect. You CAN get the pooling in the recess effect if you overspray. With an airbrush you usually don't want any pooling, just a very light coat, but with Contrast the overspray will act a bit like a wash, although not as much as when it's applied with a brush. The ink will also tint the flat surface more than with a brush. If you hate Citadel Pots, take your sprue cutter and cut the plastic hinge to free the lid. The lid floating above the pot is a large factor in the instability of the pot and the pooling of paint on its side. You can also get bottle holders for like 3$. For airbrush, get a bunch of plastic pipettes.
  17. The way I figured it was that Clanrats in fiction are probably amalgamations of volunteers from various clans. I'm taking 5 at a time, doing skin and fur, then different skin and fur on the next five, going through a unit, going back and doing armor/clothes a similar way. There's trillions of Skaven, they've got to have some sort of variance between skin tones and fur colors. I'm not one for having a uniform army look either 😂
  18. Now in regards to the Gorghon I must say, its actually a pretty decent monster for 200 pts. Sure its not the best thing ever, its biggest weakness is in my opinion lack of higher rend, like a -2 on the flesh hooks and -3 on the bite. But unlike bullgors it does hit on 3, and can benefit from pretty much all the battalions that matter.
  19. I've done a couple of Bloodbound with it and I've had a fair bit of success with careful application of a single coat. Not tried the new medium yet since all the paints I've tried have actually worked fairly well out of the pot (neutrals and the Flesh Tearers red). The Black Templar highlighted with stormhost silver creates a really nice black metal effect. Not a replacement for boltgun metal but a very easy way to get a fast dark metal tone.
  20. That's a great example since it could have been avoided if GW just defined 3 initiative steps (first/normal/last strikes) in the core rules.
  21. Today
  22. Q: If a warscroll or set of allegiance abilities has a rule that contradicts the core rules, can I use it? For example, Lord Kroak has a rule that allows him to attempt to cast Celestial Deliverance up to three times in the hero phase, but this contradicts the core rule that you can only attempt to cast a spell once per turn. A: Warscrolls and allegiance abilities take precedence over the core rules that appear before the core rules for battleplans, warscrolls and allegiance abilities. This allows you to do things that would not normally be allowed. In the case of Lord Kroak, his rule means he can attempt to cast Celestial Deliverance up to three times in the same turn. FYI, this doesn't let you ignore the GHB rules, they aren't even in the core book and are not core rules. They are specifically matched play rules changes.
  23. well, something I am excited for now........ GW Movement trays
  24. Maybe Something we can use in our armies Source Warhammer Community
  25. I missed the reveal. What changes were made to Ironjawz?
  26. The stats don't tell the full story - take them with a grain of salt. Stormcast are sub 50% win rate in the stats but Im 18-0 with them this year and #2 in the ITC ranking.
  27. Yeah, that is actually a strange one, because it goes against the "I activate 1 unit, you activate 1 unit" of the combat phase (including the point that it allows attacking before some rules take part like the rule of the Sequitors to buff the weapon or the shield). Really don't know if it would have worked better if it simply was that way.
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