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  2. Another issue will be that you need all your dudes in a straight line for the rod to hit all of them. I don't think you can fit all those chariots and the keeper into 9".
  3. It doesn't have pitched battle profile (i.e. point cost) therefore it can't be used in Matched Play
  4. Hi all, i have read all the forum and still have a question about how really works Smashing and Bashing and the Locus of Diversion. Smashing and Bashing gives us to pick 1 unit and fight immediately in proper situation. Still Locus of Diversion makes our units to fight last " after the players have picked any other units to fight in that combat phase". The unclear situation is when not all our units under the Locus of Diversion. Like this situation: MK1 under the locus in btb with KoS MK2 is not under the Locus in btb with some chariot. It was our charge phase so we pick MK2 to fight first with chariot, chariot is killed and Smashing and Bashing is on. Can i chose to fight with MK1 that is under the locus?
  5. Did it ones. killed a Bloodthirster with it and lost it later through a overloaded warpstone reactors explosion.
  6. It's not going to break the meta by any means, I don't think, but it's hardly impossible to get off - just need to cast a 5+ spell, roll average ish for the damage (which is likely for that spell considering the amount of dice that will be rolled), and then use the rod. Tbh, I think the biggest issue will be going second, which is why I think you should try turtle Sylle'Esske behind some LoS blocking terrain. Please say how it goes
  7. Yeah I think I'll do that. Give that to one AW and the other can have the VI.
  8. I'm building a Gloomspite army, built around the Night Goblin type stuff, and am having great fun painting angry little goblins! My question is: do the spore fanatics hide in regular Shooter or Stabba units, like the regular fanatics do? It seems like they should, since they are a variant of the same thing, but unless I'm missing something I couldn't see that bit of the rules on their warscroll?
  9. That's assuming you get first turn, which is rather hard with 7 drops, and that spells actually go off, which is also not guaranteed. Not to mention you may end up killing something unintentionally or not generating enough depravity for that to matter. If the stars don't align perfectly you'll end up with a bunch of wounded weak heroes. I'll try it out today.
  10. I am right now facing a very difficult situation: I will play a small 2k tournament with friends and will field the Great Necromancer and his minions (Big N, 2x Necro, 40x Skellis, 5x Wolves, 2x Harbingers, 6x Spirit Hosts, Spellportal, Quicksilver Swords), which comes straight to 2k points. Now the Question arises: Do I need additional CP? I could - for example - drop one Necromancer for an Executioner + 1CP, but is this worth it?
  11. Not really. You just have to roll lots of different dice, mix them up frequently and hope that it all averages out. So long as you don't curate your dice to identify the best and worst rolling ones it tends to all work out reasonably well.
  12. I would say you roll for each unit individualy, since the last part of the rule talks about "that" unit. I am not a native english speaker, but I think this word refers to a singular thing, does it not?
  13. Good for ogre players, it'll keep the cost down on ebay. I'm actually seeing a fair bit of buzz elsewhere online about the ogres, especially BCR. Partially it seems to be existing players but they always have that inbuilt attaction of being the lowest model count force, which is pretty attractive to a lot of new players.
  14. Are any cheap commercially available dice?
  15. "[...] and the target unit must be visible to the model with the weapon (if unsure, stoop down and look from behind the shooting model to see if a model from the target unit is visible)" (https://ageofsigmar.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/12/2018/06/AoS_Rules-ENG.pdf, page 6) I think this section is vague enough to justify your first suggestion. But I guess in the end this is a matter you should discuss and hopefully agree upon with your opponents/gaming group.
  16. I don't think they'll phase out zombies etc. If they'd do Death would kinda lack the mindless horde aspect as neither FEC nor Nighthaunt nor Bonereapers would fill that role. Vampires and Skeletons I could see since Bonereapers do have some of the "individual and autonomous" aspect of Vampires and are also bone-boys, but only if we ignore that Vampires are still regularly featured in novels. So really only Skeletons maybe as they kinda overlap with what zombies would be (cheap horde-ish infantry you can keep resurrecting easily) and with Bonereapers for obvious reasons.
  17. Thanks both of you for the clarification! Makes much more sense this way.
  18. Listen up Gitz! Da bad moon calls you, there are lands to be claimed in his favour! Have a look at the following thread: https://www.tga.community/forums/topic/24068-open-map-campaign-join/
  19. Hello guys, if you feel like it's the right time to plunder, murder and be bestial all day long in the name of the Dark Gods then have a look at this thread:
  20. If you all are itching to conquer lands in the name of Nagash (or any Grand Alliance really), then have a look at the following link:
  21. That's because re-rolls happen before modifier. Before modifier you technically passed your 4+ save so the re-roll doesn't apply. After modifier you failed your save but you are past the point where you could have re-rolled it.
  22. Today
  23. To be fair, the new mawtribe dice look super usable.
  24. I want nothing more then a raging gordrakk to mash through the gates of Azyr to cause some havoc.
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