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  2. So i went to a 2 day, 5 round event this past weekend....and it was DOMINATED by Slaanesh. Had to play the buggers twice myself. Ended up 4/1 and playing on table 1 round 5...but just couldn't get over on the Invaders list at the top table. My list was as follows: Reapers of Vengence / Ulgu Gore Pilgrims / Charnel Host BT of UF: Mage Eater, Crimson Crown Blood secrator: Skullshard Mantle 2x Slaughter priest Blood Master Deamon Prince: sword of judgement 2x (10) bloodletters (20) bloodletters (5) blood warriors (10) blood reavers karanak 3 x Judgments The list hinged on the 6" pile in and the fight twice from reapers...and did rather well. there ended up a 4 way tie for 2nd and the killpoints were the tiebreaker. I already have some adjustments to the list to make...but it was dishearting when Slaanesh took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Do we have a answer for the net variety list that they can bring? They seem to outclass us in almost every aspect. (one game i managed 3130 kill points because of all his summoning). Have others had similar exp in this new meta? am i crazy and thier is a silver bullet against Slaanesh?
  3. Even the Enchanted Bows of Sister of the Watch don't have Rend. They only hit and wound on 3+.
  4. I disagree. I think people should manage their expectations if they don't want to end up disappointed. You don't ever hear a company saying something along like "this is intended for fast games, narrative and campaign players need not apply". They want to be as inclusive in their marketing as possible. Also, I have followed Warcry pretty extensively and I never heard GW saying it will be like Mordheim. In fact, they were pretty vague about how it looks up until now. But I've seen some people from the community hyping up the game in that manner, so there's a bit of that broken telephone effect where the actual message gets all muddled. Then the result will be disappointment because the game wasn't "what GW promised".
  5. Hi everyone, Simple question. I have a Fungoid-Cave Shaman and want to create a Grand Alliance Destruction army. Can my wizard use Gloomspite Gitz endless spells if he is not part of a Gloomspite Gitz army? The scroll for Mork's Mighty Mushroom says: Does this mean the wizard has to be part of the Gloomspite Gitz army with Gloomspite Allegiance? Or does it mean that every wizard with the keywords "Gloomspite Gitz" and "wizard" can cast this spell? The latter is how I would interpret it. In my opinion this means that I can include a Gloomspite Gitz wizard in a GA: Destruction army and he can cast Mork's Mighty Mushroom as an endless spell. But only wizards with the Gloomspite Gitz keywords can cast this spell. Is this correct?
  6. Historically, like, in fantasy in general, Elven bows were always superior to other races and for large parts of Warhammer history they tended to have hitting power comparable to crossbows and black powder weapons. ; ) No need to worry. But to make it more fitting I'm considering modifying mine with Sisters of the Watch bows to make it more obvious that those things are not your regular 4+ no rend things.
  7. Haha, yes probably this. Boy is my face red. 😳
  8. So what's missing so far (battletomes for existing factions/very likely factions in the future) Order Seraphon 2.0 KO (maybe included in cities of sigmar) Chaos Chaos undiv. Tzeentch & Nurgle 2.0 (unlikely) Death I don't think Soulblight gonna be a thing although it would be cool to get a completly vampire themed army with vamp infantrie (imagine deathguard from TW:WH as your heavy armoured battleline ), bloodknights 2.0 etc. Destruction Here too, I don't know if they include BCR in the ogre battletome, if they do so, destrucion is finished as death is. So if I'm not missing anything, there is not much work left to do for GW. So if they keep up pumping out battletomes till next spring, they can bring up all existing AoS armies to 2.0 level. From that time on, they can release as many new factions as the want. Light aelves for example I would be good with that strategy, as long, as GW avoids to release AoS 3.0 in winter 2020 or so.
  9. As others have said, I’m pretty sure that art is from Underworlds series 3. It matches previous art style for Underworlds and fits the bestial/wild theme.
  10. I hope they change the whole aesthetic with the announcement of Season 3 being in Ghur. Two seasons in Shadespire was nice and all, but "Beastgrave" really should not be in blue/purple/teal undead/glass tombs. Overgrown temples, dried needle woods, boneyards, heavy brown/orange/olive colourpalette would be awesome!
  11. The speaker in the video's the great and terrible force, awakened at the end of Forbidden Power, who's stated to be and old ally/servant of Nagash's from the Age of Myth, and is heavily implied, if not outright stated to be from the old setting. If that's an ogre face then the picture on the far left is of a High Elf. 😜
  12. They’re just sepulchral guard in more standard poses. The Sepulchral Guard aren’t any less ‘generic skeletons’ than the skeleton kit.
  13. It would at least make sence, because there was basicly no reason to take a Duardin Axe instead of a Double Handed Duardin Axe. After there was no real restriction what weapon could be combined with a shield.
  14. I don't see anything ogoresque on his face. The face is to thin to be an Ogor face. However this would be a cool aesthetic for Ogors. But I don't think it looks like an Ogor in any way.
  15. Yeah it seems like shooting is just attacks with longer ranges. It seems like everything's kept pretty short, though - Boltstorm pistols seem to have an 8 inch range, for example. Ranged attacks seem to always be weaker than the mini's melee attack, too (so e.g. a Stormcast's axe is better than their pistol). Definitely a melee-focused game through and through.
  16. He looks like the Warqueen to me. Maybe Feast of Bones is Ogor VS boned Darkoath.
  17. I say it represents the mawtribes, what with the bones and the ogoresque face. Plus the tithe video made it clear that it was a character for death, seeing as how there was no mention of the world that was.
  18. What else do people have to go on? This scenario seems to come up constantly in online Warhammer communities: GW: We're releasing a new thing which is like X! People: Wow can't wait! *thing comes out* People: Oh no, it's more like Y. Smug people: What, you expected X? You fools, it was clearly Y all along. I get it, people's hype often leads to them trying to fit a square peg into a round hole (see all the posters declaring the return of Tomb Kings at the drop of a hat) but people are allowed to have expectations, and if they end up not matching reality it's not invalid for them to feel disappointed.
  19. Hmm, I might have to try and find which warscroll he was referring to, now. 😂 Good to hear they're bringing us up to scratch with the rest of AoS!
  20. Just imagine if GW's been strongly teasing an old WFB character's return, with everybody getting hyped for fan favourites and it turns out to be Dieter freaking Helsnicht, literally a generic necromancer model riding a manticore, who got given a name because everyone got one back then, and the blandest backstory ever, before being forgotten about for 25 years. Masterful ruse if so 🤭
  21. That will depend of your comunity really. I use repeater crossbows as Celestar Ballistas. Even on tournaments guys over here are very forgiving
  22. Does anyone have any first hand experience with recent lists that exclude Judgments, and lists that include them? How close to an auto include are they in your lists? Trying to figure out how many points to set aside for them, or just hit 2k with units alone. Edit: If you were building a 'take all comers' tournament list, how would you rank the 3 judgments?
  23. Crossposting from the rumour thread! Whoa ok, this image from the community site is new. New bad guy: definitely has a nose. And a lot of mouths if you want to interpret it that way. Deither Helsnicht had a lot of mouths when we last saw him in the End Times so my money's still on him.
  24. Whoa ok, this image from the community site is new. New bad guy: definitely has a nose. And a lot of mouths if you want to interpret it that way. Deither Helsnicht had a lot of mouths when we last saw him in the End Times so my money's still on him. Edit: whoops @JackStreicher I didn't see your post there! Sorry
  25. Actually, Outriders would be closer because pistols do have way to short range (thats the range of a Javelin, not a bow). The biggest problem with using Outriders as Proxis is, that -1 Rend is part of black powder Weapons or the Bows of Stormcast Eternals. Which means -1 Rend is way too strong for a regular Bow unit.
  26. Is shooting actually a thing in this game? Obviously there's no dedicated shooting phase but will the missile-armed Stormcast and Idoneth models just have weapon options with higher range that they use in the combat phase? I wonder how effectively it will fit in if so, obviously it's a melee combat focused game but I'd like there to be a role for sneaky snipers given all the cool terrain options available I also kind of want to explore a proxied Deepkin warband using Wildwood Rangers, Glade Guard and hawk riders (if I can find any) instead of Namarti and eels. Have em be really grizzled, battle-scarred elf guerillas like the Scoia'tel in the Witcher
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