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  2. +++ MOD HAT +++ @ElectricPaladin & @Sleboda Can we keep politics out of the forum please 🙂
  3. Seems like a nightmare (pun) to move that many models
  4. I saw some kitbashs online I'll try to find them again. There is a cool alternative model I might get, even though I got the original for cheap. https://hexy.store/monsters/1304-ork-demigod-ahle-ghruda.html?search_query=Ork&results=16 For me it fits the savage orruk look alot better than the original. I also saw a papo orc conversion for a gargant which I will do eventually as it looks far better than the GW model especially for orruks. https://woffboot.blogspot.com/2013/04/also-advertises-corn-niblets.html?m=1 The person did a really good job.
  5. You can also build 10 hoppers with just the lightest of super glue instead of plastic glue. plastic glue is amazing on these modern kits but if you just use a dot if super glue you can rip them up and build bounderz if you change your mind (or magnetize)
  6. Just yesterday I was discussing with a fellow players, wich mortal heroes he & I consider to be the best and maybe most valuable. The conclusion was pretty easy: Valkya Skullgrinder Exalted DB Slaughterpriest Bloodstoker Bloodsecrator We came to that conclusion, because their output is mostly reliable and they are pretty versatile, when it comes to list building. So we would have a fairly good amount of usable heroes / leaders to some degree. The thing is, we can only have 6 of them in a list. The most valuable units are absolutely: Skullreapers Blood Warriors, but really just because of their chaffing potential Flesh Hounds, maybe the best Battleline we got atm Wrathmongers to a certain degree, but really more as support, they're not really main fighters anymore imo Skullcrushers Considering the judgements, the Axe itself seems to be the real only dealbringer. Therefore the Altar is an auto include, of course. In generell it seems, as we concider the choices of heroes and units, that would be benefitial imo, we got to build focused armies again. So we can not be that versatile like SCE, or other armies. The lists are 100% gonna be "one hit wonders" again. If the enemy knows, what's gonna happen, that's it. At the moment I am trying to build a list around those heroes. Gonna post it as soon, as I have an idea
  7. Thats why the rest of my list will be 15 hoppers, 10 squigs, and a fungoid shaman. I figured a durable shaman with command point potential would be good, and the hoppers could grab objectives/support the mangler. The squigs were mainly to hold on objective, but Im not sure if I need more than ten of them for them to last.
  8. Sadly the best use of the Gobbapalooza is probably proxies for 5 cave shams. I hope the GH or an FAQ gives those guys a bit of a boost. They are great models
  9. I wouldn't bet on the GHB19, SCE are still a great beginner army which do well-ish in the normal space of games. And I kinda think GW wants them to be there. But we will see 😆 Good thing - at least for me - I stopped caring about tournament viability , as we have no AOS tourneys here in vienna But fun fact, the guy how defended his bobo title switched to DOK list, and I remember the outcry last year where everyone was raging about OP Gav Bomb... Kinda says everything
  10. At 1k if you have a Loonboss on mangler and 10 bounderz I think you’ll be very happy with the core of your list and be able to punch through most things. Fill out the other 500 points how you see fit. Remember AOS is an objective based game. You can have the best list possible and kill everything but still lose if you forget the goals of each battleplan.
  11. The casting may not stack, but the Mortal Wound bubble does; and even better, the Reliquary ability can heal other Mortis Engines and Heros, while also damaging the enemy. Properly set up, you can do a almost guranteed 8d3 MW, plus how ever many mortal wounds your Banshees do.
  12. Gobbapalooza was a massive miss for me with this book. It is a shame too because the models are amazing. It makes me very sad. But I have played this army for 25+ years now, so it is not like I am not used to waiting a bit for a unit to get better rules.
  13. Today
  14. Do the casting buff stack? Because with 4d3 mortal wounds and +4 to cast this is a scary castle.
  15. Good Points all around! Ill definitely be rethinking my list, thought my purchases will probably be the same. It just changes how many squig calvary units I build of each variety. For 1000 points, I'm guessing the mangler and bounderz will be more than enough damage to pound through lists like Stormcast or maggotkin? The only other thing I want to try is the gobbopalooza, but I've heard mixed things on that
  16. Sure, but then I think we're talking about fundamental flaws with the AoS system at least.
  17. Both Hoppers and Bounderz are trash! Take 180 grots till a repoint I kid I kid
  18. Sure. I think most of our disagreement was splitting hairs. But I did not mean all of that just in response to you and more as a general statement. I just feel that most discussions I see about Hoppers appear to be evaluating them as a front-line combat unit or as a “hammer” and they are something entirely different in my opinion. That said, I think they have a bit more use than just in the Squigalanche as you said in a subsequent post. They certainly do fit well into that battalion, but I think they have use outside of it. However, I do think they generally will want to be used in a Squig Rider Stampede - which I also feel is priced too high as a battalion and I really hope GW addresses that in the next GHB.
  19. Guys. Guys. Stay with me here. 4 Mortis Engines. Reiknors and Banshees in the middle, flanked by Morghasts, with a KoS/Dreadblade in the middle, bubble wrapped by Dire Wolves. Welcome to the Mortis Castle.
  20. @TinyDino Thanks a lot for these insights! As I have no experience with Dreadwood so far, I would like to ask you a couple of questions: - What would "go full on alpha" mean? - When you talk About "layers upon layers of defense" how do you accomplish that with only S-Revs as real "chaff"? Do you count on summoning a lot of extra Dryads? - In the description you wrote that Archie was not allowed. How would you change the list, if Archie would have been allowed to use? Thanks in Advance!
  21. Read the fanatics warscroll, know they can pop out of a pre-designated unit at the charge phase. That unit will do rng dmg from low-insane. So maybe hit a 60 blob with some chaff first before you throw a sole medusa on foot at it and then watch her die to the fanatics before she can do her shooting attack deep in there. If you kill a unit, on a 4+ they revive at the shrine with half dudes. Pretty crazy so make sure that the opponent isn't feeding you dudes just so he can take back his 'empty' home objective. Consider crippling the unit and not wiping it, like 30 grimghasts. Morathi at -1 to hit is pretty rough be careful when using monster form morathi vs a blob if your intention is to kill a lot of em. Netters(-1) are pretty strong. One of the rider units does d3 mortals on their charge. Make sure you chaff for it and then pile in after your chaff unit dies.
  22. Yep agreed with most of that @Skabnoze - I think we're agreeing on about 90% of this and disagreeing on maybe 10%, it's an interesting discussion but I'm happy to move on from it now if you are. Always interested to hear of any succesful or interesting ways that people have found to use units.
  23. As @Azamar says you are in the right. The rules are very specific in this regard. The lens only affects save rolls: But the hearthguard ability is never specified as a save (roll). Just like the deathless minions ability for example. Where ‘Save’ is in regard to abilities that affect the actual statistic on the warscroll and ‘save roll’ on modifiers that affect the dice roll itself. so it doesn’t affect anything not categorised as a save. I do agree it doesn’t help they have not category for all the not saves in the game. It would really make it easier if the categorised it as ward save or any other new fancy name.
  24. The problem is not that single powerful units would be unbeatable. They are just incredibly boring.
  25. If you can place the zombers, cart and an hero on a board edge, things will turn ugly for your opponent pretty fast 🥳👍 with the cogs extra fast. Dragonlord and throne also goes nicely together... keep us informed
  26. I heard from a good source that it’s more likely to be August for release. Hope it’s earlier though.
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