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  2. I was most excited for a "Troggoth king" mention. 🙂
  3. With EG's new warscroll, I would field them in units of 20. They tend to function better while immobile so you don't necessary want to over-invest in them since they will likely be camping near an objective. Behemoths and Warmachines with wounds greater than 8 can never get cover. Also I am pretty sure the Sisters spell can only target Wanderers. Yea Durthu needs the wyldwoods for +2 attacks. The ideal weapon is Ghyrstrike so he hits and wounds on 2+. But without the +2 attacks he just isn't worth his points, regardless of how much you buff him. I'm not a huge fan of Kurnoth Bow Hunters. They are awesome models but they just don't hold up to other cities units. Buff a unit of Sisters of the Watch or Irondrakes with a hurricanum and you get much more reliable results. If you need long range damage then take Celestar Ballistas or Rocket Batteries. The only other universal +1 to hit that I know if is the Lord Ordinator, which only affects warmachines. Though do note that there is a universal command ability that allows any unit to reroll 1s. So the Lord Azyros isn't as useful as he use to be. (though he is still solid)
  4. Both PG and EG have range 2 and 25mm bases which means they can attack from 3 rows. Both units are solid anvils, in order to fulfill their role they need to last long enough Both these points are maximised with unit of 30 - but i get the battleline issue. I think at least 20 would be reccomended. Alternatively theres A thing i want to try in my next game - having 2 units of 10 really close to each other. Since only one model from unit need to be "touching" base of enemy, rest of them can form third line as long as you keep koherency .This bring some issues like with charge rolls, but EG does not want to charge anyways.
  5. The latest Hammerhal Herald "ethically sourced and imported from Morthaven" Vampire Pirates? 😰. https://www.warhammer-community.com/hammerhal-herald/#hammerhal-1
  6. We've all heard the term "Modeling for Advantage" before when people talk about conversions, and yes, I'm sure there are some people who would actually do this. Is it really worth the trade off of the stigma this term can bring though? View the full article
  7. Added 2 more strappings on the back, added tabard to the rider, done some uograde on the helm and a Little test with The wings, they are not fixed:
  8. Yet again I'm reminded of the difference in costs based on location. I'm in Canada, and a start collecting box is around 50% more expensive than a brand new video game, and easily 2 times as expensive as a brand new video game when it's on sale. They're also 10-30% more expensive than a premium board game (ie. one chock full of miniatures and gaming boards like zombicide) or again 2-3 times as expensive as a normal board game without miniatures. I'd actually be really curious to see a comparison of the people that have real issues with the pricing increase and where they're from. Wouldn't be surprised at all if the majority of them are from outside of the UK.
  9. Today
  10. If you are aiming for narrative and having fun play as many battalions as you would like :). If you are looking for competitive or semi-competitive a single battalion at most is best. You can use iron sky to keep drops low if you have the reqd models but if not don't worry about drops. My main army is Deepkin and when I am making a competitive list or even sem-comp I am always high drop. Of course that is different for KO but all you have to do is checkout a bunch of Tournament Lists for example the last Cancon. Multiple battalions are just not efficient. Especially for an army like KO which normally lacks bodies on the board. The good thing is our battalions are not hot garbage like Deepkin even if they aren't amazing. I you aren't net listing and just looking for ideas and inspiration for list building it is often a good idea to look at others who have done well in tournaments. KO haven't had much play because of the recent Pandemic but there are still some tournament lists that have done fairly well. I would recommend checking out the Aethercast on youtube or going on the Kharadron Overlords facebook page as there is a pdf with a bunch of tournament lists from our recent battletome.
  11. Do you think EG need to also be 30-man units or 20 minimum? I only own 30 (2005 metal ones) and I'm waffling on 3 x10 or 30. The 3x10 mean I don't need a Nomad Prince (I really only own Wanderers). Oh man casting phoenix annointed. thanks kindly for that tip! Is the Witness to Destiny a save roll regarding the buff from Ironoak Artisan? Also if the Sisters of the Thorn cast their spell on the Phoenix does it count as being in cover and get the +1 to save (if it didn't charge)? I recall something about large models (could be 40k) not being in cover unless 50% is blocked by LoS. I think Durthu also needs a buff from the sylvaneth like um Harvestboon? Silent Sickle is it? or attack twice Winterleaf. Something i discovered was Bow Hunters in LC is probably a descent choice as they good choices to heal, and will benefit from the Hurricanum that people likely take. One last question, the Knight of Azyros grants rr 1s, Nomad Prince +1 to hit for Wanderers, Hurricanum +1 to hit. Is there anything else in Stormcast or LC allies that grant +1 to hit? I know it is rare in some cases.
  12. What is your take on Ungors across the 3 types? I have 40 spears, 40 Mauls 40 Raiders but I'm thinking about glueing bows and quivers if I have them on the Maul Ungors to dual-purpose them. pre-battletome there was a guy who used to run 90 Raiders. However mathing it out a bit I'm not sure that's a gunline worth taking. Joel McGrath on Bush Radio/Measured Radio has been a big fan of Raiders saying they hold an objective and also chip away with shooting. For those points I feel 40 Ungors , even Gavespawn Spear Ungors can be a threat with a couple rend debuffs over the raiders shooting. I feel you need to DS the Raiders in with Desolating to try to get the 6s but even then... shrugs. I guess Sisters of the Watch in my Living City ruined me haha. I've thought about 3 x 10 Mauls and 40 Spears and maybe a few 10-man Raiders for alpha strike denials which,.. honestly feels like their best trait, that pre game move. I guess it's a comment brought up a fair bit. I'm waffling back and forth. Only the Battalion.
  13. the army you like is going to come back into style
  14. Just some thoughts on the list. -I think Phoenix guard should be taken in larger units. Their strength lies in their durability and their ability to grind down scary units. Ten guys won't last long enough to do their job. I would recommend units of at least 20 but preferably 30. Use some of your remaining points to buy some cheap battleline units to fill their vacancies. -I don't think the second annointed is necessary. If you are worried that the Phoenix will be too far away to buff your Phoenix Guard then he doesn't really need to be mounted to begin with. Personally I would drop the guy on foot and just try to keep the mounted frosty nearby. Its also a great choice to for the Druid warlord trait since he then becomes a wizard and can buff his own save. -I think it was said before but Spirit of Durthu is not a warscroll that functions well outside of Sylvaneth armies. He needs multiple wyldwood forests and access to glades and specific Sylvaneth traits/items to be powerful. If you want a heavy Sylvaneth hitter that can move/shoot/move then I recommend Drycha or even just a vanilla Treelord. The vanilla Treelord is only 180pts now and is a decent value. -I would actually prefer a Sorceress over a Battlemage in this list. Word of Pain + Ironoak Skin + Frost Phoenix is insanely powerful. Especially on Phoenix Guard and Kurnoth Hunters.
  15. I did wonder this as I'd not spotted anything new from him for a while for any of the GW backgrounds. Hope that his future ventures continue to be fruitful and thanks for all the hard work he put into the Mortal Realms, without this AoS genuinely wouldn't be the place it is today.
  16. Well done! Looking good. How are the demigryphs to paint?
  17. I think it may have come a before the weekly White Dwarf (could be wrong though). If memory serves they moved from a single monthly reveal & release over to a monthly reveal but released weekly/fortnightly if that makes sense. Would agree that I've quite liked the slow down on releases, has really allowed me to think about the models I've got in cupboards, the amount of time I have available to hobby and what projects I want to do when. One thing that has been interesting is that it's been fairly common for people to lose a bit of mojo in hobbying. I think the lockdown has meant that for some people, the urgency and drive hasn't been there after all there's always tomorrow or the event you were working towards has been cancelled for a year. For me it's actually been the opposite way round, it's been manic at work, so I've been really looking forward to getting home to do some hobby - that said I don't have any children, I'm sure my priorities would be different if I did â˜ș
  18. I can't believe they just show us the new Gargant's mounts
  19. I was thinking about this the other day, when exactly did GW move to weekly releases? I really can't remember. Was it around the time of White Dwarf Weekly or much before then? Anyway, I have also noticed I haven't missed weekly releases since they have stopped. If anything it has been nice to have a break from them, and it's not just the pulling power of a shiny new product, it's also all the articles on the community site, like the fluff, rules etc. And since just stepping back for a little bit I can clearly see what they are, marketing. I do like them and prefer they were there than not, but how fast they come out then are discarded as soon as the next one comes along is just a bit much. Another thing I had been thinking was about the Start Collecting. When they came out they were supposed to replace the old battalion army boxes, the battalions had more models and cost a lot more. The start collecting were refreshing, 40 pounds seemed reasonable, it was great entry point to start with or get a new army. You got a nice manageable amount of models of different unit types, but now some of them coming out are up to the battalion price, and with a lot less in them. I agree about the family time. I've had the least amount of time I've had for wargaming since Corona. I live in South Korea and due to the schools closing meant I didn't work for over 1 month, you'd think not having any work would have given me a lot of time, but it also meant my daughter was home all day too, and spending time with her has kept me busier than ever. I've much prefered spending time with my daughter than painting any models.
  20. I agree, more often it’s personal life that gets in the way. I was almost done with my 1500 points of Ogors (which were actually quite cheap) and was already looking for shops/hobbying groups to get them on the table (and to motivate me for the last finishing touches) when I got married. Then Corona struck. Since then, I hardly touched a brush. And while I had time to think I began to figure that I wouldn’t have the time to play regularly anyway (or, rather, prefer to spend my free hours/days with wife and daughter). Prices won’t change that. I will paint another miniature every now and then, I think. But if you’re not planning to build a whole army, prices also don’t matter all that much.
  21. I don't want it to go away at all, but I really want order to be split up, DoK, Malerion & maybe Idoneth should be their own thing, with maybe some other new shadowy stuff the flesh it out
  22. Make the weapons the same color? The bloodletters’ swords, Daemonettes’ claws, horrors’ flames and plaguebearers’ swords all one matching color?
  23. To have a demon army that looks at least a little bit like a combined force. I get it, that the several demon factions each have their distinct colour scheme (Khorne red, etc.), however I think it woul look nice, if theer was a shared element in them all. What I have in mind is something like a combined demon force where every mini has an orange colour feature on it, no matter if it's a Nurgle Daemon, Slaanesh, etc.
  24. This is pretty much how I feel too. Obviously other people will approach the hobby differently - be more focused on gaming, especially if doing competitions. But I am a fairly slow painter, partly through not being able to do it as much as I'd like (present circumstances excepted) - I aim to get in 30 mins each day. Basically this means that if I buy a box of models then it will take me several weeks, often months, to get them built and painted. If I could afford to buy a whole 2000 point army at once then the vast majority of it would sit around unbuilt and unpainted for possibly years. A box of models - or a large centre piece character - will cost a lot of money but I will get a lot of hobby time/enjoyment out of building, painting and then playing with them. This does mean that I have to make choices over whether to do things like go to the cinema, go out for a meal and some drinks or buy some AoS models. I, therefore, make value judgements on what I want to do more. My lifestyle now, as opposed to a few years ago, means I'm not able to go out as much (we have 2 dogs and my partner works nights so I have to be at home for them). It also means that I'm probably never going to buy any of the largest models such as Alarielle but then I probably never was anyway - if I did it would be my only hobby project for a year or so.
  25. All my bases match does that count? If you are.doing it for hobby reasons why do you want it to match?
  26. Oh it's the Anniversary as well? That's just made me more excited!! After the Gargants I'm hoping itll be a new Campaign book.
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