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  2. ‘it is worth saying now, development is far from a short process, so don’t expect the Inquisition on your TV for a few years just yet’ https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/07/17/heretic-traitor-rogue-inquisitor-tv-stargw-homepage-post-2/
  3. Haven't had too much time to play using the new rules yet, but I find myself using most of my command points for inspiring presence since typically I lose at least 3~4 eels in a turn and try to avoid losing more. I have considered splitting eels into 1x12 and 1x6 for more staying power with a larger group, but I tend to find even a group of 12 eels don't have enough staying/killing power to deal with a large /elite horde or horde + support hero without charging, retreating, then charging again over 3 turns.
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  5. have you ever used the new re-rolling save roles of one command trait? it's not a lot but it could be helpful?
  6. Good article @WathLab! Can I ask you what is your preferred loadout and use of Mad Maegrim?
  7. Curious how people are faring against newer battletomes (meta lists) nowadays. My last couple games with Deepkin have been a struggle (still come out with a win, but extremely close games). (Pre- GHB 2019), I was running a 2k list with: Volturnos (General) Soulrenderer Tidecaster 2 x 9 morsarr eels 2 x 10 namarti 2x3 ishlaenn eels Game 1 was against Fyreslayers, which included 1 magmadroth, one runefather, and 3 other support heroes 2x10 vulkite berzerkers 1x30 hearthguard berzerkers 1x5 auric hearthguard Mission was starfall. Turn 1 was mostly just movement, with me taking turn 2 and charging into his magmadroth and runefather (he positioned poorly behind the hearthguard blob). Even though I killed both, there was still a runesmiter or battlesmith nearby, so the hearthguard pretty much decimated the 9 eels in one turn (rr hits into MW is disgusting, especially with 2x melee and 2" reach). Along the outer edges of the battle, my namarti killed 2 vulkites while the vulkites killed all the thralls in one turn, while my second group of eels killed off 10 vulkites (not before losing 3 from the death/counterattack + regular attacks beforehand). I ended up winning mostly with the ishlaenn and remaining thralls holding objectives which landed far from the hearthguard blob. In the end, my 2nd group of morsarr only killed off 4~5 hearthguards on the charge before perishing (Even having only one hero remaining makes the hearthguards impossible to deal with). I think that was one of the more frustrating matches I've faced so far due to the strength of the hearthguards. The support heroes weren't all that easy to kill off either by being near an auric hearthguard unit, and I had to use up most of my alpha charge to barely kill them off. Other match was against a typical DOK lineup. My eels were able to charge into morathi, hag queen, and witch aelves turn 1 (poor positioning on his part, and luckily his prayers all failed), and killed off the hag queen, dealt 3 dmg to morathi, and killed off quite a few witch aelves. Turn 2 my other 9 eels killed off a second hag queen, and started to slog against witch aelves. I was able to kill off a good portion of his army, Despite getting an early advantage, witch aelves were still more point efficient, and I ended up losing more units than DOK did on Turn 2. By Turn 3, my volturnos didn't really have any good targets to buff (besides himself). Running a Volturnos as general list seemed to perform decently, but despite early advantages from pulling off great alphas (at least I thought so), it still feels like an uphill battle. My unit of 9 eels were able to take out key enemy support heroes as well as do decent damage to troops on the charge, but were rarely able to survive 2 rounds of combat for me to retreat them. I've found most of my fights to be over by turn 3 partly because of this, so didn't really have enough surviving units to make too much use of High tide. I'm sure I could have played better strategically and would have probably fared better using tidecaster as general, but overall IDK felt like they didn't pack too great of a punch. (I'm mostly comparing their output to enlightened on discs and evocators, who felt like they had better point efficiency) Thoughts?
  8. Been gravitating more and more to the Cypher Lords, too. At first I just thought it was neat that we were getting some more overtly eastern influenced models in the setting. Then I had a think about how good all the cloth on the models would be for painting fancy patterns. Now the summary of their playstyle has me pretty sold, and I'm likely gonna get them once I end up getting tired of playing my grots in everything I can shove them into.
  9. While the new video on Warhammer Community didn't give too much away on the warbands, does anyone have one they're more or less eager to play hearing what they do now? I was fairly surprised that only the Iron Golems seem to have toughness as a thing and the other five warbands sound quite fragile, though each bringing in something with it, Beasts seem to have a more vanilla lots of attacks and buffs, Corvus can leap and get across terrain easier with perhaps some sneak attack abilities, Splintered Fangs have poison (usually that's an always wound on an X roll in Necromunda or 40k, I'd like to see slow draining of HP on an ability or something that feels more like poison), Unmade seem to have the classic fear abilities to stun/break the enemy and Cypher Lords seem able to teleport, heroic intervention and look out sir. Honestly in my opinion they made the Cypher Lords seem really fun, my opinion has gone up with them. Unmade are also up there for me. Corvus less so now, their stuff makes perfect sense, though I've never really been a player that works terrain past cover as I get my models to move to charging range (I have the tactical bluntness of Khorne, so of course I play Pestilens and swarm the enemy with glass-cannon ratto monks, lol!), movement tactics go against my natural playstyle, though Iron Golems I think would feel too lumbering for me also. What's everyone else think and what kind of play are you going to go for?
  10. I have used the Slaughterbrute a few times. It looks scary and draws a lot of attention. I think I was disappointed in it but it was probably because based on looks I was expecting Bloodthirster results and didn’t get them. But you aren’t paying Bloodthirster prices. It isn’t bad but you have to manage your expectations.
  11. Hey all, taking my freshly re-based boyz out on a Meeting Engagement later today. SPEARHEAD: Wurrgog, Boarboyz, Big Stabbas Main Body: Morboyz x2, Aleguzzler Gargant, Big Boss Rearguard: Boarboy Maniaks Super gimmicky but I bought this gargant and gosh darnit I'm gonna squeeze some use out of him if it kills me.
  12. Battalions dont change your army, just gives you that key word. Some do play it.
  13. Thanks a lot. 😊 The DP is a bit on the back burner at the moment - I’m in the proces of building some new and improved Plague Drones and getting the Glottkin amd Harbinger done... Oh, and I just clicked “buy” this efternoon on a Sylvaneth Treelord, that’ll be converted into “The Black Oak”, a corrupted treelord, inspired by the story on The Community page. While by no means an original idea, I hope that I can make something cool. 😊
  14. Just to make sure, I can take a Herd allegiance AND the Khorne Battalion, right? Do people like the Khorne battalion?
  15. Nah skip the battalion. And bring a maw krusha and pigs and a few ardboys for objectives.
  16. One of the new ones I'm not keen on is Battle for the Pass - the diagonal deployment zones are annoying to work with. I prefer either of the older versions (long or wide) because they're very similar but more streamlined to set up. That one feels like change for its own sake rather than an improvement to me personally.
  17. Here's another question I have also. I look up some 1000 pts lists around the internet and all I see are lists that take the Ironfist battalion. I kinda feel like at 1000 points, that's a lot of points and this is often a game of having a lot of wounds on the field. Am I wrong in thinking that? I would rather have another unit than a battalion at such low point count.
  18. @Lethargicadversary I would take the Gutgouger instead of the clubs. Also, not sure about the Rockguts and the Leadbelchers. Otherwise, solid list.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Sure! Also, what @Donal did was amazing. Very viable.
  21. Grimsghasts are still better than Grave Guard even with the new points on both units.
  22. I've never played a nurgle mirror match but it sounds thoroughly exhausting.
  23. All the way at the back. It's a photo of the cards along with the Iron Golems.
  24. Ive wondered about this for sometime. I’ve just finished batch painting 60 bloodletters but don’t have a BoUF yet so I haven’t been able to test this at all. I’ll be very interested for any further updates 👌
  25. I'll tell you what other matchup gives lots of -1 to hit: Nurgle! You have Cloud of Flies, Favoured Poxes, Gift of Contagion... 🙃
  26. I've seen too many gamer-centric "there's gonna be a movie/tv show" things come and go throughout the years, only to never see the light of day. I remember about five years ago there was going to be a Monsterpocalypse (Privateer Press' kaiju game) movie. Even had Tim Burton attached to it. Never happened. I would wait a bit before getting hopes up
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