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Ursus Lancers (3)


Kislevite-style bear cavalry! Bodies from Warlord Games Polish Winged Hussars, mounts from Ogre Mournfang Cavalry. This is a unit I have always wanted to create, ever since that old White Dwarf Supplement featuring a Kislev army list! These are also the reason I wanted to make this Kislev-themed army.




© mcfishstick

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Photo Information

  • Taken with NIKON COOLPIX B700
  • Focal Length 4.3 mm
  • Exposure Time 10/500
  • f Aperture f/5.3
  • ISO Speed 100

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Did you highlight each fur strand individually?

I am painting Mournfang at the moment, and I'm not too happy with the result of drybrushing such coarse details.

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I don't have enough time to highlight each hair! Here's what i did. All paints are Vallejo.

White Undercoat

Ivory Basecoat x2 (My Ivory was very watery, not sure if it is meant to be like that)

Dark Prussian Blue + Heavy Violet mixed with Glaze Medium (Mix equal parts and wash the whole model to shade everything)

Dark Sand (Heavy Drybrush)

Wood Grain + Glaze Medium (tints previous colours brownish and blends the drybrush)

Dark Sand (Light drybrush multiple times with very little paint on brush until colour builds up)

Pale Sand (Same as previous stage but not as many stages so some areas remain darker)

Ivory (Same as previous two stages, but even less paint on brush)

That should reproduce the effect. Multiple light drybrushes of the same colour will blend better than a drybrush with a paint-heavy brush.  My light drybrushes would leave very little paint if brushed on a tissue. Hope this helps.


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Wow, your fur looks clean enough to have been highlighted individually. I know some very patient members on the BCR Facebook page have said they do that.

By the way, did those Winged Hussars have enough "man spread" to be mounted without any alterations to the saddle?

Ideally, I will use converted Horse Archers (they look more "Destruction-esque"), but have  those Warlord models in mind if eBay fails me. Regular GW Winged Lancers are hella-expensive though.

Maybe Boris as my Huskard, though.

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If I remember correctly the Hussars had enough 'man-spread' to slot on top of the saddles, but I did sculpt some leather/fur saddles to help them fit better aesthetically. I think the naked Ogre saddles seemed a bit bare in comparison to the Hussar bodies.

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