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Arks custom skirmish campaign.

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I plan on running a custom narrative campaign using the unofficial points provided 》 Here

With that I also wanted to run my own campaign scenarios,  so I needed to develop some, I've a few alpha ideas in my head and thought it might be nice to share with the community, also allowing others to throw their ideas around.

So, if people have their own ideas please post, it'll help me an others no doubt 


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I'm looking to run it like a D&D type thing, so smaller fights leading up to bigger battles.

Designed to make the players think and force them to bring the right units to the right , deaths are permanent for units, and only 2/3 respawns for heroes Then they die and loose everything,

There will be a pool of units they can use to replenish their warband,  but as units die, this depletes, if it's gone. Game over

Requiring victories to replenish this pool, only a set limit of points will be allowed to be taken per mission.

Names characters will be allowed on special missions only  for players.

Some battles will be designed to not be winnable, so objectives are crucial, ie, get the object and get out before reinforcements arrive.

What I'll do, is post ideas here, hopefully use feed back and improve them, then make another thread listing the finished or work in progress product.

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While not a scenario, one idea I am thinking of developing are random event locations. Each player gets a number of tokens they can place on the battleground. If a model of either side moves withing x inches then it is activated. The player who owns the model rolls a dice and there is table of outcomes some good and some bad eg

1 It's a trap! Model takes 1 wound

2 Guardians approach. Random mobs appear and attack either side 

3 magic item, new weapon that gives the model a buff for the battle

etc etc 

of course these need to places near objectives and key choke points to be effective 

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I am actually about 90% done writing a skirmish multiplayer campaign focused more on narrative than match play. Within a month I will have my group test it out but before I do or afterwards I will be happy to upload it if anyone should be interested? Maybe there are some ideas you can use or develop on.

Just keep in mind that english is my second language so I hope readers can understand my rules and ideas though misspellings should be expected.

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one i was thinking of was 

Slay the tyrant 

The overlord of the area has shown a weakness and let their guard down, now is the time to strike! slay the overlord before reinforcements overwhelm you!


The defender uses a hero monster and some models as their body guard. for points of the monster divide the model cost by 5. for instance, maggoth lord = 240 points. 240/5= 48 points. A lord of change  300/5=60 etc.

Warband size will depend on length into campaign, desired difficulty and size of games 

Slay the monster and retreat from the area, models can retreat in the movement phase if no enemy models are 9" or closer 

on turn 3 onwards reinforcement models will enter from the edges. this is their move and charges and attacks cannot be done.  roll a d3, to see which side they enter the fray from. 


Secondary objective - the tyrants horde.

The tyrant has brought along a item of great value. steal it and use its power for your own gain. 

A hero must pick up this item in your hero phase and retreat with it, you loose this item if your hero dies. 

you can fail the mission and still complete the secondary objective.


Victory conditions

  • Major Win: slay the tyrant and escape with their horde 10 renown, reinforcement renown increased by ( enter value )
  • Minor Win: slay the tyrant : 8 renown, reinforcement renown increased by ( enter value )
  • Draw: tyrant slain but warband wiped. : 6 renown reinforcement renown increased by ( enter value )
  • minor Loss: stole the tyrants horde and escaped : 5 renown
  • Major Loss: you died and the tyrant lived with his horde: 0 renown



Deploy 12"  from map edge. 

tyrant reinforcements arrive and are setup within 5" of the board edge.  in the tyrants deployment zone. 

the sides are arranged for the d3 with 1 being on the tyrants left,  2 being the closest edge to the tyrant and 3 being the right edge.


Special rules. 

no teleporting, you cannot pick up the tyrants horde when stealthed/hidden and are unable to hide once picked up. 

picking up the tyrants horde makes you a enemy to that army (referring to the changeling ) 

you cannot fly with the tyrants horde, ( you are not used to its weight and cannot fly properly ) you can still move the units move though. 




What do you think?


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