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AoS projects (Death army)


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with some friends we are starting a sort of Path to Glory for AoS but lighter with one Hero and two units.

We will make them elvolve during the game. 

I choose to play Death with only Nighthaunt minis for the moment because i wanted something fast to paint and i also like them a lot. 

My Hero Harry Spectter is a Necromancer. 





All the miniatures i have ever painted, but for the moment i will only play with two Spirit Hosts units and Harry. The Mournghul will come later because i know that he is strong. 


And because many people ask me each time here is a Step by Step for painting the ghost. 
The miniature was first basecoat with white spray.

Step 1 : I do two wash of Fluo Yellow on the miniature simply adding water. 

Step 2 : I do the same than step 1 with the Fluo Green. 

Step 3 : Then i put some Nihilakh Oxyde on the lower parts and the hair. 

Step 4 : Same than step 3 with Seraphim Sepia. 

Step 5 : Again same than step 4 and 3 with Agrax Earthshade.

Step 6 : With this step i use an airbrush to paint the white over the other colors. I mix White with Lahmian Medium and water and add very thin coat to put the highlight.

Step 7 : At the final step i used the previous colors to do some glaze and to erase the blury beurk effect you have with the airbrush because the less you see it the best it is. Finally i repaint with the white too on the highlight parts. 
              I also paint the base with brown and grey and add dry pigment on it and grass. I used a brown red on the base to react with the green of the miniature. 

Hope you enjoy it and that could help ! 

Sorry for the long post. 





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Hey! Seen your stuff over at ammobunker and absolutely love it (especially your brilliant Inq28!) 

Awesome ethereal colors on these and Harry is looking fabulous! :) I like the contrast between the greens and the browns. Well done!

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Thanks guys. So tonight we will have our first game with my group and i challenge myself to finish a new unit to summon because my poor Necromancer will have hard fight ^^. I made Dire Wolves using the Space Wolves minis because i didn't like the zombie one. Happy to finally finish them and i can't wait to play. 



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Hi there, long time not to post. The last addition of my army took me so much time to complete. 

So the Black Coach is done and i have 750pts ready to fight with my friends. We are six doing an army and trying to fight when we finish. 

You can have a look on the facebook page if you want :









Next will come Vampire because i'm a bit tired of ghost. 


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2 hours ago, Uveron said:

Looks ace! 

How was the conversion? I haven't seen a resin version of the coach (which I presumed you used as the metal one would be a pain to balance.

Scroll up - picture of a pre-paint metal coach! :D


This is a super awesome project, really loving it.  :x Perfect in every way, keep going if you can. 

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