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Newbie alert!


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Hi guys!

My name is Ben, I'm 29 years old from Oxfordshire in England. I'm also a full-time wheelchair user with a physical disability. I've very recently got into Warhammer (about 2 months ago!) after watching a few videos on YouTube and just having the urge to try it myself. Right now it's only AoS I'm really dabbling in but I will try 40K in time along with many other different games. Hobbit/LOTR is also something I'm interested in trying in the future, huge fanboy! I'm more into the fantasy genre than military but I still have a definite interest in trying 40K, but I'm far off from being able to say I know what I'm doing so 40K will take a backseat until I can confidently say I can play a game of AoS without assistance. Long way to go!

I still haven't played a game yet or have got an army painted yet but I'm working on it! Changing my mind daily as to what direction I want to go, so for the time being it'll be Stormcast as my "beginner" army. I also picked up an Ironjawz warband collection box at Warhammer Fest last weekend for any Skirmish battles going on. I think doing some Skirmish stuff could be a great place for me to start!

I'm a complete novice to wargaming in general but I'm willing to learn! Although you don't need my life story, I've also suffered and suffer with confidence issues, so my desire to try a completely new hobby also stemmed from trying to improve my confidence and meet more people as well as just keeping myself occupied.  I think the social aspect of a hobby like this is sometimes overlooked! I'm hoping to meet lots of awesome new people who can help me on this journey to being a not completely terrible Warhammer player! 

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