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Events USA: Doomsayer, An Age of Sigmar Escalation Tournament


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Event Title: Doomsayer, An Age of Sigmar Escalation Tournament
Event Author: NoobhammerN8
Calendar: Events USA
Event Date: 06/18/2016 12:00 AM

LWG is proud to present DOOMSAYER - An Age of Sigmar narrative driven Escalation Tournament!

You, the Hero, will take command of a small warband of loyal fighters and venture into a world of war and ruin. Throughout the 5 rounds of battle you will grow your warband, adding in more elite soldiers, monsters, and wizards of your choosing. You will earn loot that you can use to further upgrade your units and heroes. And you will forge a narrative as you embark on an adventure to bring an end to the powerful tyrant, the Doomsayer. Will you liberate the realm of life from his grasp? Or will you take his power for your own?

Doomsayer will be held on June 18th, 2016 - doors open at 8:00am - Dice will drop at 9:00am!

The cost of the event will be $30 per player. LWG club members price will be $25 per player.

Doomsayer, An Age of Sigmar Escalation Tournament

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