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SCE 1000 pts, new player


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New  player to SCE, basically planing a balanced force to play with to get used to the army.  Not sure if I really need the Prosecutors with celestial hammers or more Liberators for that 100 points.  


Any help or suggestions on any fixes would be appreciated :) 




Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals

Lord-Castellant (100)
- General
- Trait: Staunch Defender 
- Mystic Light: Lantern of the Tempest
Lord-Relictor (80)
- Prayer: Bless Weapons

5 x Liberators (100)
- Warhammers
5 x Judicators (160)
- Skybolt Bows
- Stormcast Eternals Battleline
5 x Judicators (160)
- Skybolt Bows
- Stormcast Eternals Battleline

5 x Paladin Retributors (220)
- 3x Starsoul Maces
3 x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins (80)
- 1x Stormsurge Tridents
3 x Prosecutors with Celestial Hammers (100)

Total: 1000

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