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Coalescence London at EXP Leisure

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@Drats and I are going to be running Coalescence on 10th June at: 

EXP (www.expleisure.com)

Swan Wharf

60 Dace Rd 


E3 3NQ

Tickets are £10 (with a soft drink) or £13 (with a can of beer) and can be paid for by paypal: adamcunis@gmail.com as friends and family. Please post here or note in payment what alliance you will be bringing.

Registration on the day is open from 9am and the awards/results should be done by 5.30

We would ask that you submit some back ground/ fluff for your general and army in advance, why are they specifically hunting for the shards? There will be bonuses for this submission and we expect all entrants to make an effort.

The results will be plugged into the global event on the day, so your efforts can affect a global outcome for your chosen alliance!

There will also be awards for various on the day things including best painted which I'll expand on soon.

We've got 8 sign ups already so do get in touch!

Player pack: 

We're going to have the three games at 1500, 1000, 1000 points (instead of 500 for game three, we want a bloody finale).

Regarding force organisation as this is a Narrative event we will NOT be enforcing the Matched play minimum battleline (although feel more than welcome to run with battleline units if that suits your general's fluff). We will, however, be using general's handbook points.

So please bring a 1500 point list with at least 1 HERO that could also be broken down to 1000 points.

Adam and Kieron

Entrants list:

1. Dave Busse- Chaos PAID

2.  Patrick Taylor - Skaven PAID

3.  Chris Nielsen - Disciples of Tzeentch

4.  Owyn Abram - Death PAID

5.  Matt Gherardi - Stormcast Eternals PAID

6.  Dan Barwick - tbc

7.  Lewis Swan - Bloodbound

8. Patrick O'Sulivan - Sylvaneth

9. Adam Cunis - Wanderers

10. Kieron Allender - Death

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