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Kurnoth the Hunter God


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My newest Warhammer monster build. Felt Orion/Kurnoth was being a bit left out from the Whole Age of Sigmar, so decided to model him with an Alarielle semblance, his legs will be part way avatar and part way treeman (waiting for Forgeworld to send me the right ones), undecided on cloak. Wolves (ahem) hounds are in the post, can't wait for them). I will be adding some aether wings as hunting hawks as an alternative to his bow, a few on his left arm should do as a missile weapon.

I've Had this conversion planned since Magnus came  out, but never went through because I thought him too big bulky. About a week back i decided on the Avatar, and did  a little mock up on pic collage (Photoshop is not within my MO). So far so good, will see how it pans out towards the end, the Horns have been the biggest challenge, as I've been scouring for suitable antlers, luckily a little kitbash did the trick.

Got a bit of a Sylvaneth bug atm, and even lovely Death Guard aren't shaking  it off, I'll see if the Steam on this train takes me all the way to buying some Hunters and maybe some wilder riders. 








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