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Greetings from the windy city!

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Hello! I've been hearing a lot about these forums on various podcasts (Heelanhammer, Garagehammer, etc.) so I thought I'd stop by.

I live in Chicago, and I'm slowly putting paint to a Slaanesh army I originally started for 40k. I put my Daemonettes and everything together before The End Times, thinking I'd never play Fantasy. Then AoS switched it over to round bases and that was all the excuse I needed to give Sigmar a try!

Seems awesome to be a part of a global discussion of Warhammer, so here we go!

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Heck yeah! I'd love to play some games.
Great to have some offers, I'll definitely hit you up when I've got a free weekend.

Definitely do! I just started a Space Marine army in prep for 8th edition, and I have Flesh-Eater Courts, High Elves, and Sylvaneth for Age of Sigmar.

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