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Wanted; High Aelf Anointed of Asuryan

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Morning boys and girls!

There must be some of you out there who have assembled Frostheart or Flamespyre Phoenixes without their Anointed riders.

I am looking to assemble a couple of the guys on foot if anyone has the components spare. I do have some sets of legs I believe, so even if you've just got the top half that may be of use.

Money waiting. Hit me up!


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On ‎31‎/‎05‎/‎2017 at 0:34 AM, maximum_pants said:

you don't even need a phoenix without a rider, the box gives enough bits for the one on foot as well as a rider. 

I've got a spare one, but I'm in the US, so by the time you pay postage it would cost the same as getting a finecast caradryan locally

Are there two different torsos/head/arms in the box? I thought it was just spare legs you got? Super helpful if not. I'll check the sprues tonight I guess. Cheers.

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2 hours ago, maximum_pants said:

depends how you build it, if you build the rider with the flowing cloak, you got a spare arms and torso.


but if you build the rider cloakless, the spare torso has the flowing cloak which would look stupid on foot without some conversion work.

Interesting. I'll have a look.

Thanks! Have your first like :D 

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