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Starting Death


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Hello mates!

first of all i want to apologize for my bad English.

well, i was thinking about start an Death Age of Sigmar Army, for that i probably choose the Skelleton Horde Start Collecting ( i really like the miniatures), but i wanted to get one more miniatures box ( apart from The stat collecting)


starting with the questions.

i really like vampire counts, so it's viable playing blood knights at low game points (1000 or less), and get them as a box with the start collecting? (my idea is to use an Elf Princes box and convert them into BK)

It is worth buying right now the 10 skellies box? or i should wait to the repackaging? i know they are necessary but i can wait to get them

would be nice getting as first box morghast?

i don't really like the ghouls so i'll go with the deathrattle and their variants

black knights or hexwraiths? . i really like the black knights models but i think hex are better in game

How about spirit host?

if i have more questions. i'll try to post it.


Thank you so much!


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Hey, cool to see your jumping into AoS Death. Some really cool options and models in the range.

For me, I would definitely be looking at a second box of skeletons, you will need this for your battleline at 1000 points anyway, but the models are so nice. Its worth just ordering the extra 10 bases to have them from the start.

Black knights look great and would be a nice choice with your skeletons, but i havnt used them to give tactical advice. i think if i was to use them i would in larger units.

Blood knights are fine at 1000 points yes. A unit of 5 is really good, and it a nice unit to have if your converting them as well. The High Elves Dragon Princes look great for them as well.

Spirit hosts are brilliant. I use them a lot in my tournament army. It would be a good thing to add, its a nice cheap box with some cool models as well, but i think the above options would be better choices first, the skeletons and Blood knights.

Hope that helps in some way

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Some advice i can give

- Spirit hosts work well, in both units of 3 and units of 6.

- skels just get repackaged on 25m so getting the box is fine as you can easily pick up batches of 25m bases online easily. These work best in large units with spears around 30-40. with swords being better for units between 10-20.

-Black knights are garbabe, hexwraiths are far superior. the knights do so little damage even on charge that they cannot do anything. a unit of 10 is a good stalling unit but the points could be better spent elsewhere.

-Skel horde box, it is best to magnitize the seat in a way that you can use all the hero's as they are all usable in some way.

- Morghasts both varients are decent, but i find that Archai are better due to the -2 rend.

- Blood knights are a decent unit at 1000pts and can kill most units on the charge.


If you are looking at death without ghouls, it is probably good to go for around 2 units of 30 or 40 skels backed by a wright king with banner. then maybe Mannfred and a couple of units of blood knights, with some archai for support. this is what i am currently playing and it works rather well.

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Agreed with the above, skellies in larger units are much better. but for starting out at 1000 points 2 units of 10 is fine and you can add later. but also, units of 10 in 2000 points isnt a bad thing if your looking for minimum core and more on the specialist units/heroes.

Great shout on magnetizing the Manfred kit. If you can have the option to swap the riders that is lots of scope for changing the list for variation.

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