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Headshot, Stormlance, Gaping Maw; Saves?




Can you roll saves against the mortal wounds these attacks can inflict on a roll of 6?


Drakesworn Templars Stormlance: "..and the attack inflicts D6 mortal wounds instead of its normal damage"

The tzangor skyfires have a similar mechanic but their warscroll says: "... the attack sequence ends and the target immediately suffers D3 mortal wounds"

Hope someone can help.

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If an ability enables the attack to cause mortal wounds on a hit roll or wound roll then you do not need to make any rolls after the mortal wound is triggered (unless specifically stated otherwise in the abilities rules).

from the 4-page rules under Mortal Wounds:

"Some attacks inflict mortal wounds. Do not make hit, wound or save rolls for a mortal wound – just allocate the wounds to models from the target unit..."

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