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Brotherhood of Great Bolts


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Hi everyone, 

This is my first post and still a new AOS player.

I've started playing with Stormcast Eternals and have come across this battalion warscoll :- Brotherhood of Great Bolts. 

My questions are:-

can this be used?

What's the points cost?

Because it's not in the new Stormcast eternals battletome or in the generals handbook.

Thanks in advance for any responses,


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OF COURSE this one have no point cost because it is the most broken thing in the game. It is like flippin' the table and throwing your models on the ground. 


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Hey Luke,

Depends really on the model you have. The Stormcast book has a couple of pretty good ones, I tend to use the Hammerstrike force and the Aetherstrike force.


Hammerstrike will hopefully drop some retributors on Kroaks face, and the Aetherstrike buffs shooting. 

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23 hours ago, Haywood592 said:

Thanks for the reply and for the information. 

My brother in law is keeps playing lord kroak on a balewind vortex against me,so just want to hurt him for once lol. 

Remember rule of one applies  to lord kroaks spell. Just in case you missed it. 

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