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Blades of Khorne Battalion: Council of Bood, viable? 2000 point BOK


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I've tried making a viable list for this battalion,  an army of Bloodthirsters would be a sight to behold!

Wrath Of Khorne Bloodthirster
- General
- Trait: Arch-slaughterer
- Artefact: Behemoth's Bane
Bloodthirster Of Insensate Rage
- Artefact: Harvester of Skulls
- Artefact: The Crimson Plate
- Blood Blessing: Bronzed Flesh
- Blood Blessing: Killing Frenzy

10 x Blood Warriors
- Goreaxes
- 1x Goreglaives
20 x Bloodreavers
- Reaver Blades
20 x Bloodreavers
- Meatripper Axes

Council of Blood
Gore Pilgrims

Total: 2000/2000


Is it a pipe dream, should I give in for a higher model count army?

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i've really tried the CoB and have found it lacking. It feels like a "win harder" battalion as in; it really shines where we already shine. It's good matchups are where we already do well (needing to kill big things or high value targets) and it still suffers where we normally do (gets shot to hell!) and because they're monsters they're not going to hold their value like a unit of troops!

I really love the Gore Pilgrims! I'd question why you'd hae 2 units of 20 letters? Any sane opponent is going to take a model off each and they're significantly less powerful!

Drop 5 Blood Warriors and maybe Skarbrand to an Unfettered Fury BT (since you dont benefit from any command ability from him) and up the Letters to 30 a piece?

Also...i found you only really gain benefit from CoB with the unfettered fury as you really want to be piling in 6" in your hero phase!

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