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Dracothian Guard- Magnetising Guide

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Hi everyone,

Having beavered away on this all day I though I'd share some pics of the magnetising of my Dracothian Guard- it came out quite well which was nice as this could be quite useful.

I used 2x1mm magnets bought from Element Games, a pin vice with a 2mm bit, superglue, and a scalpel to get these done.

Step 1: Assemble the arms as normal but do not glue them to the torso

Step 2: Drill a hole in both the torso and connecting surface of the arm- test the depth using the magnets to make sure they'll be as flush as possible once connected. The surface isn't entirely flat annoyingly but you can get a pretty snug fit. Drill slowly and try as get as close to the centre of both surfaces as possible.

Step 3: Spot of superglue on the torso hole and then stick the magnet in the hole using the flat of the scalpel. Use the blade to place it in the hole then just slide the blade away.

Step 4: CHECK THE POLARITY and repeat to stick the magnet to the arm so that it will adhere to the torso.

Step 5: Give it five minutes and you're done!

Make sure you put the magnets in with the same polarity for every model and you can then switch arms between any and all! The fit's not quite perfect but it's pretty good and won't even be noticeable once painted. Went for hammers, crossbows, and axes all from one box so it's definitely a good way to save cash. The magnets are tiny but easily strong enough to hold an arm steady.

Hopefully this is useful to someone out there! Also, sorry about the size of the photos but couldn't figure out how to shrink them having uploaded....





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