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On Friday we played Defend the Dias from the Quest for Ghal Maraz as a 2v2 using 50 pools of SCGT each.


Here's a picture of the armies on the table, the ambushers are on the far side, the invaders, the nearest. The armies from left to right, starting with death, in the top left, are 5 Hexwraiths, 2 Morghast Archai, a Mortis Engine, Arkhan The Black(part built), 3 Spirithost, 2x10 Skeleton Warrior and a Wight King. Arkhan was his general and the scenario's general, he also declared the formaiton from the start collecting Malignents box, Spirits of Felblood(which is currently uncosted on the SCGT so we let him have it for free, the skaven player was also using one but heavens can I remember the name of it.). Death seems quite fun to play with or against.

The second ambusher, the skaven player, didn't quite have all his models on the table yet, in the picture he's currently repairing his plague catapult he dropped. He brought 30 Clan Rats, a Packmaster, 2x20 Plague Monks, a Skaven Warlord, a Plague Furnace,a Plauge Catapult and 3 Ratling Guns. In the handful of games we've played so far the skaven have proven terrifying, getting into the plague monks to stop there charge seems really important but letting the rattling guns sit back and fire seems silly too. The Warlord was his general

The first Invaders, army in the bottom left, has a mix of Ironjaws and Fyreslayers, he had gotten the Ironjaws early in the week and was super excited to play them but couldn't make up 50 pools worth so they're with the slayers. He has 15 'Ard boyz, a Warchanter, a Weird Nob, a Megaboss, 5 Auric Hearthguard, a Battlesmith, a Grimwrath Bezerker and 5 Vulkite Berzerkers. In this game and the last we played the Fyreslayers have proven to be very tanky but quite poor on the damage per a turn. The Megaboss was his general and the Invaders' general, The Grimwrath was our secret unit with a 2+ save.

Finally, the second invader, my current army, Khorrne. I brought 3x10 Bloodreavers, a Bloodstoker, a Lord of Chaos(Khorne marked), a Slaughterpriest, 5 Bloodwarriors, a Bloodsecrator, a Mighty Lord of Khorne and 5 Chaos Knights(Khorne marked). The Mighty Lord was my general and i declared the Dark Feast battalion.


Moments into turn 1, after the ambushers have rolled for which units to deploy. The plaguecatapult began hurling death removing the weird nob in two attacks thanks to it's battalion and the ratling gun plinks of a few bloodreavers. In charging luckily for me the clanrats are the only unit to make the there charge, if the plaguemonks in the bottom left had gotten onto my secrater it would of gone alot worse for me. The clanrats attack left me with a unit of 2 bloodreavers and a unit of 1 but that's better than losing a different warscroll so i was happy.

In reply, during are turn, the 'Ard boys went into the skeletons, my blood warriors into the plaguemonks and my slaughterpirest, lord of chaos, 3rd pack of bloodreavers into the clanrats. Alot of dead or fleeing rats leaves us with this as the table coming into turn 2.20160513_163216.jpg

So if you're going to roll 6 6s out of 12 dice you should do it as a death player, the mortis engine ruined the Megaboss leaving him with 1 wound remaining. Also if you're going 2 6s out of 10 dice then 2 5s then 2 4s, then a 3, then a 2 you should do it as a death player, Arkan's cure of years, removed the 'Ard Boyz. Apart from a handful more dead skaven, that was it for turn 3.


Last picture. It was looking bleak with our general only on 1 wound but we won the turn which let the Khorne move over more,but my ally decide to charge the megaboss forward but when he failed his charge roll and we passed the turn, some 40 ratling gun attacks removed the last of his wounds for an ambusher victory.

All in all a good fight, the Ironjaws had a really poor showing but that might be because of the low numbers, not knowing there warscrolls well I coudln't be sure though. Death had an extremely good day with his rolls and Skaven proved as glass cannonish as always showing the best way to not get killed is to be the one killing.

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