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Nurgle Mortals help


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Hi guys,

I'm just in the process of starting a Nurgle mortals force just because I think the models are cool and would really appreciate any info you can give me, I currently own 15 Blight kings, 30 chaos warriors, Lord of plagues, Festus and a Rotbringer sorcerer.

So what would you add in and why, lets say 1500 points.

Cheers in advance


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With those models you are nearly set for the Blightguard formation, which works really well in smaller games, Festus is a bit meh in my opinion. Blightguard is a good start, or the plague touched warband (which fits your models above better), have a few games with both and see what suites your style best.

You need the Harbinger in those lists, the 5+ ignore save is a huge bonus to the nurgle mortal stuff and really makes the army a lot more tanky.


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