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Vangaurd Pallador Winds Question



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I do not have the official answer, but to me the answer would be no as it sates that..."In their movement phase, a unit of Van-Pal's can choose to Ride the Winds Aetheric instead of moving normally.  If the do so..."

A retreat move is not "moving normally" to my understanding which means they must use their move characteristic in order to retreat if they want out of combat.

If a retreat move is considered "moving normally" than I see no reason why they couldn't use their Ride The Winds to retreat.

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per the FAQ, page 3:

"Moves made in the movement phase are considered to be ‘normal’ moves, while moves made in the charge phase are charge moves, and those in the combat phase are pile-in moves. In addition, things that allow a unit to move ‘as if it were the movement phase’, allow a unit to make a normal move."

Furthermore the FAQ goes on to show a chart dictating what moves are classified as:

Type of Move = Normal, Move Distance = Move Characteristic, Restrictions = Cannot finish the move within 3" of an enemy model. Units can run or retreat when they make a normal move.

So we see that a normal move is classified by a set of restrictions, none of which exclude running.  In fact it states that running and/or retreating are indeed included as 'normal' moves.

So yes, you may use the ability to retreat from combat and it was count as a normal move which is a retreat.

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On 10/18/2019 at 5:10 PM, Buckwild said:

So when you ride the winds, do you have to move the full distance you roll? Or can you move how ever many inches up to the distance you rolled for?  

On 10/18/2019 at 5:23 PM, chord said:

It says up to in the description. 

The rule for "Ride the Winds Aetheric states that "this unit can move up to a number of inches equal to the result ..."

So the unit can move beween 0 inch and the result of the 6D6 role.

If the unit would have to move the full distance the unit has stated "the unit must move the number of inches"

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