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WTS: Chaos Dwarves US only


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Chaos dwarf army, mix of FW, GW, Mantic, other models 
3 characters (can be used for any of the chaos dwarf heroes casters or castellans 1 of them magnatized to attach to the Lahmassu)

Lahmassu (can be used as Lahmassu or bale/great taurus)

2 Kadai Destroyers (can be used as chaos siege Giants as well)

3 full commands (can be used to go in any of the chaos dwarf units to bulk out and/or give commands too)

20 infernal guard/warriors

16 fireglaives (1 is missing an arm bit, unless you look close, cant tell)

20 hobgoblin/goblin warriors sword/shield

20 hobgoblin/goblin warriors with bows

10 Bull centaurs

Warmachines (all have 3 crew on bases or attached to warmachines)

2 magma cannons (1 slight conversion)

1 converted hell cannon (can count as multiple CD choices)

1 Warmachine (can count as multiple CD choices)


I do have foam for everything, and I do have a tall army transport case that fits the whole army. It will be expensive to ship, but if you want the case as well add 40.00 and include additional shipping and I will toss it in.

Will entertain trades for fully painted armies for AOS or really nice 40k armies.17903607_10211445439804163_841747527077017903709_10211445440364177_597884663963217861999_10211445440764187_505202988112717884624_10211445441324201_205259679872617903653_10211445441884215_838194699090117884541_10211445442164222_175040562734317883946_10211445442444229_791875376314117884504_10211445442724236_1118134821726

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