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Long time 40k player and day 1 Age Of Sigmar convert finally ready to commit.

So I guess I should explain a bit better right? Okay well since picking up a Gorkamorka WD issue when about 8 years old ive been hooked with the Warhammer Lore both fantasy and 40k. Although a fan of the Lizardmen I admittedly never made the jump to collecting fantasy, as someone who forgets rules and is a causal player the rules always scared me off and I stuck to 40k like friends of mine.

Now as mentioned above im rubbish with rules and 40k was more of a build and paint project with me mainly fighting between Night Lords (I blame ADB for them winning most of the time) and Grey Knights between collecting at one point every force at least once. So of course the End Times happens and working for a 3rd party retailer I kept up with the plot and then it happened 4 page ruleset and free rules!

So I put together a Lizardman formation and forced a friend to fight me with some Orcs right off the bat, of course I loved it but he couldn't break his 40k roots. Some time went passed and we got new miniatures and lore and then a colleague/friend started up a monthly club and suggested AoS.

So I decided I wanted to grab the new poster boys and after looking at alternative paint schemes painted up a 50 wound Stormcast Eternal Hallowed Knights force. Now although fun, easy paint and a strong army they just didn't click with me so I recycled these to fund my next force. I planned this one a little more and while also still juggling 40k projects decided Flesh Eater Courts and enjoyed the new fluff and of course a Giant Undead bat, but these guys fell at the first hurdle building and painting them just wasn't something I enjoyed (each to their own). So once again recycled to fund further projects.

So some time passed and I decided Undead were fun and for a tag team tournament coming up I built up a GA:Death Necromancer led force with Skeletons and Spirits. Now they won it for our team and although fun to paint and play once again I just didn't feel a connection that I had with 40k armies before. So rather than sell these I put them aside so we had a spare 50 wound force incase anyone wanted to try a game and so I had them until I decided what to do next.

Well some time passed ive realised bar 1 Killteam game ive not played 40k since AoS came out so I decided to clear out my 40k bits (up to last week selling my Night Lords down to keeping a small SW:A Kill Team). That's when it happened I locked eyes with a leaked picture of the Kharadron Overlords and fell in love and I have to say now ive created a paint scheme (see Gyrocopter picture below taken before I finished but scheme is there) and just an hour ago glued together my Admiral im hooked and finally ready to jump on a forum and chat about the Mortal realms.

Hopefully ill be posting many pictures of my Tic-Tok Mercenary group of Kharadron Overlords but either way I look forward to posting here!

- Von Runestorm


Gyrocopter Tic Tok paintscheme.jpg

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