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Dreadstone blight fun


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I just played a fun game yesterday against a mixed Nurgle list.  I took a mixed IronJawz/Orruks destruction list which included a wierdfist and ended up with my wierdnob deployed within a Dreadstone Blight, surrounded by units from his formation.

I then checked the rules for the dreadstone, Damned, Arcane (just what any wierdnob needs for those foot of Gorks' and the following:

"If a wizard casts arcane bolt while within 3" of a Dreadstone Blight with a casting role of 7 or more, it causes D6 Mortal wounds instead of D3.  If cast with 9 or more it inflicts 6 wounds instead."

Now with the rules for the Weirdnob getting bonuses to cast from nearby Orruks and the Arcane keyword I was on +3 to cast turning him into a long range Thundertusk.  The extra range from the Wierdfist made him beastly, sitting pretty at the top of his tower blasting enemy characters into dust with his often 36" range 6 mortal wounds arcane bolt.  So good in fact I never got round to casting Foot of Gork.!

So in conclusion move over Balewind Vortex, there is a new terrain toy in town, it is just a shame you cant summon it.

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