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First battle with BoK book

Percy Verance

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Looking for some help on what's worked for you folks with regards to prayers, artifacts command traits etc from the new book.


I am playing on Sunday in a 3 way battle to the death. 2500 points 3 battleline ( one of the lads only has 3 atm)


My list

Bloodthirster Insensate rage (gen)


20 bloodletters

10 bloodletters

3 bloodcrushers

1 bloodmaster herald

1 skulltaker

1 skull cannon

Bloodhost of khorne battalion

1 bloodsecrator

2 slaughterpriest

5 wrathmongers

10 chaos warriors (khorne)

5 chaos knights (khorne)


Playing against stormcast eternals, his list is heavy with shooting and various dracoth units for combat.


Also playing against seraphon. Slann, engine of the gods, bastilladon and 6 kroxigor make up the bulk of his list



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if you can changue someting for 5-10 blood warriors and 10 blood reavers you can pick the gore pilgrim batallion, i recommend it to expand the range of your bloodsecrator (then you can hide it more easily) and the slaugterpirest can reroll if they fail his prayers. bcause the 1d6 mortal wounds prayers can help so much to take down his dracoths.

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