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Can 8 models beat 160? Chickenbits Gothcon story


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Var på Gothcon nu i helgen, och tänkte prova på att dokumentera lite vad som hände med lite halvdanna Battle reports. Jag skriver på engelska då jag förmodligen ska posta den på andra ställen med (är tanken iaf). Lite Narrativt for ****** and giggles, sen the meat of it.


I played My Beastclaw raiders at this weekends Gothcon 2000 pts tournament. 5 games over 2 days, was great fun! My list was:

Frostlord on Stonehorn 460

Battle brew, rampaging destroyet trait
Huskard on Stonehorn 380
Battle brew

2x Mournfang Pack 200
2x Mournfang Pack 200
Stonehorn Beastrider 360
Thundertusk Beastrider 320

Eurlbad 60


A list that leaves little to the imagination. Hit hard, hit fast. A short narrative intro to the battles, then we get to the actual report! Following the journey of my Frostlord, Jebdyah Forsun, and his right-hand man, the Huskard "Grandpa" Ogorson, as they treck the Orgun trail with their pack.


I woke up from the bite of a leapersnake, feelin' just a bit more groggy than after eatin' some of aunt Robortas Piggur-stew. We'd been travelling for a load o' days without a good eatin', except for some stray cattle and that human village we passed by the other day. The boys were getting tired of waitin', but just as I was gettin' the ol' eyeballs used to the morning sun, Grandpa Ogorson came up to me with some good news. He told me he'd been having them visions again, this time of a mighty ol' mountain far to the north.

I asked if it was the Razormist peak he was blabberin' about, and it seemed to be the one and the same. Now, the only tales I'd heard about that mountain ended up with some poor fella going to visit the greener pastures, but I sure trusted Grandpa to give us some good directions for some good food. And so our trek continued through the Greenfur woods. One-eyed Rowan, probably the worst Mournfang rider in the whole pack, kept blabbering about the woods bein' haunted, but we all knew that boy aint right in the head so we payed him no heed. As it were though, Lil' Bimmys Stonehorn caught eye of some critter in the bushes and sent of into a rampage, all scared and bothered. We followed the crazed beast only to find it having smashed into some ol' buildings. I figured it was a damn shame some poor fellas handiwork had been turned into rubble, but I was even more concered about making sure the stew the Stonehorn was carrying was safe from all the ruckus.

As it were though, it seemed as if I should have focused on saying sorry to the owners, because they rose up all around us. A bunch of skinny fellas' who looked like they needed to spend a few days in aunt Robortas kitchen. They raised their weapons and slogged toward us, and I told the boys to do the same. I suppose it couldn't be helped. 


So, my first match was against Tomb kings. The mission was Three places of power.

A scary army to be sure, and it included 6 Necropolis knights and a General on top of a Warsphinx. With that in mind, I figured he'd throw all of them against my general and surely wipe him out. We both really feared each other though, and as such we both pick "your general must die in close combat" as our secondary objective (probably the first time in my warhammer career were I was hoping for the death of my general).

We both deployed fairly simple. 2 lines on the edges of our deployment, ready to smack into each other. I, however, deployed first and as such chose to start the game.


Turn 1

My first turn. As I'm not much for subtle aproaches, I charge forward with everything I have, launching my stonehorns into his frontline. A few snakes perish to my advance, and his general survives the General vs general brawl with 1 wound. A Priest gets trampled by my regular stonehorn due to a lucky charge. 

His turn 1. His chariots move up to charge my thundertusk but thankfully for me they fail their charge. They do however manage not to die to deadly terrain. His General falls to my Frostlord, but his ever-living snakes keeps beating up poor Grandpa Ogorson *and* my regular Stonehorn. Tanking 2 of the most heavy-hitting CC units while not really suffering any losses in return? Just another day for the Tomb kings. 


Turn 2

He seizes and pops some scary TK stuff. Those snakes that died earlier? Yeah they're back now, awesome. The chariots manage to charge my Thundertusk but doesn't really do anything (thank you -1 to hit aura), not to mention that they lose 1 to deadly terrain. The snakes, however, kill the regular Stonehorn. The Frostlord wants to help but has been bogged down by the archers, who he now proceeds to kill. However, a group of 30 (!) spearmen is beating up one of my poor Mournfang groups.

My Turn 2

The Stonehorn bashed the spearmen to pieces. Grandpa Ogorson manages to kill the last snakes with the help of a group of Mournfangs, Grandpa surviving with 4 wounds. The Thundertusk combines the might of ice and angry stampeding to destroy 2 chariots. 


Right before the great spearmen-bashing.


Turn 3

I seize. My opponent sees that there isn't really a way for him to win. His 2 remaining heroes will die this turn, and the last chariots will be bashed underneath the Frostlord. 

I win a Major victory from winning the main objective. I do, however, fail my secondary (Frostlord still standing proud) while he manages to complete his (his Warsphinx standing not so proud). As such, the game ends 14 - 6 in my favour. A great if a bit short game with a great opponent who was a bit new to AoS in general. He would go on to win the Sportmanship prize. Grats to him!



I might wanna look into getting a dice jar or something....



More to come!


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And so we go into game 2!


The bone-heads sure were tenacious, but with some dedicated stompin' my boys and I managed to pound those fellas right back into the ground. Once the dust had settled (quite literally), I decided to have a peek around the rubble to see why theese here buildings were so darn important. I never did find out why, but some of the boys managed to stumble upon some dusty ol' staff with a bunch of gleaming stones mashed into it, along with some carvings that I could'nt make out squat off.

Dissapointed that we didn't find anything nice to eat, I decided to eat the staff and was about to turn around and leave when I found some humans crushed under the rocks. They carried some large bags, a bunch of "books" (that's what Grandpa Ogorson told me they were called), and what I believe were maps. I figured that they might have tried really hard to find this place, shame that they had to be crushed under them rocks like that, but like my ol' mama used to say.... well she never said all that much actually, since she was eaten when I was a lil' runtling, but I'm sure she'd have something wise to say 'bout what happened here. At least those humans never had to be dissapointed to find nothing but a stinkin staff after all that trouble. 

We ate the humans and carried on, dragging some of the bone-fellas with us for some snacks on the road. We'd been on the trail for about a day when my belly started grumblin' something fierce. I figured that maybe those humans carried something bad, but before I could ponder on it some more my belly started glowing like a newly lit lantern during a Gutbuster spring-festival.  All around us, strange bird-fellas started poppin' out, a lot of them carrying weapons similar to the staff I ate back in the old building. They screamed at us like a flock of Blood vultures who'd just found a newly-dead corpse of a Thundertusk, so I figured they were fairly displeased with letting us through the pass up ahead, but just then, a massive birdman came through one of the strange holes in the air. Now THAT would make for some good eatin'. 


Game 2 was against Disciples of Tzeentch. The mission was Blood and Glory. Both of us chose to kill the others general in close combat as our secondary objective. He had a Lord of change, lots of Tzangors and skyfires, some melee disc-dudes (sorry, bad with names) and 20 human acolytes in 2 seperate squads, and some more heroes including a shaman, gaunt summoner and ogre-dude. 

A similar deployment as last time, both of us putting our forces in a neat line, but my opponent did opt to keep his Lord of Change further in the back, somewhat screened by the Tzangoors. Against most armies, this would have kept him perfectly safe, But Beastclaws isn't just any army. I finnished deploying and went first. He rolled his fate-dice, but rolled very poorly (only a single 6, mostly 2s and 1s).


Turn 1

Like I said, screening and avoiding a Beastclaw charge isn't easy. My Frostlord hightailed it for his LoC and struck home. The rest of my army followed suit, smashing into his army. The thundertusk shot his iceball at his gaunt summoner, killing him. I killed his Tzaangors and a squad of acolytes. My Frostlord smashes into his Lord of change and... whiffs most of his Spear-attacks (2 + to hit 2+ to wound... one wound goes through, really?) and with some mediocre horn-attacks the LoC is still standing with 3 wounds. No biggie, he's now super-weak, I thought. Then I get about 14 wounds to the face. Ouch! Thank god for the havling damage abillity.



His turn 1. He pops a lot of spells, doing some damage here and there. However, he actually kills my Frostlord with his magic! Yeeesh, not good... but wait, doesn't that mean he fails his secondary? Yes it does, so that's something. He shoots quite a lot but doesn't really do anything with it. Charges with a lot of stuff and the LoC kills my regular Stonehorn (poor guy can't catch a break). Grandpa kills most of the Skyfires but 1 remains by using a 1 from the fate dice for the battleshock. 



Turn 2

I seize. My mournfangs charges and kills the LoC, completing my secondary objective. My thundertusk snipes his shaman. Grandpa kills the last skyfire.

His turn 2. He takes his other Skyfire unit and flies away far away from me and kills the Thundertusk with shooting. Overall it seemes we really lost a lot of steam after the devestating turn 1. 


Featuring the Soon-to-dead Thundertusk, and the ghost of my Frostlord.


Turn 3


He seizes. He flies further back, shoots a bit at my Mournfangs. 

My turn 3, mournfang group 1 kills the acolytes that were hiding behind the castle. Grandpa and Mournfang unit 2 runs after the skyfires, to far away from them to charge. As we have too few units left, neither can score a major victory. The battle for the minor begins...


Turn 4

...aaaand ends. I seize and capture him, wiping him off the table. Victory is mine! 


A game that seemed like it would end quickly but became a bit of a nailbiter when my Frostlord performed less than stellar against the LoC. That bird packs a punch! It killed both my Frostlord and a regular Stonehorn (with some help) while only having 3 wounds left! Watch out for those bad-boys. His terrible luck with the fate-dice didn't exactly help him.

I got a minor victory, my secondary objective, and denied his secondary (or well, he denied it himself with some lucky/unlucky rolling, depending on your view). This ended in a 17 - 3 victory to me!

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1 hour ago, Turragor said:

These little stories make yours so much better than mine!

I'll do my reports too but my brain is too dead for now. Later in the weeks or months to come!


Hah, dina är ju bättre med detaljer så dom är ju bättre att läsa ur den synpunkten ;) Part 3 coming soon!

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Game 3 coming up!


Just as I was about to take a good bite out of the big Birdman, my head started to feel a bit fuzzy. The sky opens up  like the mouth of a vomiting Maw-krusha, raining down meteors and fire upon me, knocking me out cold. I wake up being fed some potion that I can only assume was made from whatever the Maw-krusha vomited up. I spit out half of it, only to find my Stonehorn happily gobbling up a bowl of the stuff. By GorkaMorka, I sure have grown picky with my food. If old Papa could see me now, he'd make me do the Mournfang run twice.

I looked around to see most of the birdmen crushed and half-eaten by my pack. Turns out Grandpa aint so bad at leading the charge while drunk with the ol' Battle-brew. Suppose I'll keep that in mind for the next huntin'. Sadly, the Darghuson twins didn't make it, havin' been burnt to a crisp by them bird-fellas. We decided to hold ourselves a silent moment and bury them to keep up our good luck. We then proceeded to eat their now finely-roasted Stonehorn to honour their memory. We loaded up the corpses of the Bird-fellas on some of the other Stonehorns and went back on the trail. The Peaks were getting closer, but with my boys and I badly bruised and nightfall nearing, I decided it was time for a good nap. Luckily, we found some funny-looking buildings by the edge of the woods.

We decided to rest our pack here, but not before we held ourselves a great feast, gorging upon beaks and flesh and more of them strange staffs theese people insisted on carrying around. Bolwur decided to mess around with one of them trinkets he found lying around one of the corpses, and accidentaly put one of the Mournfangs on fire. We had ourselves a hearthy laugh, but the whole incident got some of the Mournfang boys into a scrap. I enjoyed watching the boys tear at each other, and I sat down to rest, enjoying myself with some bird-meat and a fine toothpick that I picked out from a rock nearby.

The next morning we set off early, hoping to make up for some lost time. I was hoping to greet the next day with a bright morning sun, but instead the weather turned awfully bad. A damn shame I thought, but it was about to get even worse as some glowing humans popped down from the sky. The Lightning fellas claimed that we had ruined a sacred temple of this here Sigmar-fella, and that I had destroyed the "Dagger of the heavens". I suppose he was referring to the toothpick I snagged yesterday. Given how awfully aggrevated this here glowing human seemed, I decided not to tell him about the corner where the Stonehorns relieved themselves the night before. The glowing warrior raised his weapons, and ordered his men to charge, and I responded in kind. I suppose it couldn't be helped. 


Game 3 was against the Stormcast Eternals. The mission was Escalation. I chose to kill his 3 heroes as my secondary, and his was to kill my general in Close combat. He had a fairly standard SC force, with 3 heroes (small dude on small dragon, trumpet TOOT guy and a not-Chaplain), 20 (!) Paladins/Retributors (big guys at least), 3 angels to help drop them down, and a fair mix of liberators and bowmen.

Sadly I forgot to take a photo of the deployment on this one, which sucks since this mission was the one with the weirdest deployment, but basically I deployed my battleline (which include my regular Stoenhorn and Thundertusk) as close as I could, along with my Mournfangs. The Frostlord and Huskard was kept a bit further back as per the mission rules. I deployed and went first (glorious Battalion one-drop).

Turn 1

My Stonehorn gets in a charge on the general (dragon dude) and his archers standing next to him, and proceeds to smash them into the ground. The Thundertusk snipes his priest-guy hiding behind a rock, but fails to charge the liberators holding hands with him. The Mournfangs move up into the woods, which would prove to not work out all that well. My heroes move as fast as they can but no charges this time. I manage to snag 2 points.


His turn 1. 

He drops down the Paladin-bomb. 10 of them charges my Frostlord, 10 of them charges my regular Stonehorn, along with the angels. His TOOTer TOOTs at my mournfangs, doing a few wounds to them (I imagine it sounds a bit like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKCIFXqhLzo ). The Frostlord miracously survives the super-charge with 1 wound. I then choose to activate my regular Stonehorn, who I also use my re-roll wounds triumph roll on. It then proceeds to kill 8 paladins, scaring the last 2 off the board after getting a few punches in return. The frostlord then manages to do really well despite having few wounds remaining (maybe that's the secret?) and also kills 8 Paladins. Theese guys however get's a 1 on the Battleshock roll, and so they stay on the table. He gets 4 points if I remember correctly. Theese turn 1s are all so explosive.




A bit better (dudes next to the meassurers are dead).

Turn 2

I seize and free the Frostlord using my Thundertusk. The regular Stonehorn kills the angels and the Thundertusk charges the Liberators by the rock but fails to really do anything. The Huskard and Mournfangs tag-team to wipe out most of the archers and liberators to the north. The match is going well, but he actually holds 2 of the objectives and I hold none due to my lack of actual models, so no points for me this turn.

His turn 2

Not much for him to do. TOOTer TOOTs some more, doing a few wounds to the mournfangs close to the big wood. The dudes left standing against the Huskard returns back to Azyr. He figures that holding on to objectives and hoping for me to whiff my attacks 2-3 turns straight is just impossible, and decides to retreat with his Liberators from my Thundertusk, setting them up for a charge against my Frostlord, hoping to claim his secondary objective. He does however score 2 points, so he's actually in the lead. 4 -2


"Thumbs up, let's do this!"

Turn 3

The retreat move pays off, as he seizes and get's a charge on my Frostlord. The TOOTer TOOTs one last time at the mournfangs, killing one. Death by Vuvuzela. So the Liberators charge, striking with their hammers against my Frostlord and he.... survives? I don't know what my opponent did to ****** off Sigmar, but he just wasn't there for him. The Frostlord does what he does best and sends them back to Azyr.

My turn 3. Huskard charges the Vuvuzela-master and slams it down his throat. Peace and quiet has returned to the land. And with that the Stormcast have all gone back to Sigmar to ask why the hell they don't have the same kind of armour that Frostlords do.


No more TOOTing


I won a major victory by taking points (as I now held all of them), and I also completed my secondary, while denying his. 20 - 0 to me!

This game happened very quickly and I think that shows in my lack of pictures. This game also went south for my opponent very quickly, so I didn't want to drag things out by asking him to pose models for photos and stuff. My good luck on my Frostlords armour saves really carried me this game, it could have gotten way worse if my Frostlord fell in that initial charge. 


Next up, arguably the most interesting game of the entire tournament....

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I'm really digging the report. Thanks for writing it up!

Dumb question: I don't really know BeastClaw at all, but it looks like there's only 2 battle line units at 2k. Does something else count besides the Mournfang/is there something else that gets them around this?

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9 minutes ago, Ratrek said:

I'm really digging the report. Thanks for writing it up!

Dumb question: I don't really know BeastClaw at all, but it looks like there's only 2 battle line units at 2k. Does something else count besides the Mournfang/is there something else that gets them around this?

The beastriders count as battleline in pure beastclaw

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In the title of this thread, I asked a question. We're about to see if we can answer it.


With the last of the lightning-fellas having popped back up to the sky, it seemed as if I finally got the good ol' morning sun I was hoping for. I was looking forward to trying out some of the shiny fine metals theese fellas were carrying around, but was dismayed to find not a single one of them lying around the field. I figured that the closest I'd get would be to eat the toothpick they were so darn flustered about. Tasted like Gnarl-chicken. 

Sadly, enjoying the sun proved difficult with the raging headache I got from getting smacked by those angry fellas with the big ol' hammers. By GorkaMorka, my head rung fiercer than after I got smacked by the stray Stonehorn as a lil' runtling. However, the blizzards were on us, and so I decided to keep up the journey. Keeping our eyes on the peaks, the day was looking like it'd be a fine day for some trekking. As it were though, we were soon faced with an awfully angry river, coursing faster than a hungry Blood vulture hunting for something dead to eat. The pack got ready to cross, and mostly me and the boys did so just fine. However, the Darson boys and their Stonehorn stumbled in the water and tipped over. We had a hearty laugh from seeing them boys almost get crushed under their Stonehorn, but our mood soon went into a sour as we realised that a large chunk of the bird-man meat was loaded onto their beast. As such I decided it was time for a good ol' beating. Bashing their heads against the horns of the Stonehorns raised the spirits of the boys, but it didn't really help the food situation. Grandpa Ogorsson told me he had heard rumours of a small Orruk encampment, St. Wazzbagga, being close nearby. As such I figured we'd take a detour to stock up on fresh meat and maybe eat some of the inhabitants.

I led the pack for a few days on the trekk to St.Wazzbagga, but on the third day, we made quite a discovery. It confused the ol' eyeballs, but it seemed that we had come close to a green ocean. I asked Grandpa if we'd take a wrong turn somewhere, but he assured me that were on the right path. One-eyed Rowan claimed that it wasn't an ocean, but a large swarm of critters blocking our path. I swear that the boy still aint right in the head, but as we came closer it seemed as if he was right. Upon noticing my pack, the largest of the critters let loose a foul cry, sending the rest of his pack in a frenzy, lunging towards us with sticks and blades. Eating through that carpet of meat would prove difficult, and for once I would have liked to avoid a fight as I was getting awfully tired, but I told the boys to raise their weapons and charge. I suppose it couldn't be helped. 


So the 4th game was against Skaven Pestilens. The mission, thankfully, was Take and Hold. As such, I figured that I had an actual shot of at the very least going for a draw mission-wise. With 8 models against his 160, holding objectives wouldn't be easy. He chose killing my 2 heroes as his secondary objective, and I chose "Gamble" as mine, meaning that my mission was essentially to stop him from completing his. He had 2 Plague furnaces, 1 Verminlord corruptor, and 4 x 4 units of plague monks... 160 models....

Deployment followed a similar fashion to the other games, with both of us deploying on a line, ready for some no-nonsense warfare. However, as his entire army consisted of an entire battalion, he actually beat me to the punch and deployed first, and chose to start the game. 


I mean just LOOK at all those rats.

Turn 1

His turn 1. He doesn't spend the turn doing too much, except for popping some defensive spells and abillities, and makes sure that his entire army has Inspiring Precense (Crown of command... yeesh). He actually fails to pop the Attack-when-killed abillity on one of the units, meaning that 3 of his units are now fairly vulnerable, in particular his right flank. I figure that if I am to have any chance of winning, I need to capitalize on his relatively weak flank.

My turn 1. I do what I do best and charge forwards, smashing into 2 of his units. "Oh by the way, I have Dark deciever as my command trait, so you get -1 to hit on all attacks in the first combat phase". Well, ******. Still, with the sheer might of my Huskard and Frostlord, one of his squads is reduced to about 5 models, not bad. The regular Stonehorn was feeling a bit frisky and charged into the other unit all alone, and unsuprisingly is taking quite a beating from 40 + attacks, not doing all to well in return due to -1 to hit. 


Carnage and chaos.

Turn 2

His turn 2. He seizes and manages to get off all his abillities. He swarms my regular Stonehorn, and moves another squad down to fight my Mournfangs who are protecting my objective. My regular Stonehorn falls to the second squad, Frostlord clears the first squad, but get's a good beating from the other squad, only surviving with 1 wound (the Pestilens buffs essentially mean that those units can attack twice, so crazy). The Mournfang-hunting plague monk squad get off a charge and encircles my Mournfangs, now being able to deliver 234 (!!!!!) attacks. Sweet mercy. They... well they get removed from the table. 


My turn 2.

Frostlord figued "****** it" and takes 2 sips from the battle-brew, which will kill him next turn (as he will now suffer wounds). Kills all but one rat from Plague monk squad 2, and dies from the abillity-induced retalliation. Huskard and Thundertusk join forces to liberate my objective from Plague monk squad 3, avenging the death of my Mournfangs, and manage to do quite well. The playing field has been evened out somewhat, but I now find myself in a awkward situation. For the first time since I started playing this army, I am now on the defensive.


Before the Frostlord meets his untimely end.

Turn 3

I Seize and go first. The Huskard and Thundertusk reduce Plague monk squad 3 to 6 models, and firmly secure my objective. Sadly, that's about what I manage to do. On the horizon, a unit of 39 Plague monks (one having died to a stray Blood Vulture) looms, eying up my part of the field. This won't end well...


His turn 3. He moves his death-unit towards me, supported by the Verminlord and Plague furnaces. Luckily, he fails his (admittedly very long) charge, so it won't end just yet. However, things are looking grim. The chances of my Huskard (my only real fighting punch left) standing up to a super-buffed Plague monk unit is very slim indeed. 


"The age of Stornehorns has ended. The age of Plague monks has begun"

Turn 4

I seize. I start to ponder on my options. Do I try to do a desperate charge, hoping to wipe out his unit and try to only let him have a minor victory, while also saving my hero and winning my secondary? The odds are slim, but it just might work.... Or do I play it safe, running away with my Huskard (being much faster than his units), letting him have a major victory, but giving me 6 points from the completed secondary (since it also would mean he fails his). 

I needed some guidance, a miracle... and it came by reading the actual mission rules. You need models to actually hold an objective, but you only need 1 to actually contest it. As such, I use my Thundertusk to kill the last stragglers from Plague monk squad 3, while also planting said Thundertusk at my objective to contest it. I then proceed to mvoe my Huskar dout of harms way from the ravenous Skaven-horde. 

At this point, we realise that he doesn't have the models to both hold my objective, while also holding his own in an easy fashion (he could spread out, but then he would not have enough power to actually remove both my Thundertusk and Huskard, who both had near full health, not to mention that he wasn't guaranteed to succeed on the charge), and not enough time to move around his remaining squad to capture both. As such, he concedes that he cannot win a major victory. He does, however, win a minor victory as he has killed more points than I have. 


As a result, the game ends with him earning a minor victory. I, however, complete my secondary (by denying his), and as such the game ends in a 10 - 10, gentlemanly draw! 

So to answer the question, can 8 models beat 160? Well, it doesn't seem like it for now. But with the power of reading, they can put up a good fight. 


The 5th and final game coming up.

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And so we come to the 5th and final game of the tournament.


The brawl with theese here rat-folks never seemed to end. No matter how many times I stabbed one of them with my spear, it seemed that 4 more came crawling back up from some hole or something. Eventually I had it with this slug-fest and decided to just live life the good old way and deck myself on some fine Battle-brew. I woke up to the sound of one of the critters chewing on my Stonehorn. It seemed my faithful beast had passed to the greener pastures, so I decided to cut my losses and start this new day with a snack, grabbing the rat-man by the neck and chowing down. 

After a while, Grandpa Ogorsson brought back the rest of the pack. Turns out that he and the rest of the boys had the same idea and went off, leaving the frenzied rat-fellas to scrap amongst themselves. One-eyed Rowan claimed that they had been heading towards some small human village, but eh, we all know about Rowan that his findings can't be trusted. I told Billy-Ray that I'd be comandeering his Stoenhorn for the time being. Really, the boy could use some time with the Mournfangs. And so the pack set off, taking with us some of the rat-folk for a snack. We eventually reached St.Wazzbagga and after dining on some local food traditions, aswell as some of the population, we headed back on the trail for the Razormist peaks. After a few days, we came to the Timbermaw canyon. The peaks were close.

But it was then that I noticed some fire coming from the canyon. Figuring it was probably some lost humans, we decided to trekk down to resupply on our snacks (those rats went by fast, tasted a bit funny), only to find that they were... well, some strange kind of humans. Standing around in silly dresses, they all had funny colours to their skin, and I'm quite sure I could see some of them wearing some kinda crab-claw. Funny traditions, here in the north. Turns out they were celebrating some kinda festival that was just about to go into the grand finale, because more of them strange sky-holes started appearing all over. All manner of strange animals came through, and even my Stonehorn seemed to get a bit iffy. One of the largest of them, another strange bird-fella, looked at my pack with a grin that reminded me off that time Uncle Ogurr spotted the 7-horned Stonehorn in the Dustwind valleys. The strange multi-coloured fellas started to wave their weapons and scream, moving towards us in an awful hurry. 

We were close to the peaks now, but it seemed as if we wouldn't reach them unless we smashed our way pass theese here nasty folks. I suppose it couldn't be helped. 


So my 5th and final game was against a mixed chaos list, primarily focusing on Daemons. It contained Skarbrand, Fateweaver, 3 Stormfiends (flamers on all), 30 bloodletters, Sayl, 30 plaguebearers, 10 daemonettes and a few nurglings. 

Mission was Gift from the heavens. I chose to hold 2 randomly selected terrain pieces as my secondary objective (hold theese 2 by round 4) and he chose "Kidnap". This meant that his plaguebearers were going to kidnap my regular Stonehorn, by being locked in combat with it and then retreating, taking it with them to their deployment zone. A strange one, but pretty funny. 

I deployed in my good old Smashing-time formation, and he deployed in a somewhat similar fashion, but with his plaguebearers forming a *massive* screen. THIS is a screen that I wouldn't easily bypass.



Turn 1

Knowing fully well that I won't be able to pull off my crippling turn-1 charge, I decide to give him first turn. I figure he'll either launch the bloodletter-bomb at me, or just pop a few defensive spells and abillities and call it a turn. He did the latter.

My turn 1. I follow suit, prepearing for the fall of the comet, and fortify my position to try and bait him out, while also getting a fair amount of points.

.... you actually believed me for a second, did'nt you? Nah, I charged full stop into his screening Plaguebearers. I was hoping that I could have pulled of a nice super-charge with the Huskard, bypassing the wall of green men, but it was just to far away.  I smashed into it with the full force of my list, but with some amazing saves and Inspiring Presence, a few green dudes remained to lock my Stonehorn in combat (which they wanted, since that meant they could kidnap him if they siezed). The Thundertusk shot his iceball and killed a Stormfiend.


Turn 2

The main reason for giving your opponent the first turn? To be able to pull off what I just managed to do. I seize, and with the screen cleared out, his army was now fully open to me. A full charge (well, minus the regular Stonehorn) from my pack saw his line crumble. A Huskard drunk on 2 sips of battlebrew saw Skarbrand fall, and while he suffered a few slices in return, the Frostlord made short work of the bloodletters. The last 2 Stormfiends fell to a mix of ice-blasting and Mournfang charging. Only Fateweaver and a squad of daemonettes remained to really challenge me. The Meteor crashes in my corner and I send a squad of Mournfnags to go sit on it. The last Plaguebearers fall to my regular Stonehorn, thus preventing him from completing his secondary mission.


His Turn 2. Well, not much for him to do. Fateweaver gets  a good chunk out of my Huskard, but falls to the uber-drunk old man on a Stonehorn. The Daemonettes go full fury and actually take out the Mournfangs that killed the Stormfiends, avenging the mutated rats. His meteor lands conveniently close to his Nurglings in the left corner.


Turn 3

He seizes, but at this point we both know it's pretty much over. He launches his Daemonettes and Sayl into my Frostlord, getting in a few good punches but ultimately get sent back to the realm of chaos by the Frostlords alcohol-induced sense of justice. 

On my Turn the Huskard kills the Nurglings, and with that I hold both objectives. Regular Stonehorn and Thundertusk claim the terrain pieces for my Secondary objective.

Match ends in a 20 - victory for me.


A closing shot of my old drunk man fighting Fateweaver's cousin. 


Like with the game against the Stormcast, this match went by really quickly and turned south fast for my opponent once I seized. A shame really, as it made the match far more one-sided that it really should have been. A Skarbrand to the face would probably make even my Frostlord soil his pants! But on the other hand, I suppose that this list is all about the all-or-nothing plays. Another great opponent however!

All in all, this landed me on a solid 80 points, making me take home the 2nd place! A shame that I never got to play against the fellow getting 1st place, a Stomcast player, but I suppose that will have to wait for next time ;)

An amazing event with great people, hosted by great organisers! 

Thank you for reading, hope you all enjoyed it :)


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34 minutes ago, Chickenbits said:

he chose "Kidnap". This meant that his plaguebearers were going to kidnap my regular Stonehorn, by being locked in combat with it and then retreating, taking it with them to their deployment zone.

This is very smart actually! If it had worked out...

37 minutes ago, Chickenbits said:

My turn 1. I follow suit, prepearing for the fall of the comet, and fortify my position to try and bait him out, while also getting a fair amount of points.

.... you actually believed me for a second, did'nt you?

I laughed!

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Fantastiskt kul läsning! Jättebra rapporter. Jag är imponerad av hur väl du spelade listan. Trodde du skulle ha mkt svårare med en del scenarion än vad du verkar ha haft. Väldigt välspelat. 

Kul att höra att du trivdes också! Ses nästa år :) 

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On 2017-04-19 at 6:53 PM, Ratatatata said:

Fantastiskt kul läsning! Jättebra rapporter. Jag är imponerad av hur väl du spelade listan. Trodde du skulle ha mkt svårare med en del scenarion än vad du verkar ha haft. Väldigt välspelat. 

Kul att höra att du trivdes också! Ses nästa år :) 

Hehe tackar! :D Var lite knivigt emellanåt men taktiken "slå bort fiendens gubbar från objektivet" funkar rätt bra för mig iom att min lista var så snabb. 

Och ja, tack igen för turneringen, väldigt välskött :)

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